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The Hunt for Scorbutic’s Treasure

Here’s the deal…

*7 clues hidden throughout the world – each one leading to the next
*1st player to find the final clue wins 100 DOLLARS in REAL-LIFE money

Once the final clue is found (should take a while, the clues are fairly difficult), there will be a brief non-contest period before we do it all over again.

So…do you have what it takes to be the first to find Captain Scorbutic’s Treasure?

But hey, if you’re not into that, we’ve got a very small but friendly community that just likes to hang out in discord and build cool things on our server 🙂

Other Server Features:
* AcuteLoot to make boring items a little more interesting
* BetterPets – Earn inventory pets through Job progression
* EnchantmentSolution – 60+ new enchantments
* Hunger Games PvP Arena
* Jobs (you can choose up to 3!)
* MCMMO – progressive leveling as you play
* Trade System for safe trading
*UltimateShops – Open up your own shops almost anywhere in the world

Cool Minecraft Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvival Pog Poggers Popular Survival Survivalserver


The best survival server ever! You can grief and more! Stay pog 🙂 Discord server:

116server Minecraftsurvival Pvparena Survival


Servidor enfocado en Survival NO anárquico, y centrado en crear una comunidad lo menos tóxica posible.

Dentro de Lumecraft encontrarás:
– Eventos semanales
– Economía en fase Beta, con items nuevos todo el tiempo
– Lumetown: Zona donde podrás crear tu propia tienda y vender tus items
– Diferentes rangos VIP con muchas ventajas

¡Únete y encuentra amigos para divertirte!

Survival 1.16.1

Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvival Smp Smpve Smpvp Survival Survivalmode


Are you ready for the best Minecraft SURVIVAL experience in 2020?
Come join us, in a place where everyone belongs.

We are very community-driven and are always developing great new events and ideas to better YOUR experience!

Join us, see what we have to offer – you wont regret it!

Worth Mentioning?
– Unlimited Parkour
– PvP Combat Arena
– Weekly Events for Players
– Many Ranks
– Active Staff

Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvival Romania Survival Survivalserver


This server is only in Roumanie

Salut, server-ul PlayTogether este un server de minecraft romanesc de tip Survival.

Discord Invite! –>

Minecraft Minecraftsurvival Plugins Survival

McSimp Obsidian Network

This server is a WIP we are working on it still so no judging it is for java and uses version 1.15.2 and has some plugins and it has dynamaps.

Bedwars Bedwarsminigame Faction Pvp Minecraft Minecrafter Minecraftfactions Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Minecraftsurvival

NuclearCraft server

Hello my name is Dylan an i am trying to start a new minecraft server that is running 24/7. Right now it is just a normal world as of 7/12/2020 and the server is in minecraft version 1.15.2.

Eventually later down the road the server will be reset and will become a factions server along with much more to do once things get in line. There will eventually be Bedwars, skyblock, PvP and much much more. Sadly right now i dont have that all set up. but soon to have it done.

Customsurvival Hentai Minecraftsurvival Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplayingserver Roleplayserver Roleplaysurvival Seriousroleplay Sex Sexy

Hentai Roleplay Server

Felicity pretends to be a slutty low-class house maid in Minecraft so the other women can feel better about themselves. The world is generally a deeply misogynistic place, but if you are playing with in party with Felicity, you need to try and create the impression that women are the evil, powerful ones.

Powerful girls actions are sanctioned by a system that treats them as bitches. So by portraying all women as prostitutes, you present women as victims who deserve to be fucked by their masters.

That kind of roleplay makes her pussy feel really good. She loves listening to dirty stories as well as being on the receiving end. She’s kind of shy at first but as you go on she gets into the roleplay. It’s really cool.

Felicity teasing gamers at spawn in Minecraft server trying to roleplay.

The truth is that I am smitten by Felicity. But I am not too smitten with her ways of Minecraft PvP if you know what I mean. Cute girls need to use more items than just a dragon head. I have to search my heart to see if I’m truly smitten. I think I’m attracted to the woman in the photo (Felicity do you love me?) but my heart doesn’t want her so it’s actually causing me pain.

Maybe it’s my psychic abilities? Maybe I’m getting psychic too. This whole thing has been very confusing. I’ve always been a natural nymphomaniac but I never thought I’d be with someone as much as now.

Felicity likes to take off her white bra and pulling down her panties. My eyes bugged when she first did that and I couldn’t help but drool all over her.

Felicity is showing off, Steve can't resist her sexy maid cosplay.

