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The Donald Minecraft Server

Some people can’t meme and don’t like freedom of speech and freedom of pepes, which is why they want to shut down any club that promotes one. The only thing that stands in their way is a powerful black male full of testosterone.

The Donald Minecraft Server Mascot

Let’s start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength.

Thankfully clan of katana wielding girls are not scared of anyone.

Minecraft is a bastion of free speech in an industry increasingly populated by micromanagement and censure. The free distribution of creative creation means that anyone can create whatever they want, make it available to all the world. You can even install a texture pack that adds burgers to Minecraft, it’s really crazy what you can do.

Girl eating a burger in Minecraft.

In Minecraft you can do anything you want to do – you can farm, build, find trade routes, set up roads and farmlands and so on. You can even mine through the Nether and build a castle or a bunker in the sky above it. You can do all that with gold from piglins and with whatever resources you are willing to use in the vastness of space.

Just remember to stay on guard and watch out for surprise attacks.

Minecraft waifu PvP mid in air.

Alternatively you can even try to find a hot pvp waifu in Minecraft. This is important since traditionally marriages are difficult to come by in Minecraft’s harsh universe and an all female clan is a great way to get some.

City Gang Gta Gtainminecraft Gtaminecraft Guns Houses Life Missions Police Politics Prison Pvp Real


We are a new take on minecraft GTA!
There are so many ways to live life in MadCity from being a hobo bum to being the biggest CEO in the city!
Own cell-phone carrier and make $$ every-time someone sends a text or a call.
Own a plot at the farmers market and sell goods!
Own a real business!
Own and rent out housing!
Join/Start a Gang!
Accept missions from citizens!
And so much more.
Join us today to become part of our community, its more than a server.


113server Bedwars Claims Dnd Dungeonsanddragons Dynmap Economy Economypvp Educational Griefprevention Hawaiian Hawaiiankingdom Hawaiimc Jobs Jobsplugin Jobsreborn Jobsystem Kingdom Kingdoms Mortalkombat Multiverse Multiversity Parkour Politics Prisonbreak Roleplay School Schoolwars Spigot Stats Survival Tournaments Vanilla Vanillalike Vanillaserver Vanillasurvival Vault Worldsmultiverse Worldspawn Writing

AGILE Multiversity


Join our server and play around any time.


    Customworld Discord Dynmap Economy Factions Kingdoms New Politics Pve Pvp Roleplay Semivanilla Smp Survival Towny Whitelist

    Kingdoms of Exilus

    A rogue in an unknown land, you don’t know who or what is waiting right around the corner. It’s a dangerous thing to be on your own. Can you best the wilderness and the brigands waiting in the shadows? Or will you swear allegiance to a kingdom in exchange for safety and safe trade? Choose your leaders carefully: peaceful diplomats, wandering merchants, or powerful tyrants. Engage in politics and, if you play your cards wrong, go to war. Gather other rogues and create your own kingdom. Create a name for yourself in the server’s lore library. In this fantasy medieval land, the possibilities are endless.

    Server rules can be found HERE.

    To apply to the whitelist, join the discord and check out the #peasants channel for the whitelist form. Once you’re whitelisted, you can dive in and begin your story.

    See you soon, adventurer.

    Server IP:


    Kingdoms of Exilus Wiki

    Crackshot Customitems Earth Factions Guns Jobs Landclaim Political Politics Qualityarmoury Quests Raiding Raids Slimefun Survival Towny Victoria Victorian War

    VictoriaCraft – Towny War, Custom Items, Movecraft and MORE!

    The world is your canvas! Create a town and nation, build up your empire, make allies and enemies and go to war! VictoriaCraft is based in the Victorian era, featuring a wide variety of custom items from the Industrial revolution. Craft covert weapons, strong and heavy armour, gliders, build battleships and cruisers, and much more!

    Join today for an unforgettable experience!

    Adventure Bountyhunter City Cityroleplay Criminals Cyberpunk Eurasia Eurasiarp Police Politics Roleplay Scavenger Scifi Scifiroleplay Slums

    R E S U R G E N C E: Cyberpunk Roleplay


    IP –
    Fill out a character application on our forums to get a character name. We hope to see you on!


