Als City Discord Event Events Game Mode Idiot Job Mod Rol Roleplay Title Type Vehicle Vehicles


Roleplay server in a modern city, choose your own job join the discord. survival game mode. many events. weapons vehicles more animals and you name it

Brewery Earth Eartheconomy Earthsmp Earthsurvival Earthtowny Economy Skin Survival Towny Townyearth Townyeconomy Townysurviavl Vehicle Vehicles

World War Duba [Earth SMP]

This is a minecraft earth server…

you may be asking yourself why join mine


we dont have p2w features unlike 99% of servers, all of the money comes out of my own pocket.

we have only good plugins no 999999million spawners that get you a gazillion dollars

dynmap towny

and a lot more

join our discord for info

000 1000 Cracké Cracked Earth Earth Smp Fur Helpful Irl Nations Ssl Survival Towny Vehicle Vehicles



Are you looking for a friendly Earth SMP where you can make nations without hassle? Well, look no further than Earthia.

What Do We Offer?
– Friendly Community & Helpful Staff
– Wars
– Vehicles
– Frequent Updates
– No Lag
– 24/7
– 1:1000 Map (1 Block = 1 km irl)
– Cracked Support

2000 Beginner Detailed Earth Earth Smp Earthsmp Looting Minecraft Earth Planes Pvp Survival Vehicle Vehicles Veinmine Veinminer

Dodos Earth Middle School

Dodo’s Earth SMP is a 1:2000 Scale Minecraft Earth Map looking for more players to join us! On our server we have a respectful and helping community. No matter if beginner, intermediate or a hardcore veteran, everyone is welcome on our SMP!

We have plugins like vehicles (planes, tractors and more!), veinminer and a LIVE detailed map!

We allow players to build up anything they like and try and conquer the world!

We allow PVP, looting and stealing from other players! This means you’re allowed to steal from peoples bases, as long as you do not grief any other players, so we can all build big and cool bases, without losing our progress!

If you’re interested you can message me on discord and we hope to see you on the server! 🙂

119server 119smp Drill Drills Earth Grave Graves Neu Neutral Paper Planes Survival Teleporting Towny Vehicles

ContinentalMC | Earth, Towny, PvE/PvP, Seiges, Alpha, Vehicles |


ContinentalMC is a 1:750 earth server where **YOU** can choose to create a town that is either completely PvE or PvP based!

Some of our server features:
– Long, multi-day wars with seigewar
– Online, web-map
– Small community
– Options to be completely neutral, PvP can be turned off
– Graves
– Mob Levels
– Teleporting
– Vehicles, such as planes and drills
– Much more!!

Bunker Coc Conquer Economy Fire Firearms Grenade Grenades Pvp States Survival Tail Vehicle Vehicles Weapons



– StatesWars: Start your adventure by building a city or a bunker, buy weapons and protect yourself from mobs and players who want to conquer your base (to declare war you need to open tickets). Use firearms, grenades, Molotov cocktails and vehicles!

Economy Farms Lands Manhunt Mineplay Permissions Proper Property Pvp Roles Tournaments Vannila Varo Vehicle Vehicles


The ItsMineplay network is an up and coming server with a good variety of game modes:


Play on an SMP whose map is based on the earth and get rich, you can also use vehicles or build huge farms. you can also take jobs or create a clan and start war with others! become the most powerful player of the server and joint on now. You can protect your house and property with the Lands Plugin and only give certain players permissions or set roles and rent certain places.
Come down to earth now and join exclusive drop events and have fun.


Experience Vannila Minecraft with a few extras ;D


Take part in big Manhunt tournaments or an exclusive mini Varo.

The ItsMineplay network looks forward to your joint with the entire team and will be happy to help you with any questions.
Also feel free to join our discord server:

Now joint with 1.16.x – 1.19.x on

Aim Claim Claims Earth Edit Edition Factions Imperium Laim Pvp Smp Earth Survival Tak Vehicle Vehicles

Imperium’s SMP Earth Edition

A take on SMP EARTH with vehicles, claims, and a map shaped like the earth! Make sure to join the discord server and have a great time!

Awesome Economy Eso Growing Live Making Mcmmo Mooshroom Playerbase Room Shroom Survival Vanilla Vehicle Vehicles

Mooshroom Survival

Join our growing survival community!
We are proud of our awesome playerbase and great server.
You’ll never run out of things to do, like playing with vehicles,
doing deliveries, making player shops and much, much more.
Join today:

Basic Boss Boss Fight Boss Fights Creation Earth Earth Smp Fight Fights Mcmmo Pvp Survival Towny Vehicle Vehicles


Basic Earth SMP Experience with the following:
– vehicles
– nation creation
– mcmmo
– boss fights
– crates
and more!