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Townstone [1.17] Royalty – Economy – Government – Vehicles – Jobs – War

Townstone [1.17] Royalty - Economy - Government - Vehicles - Jobs - War Minecraft Server
“Where civilizations are crafted by imagination and all are given an opportunity for greatness.”

Townstone is an economy and government roleplay server. At Townstone you have the opportunity to make money, drive cars, commit crimes, work for the government, and much much more. We are excited to have you at Townstone.

Become an entrepreneur!
Start your own business and make tons of money. Defeat your
company’s opponents and invent new products. If you work
hard enough, you could become a notorious household

Live in the wild!
Hunt for resources and survive outside of city-life. Sell your
yields and goods to city dwellers and live your best life,
harmonized with nature.

Work for the government!
Take on a government job to explore the endless possibilities
of governing. Lead others through the system and make your
country a better place.

Serve the monarch!
Take on the path of royal servant and serve Her Royal Majesty.
You may be rewarded for your loyalty, and if you’re lucky,
find yourself wearing the crown soon.

Rebel against us!
Join the Rebellion and fight against the monarchy. Bring your
comrades to arms against the Queen and show the world a
true revolution.

The paths are endless.
Will you rise and become a great leader or crumble under your opportunity?



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Ironforge: Dawn of Althea

WARNING – The server is whitelisted!
The New players are to go through an application process to ensure the quality of players, and roleplay capability. Don’t worry though, with enough enthusiasm and a good personality, you will not have any problems.

For The Discord and Application, Click Here.

Ironforge: Dawn of Althea is a Minecraft server dedicated to roleplay, creativity, and worldbuilding. Join us to forge your own story, create your own culture, and lead your own army onto the cities of the heretics. With many cultures and even some Conlangs, the world of Althea is everchanging.

We encourage and have heavily based our server on Roleplay, Player-Led Events, Trade and Commerce, Geopolitical struggle, and such.

Changes to The Game
We have changed a number of things in the game through the usage of plugins. No mods are required.
These include but are not limited to;

  • Ships
  • Armour speed penalty
  • More expensive dye
  • Professions (Coming Soon)
  • The setting of the Server
    The setting of the server is the post-Hellenistic era, though we allow for creative flexibility.

    Civ Civilization Civilizations Countries Country Factions Geopolitical Geopolitics Nation Nations Notowny Political Politics Survival


    Don’t worry about low player counts at the moment, the server released very recently, and I haven’t really made any posts about ArchCivs yet. However, there may be more players later.

    DescriptionAre you bored after playing survival servers where there is no griefing or war? Are you uninterested in servers that have a claim plugin? Then this server is perfect for you!

    ArchCivs is a geopolitical Minecraft server that uses a vanilla map as the world map while avoiding plugins like “Towny” or “GriefPrevention”.

    Geopolitics in this server is Discord-based, which means you will need to be in the Discord Server to create a nation, claim land, war, and other stuff.

    Before you jump into this experience, read the rules of the server on our website (, and join our Discord server ( The rules different from other servers apart from some parts that are in every server. Reading the rules, viewing the map, and checking out other information is mainly suggested to get begun on this server.

    Alathra Alathramc Custom Custommusic Discord Dynmap Economy Fantasy Geopolitical Geopolitics Insturments Mcmmo Mcmmosurvival Music Noteblockapi Paper Political Politics Pvp Roleplay Rpg Shopkeepers Shops Spigot Team Towny War Worldborder Worldbuilding Worldmap

    ALATHRA MC | World Building | RP | Survival

    Alathra is a world building server with a mix of geopolitics and light roleplay, focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and story telling.

    If you are looking for a server to build a town, start a religion, or just want to be a nomad and live in the forest, or even take over the world this is the server for you!

