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The Vehicle Society

Welcome toThe Vehicle Society
Part of the Imperium Gaming Network
EAST. 2018


About the server!

Here on the vehicle society server we aim to bring you the highest quality vehicle builds ranging from small cars to cruise ships. Originally starting in 2018 after an amalgamation of 2 other communities imperium network was created. Our Minecraft server being our main aim currently.Whilst on the server you can enjoy anything from flying around our city warps to exploring our build yard. Currently as of now we are in an alpha phase of the server before fully opening at the start of the new year. We are looking for builders who would be interested in becoming a part of the community to help us build something great.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-How to join us?

As mentioned we are currently in a alpha state however there is nothing stopping you coming on and having a look around!. If you are interested in joining us head over to our discord which is linked below to find out more information and to show off your builds to the community. Once we are out of the alpha phase we will be having a trail of a plotworld where new visitors can come on and apply to build with us using the plot world.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Thank you for checking out this server post and we hope to see you join us to help create amazing builds to share with the community.

Our Discord

Geopol Geopolitical Geopolitics Guns Nodes Realisticseasons Roleplay Steampunk Steampunkroleplay Survival Towny Vehicle Vehicles War Worldbuilding

GrimurRP | Steampunk | World-building | Geopolitics | Roleplay

Server launches December 15th!GrimurRP is a vanilla world-building roleplay server featuring a wide array of custom plugins and clever resource-pack use to create a fully realised steampunk experience.

Key Features:

  • Fully item based economy based on EXP which can be stored and traded in three tiers (EXP -> Emeralds -> Emerald Blocks).
  • Nodes plugin to manage land-claims, similar to Paradox Interactive’s Europa Universalis 4. Features fully custom plot sizes and fully fleshed out permissions system.
  • Vehicles plugin which creates almost mod-like custom vehicles which amplify the gameplay (Trains, Ships, Planes&Maxims, Jumppacks, Artillery).
  • Factories plugin to allow for crafting custom items and cheaper vanilla recipes for price of initial creation cost and upkeep.
  • Guns and other weapons (Flamethrowers&Lightning Guns) to use to eliminate your enemies.
  • Toggleable PVP in town borders, this is not a PVP focused server (when not at war).
  • RealisticSeasons alongside with RealisticBiomes, crop growth rate is affected by season and they grow while offline (key for economy and producing XP.)
  • Cosmetics (mainly hats) that allow you to truly immerse yourself in, whether: uniforms and helmets for your soldiers, a monocle and top hat for the dapper gentleman, diving suit and helmet for the explorer.
  • Smoking Pipes and Brewery replace the functionality of pots within PVP.
  • Create custom map art in-game via the ArtMap plugin.
  • If I’ve captured your interest I’d love to invite you to join us over at:Web:
    Server: or

    Our server will always proudly remain non-P2W, our store page is limited to only cosmetics and non-intrusive quality of life.

    Earth Economy Geopol Geopolitical Guns Movecraft Survival Towny Townysurvival Vehicles

    Krieg Earth Geopolitical [1.18-1.20] Guns, Vehicles, Movecraft!

    //1.18.2 Geopolitical Earth server with Movecraft plugin//
    -Votifier enabled
    CONQUER LAND AND CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES! Move across the waters with battleships and your airforce, in this server the choice is yours!

    247server Airplanes Cars City Economy Modded Nations Roleplay Survival Vehicles

    Crover III: Vehicles & Roleplay

    Welcome to Crover 3! A brand new modded server.The key mod here is Immersive Vehicles.We got jobs, that earns you Ω Credits, which can be converted to Dollars from Good ol’ Currency.We currently have a dealership, a shop and a bank in the spawn town with more to come!
    While it is currently small, our staff is working hard to improve it. So if you’re interested, why not give the server a try? Join Today!

    119server Cars Coolplugins Earthserver Guns Planes Survival Tanks Vehicles

    NeverSafe Network

    Name: NeverSafe Network
    Theme: Earth
    Publisher: Java
    Version: 1.19-1.20
    Online map:
    Features incuded in our minecraft server:➥ 24/7
    ➥ Cracked Support!
    ➥ Login Security!
    ➥ Earth Map!
    ➥ Guns!
    ➥ Explosives!
    ➥ Vehicles!
    ➥ Cool Ranks!
    ➥ Balanced Kits for every rank!
    ➥ Economy!
    ➥ Balanced ingame shop!
    ➥ PvP Manager!
    ➥ Claimland!

    Cyprus Dynmap Economy Fun Geopolitical Location Map Politics Resourcepack Survival Towny Vehicles

    SOMC |Geopolitical| |Dynmap| |Vehicles| |Towny| |Economy|

    Explore an exciting geopolitical server that features breathtaking real-life locations. Join thought-provoking conversations about geopolitical issues, plan strategic warfare, and enjoy unique personalized experiences. Our Role Play feature allows you to take on any role within the server, whether it’s an architect designing a cutting-edge town of the future, a revolutionary leader, or a server controller. You have the freedom to create amazing infrastructure and maximize fuel efficiency for your vehicles. You can also use tanks, bombers, and fighters to enhance your experience.


    -Vehicles plugin
    -Towny plugin
    -Economy plugin
    -Kind community

    Join now for amazing experience!

    Bedrock Crossplay Earth Enchants Java Lifesteal Survival Vehicles Weapons

    Juice Network

    Juice Network offers a custom LifeSteal x Earth experience to both Java and Bedrock players! The Server features custom enchantments, vote rewards, custom weapons and vehicles and much more!

    Anarchy Chaos Survival Vehicle Vehicles

    Anarchy Romania

    Welcome to AnarchyMc, a Minecraft server that breaks all the rules! Explore the wild frontier with custom vehicles, engage in adrenaline-pumping adventures, and experience the true essence of anarchy in this one-of-a-kind gaming universe!
    1.12 – 1.20.1
    Random Loot Chest

    Bikes Cars City Citylife Crime Economy Government Planes Police Roleplay Vehicles Wilderness

    AtlasCraft – CityRP

    Welcome to AtlasCraft City Role play. Come join the server where you and you alone forge your destiny. Will you become the President of the United States of Andorn? Or will you settle for the quiet life as a Farmer. Will you defend people in court, or will you preside over the trial. Truly the opportunities are endless here on AtlasCraft.

    From Lawyers, the Lawmakers, Gun Shop Owners, Cops, Drug Dealers, CEO’s and Politicians. We offer the most realistic city server experience and the most opportunities a server has to offer. Join in on the fun and join AtlasCraft today!

    Server Discord:
    Server Website: COMING SOON

    Cannons Currency Custom Customitems Economy Movecraft Pvp Ships Survival Towny Vehicles Wars


    Medieval server with custom world generation, towns & nations, movecraft ships and cannons all in 1.20.1 minecraft version.
    We have plenty more features like coin currency which uses items! There is also some custom coded stuff like hats while custom weapons are planned to be added in the near future!

    The server hasn’t released yet but will very soon. Contribute to its development by helping us grow in number, so make sure to join the discord!