Ancient Artic Better Boss Bosses Builds Communities Custom Map Kingdom Kingdoms Leplay Maps Nice Play Roleplay Survival



AncientKingdom is, as the name suggests, a Kingdom server.

What does AncientKingdom have to offer?

AncientKingdom has an unprecedented new concept within the Kingdom Communities. Think of: Custom plugins, custom maps, custom builds, custom bosses, a nice and good staff team, a good and solid Discord server, nice kingdoms, an opportunity to lead a kingdom, participate in fun custom roleplay, play together with other nice players and good and solid support.

What do we want to achieve with this?

Creating a fun gaming experience for our players. We also want to keep improving our servers to make the gaming experience even better for our players. We do this with both Ingame updates and Discord updates.

We hope to see you soon on our server!

Awesome Bases Best Way Better Economy Factions Home Kitpvp Pvp Shop Smp Social Socialize Survival Wild


PlatoVanilla is the BEST way to socialize with friends and build AWESOME bases! You can become the best on the server just by playing and having fun! We have/wild, /shop and /home add-ons that can make your EXPERIENCE way better! We hope to see you soon on our server!

1.19.4 Anti-grief Better Claiming Economy Game Play Growing Rps Survival Twist Vanilla Warp Warps Welcomin Welcoming


ShantyCraft is a new and welcoming survival server running on 1.19.4!
We have mostly vanilla style game play with a few twists for a better experience. This includes a growing economy, player owned shops and warps, and anti-griefing by claiming land. Come check out our community today.

Axe Better Change Changes Little Lovely New News Optional Relax Relaxed Second Semivanilla Success Survival

Gko’s SMP

Welcome to Gko’s SMP!

This is the second server I have made following the success of the others I have owned

I would like to create a wonderfully relaxed server for everyone to enjoy

This is a semi-vanilla server with lots of lovely little changes to make the experience better

For news and updates on the server, join our Discord
(This is optional)

Please consider joining this new server today!

Enjoy ❀️

Bedwars Bee Better Factions Minecraft Bedrock Minecraft Java Pot Prison Pvp Skyblock Skypvp Skywars Survival Tga Versions

Spot Games

We’ve been providing fun for everyone for over 3 years, always bringing updates and improvements to ensure an even better gaming experience for everyone.

Our servers are available in versions 1.8.x to 1.19.x

You can play in both Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock

We currently offer the following game modes on our network:
– Survival
– SkyPvP
– Bedwars
– Factions
– Skyblock
– Skywars

138 8.3 Antipay2win Better Bmc Difficulty Fabric Minecraft New Nopay2win Pay Pay2win Small Survival Win

BMC1 v16.5 [Fabric-0.14.17] 1.19.2

Not pay2win
Fresh startup
Small server for now
Better Minecraft v16.5
Fabric 0.14.17
Normal Difficulty

Best Best Server Bet Better Free Grief Lobby Obby Ree Tube Tuber Uber Youtube Youtuber Youtubers

Geleis Grief free .. .. Best server

Geleis Grief free .. .. Better server, only we have a vulture lobby youtubers server has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

712 Awesome Basic Better Call Die Everything Hey Loot Minecraft Newserver Nothing Prestige Survival Vanillasurvival

VanillaMX, vanilla server

Hey this is a vanilla server come join with a awesome world pre-vanilla basically has plugins but still very much vanilla when you join

you will have nothing go run far to get loot when you get everything done you can either prestige or build your way up to better loot!!

have fun and don’t die 😁

ο»Ώ                     WELCOME TO VANILLAMX

Actu Berry Better Blu Blue Blueberry Buy Hypixel Minigames Network Skywars Stuff Survival Vie Yes

The Blueberry Network

Welcome to The Blueberry Network!

We’re a minecraft server like Hypixel, Yes we are on aternos but if this gets better views here and stuff i’ll buy an actual domain for the server!

Blueberry Network has:


Allowed Apex Better Creato Experience Fin Grief Griefing Plugin Plugins Regular Semi Survival Survival World Top


Our server is all about semi-anarchy survival. It is a regular survival world but with griefing allowed. We have plugins to make your experience better. Join Now!!