    More Info can be found in our discord:



  • TOWNY — Start your own town and nation with your friends or join an existing one to make new ones. Towny allows players to claim protected areas of the map to safely build in, this is where you can participate in the world-building. You can make sprawling metropolises dedicated to worshiping your mysterious gods, or a nation built on wealth and trade. The limit to what you can create is up to your imagination.
  • MCMMO — MCMMO introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft enhancing the native mechanics whilst extending the gameplay in ways that feel natural. With over 13 skills to train, there are many different paths you can take to mold your experience. You can become the best swordsman in the land and lead nations to victory, or a strange nomad-alchemist who sells potions only they have the knowledge and skills to make.
  • CUSTOM GENERATION — The overworld was generated using custom terraforged generation. The goal of using this generation is to make playing and exploring Alathra a refreshing experience compared to vanilla. With our custom settings, we believed we reached a perfect balance of a “minecrafty” world with an enhanced experience (not just giant mountains/unbuildable terrain, cool landscapes are uniquely spread out). When exploring Alathra you can expect to see rivers that actually connect to oceans, beautiful mountain ranges, harsh deserts and many more upgrades to vanilla overworld generation. Alathra was also generated using custom caves! You can experience exploring the many different styles of caves within the world.
  • LORE WIKI — AlathraMC has its own wiki with the goal to document the lore and worldbuilding of the server. Create your own pages to document religions, towns and much more. Our hope is for the wiki page to continuously grow and become more filled out as time goes on.

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    Welcome to DTerra!

    We’re a brand new towny server based on the earth map (1:500), our server uses a custom resourcepack wich allows guns and vehicles as well as many other custom items to be in game without any mods!

    you can create a town and even whole countries, you can go to war with guns and tanks or on horseback and rise to glory!

    The server is new and expanding, expect new updates and new features every week!


    Antigrief Cavalry Customwar Horsepvp Movecraft Nations Politics Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny

    Imperial Towny | Anti-grief Wars, Movecraft, Strong Horses!

    Imperial Towny intends to deliver on a server experience never seen before. Featuring wars between Nations without the bad flag system. Two unique battles for wars, Sea/Air Movecraft Battles, or Land Battles with Cavalry and Field Artillery!


    (Copy paste DYNMAP IP into your web browser to see the map.)


    I hope you enjoy your time on the server and recommend it to friends. Growing this community is my #1 priority and if you come across any issues or have any suggestions feel free to drop them in the Discord!

    Challenge Community Cooperative Politics Proximityvoice Pve Roleplay Survival Town Whitelist Whitelisted

    Alinea Together (Whitelisted) – Mayoral Elections – Town of Fire Hazard

    Introducing Alinea Together
    Alinea Together is a cooperative almost-Vanilla SMP Minecraft server. Players survive together in a server town, lead by a mayor who is elected every two weeks. Check below how to get whitelisted!

    The world originally started with an incredibly small world border, confining players to an 8×8 chunk area. Thanks good mayoral leadership and cooperation between the townspeople, the border has expanded far beyond! Players are working together gathering resources, in the hopes of expanding the world border far enough to reach the end!

    To get whitelisted, join our discord via and check out #atmc-info.


  • Survive together in a server town
  • Elect a new mayor every two weeks
  • Work together to complete town objectives
  • Gather resources to help expand the world border, and reach the end
  • Vanilla experience

  • No Bukkit or Spigot
  • Optional proximity voice chat
  • Connect with a vanilla client, or install some of the mods on our modification whitelist
  • Vanilla compatible custom enchants like Tree Felling
  • No /tpa, no /sethome, no /warp, no commands
  • RulesThe rules are what you would expect from a cooperative survival server: no raiding, no griefing, no bullying. A complete rundown of the Minecraft server rules can be found on our website. The mayor can make some additional rules on top of the official server rules, which can be found in-game.

    FAQHow do I get whitelisted?
    To get whitelisted, join our discord via and check out #atmc-info. We do not have a formal whitelisting process. We will just ask you some questions, and feel if you are sufficiently trustworthy.

    What is the age demographic of the server?
    We don’t have a hard cut-off age, but we expect maturity from our players. Most of our players are in their late teens to early twenties.

    What is the geographic demographic of the server?
    We have players from all over the world, but most are from Europe and North America.

    How big is the community?
    Our entire community counts around 80 members, although not everyone necessarily plays Minecraft. Our Minecraft server has 30 whitelisted players, and around 10 of those are active players.

    Where can I learn more about the town system, and how can I get elected as mayor?
    You can find more info about the town system on our website. Check out

    How do I claim land?
    Just like in Vanilla Minecraft, you cannot claim land. You can build somewhere, and other players are expected to respect your property. Because we are a whitelisted server with a relatively mature player base, this system has worked perfectly so far. In the worst case, we have some moderation wizardry up our sleeves.

