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Gods & Kings

Welcome to Gods & Kings!


Gods & Kings is a 1:2000 Earth Towny server that revolves around trade, diplomacy, and war. Here is some basic info that is important.




—Towny prices—
64 Gold to start town, 256 to start a nation. Claims start at 15 gold and increase by 7% per additional claim and max out at 64 gold per claim.

The currency of this server is gold. Please do /sell hand while holding a gold ingot and you will receive $1.

There are no admin shops, however, you can create your own chest shop. To do this, simply follow the below image. The sign will need to be placed on a chest!

PvP will be disabled during the weekdays and will be enabled only on the weekends. Official war events will take place only on Saturdays (the time for this is yet to be determined).

War on here, unlike other towny servers, is meant to be fun and minimally destructive. TnT will be enabled, however, all destroyed blocks will regenerate within your town! Losing town blocks to the attacker will not cost you gold and people will not be allowed to destroy your builds in war time, it will be mostly focused around pvp.

The more kills, nations, etc., you conquer, the more points you receive. Nations with the most points will receive a gold bonus!

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WorldMC 1.16.4

WorldMC is a 1:1000 geopolitical earth roleplay server. When joining for the first time, you will randomly spawn anywhere on earth, where you can travel the world, and start your adventure to conqueror the 7 continents!

WorldMC utilizes Towny and Gold Economy to create a realistic player run experience.

Join our discord!

116server Chestshop Discord Earth Earthmap Faction Factions Geocraft Geomc Jobs Larp Politics Quickshop Silkspawners Worldborder | Earth Map | Factions | Jobs

Have you ever wanted to build your hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations?

Now you can do all of these things on our 1:1000 scale map of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (ores, topology, borders) to bring the most playable Earth map yet to Minecraft. You can view this map at

Discover many different custom-built monuments placed throughout the world ripe for looting, or track down a loot drop and collect its valuables!

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M31craft (Read FAQ before joining)

Hello! We are M31craft, a factions server with a very unique premise. We use multiple different maps and many other features that have not been seen in any servers yet***! We have the largest known spawn**, which is fully explorable, a level-up system, and a whole new trading system***! Development is almost completely transparent*, so you can see the server as it’s being built! Most maps will not have all the resources, so you will have to trade or go between them to get all the resources you need***. We will have many different types of weapons to choose from, on top of minigames***. Minecraft IP is, and the discord server is, come join us!

* Open development ends once beta starts.
** Based on egotistical claims.
*** Features coming soon.

Note: Using a VPN when joining the server will get you kicked, as VPNs are often used for malicious purposes, such as hacking, ban evasion, etc, and as such, we’ve banned their use without disclosure. If you wish to join the server with a VPN, contact an owner with your IGN and why you use your VPN, and we’ll give your account immunity. M31craft does not log anything outside of what the console logs automatically, and no information is ever shared with the public. However, we respect and understand your concerns.


“Isn’t the starter kit a bit OP?”

Yes, it’s the limited time Astronaut kit. It’s for Alpha testers only for being here so early in development when we’re not trying too hard to get the server out there. Get it while you can, because it’s going away after alpha.

“What do I do?”/”Where’s the factions?”/”Where do I drop?”/”Why can’t I use /wild?”

Unlike usual factions servers that start you in the factions world, we have a semi-unique feature that has multiple different planets with different materials, terrain types, etc. You can do ‘/worldselect’, or punch a Director or Ship Pilot NPC to select which world you would like to travel to.

“How do I make money?”

There are lotteries you can try your luck at, crates you can get from voting, and chat puzzles you can earn money through, on top of /shop. In the future, we may also expand to other ways of earning money.

“Who is the owner?”/”Are you the owner?”

We have two people that both equally hold the title of Owner, AndromedaGalaxy, and myself (TriangulumAC). Neither of us has power over the other, however, AndromedaGalaxy does more with the development of the server, while I focus on interacting with the community.

“Is swearing allowed in this server?”