    Immerse yourself in the most realistic minecraft roleplaying experience yet!
    So, you’re interested in Eurasia RESURGENCE? Well, This might be your only chance to get an excellent tour of District 01. District 01 is much like the old New York City, a city that never sleeps. Lawless slums, where it’s never quiet, ruled by crime and gangs. Drug dealers and ripper docs, try selling you their latest wares. But it’s a different world outside of the slums. On one side, Highrises and corporate boredom, on the other, a port taking in interstellar travelers. You might be mistaken to think even in your cramped apartment you would get peace; around you, you hear police completing raids and the screams of those in peril. Outside, the slums tower highrises outside of the slums filled with crooked corporate slaves and people who will sell their souls to keep from getting stuck in the slums. However, do not let all the negatives dampen your sense of adventure. Maybe one day, you too will make it out of the slum, or perhaps you might even become the one who rallies it together. When you play RESURGENCE, you don’t play with a set goal in mind. The game is what you and you alone make of it. There is no goal in mind like total conquest of the lands, no ending the infection, no endgame that makes the admins declare you the winner. You can play as anyone or anything on this server. You can be a scraper, bounty hunter, corp slave, thief, raider, soldier, police, etc. Get a wife or husband, have kids, run a successful business or enlist in the military, and fight enemies with many different firearms to destroy them! Be either a career criminal and put high-stakes to make it big or be the ambassador for Justice. Take it to the skies and fight each other for dominance of trading routes as a sky pirate or a merchant. And sometimes, someone wants someone gone. Be a bounty hunter or an assassin and fill in the grey zone between legality and illegality. This setting is a dystopia. But it all lies in your hands. Choose wisely, my friends; I’ll be seeing you again.

    Achievements Antigrief Auction Best Crates Custom Customised Customized Customterrain Economy Epic Fun Guishop Item Jobs Landclaim Mcmmo Multiplayer Network Playershops Playervaults Politics Popular Prefixes Pve Rank Ranks Rankup Rankups Serenesurvival Server Shops Skydoesminecraft Smp Survival Top Towny Vote Voting Youtube

    Serene Survival

    Ip Address:
    Hello!! Are you looking for a Survival server based around community, economy, and has features like Towny, Optional-Golden shovel claiming, Enchants plus, fishing tournaments, jobs, player markets, tons of ways to earn money, then unlock commands using that money? Sounds like Serene is the way to go for you!!
    Our server is packed full of features, however I’m only going to list some of them here!!- Enchants plus (Lots of extra enchantments to enhance your fun!)- /Back given by default!- Tons of commands to unlock using in-game money!width=350
    – Jobs
    – Crates
    – Progressive Content
    – Player Warps
    – Player Shops
    – Server Shop
    – ArtMap
    – Enhanced fishing system with tournaments
    – Enhanced mining system
    – Pets
    – Trails
    – Multiple cosmetic plugins, unlocked using in-game money
    – Lottery
    – Gemshop with custom items! Example:
    – Timed Effects! Use your in-game money to buy effects!
    – Resource World
    – Mob catchers
    – Towny flight (You can pay in-game money to fly inside your town!!)
    – Magic Carpet (You can pay in-game money to unlock a flying carpet!!)

    Here at Serene we have so much to offer, and there is so much fun to be had. Bring your friends, bring your family, everybody is welcome. We have the most welcoming community available to the minecraft community. You won’t regret making our home, your home too. I can’t wait to see you online!!!

    Anarchyminecraft Clan Clans Clanspvp Geopolitical Girl Girlfriend Girls Killing Minecraftsurvival Nazi Party Political Politics Survival

    Minecraft Nazi Server 1.16.1

    So you want to find a nazi girlfriend for yourself in Minecraft? You can.

    The idea is simple enough. You can invite the random nazi girl you’ve had your eye on into your clan. You can then make her a recruit (your clan must contain 5 women and 2 males) so you can now teach her everything about the game, and give her a bunch of cool god weapons. A couple things to keep in mind: Her profile has to be at least 10-20 days old. If she’s not, no-one will join your clan. You can make multiple clans and still not have the required number of women to keep your clan running.

    Note: Her clan will come with different perks – for example she can join a clan if she’s an OG griefer, or you can make her join your smurf clan if she’s a pro.

    And if you have a lot of women to recruit, what’s a clan without a leader? This is where the leader comes in. If a commander isn’t in your clan, she will simply sit by and let you do all the work.

    Now that you are good friends with nazis, I am going to explain how to undress nazi girls, its actually way easier than you think.

    Nazi girl player surrenders in 1vs1 wild PvP duel against Steve.

    If you’re also dressed up as a nazi, make a nazi girl stand on her knees for 10 minutes and then just let her do whatever she wants, like, let her touch other nazi girls (this is especially a bad idea since it’s hard to find nazi girl’s to wear your new clothes, most nazi girls are just as uncomfortable with their nazis wearing their new clothes as you are..)