    Are there wars or other conflicts?
    No. Alinea Together is a cooperative-style server, and PvP without consent of both parties is not allowed. The entire world is considered part of the server town, so everyone is expected to work together or at least not negatively interfere with others. Please check out our Minecraft server rules on

    Do you play any other games?
    While the Minecraft server is always running, we don’t just play Minecraft! Come joins us for a game of Among Us, Jackbox, or whatever the community is in the mood for!

    WhitelistTo get whitelisted, join our discord via and check out #atmc-info.

    Diplomacy Earth Europe Factions Geopolitical Geopolitics Guns Mcmmo Movecraft Planes Political Politics Pvp Roleplay Sandbox Ships Slimefun Survival Tanks Towny War Worldbuilding

    CCNet | Geopolitics | Ships | Towny |

    CCNet is back, with two new gamemodes!

    Nations is a geopolitical sandbox set on a 1:1000 scale map of Earth.

    Stake your claim to the world and found a town. Join or form a nation, navigating the treacherous waters of diplomacy and warfare to survive and expand. Construct naval, ground and aerial vehicles to assert dominance over the skies and seven seas, and engage your foes in sieges that involve intense vanilla combat, guns and artillery. Improve your productive capacity using dozens of machines and supply goods to fuel your war machine, or become a peaceful trader ferrying items across the world. Whether you are a builder wanting to build a beautiful city, PvPer looking for combat or roleplayer interested in running a nation – there is a place for everyone in Nations. The only question is this: can you build a nation that will stand the test of time?


  • Dynamic, player-run economy consisting of hundreds of shops and custom plugins to show economic data and facilitate trade.
  • Build moving land, naval and aerial vehicles, such as tanks, dreadnoughts and aircraft carriers.
  • Wage war using artillery and custom-modelled WW1-era guns.
  • Custom Towny mechanics such as nation coups and vassalization.
  • Craft machines and custom items to aid you on your quest.
  • Towny is a peaceful gamemode for those who would like to build. Construct a town, and band together with other people to create a thriving nation. Construct massive factories, huge machines and epic gear with Slimefun!

    You can visit our website at

    Click here to join our Discord server!

    We hope to see you in-game!

    Africa America Asia Cars Crackshot Diplomacy Dutch Dynmap Earth Earthmap English Europe Geopolitical German Guns Japan Movecraft Nations Planes Political Politics Pvp Roleplay Sandbox Ships Slimefun Submarines Tanks Towny War Ww2

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map Minecraft Server

    Version: 1.17.1


    BlitzKraft is a WW2 themed PVP server with guns, tanks, planes, submarines, and much more. You can log in and begin building your base anytime, the server is up 24/7. Create your own town, join a nation, conquer your neighbors, or just try to live peacefully as a citizen and start your own brewery. The whole earth is yours to explore, join us now and take control of your own destiny. Glory awaits!



    43 different guns to collect
    4 deadly new melee weapons
    5 types of throwable explosives



    /w Exotic Garden


    & more!

    BlitzKraft | 1.17.1 | Guns | Movecraft | Towny | Earth Map Minecraft Server

    Diplomacy Earth Earthtowny Economy Economysurvival Geopolitics Politics Pvp Survival Towny War

    Gods & Kings

    Welcome to Gods & Kings!


    Gods & Kings is a 1:2000 Earth Towny server that revolves around trade, diplomacy, and war. Here is some basic info that is important.




    —Towny prices—
    64 Gold to start town, 256 to start a nation. Claims start at 15 gold and increase by 7% per additional claim and max out at 64 gold per claim.

    The currency of this server is gold. Please do /sell hand while holding a gold ingot and you will receive $1.

    There are no admin shops, however, you can create your own chest shop. To do this, simply follow the below image. The sign will need to be placed on a chest!

    PvP will be disabled during the weekdays and will be enabled only on the weekends. Official war events will take place only on Saturdays (the time for this is yet to be determined).

    War on here, unlike other towny servers, is meant to be fun and minimally destructive. TnT will be enabled, however, all destroyed blocks will regenerate within your town! Losing town blocks to the attacker will not cost you gold and people will not be allowed to destroy your builds in war time, it will be mostly focused around pvp.

    The more kills, nations, etc., you conquer, the more points you receive. Nations with the most points will receive a gold bonus!

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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