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Elysiumcraft is a unique kingdoms survival experience where you can choose your own adventure! On Elysiumcraft, you can:

  • Create or join a kingdom; compete and forge alliances against neighboring kingdoms.
  • Earn money by doing simple tasks such as crafting, mining, brewing, trading, and even bounty hunting!
  • Join our server-wide events and immerse yourself in our friendly community.
  • What is Kingdoms? Kingdoms is a mix between Towny and Factions. Create your own ranks, claim land, forge alliances with others forming nations, and research tech to revolutionize your kingdom! You can choose to be a pacifist nation and diplomat with foreign nations or conquer land and gain power through military strength. Learn more about the unique kingdom’s experience by joining our Discord.

    Join us on discord at:

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    Its a fun minecraft server where you and your friends can hangout and have a good time. Its a kitpvp server that has cool kits ranks and more!! Join our discord server for any events ingame



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    {} ClockTower {} ~ [No Grief] | [Survival PvE] | [Rankups]

    This is ClockTower!

    We’ll make this easy for you to decide whether you want to join or not, but if you like survival, player-driven economy, and a self-aware, adult atmosphere with some cool features to keep you busy and motivated then we highly recommend you at least come check us out 😉

    -> Earn rankups/ranks with actually useful perks through your in-game income/money!
    -> No gimmicky features!
    -> Player-driven economy!
    -> No griefing!
    -> RPG-like skill system to keep you busy!
    -> Jobs, auction house, player shops!
    -> Create your own shops and set a custom /warp!
    -> Simple and easy to get started!
    -> No autobroadcast chat spamming!
    -> Adult, self-aware staff team!
    -> Elevators for everybody!
    -> New rankups and events released on a schedule!

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    The Cattery MC

    —-♥ The Cattery MC ♥—-
    –The Purrfect Server for you!–
    ♥ Brand new towny/mcmmo server with custom lore, crates, and more coming this week! ♥
    ♥ Launching now in beta so come give us a peek! ♥

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    Sleepless MC is a economy based survival multiplayer server that is 100% FREE TO PLAY. We currently offer 20 ranks that are all purchased with in-game currency. Swing by to become part of our server. Bring your family and friends and have a good time with the rest of us on Sleepless MC. Enjoy the free server features and play Minecraft the way it was always meant to be played – free and unrestricted! If you are not satisfied with your experience, let us know on our Discord! We value our players’ opinions and ask for feedback almost constantly.

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    SilverMC Factions (Bosses, Envoys and Raiding!) [1.16.2] [2020 NEW]

    Welcome to SilverMC!

    Start your journey today on one of our beloved Minecraft servers. We got all the popular
    gamemodes; factions, survival and creative.

    Our factions server has FREE silktouch and genbuckets, we’ve got ranks that you buy with in-game money
    and much more for you to do. The other servers are also awesome and you should just come and have a look now. Besides that
    we have custom bosses at spawn, envoys, daily rewards and much much more!

    32ks Anarchy Commands Free Freedom Freeitems Freerank Freeranks Grief Griefing Nolag Norules Oppvp Pvp Raiding Survival Survivalvanilla Vanilla


    NoBanMc is a no-rules server thats on hard difficulty with buffed mobs. Getting banned in this server is impossible hence the name NO BAN MC. There are commands available for use to fully maximize your player experience. In addition to a Free Rank and 32k weapons given out on start.

    /Upgrade to enchant weapons all the way up to LV 32767
    /Enchant for vanilla level enchantments
    /Fly for flying on the server
    /Condense to turn ingots into blocks
    Also Chestsorting and trading with /trade

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    Stream Craft

    ⚜️SKYBLOCK INSANITY⚜️ WITH FRIENDS! Meet up with others through our discord! Grind to the top and become the best! Test your luck in our competitive industry!

    Faction Factions Freeranks Hiringstaff Kitpvp New

    The Island

    A new Factions and Kitpvp server! We are hiring staff and giving away free rank to whoever joins within the first week! Come check it out and have fun!

    I don’t really have much else to add to this thing lol but i worked on this for a while so join and apply for staff and be staff on a minecraft server and yeyeyeyeyyyeyeyeyeyeyyeywheeeeeeeeeee

    Auctions Chill Dungeons Economy English Freeranks Friendly Heads Jobs New Ranks Rankup Rankups Ree Shop Smp Survival

    Survival Mania | Chill & Friendly Survival

    >Fresh, Chill and friendly survival server !

    – Player Economy
    – Player Warps (Restaurants, parks…)
    – Player Shops
    – Cool Crates
    – Unique Cosmetics
    – And much much more! View with /guide in-game.

    Survive! We offer semi-vanilla experience with bunch of features
    that just happen to enhance your stay! You can play with your friends,
    build anything you wish and share it with others,
    enjoy player economy system- and most importantly,

    >HAVE FUN! <3


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