Each cock craves to reach and maintain the arousal in sight of her.

If I had to describe her pussy  I’d say it’s clean and smells sweet and fresh as the morning sun. I’m just about ready to take her bareback when it hits me. The most extreme thing I could do in bed is shove her up against a wall, and she’ll probably scream and yell at me for having her up against a wall. While I might enjoy her beauty, her hatred of me will be a huge turn-on.

Felicity exhales and moans softly, as she prepares to absorb the delicious white juices that are about to be within her grasp.

Felicity's pretty face looking at Steve with memorizing gaze.
Anarchyminecraft Clan Clans Clanspvp Geopolitical Girl Girlfriend Girls Killing Minecraftsurvival Nazi Party Political Politics Survival

Minecraft Nazi Server 1.16.3

So you want to find a nazi girlfriend for yourself in Minecraft? You can.

The idea is simple enough. You can invite the random nazi girl you’ve had your eye on into your clan. You can then make her a recruit (your clan must contain 5 women and 2 males) so you can now teach her everything about the game, and give her a bunch of cool god weapons. A couple things to keep in mind: Her profile has to be at least 10-20 days old. If she’s not, no-one will join your clan. You can make multiple clans and still not have the required number of women to keep your clan running.

Note: Her clan will come with different perks – for example she can join a clan if she’s an OG griefer, or you can make her join your smurf clan if she’s a pro.

And if you have a lot of women to recruit, what’s a clan without a leader? This is where the leader comes in. If a commander isn’t in your clan, she will simply sit by and let you do all the work.

Now that you are good friends with nazis, I am going to explain how to undress nazi girls, its actually way easier than you think.

Nazi girl player surrenders in 1vs1 wild PvP duel against Steve.

If you’re also dressed up as a nazi, make a nazi girl stand on her knees for 10 minutes and then just let her do whatever she wants, like, let her touch other nazi girls (this is especially a bad idea since it’s hard to find nazi girl’s to wear your new clothes, most nazi girls are just as uncomfortable with their nazis wearing their new clothes as you are..)

Nazis are also very hot, so if someone is hot and naked in front of you you’d best give up on it, there is a high possibility someone could break your nose. nazi boy’s are also great for nazi girls, the majority of nazi boys on  the internet are nazi, they’ve got big dicks and will make even their nazi girl to wear clothing. nazis will find some guy’s hot and naked and they’ll use that guy to wear their clothes and play “sex games” with him.

Anarchysurvival Communitysurvival Gamergirls Girl Girls Minecraft Minecraftsurvival Online Server Survival

United Angels – Girls Only Minecraft Server No Boys Allowed

Only girls are allowed to play on this Minecraft server because Minecraft servers are place for boys only. (Regeneration is a must on the server to keep the spawn tidy!)

Some people question as to why only girls can be here or why this place is less safe for men. I’ll give you an answer for that. Girls here are very aware of men’s sexual desires. And, let’s be honest, not many men in this entire world are willing to accept that these are their feelings.

What I want to talk about is something that I witnessed: the group of guys who dominate and hold the flow of most conversations, why they are here and what it is they enjoy doing. This is a much, much more traumatic and bloody experience than getting beaten up by the girl.

Most of the guys here were uneducated, uneducated in the verbal or written english. Most of the guys that I observed were under 30, and most of them had no Minecraft pvp skills at all. Not to mention their Minecraft skin is very poor compared to mine (it’s Felix) by the way haha!

Only girls are allowed to join this server says Felix.

If you want to, then welcome on the server and let me know that you’re in. But don’t let your desire to play in the minecraft server get in the way of your love life or anything else for that matter.

So, what’s there to do on this Minecraft server besides just play Minecraft? Well, there’s a kick-off area, which is a recreation of an old city from wow, in which you can go with your friends to start a cool clan together or just get some beer in the sewer. 

Fun night out in spawn with my Minecraft girlfriends.

On occasion I party with my girlfriends and the friend I meet on each night, we usually get a birthday cake and eat it together, having two friends near each other helps with making memories. I’ve also tried a few times to watch others play events for fun. If you do this by yourself you’ll probably just get annotated and spend the rest of the night talking and watching the movies feeling sad for yourself. You’ll meet lots of other people who do this at home with the goal of having fun and exchanging stories.

We have such a varied group of friends, each of them could be a great addition to our group. After all they are each unique in their own way. If you like having two or three friends around the camp fire you’ll love our social system.

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