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420 Weed Minecraft Server

I really like smoking weed in public with my girlfriend.

When I’m at the bar I smoke weed, and even my friends smoke weed, and they’re totally cool with it. And I don’t smoke on the weekends, and people still like me. It’s like watching reality TV. I’m a character, and they like me because I only smoke bongs wherever I go. That’s the whole point, man.

Are you smoking the right kush, man?

Like all of prerolls are basically stems, grinded and packed into cheap papers. Companies sell those to ”smart buyers” as ready to go prerolls are very cheap because it’s literally old wood or years old dried weed.

Good weed will always have harvest date, anything older than 3 months should not be smoked. If you don’t know the harvest date it’s probably bad weed.

Also the only right way to smoke weed is a blunt or a bong, everything else is wrong. If the smoke smell from the bong is off, then the people you smoke with smell bad, they aren’t stoned they are just paying attention to you and wondering what’s wrong with you.

I love quality weed in general because it gives me a surge of energy. So I’m in my room getting fucked by my drug dealer as I’m rolling a joint and I have this foreboding feeling of impending doom, but I always have my papers and weed ready to roll. This is what I do to stave off this feeling. I open my eyes and I feel my hand taking and puffing that sweet joint.

I tell myself it’s my own fault for smoking weed.

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Economy Events Fun Legendary Minecraft Newserver Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Pokemon Survival Tournaments

Pixel Abyss | Pixelmon 7.3.1 |

Pixel Abyss

IP >
Website >
Discord >

Pixelmon 7.3.1 >

Events and giveaways hosted on the servers discord and in-game!
Monthly tournaments, big events and more surprises!
Fantastic custom builds, POIs and more!
We are also always looking for more Staff Members and Gym Leaders to help make this community better!

If you’re a fan of Minecraft as well as everyone childhood favourite game Pokemon, we at Pixel Abyss have the Pixelmon Reforged mod to combine the two onto a friendly server!
Pixel Abyss has the popular pokemon mod called Pixelmon and brings it to the multiplayer scene! Here you can interact with a bunch of players in events, tournaments, and just while playing in general!
This brings the Pokémon games, and makes this genuinely feel like an accurate depiction of a Pokémon game in minecraft.

Enjoy your stay and we cant wait to see you in the Abyss!

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Pixelmon Awakening

Pixelmon Awakening

A unique server that implements many new qualities to the Pixelmon Reforged Mod to provide an AMAZING experience to all players. The main way of getting money in this server is, Gyms, every week we will be adding 2 gyms, with the gyms being the main source of money players actually have to earn their money rather then being given it easily. Fight the Gym Trainers and slowly make your way towards the Gym Leader. Each gym trainer will have access to one pokemon at their disposal, defeat their pokemon and receive one rare candy and 50 Poke Coins. Defeating the gym leader will not only give you a few rare candies, but it will also provide you from anywhere between 600 to 10000 Poke Coins, and a gym badge that you can sell at /shop for some additional poke coins. In this server, there is no Auto Rank Up! You must take on gyms, find sellable ores, put rare pokemons up for auction with /gts and make yourself money to purchase a rank in game. The lowest rank starts at 5000 Poke Coins and the highest at 1000000. Why buy these ranks?!?! These ranks will provide you with very useful kits and access to purchase a few perks at the /perkshop. The perkshop includes many perks, such as flying, /pc, /pokeheal, etc. You must be a certain rank to purchase certain perks! Another great feature in the server is Pixelmon Designer, with the amazing Pixelmon Designer that we have implemented players can now edit their pokemons like never before with a variety of editing tools implemented by us. With a all new, never seen before, hand-made spawn and other builds by our wonderful staff team.

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Join the New World® Network. Home of unique and rare features combined together. Connect with friends and take your place in our awesome and fun community.

Major Features in the server
– AUCTION 2020
– RANK 2020
– LEVEL 2020
– GUILDS 2020
– ITEM SHOP 2020

Discord: Sloggi#7149 [​join our discord Server to stay updated]

Summer 2020 is almost at 100% so the NEW WORLD®.
Stay strong & Kill mosquitos
-New World® Network

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