Atla Avatar Rpg Survival

Bendinggsmp is an avatar inspired server.

You can bend Chi, Fire, Water, Earth, air and maybe spirits soon!

Join and bend the four elements!

We have a resourcepack with custom models, creatures bosses and more.

We have a koh the face stealer boss, and raava and vaatu are planned too!

Spirit pets, other pets, bison pets, lemur pets, giveaways in the discord, …

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Are you looking for an amazing NEW Bending server? Well you’re in luck, cos you’ve found your answer. AppaCraft offers a fun and enjoyable bending mechanic that utilizes pvp and technical aspects of the game. Whether you’re sturdy like eearth, go with the flow like air, heated like fire, or calm like water, I guarantee you’ll be a great fit for AppaCraft. Aside from the bending aspects, we have a few datapacks that are to add a little fun to the game. Some of these include but are not limited to: More Mob Heads, Armor Statues, and Craftable Spore Blossoms! We also offer SMP-like qualities while maintaining our originality. We have a custom rank-up system based oon playtime. The more you play, the stronger you become! We have a dev who gladly devotes his time and effort into the server for FREE! With the AppaCraft community, there’s always fun to be had. Our server is just now beginning and we hope to expand ASAP.

Apply here:

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MineBenders is a PvP-optional Survival server that uses ProjectKorra to give players bending abilities based on Avatar: The Last Airbender! Join the Water Tribe, Air Nomads, Fire Nation, or Earth Kingdom for special abilities that will help you win powerful duels or just survive the long Minecraft nights.

This server is a work in progress! Expect additions and improvements along the way!


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this server uses no MODs just Plugins so anyone can join

Currently in version 0.75 beta for the server (1.16.1)”Moxie-Craft is an MMORPG Server with Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra addons. Moxie-Craft allows players to choose and find their own path as a bender, players are able to bend all four elements by griding, and earning money to purchase elements and abilities to unlock from the in-game shop. It has quests, factions jobs, and more!’– PICTURES BELOW WILL BE SEEN IN SPAWN –NOTE:The server is a spigot server so you can use Vanilla minecraft to join, NO MODS NEEDED!There is also a /login /register /email system inside the server to protect your account.The server is in cracked version so feel free to join!See you in the server, Bender!


IP: (1.16.1)