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Travellers Archaeology!

Hiya there mates!

My Name is Max and I’m the proud owner of Travellers Archaeology!

Travellers Archaeology is a survival server with dinosaurs, machines, furniture and much much more! We were originally just a server for our friends but we hope to grow fast!

We offer special ranks to certain people and have a very friendly staff team who can always help!

We have 3 Districts!

An amazing spawn built by me and our staff with hopes to have lore, adventure and more!

A shopping district where players can trade diamonds for plots and sell items of their choice.

The same rules apply to our Minigame district where players can build minigames to have fun with friends!

Discord Server:

If you’d like to join just hop on down to the Discord server and say hello and me or a staff member will help you on!

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Cost Anarchy Server

Impendium Anarchy is a new to the scene anarchy server featuring in No Lag. We have a world boarder too, why? Keep the action pact in. What’s the fun in building miles away? Might aswell play on an SMP. Here we expect griefing, we expect killing and tears to be shed. However, there is no border in the nether or the end.

So if u enjoy anarchy come give this a try, even with little people online the more you put in the more get out.

You play minecraft your way, someone disagrees with that method? Kill them! Play for fun.

Welcome to Impendium Anarchy