Earth Slimefun Survival Towny Vehicles


Hey Nations MC is a fun Towny Earth server to join!

We have so much unique and custom things like!


And great staff members so what are you waiting for join NationsMC

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Do you want a nice and comfy Pokémon adventure? Do you like adventure? Do you like catching Pokémon and train your way from zero? Then come join Pokémania! We are a new, but experienced little community who longs for a nice and fun way to play Pixelmon with you! We are currently using quite a few mods, such as MrCrayFish’s Vehicle Mods, Furniture mod, Macaw’s furniture mod among others! Optifine is also running, and we aim to include everyone. What we mean by this is that the server is optimized, so even if you have a weaker computer, you should be able to play without lag!

We are currently in a bit of a building phase, but exploration is of course not limited, so if you want a headstart on catching ’em all, join! We also accept helpers, as we have big plans, but not many people to build.

The server is running on dedicated hardware, with 16 cores, 64 GB of RAM, and from an SSD. Not sure how to install mods and play? All you need to do is click the Discord link, and we will guide you with the installation!

What are you waiting for? Join today!

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in middle school

Da SMP is an amazing server with loads of kind players and admins. We have a Proximity chat and an active player base we would love for you to join us on Da SMP.

Hope to see you soon!

Apocalypse City Economy Enchantments Enchants Guns Survival Vehicles

SurvivalCraft [ JAVA & BEDROCK ]



Welcome to the SurvivalCraft Planet Minecraft website. This server is operated by 2 people.1 Person (Me who is writing this) is the owner and my friend who is a builder. We don’t know why we decided to create this server but here I am advertising it. The server is homemade and running on 2 devices. 1 has the proxy and queue and the other is the main server. The queue and proxy are running on a laptop with 4 GB ram and the main server running on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 8 GB ram! Impressive right?. Anyway, I hope you (the player) like this server. We have the following: Survival (world/nether /end), City and a nether version of the city, 2 Arenas (one with bedrock and the other one just a plain arena which you can earn money on.)We have a custom texture pack for some plugins and items and such
This server has Weapons, Vehicles, Currency, Sign Shops, Vending Machines, Mailboxes, and more!


Anarchy Bombs Guns Modded Moddedanarchy Nukes Survival Vehicles War Warserver

MayhemCraft | Modded Anarchy | No Plugins | Griefing Is Allowed

MayhemCraft is a private modded semi-anarchy Minecraft server, based on PvP with guns and destructive mods.

MayhemCraft is based on mods featuring guns and explosions, allowing you to make complete chaos. We have mods like Modern Warfare, Flan’s mod, Security craft, Tornadoes and more. Since this is a semi-anarchy server, we have little to follow rules, and people are allowed to make full-scale wars.

This is a private server, meaning that only verified people can be whitelisted and play on this server.

You can find the modpack, get verified and get to know when the server is up in our discord.

Version: 1.12.2

MayhemCraft | Modded Anarchy | No Plugins | Griefing Is Allowed Minecraft Server

Longterm Mature Space Spaceships Survival Towny Vast Vehicles

LifeMUD Reborn

LifeMUD is a server that is designed to be challenging and community operated. The towns and locations are all player built as is most of the infrastructure. This is a difficult place to live, if you think you are tough enough come and pay us a visit.

The space dimension is truly huge and with a wide range of planets to explore there is always something to do or somewhere go. We have vehicles, space ships you design yourself, weapons and custom crops.

Join us now!

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Fantasy Craft

Fantasy Craft is a whitelisted server please apply here:
This is the Discord link to keep up with Fantasy Craft’s Development:

Although Fantasy Craft has PVP enabled, it is a server geared for those who would rather relax and play an Earth Server at a casual and relaxing rate. Minecraft should not be a game to stress over and the server offers just the solution for that. We are proud to be an application only Earth server with a 1:500 map. There are lots to do as the Earth map allows for survival building and forming communities. However, we also provide a questing 1:1500 earth map with curated quests and challenging bosses guaranteed to keep you occupied. The server offers custom items, custom tools, and carefully modeled cosmetics to bring your land to life. With the space update, you can even fly to space, colonize the terrestrial planets and moons. You can even claim your own personal asteroid and it will be yours to keep forever! Come join us in Fantasy Craft where possibilities are endless.

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Ultimate Memers Survival SMP Whitelist 1.18.2

1.18.2 Minecraft SMP Survival Whitelist server. To get whitelisted join the discord and contact Spazz#1390 –

– Chest Shops (Economy)
– Dynmap
– Planes (Minecart & Left Click With Stick)
– Silk Spawners (Mine spawners with silk touch)
– mcMMO
– Chuck Loader (Keeps farms on at all times)

No Griefing
No Steeling
No Scamming
No Duplicating
No Cheating
Discord Rules Still Apply

Crossplatform Roleplay Smp Space Survival Vehicles


Galactic SMP is a roleplay space-themed server looking for a friendly player base. The development team and staff are dedicated to the server and ready to keep the server safe, fun, and bug-free for all players. The server is a cross-platform server meaning that Bedrock and Java players can play together. Through the use of custom plugins, our service allows our players to explore different planets. Players can build their very own rocket ship and blast off into space to visit the Moon or build a house on Mars. The Development team has taken pride in making sure the server is not in any way pay2win with in-game ranks players can earn just by spending time on the server and gathering resources. Come join us!

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Admirals Of Adamaria 1.18.1 | Towny | Movecraft | PvP

Sails at full, but completely motionless...

>Click Here To Join The Official Discord<
⎈ Adamaria is a vast world with much to see! ⎈
Admirals of Adamaria has officially launched and we’re inviting all to come join us. Whether you’re a peaceful hermit living off the grid, a war-mongerer with a hunger for power, a humble merchant looking to turn a profit, or a pioneer seeking to chart Adamarian Seas, this world awaits your mark!

  Pictured below is the hapless colony of Edmundstown (the world spawn). Food shortages have resulted in a mass banishing of your fellow colonists and you drew a short straw, so it’s time to pack your bags again. So take your bread, boat and your blade and head off into the unknown.
Every so often, there will be small sailboats on a beach just to the East of spawn. New players are welcome to take one and sail into open ocean. With a world size of 45,000 x 45,000, there is plenty of exploration to be done.

Smoldering crops of Edmundstown

Admirals of Adamaria sports the latest version of Movecraft and is a spectacular way of getting around.

As you progress, you will gain the ability to pilot bigger, heavier and faster ships. Join the discord for more information!

Ship Comparison


With the exception of border griefing, griefing is generally allowed. Joining a town will protect you from the dreadful anarchy of the wilderness!

Fort Vitroseau

Admirals of Adamaria has its very-own trade system. Unique to the server, it allows the player to take up the role of a merchant. Buying and selling goods based on a proprietary supply-and-demand system. Our development team is constantly working on ways to improve its fluidity and balance.

Below, you can see dye vats located on the Kaelian Islands.

Caelian Dye Vats