Yes. Swearing is 100% allowed, and even sexual topics are allowed as long as everyone in the conversation is cool with it. If you are uncomfortable with talking about such topics, tell them to stop, and if they don’t, report them.

“How do I play factions?”

I am planning on writing a guide on how to play factions properly and effectively, however, the gist of it is you build a base and you protect it. There will be more questions that are answered in this guide, so I won’t fill this FAQ up with all of them, but it will be linked here once it’s finished.

“Will Earth be added?”/”Add Earth”

Earth will most likely never be an accessible planet. Earth is already colonized, so it wouldn’t make sense to send people to colonize it. If we ever do add it, however, it wouldn’t have factions.

“How do I apply for staff?”

Check on the forums for a staff application board. If you don’t see it, chances are we’re not looking for staff at the moment, most likely because the server is too small to warrant a staff team outside of the two owners we have.

“Aren’t you a little young to run a Minecraft server?”

Yes, yes I am.

“Are there ships in this server?”

This server, while sci-fi, does not let you build or directly interact with ships. Your role is to travel to different planets and colonize them. You can build structures that look like ships or are made as ships, however, you cannot make them act as ships or interact with them as a ship.

Anarchy Country Creative Freebuild Longtime Old Politics Private Roleplay

NanoCraft [Geopolitical rp] [Shipbuilding] [Freebuild]

Welcome to Team NanoCraft, we are a multiplayer server partially dedicated to freebuild and mostly dedicated to two large roleplay worlds with several fictional countries.(focused on the country building itself, not just military)

We are currently open for new members

Application form:
– Username
– Nickname (what do we call you)
– Interest (hobby)
– Age
– Where do you come from

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Res Publica MC

Res Publica MC offers a number of unique and interesting features to make your experience like none other!


Start your own town and build your empire as a nation with Towny!


Our economy is bold and meant to simulate a real-life economy wherein towns and people trade their goods. With out robust and balanced economy you’ll be able to start a town, buy ranks, purchase guns, and much more!


With over 81 custom ranks with unique permissions, you can climb the ranks and earn your place on the server.


We’re always getting new guns! Track down your enemies or earn some extra coin taking bounties with our fun, balanced, and constantly refreshed guns.


Become an expert of your craft and sell your exploits to your townsmen, or rent out a stall at the market! Get paid to perform your job, or become a bounty hunter and work in the shadows.

Join our Discord server!

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War – Geolitics – InvictaMC – Towny – 1.15.2

Hello, welcome to InvictaMC! Our server is a towny based on the real earth map!
can create your town, join a nation or make a new one, go to war and
rule the world, we provide a large amount of plugins that will make your
gameplay more enjoyable, such as vehicles that go from a simple car to
massive war ships with working tnt cannons, brewery, auctions, and more!

as you spend time on the server you will rank up, ranks will
provide you with new permissions, unlock new items and even get daily
payments, you can also buy ranks and money on our webstore if you want
to support our server Here!

Join us today!

-DYNMAP (currently down)

Economy Freedom Geopolitical Geopolitics Landclaim Libertarian Politics Pve Pvp Survival Towny Trading War

The EarthProject, An experiment [DOOMSDAY] [Civilizations] [Siege War] [Anti-Pay-To-Win]

We are more than a server, we are a community of individuals who resist oppression. Our server believes in player’s rights, individual freedom, and a minimum number of rules.

Custom civilizations plugin
Custom leveling system
Custom siege war system
Custom map taken from satellite images
Custom governmental system
Custom economy plugin

100% up time, 0% lag

Your world, your rules. Welcome home.

The clock is ticking…

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Currently looking for builders for our City Roleplay Server! Unique/Custom Plugins | This is a huge project so we need a decent amount of builders! Join Today! All Minecraft Versions are supported 1.8 – 1.16.1

America Creative Economy Essentials Freedom Island Isle Minecraft Politics Red Redisle Survival

Red Isle MC

Welcome to Red Isle!

We’re a Survival-Economy server, prioritizing freedom of speech and choice on our server. Come check us out and join our new community!


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