    Nazis are also very hot, so if someone is hot and naked in front of you you’d best give up on it, there is a high possibility someone could break your nose. nazi boy’s are also great for nazi girls, the majority of nazi boys on  the internet are nazi, they’ve got big dicks and will make even their nazi girl to wear clothing. nazis will find some guy’s hot and naked and they’ll use that guy to wear their clothes and play “sex games” with him.

    Basil Beer Beta Bourbon Cinnamon Civ Civilization Cloves Coffee Cooking Corn Crops Earth Empire Experiment Experimental Farm Farming Food Fun Geopolitical Grape Intense Mcmmo Nation Nationbuilding Nutmeg Pepper Politics Pvp Roleplay Strategy Sura Survival Tea Tequila Towny Trade Whiskey Wine

    =[When Earth Was Flat]= [Beta Test]-[Towny]-[Earth]-[Custom Realistic Crops]-[Expanded Foods]-[Brewery]

    WEWF is a geopolitical Earth server running Towny with a custom war system. Additionally, WEWF has over 50 custom crops limited to regions all over the world, from molasses in Canada to black pepper in India. These crops are implemented in expanded foods and are also used in recipes for the popular Brewery plugin which allows you to ferment, distill and age alcoholic drink. Get true Tequila from the heart of Mexico, or the finest Champagne from France – or just sit down with a hot bowl of Pho.

    WEWF is currently in playtesting as bugs are ironed out and the overall experience polished for a public release. However, the whitelist is practically public. The questions are more of a survey than an application. The game is in a playable state, players can spawn into the world and look for special crops, settle towns, cook and brew (and a couple other things, see below!) but we do stress that this project is still under development so it may not be as polished as other servers and issues may arise here or there.

    That said, in the week or two that we’ve been playtesting we’ve experienced ZERO catastrophic failures or downtime (unexpected or otherwise!) and if the age of this PMC page is worth anything, I have a good bit of experience and know my away around the technical aspects of running a server. Our shortcomings at the moment are largely window-dressing and polish that I’ll focus on more as I complete more of the gameplay development.

    – Under regular development, even after the beta, we plan on implementing new and unique features aimed at creating an immersive Earth experience!

    – Custom, regional crops such as barley, hops, onions, garlic, grapes, oranges, corn, black pepper, coffee and much, much more. Make meaningful trade agreements with foreign states, become a bonafide traveling merchant, or establish farms, vineyards, orchards and more.

    – Custom foods and Brewery for alcohol brewing with regional crops, to give greater purpose to trade and regions. Become a cheesemonger or just produce the finest Champagne in France.

    – /Sell easily for income: Players can use /sell to sell a number of vanilla items, as well as regional crops, to the server for money. These items are somewhat restricted to leave space for player-driven markets, but there is a wide variety of ways to generate income: farming, mining, fishing, ranching, and so on!

    – /Buy extra improvements and abilities: Spend that money trading on player markets, or use it in /buy to purchase things like building blocks, McMMO classes, banks, and shops!
    – Player-owned shops: Players can trade with one another through player-owned shopkeeper NPCs that themselves can be made available for hire to other players.

    – And more! McMMO, Heads Database, StackMob, Dynmap, LWC, World Wrap, and more! New features planned for the future as well!

    If you are interested in playtesting during the beta period, feel free to apply on our discord (fastest method) or submit your application in the comments here using the following format:

    MC Username:
    What part of the world do you plan on playing in?
    What are your preferred gameplay styles? (Building, Exploring, PVP, PVE, RP, etc)
    How did you hear about WEWF?
    Do you understand that this is a playtesting period and some features may be incomplete or missing?

    These questions are more of a survey than a strict application process. All are welcome, we just have a whitelist up until the full release is ready. No resets or restarts are planned for the world at the end of this testing period. Your progress will not be lost after testing.

    Join our discord for more more information or to get involved!

    Take a look at the dynmap!

    Airplanes Airships Building Buildings Car Cars Cities Classic Earth Earthfactions Earthmap Earthmc Earthtowny Factions Factionsearth Guns Largemap Machinegun Movecraft Other Planes Politics Roleplay Ships Shops Tanks Towns Towny Townyearth Vehicles Wars Worldwar Ww2

    WorldWarMC – Earth with wars 1.12.2-1.15.2

    Earth Factions on the possibly largest earth map used on a server with guns, ships, and other movable vehicles, build your nation, found your army, and have influence all over the world! Build cities or nations from any time period, trade with allies, build shops, explore the world and fight your enemies! The dynmap link can be accessed at spawn by clicking the “(Ad link removed)” link when you spawn in, players have to explore the dynmap.

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