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CobbleCraft Public Survival Server

Welcome to CobbleCraft! This is A public Survival Server a Bunch of cool commands and plugins. It’s Basic survival with the plugins to Spice it up!
The server has great staff and a great community so I know you don’t want to miss out.
What are you waiting on? Come join now!

Version: Java 1.19.2 (Bedrock Coming Soon)
Discord Server:

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OldCraft v3



OldKraft is coming back once again with a new owner as the tradition has been, but now in english making it more accessible to all players! We have a brand new map and some exciting new content including crates, shops, graves, quests, easter eggs and much more! OldKraft is currently in 1.19 and always looking to update to the newest version whenever possible. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Oldkraft, have some fun and make new friends! Our staff will always be happy to help.
Our Discord:
Our server-ip:

More details:
‌Our map is 40k x 40k and it is pregenerated. (Worldborder center is spawn not 0,0)
‌There are three crates: vote,rare, epic and legendary and you can only get better keys from quests and the vote crate.
‌Server restarts everyday at 4 am UTC+3.
‌Night will be skipped when at least one player is sleeping.
‌There are /tpa and /home commands that are accessible to everyone.
‌PvP is not enabled in the overworld, only in the nether and the end, so be careful!
‌You can create shops by rightclicking a chest/ender chest/barrel with the item you want to sell. You can also edit the shop after creating it by right clicking it again.
‌You can lock a door/chest/furnace etc. and add other players might want to play with by right clicking the block with a sign in your hand.
‌/pay is an easy way to transfer money to your friend in need.
‌/rtp takes you to a random spot on our map.

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This is my “ward” server it is a new location called to improve the warden logo soon installed mods (mine and others) on it and will make it stay every day
keeps remembering that the server is not active at all and I have to activate it, ask in the comments for me to activate it

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Welcome to! The Ultimate Survival Server to play with your friends, the REAL way! All New Players Welcome!! 🙂

Version: 1.18.2 +
Platforms: Java & Bedrock Edition

Establish your Base!
Find your calling in the SURVIVAL world!
Economy and Trading with Friends and Others!
Free Warp and Home creation to truly make the experience your OWN!

Meet up with friends and work together to SURVIVE!

Active Community with over 100+ members and friends. Many plugins that allow for true survival game modes while making tedious tasks easy!
Directly see the fruits of your labor prosper in Survival and truly become a champion of the Minecraft world.

We are a Survival server created May 2022 with the hopes of becoming a worldwide sensation. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all types of players who love Minecraft for what it is and what it truly can be when you dream BIG!

We would love to see you online! Feel free to reach out directly to any of our moderators/owners for feedback! <3 DISCORD | Survival | Community | Active Community | Semi-Vanilla - 1.18.2 | Minecraft Server

Server website: Coming soon!
Few Command Examples: /sethome, /warp, /playtime, /money
Server: Updated Daily, Builds and World Monuments under construction* Planning on adding new worlds for other game modes users enjoy (Creative, Homes, Skyblock, and any suggestions!)

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Simply Survival SMP



Craft, build, survive, vanilla.
A fresh and simple semi-vanilla survival experience with teleportation, grief prevention, trading, and shops!
Come meet our community, and start your adventure!


Player Warps | Set your very own warps that others can visit!
Vanilla Economy | There is no virtual currency, just like vanilla minecraft!
Teleportation | Easily teleport to other players around the world! No more coordinates!
Traders | Trade emeralds with merchants for various items!
Grief Prevention | Protect your builds from other players!
Smith Shop | Combine rare items to create powerful tools & armors!

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Um, yeah yes yep yup we are a mostly vanilla, economy SMP, single multi player. With the option of wars between players/clans whatever.

We have /home, /msg, /tpa and the essential commands.

The server is three days old and created, 11/20/2020.

Ip is

We have a very friendly community that averages around 4-10 active players at a time. We have a discord: with 29 members and are currently looking for staff. We have 4 staff members right now but are looking for a few more.

This server is non-pay2win and has plugins enabled to stop griefing and roll backs available so you don’t have to worry about your progress.

  We are currently running 1.16.4 Java edition. 😀
  Server currently supports up to 40 people.

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Simple Minecraft/ Factions/ Grief Protection

Simple vanilla like minecraft with factions as the main goal

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NoBanMc is a no-rules server thats on hard difficulty with buffed mobs. Getting banned in this server is impossible hence the name NO BAN MC. There are commands available for use to fully maximize your player experience. In addition to a Free Rank and 32k weapons given out on start.

/Upgrade to enchant weapons all the way up to LV 32767
/Enchant for vanilla level enchantments
/Fly for flying on the server
/Condense to turn ingots into blocks
Also Chestsorting and trading with /trade