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SurvivorNation is a new network which we are happy to finally release to you! We welcome everyone to come to check us out and grow this new community.

Our Prison server is the most developed with tons of custom features/enchants as well as including guns, kits, gangs and loads more! We also have a large selection of cosmetic items/pets!

Skyblock is still in Alpha, it is playable but still requires attention, We are looking for help to get this finished sooner.

BedWars is all playable, we currently have a few maps and plan to add a few more very soon!

We have a discord server @ Here you can talk to the staff and interact with the community.

We look forward to watching this community grow!

Hope to see you join us! 🙂

– SurvivorNation Team

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Crow Prison | 1.9-1.16 | Gangs | Plots | Custom

Crow Prison
We are a brand new OP Prison server that will be updated weekly! Crow Prison has been a work in progress for the past 4 or 5 months and has finally made it out to show the world what we are made of! Our goal is to create a medium-ranged family-friendly community to enjoy this adventure we will be taking on!
– Plots
– Custom Enchants
– PvP
– Unique Mines
– Gangs
– PlayerVaults

Application Mines Plots Prison Semiop Tokens Twitch Youtube

PogChamp Prison

PogChamp Prison
Twitch meets prison! BRAND NEW!
Streamer/YT rank applications open!

A Semi-OP prison with Streamer ranks and YouTube ranks available!


Fully custom enchants and GUIs. Custom crates!

Owned, Managed and Developed by Scarldoc.

Custom Pve Smp Survival Tokens Voteparty

Viper Survival

1.16.3 Viper Survival provides you with a experience like no other
Custom Bank System
Custom Token System
Vouchers/Vote Party
Fun and Custom Cosmetics
Custom Death System
Inventory Banks
Custom Item Drops more
Fun Parkour and Dropper
Quests and Jobs
Exclusive Rewards/Shop
Optimized and Fun


Crates Crystals Keys Opprison Prison Tokens


A brand new OP Prison (Maybe RPG soon) server!

We have many custom enchants with a fairly balanced but OP feeling economy.

Currently were in beta with almost daily updates. Beta will be lasting till Oct. 31st!

Boss Prison Pvp Tokens

Nova Wars Prisons (RELEASED TODAY!)

Looking for a high quality, lag free prison server? Nova Wars Prisons is exactly that, we provide a smooth prison experience, with several custom features, but also some common classics. We also support all versions from 1.8-1.16

Some exciting features you can expect..
1) A Well balanced economy, with many ways to increase the baltop ladder, gone are the constant boring days of mining yourself.
2) A Unique take on islands, you and your fellow prison inmates can group together and fight for a top island position
3) Personal island mines which you and some friends can share to mine on your own without having to fight with other inmates
4) Island robots which will constantly mine and grind for you whilst you are away, these can mine tokens, money and even beacons..
5) Several server events such as Bosses, Outposts & Tournaments
6) Classic prison features such as Jackpots, Chat Reaction Games, Vote Parties and more.
And many, many more..

IP |

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✦ SURVIVOR NATION ✦ Is a new network in beta, we currently have PRISON and SKYBLOCK, available on 1.9 – 1.16!

We welcome all players to join us and help grow this new community. We plan on making loads of new improvements and adding new features soon!

We are also now looking for helpers and staff, depending on the roles and experience.

We also have a discord server where you can chat with other players and give advice, opinions and suggestions on things like bugs and future updates e.t.c.

We look forward to seeing this community grow 🙂

Join us on discord @

Beta Betaserver Cosmetics Crates Custom Custombuilds Economy Friendly Friendlycommunity Gamemodes Guns Hub Indevelopment Menus Mines Needstaff Network Networkserver Networkserverneedstaff New Newserver Pets Plots Plotsquared Prison Prisonserver Pvp Pvping Server Servernetwork Shops Skyblock Skyblockserver Survivornation Tokens


✨ SurvivorNation ✨ is a new network server that is now in BETA, it currently has two game modes: 

Prison, and SkyBlock.

The prison server is now currently ready for players and is needing testers/helpers and staff. It now has tons of new fun mechanics, including guns and gadgets!

The server is also full of custom menus to help make it more easily accessible.

The SkyBlock server will now make fast progress as I can give it more attention. with more help, I will be able to finish it sooner.

I am now looking for helpers and testing to help fix all bugs and permissions. other roles could be available too if interested.

follow us on discord @

hopefully, I’ll see you online! 😊

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SunhollowMC | New Survival Server | Discord | Community | 1.15.2+ |

Hello! Sunhollow is a brand new Survival Server Network. Our main goal here is to offer a place where you can come on to have fun, relax and play with your friends. We are building a very friendly community, staff members make sure it will stay like that forever! We have incredibly high standards and are striving to bring the best experience and listening to the community ideas! We have two survival servers that are uniquely split up based on their terrain.

[] Version: 1.15.2
[] IP:
[] Discord:

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