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NanoCraft [Geopolitical rp] [Shipbuilding] [Freebuild]

Welcome to Team NanoCraft, we are a multiplayer server partially dedicated to freebuild and mostly dedicated to two large roleplay worlds with several fictional countries.(focused on the country building itself, not just military)

We are currently open for new members

Application form:
– Username
– Nickname (what do we call you)
– Interest (hobby)
– Age
– Where do you come from

Economy Geopolitics Giveaways Politics Pvp Survival Towny

Res Publica MC

Res Publica MC offers a number of unique and interesting features to make your experience like none other!


Start your own town and build your empire as a nation with Towny!


Our economy is bold and meant to simulate a real-life economy wherein towns and people trade their goods. With out robust and balanced economy you’ll be able to start a town, buy ranks, purchase guns, and much more!


With over 81 custom ranks with unique permissions, you can climb the ranks and earn your place on the server.


We’re always getting new guns! Track down your enemies or earn some extra coin taking bounties with our fun, balanced, and constantly refreshed guns.


Become an expert of your craft and sell your exploits to your townsmen, or rent out a stall at the market! Get paid to perform your job, or become a bounty hunter and work in the shadows.

Join our Discord server!

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War – Geolitics – InvictaMC – Towny – 1.15.2

Hello, welcome to InvictaMC! Our server is a towny based on the real earth map!
can create your town, join a nation or make a new one, go to war and
rule the world, we provide a large amount of plugins that will make your
gameplay more enjoyable, such as vehicles that go from a simple car to
massive war ships with working tnt cannons, brewery, auctions, and more!

as you spend time on the server you will rank up, ranks will
provide you with new permissions, unlock new items and even get daily
payments, you can also buy ranks and money on our webstore if you want
to support our server Here!

Join us today!

-DYNMAP (currently down)

Economy Freedom Geopolitical Geopolitics Landclaim Libertarian Politics Pve Pvp Survival Towny Trading War

The EarthProject, An experiment [DOOMSDAY] [Civilizations] [Siege War] [Anti-Pay-To-Win]

We are more than a server, we are a community of individuals who resist oppression. Our server believes in player’s rights, individual freedom, and a minimum number of rules.

Custom civilizations plugin
Custom leveling system
Custom siege war system
Custom map taken from satellite images
Custom governmental system
Custom economy plugin

100% up time, 0% lag

Your world, your rules. Welcome home.

The clock is ticking…

Cityroleplay Cityrp Cops Drugs Economy Government Guns Lookingforbuilders Lookingforstaff New Newest Newserver Police Politics Roleplay Rpg


Currently looking for builders for our City Roleplay Server! Unique/Custom Plugins | This is a huge project so we need a decent amount of builders! Join Today! All Minecraft Versions are supported 1.8 – 1.16.1

America Creative Economy Essentials Freedom Island Isle Minecraft Politics Red Redisle Survival

Red Isle MC

Welcome to Red Isle!

We’re a Survival-Economy server, prioritizing freedom of speech and choice on our server. Come check us out and join our new community!


Economy Faction Industrial Infected Politics Pve Pvp Roleplay Spigot Steampunk Survival Towny War


Welcome to the world of Somniactus. Here there are three nations: the Erenian Federation, a collection of vaults in the desert connected by underground tunnels and united by their appreciation for trade; Mournas Rot, a people thriving because of their willingness to cast away their humanity and individuality to survive the harsh volcanic conditions of their homeland; and Imperium Magnus, a proud nation of floating cities and airships seeking world domination. Join one of these nations to explore the custom map, engage in local and international politics, wage war, and trade for riches.

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Athelstan MC
is a new minecraft server that wants to focus on building a fun
community for people interested in anything old times for example
medieval ages, vikings, tribes etc. You can create your own
kingdom/democratic nation/tribe/clan the possibilities are endless ! We
also add a bit of realism by adding thirst, the ability to brew
alcoholic beverages, animals reproduce naturally in the wild and more.
We also remove phantoms because they are just annoying! We believe
players should have more freedoms that’s why all out war(s), politics,
player chosen currency and more are allowed.

creative plots world will open soon as well for those looking to just
chill. Our server will also provide fun events such as parkour
competitions, karaoke and more 🙂

Note: We
would like for mature and experienced players to join our community
but as long as you follow our rules and avoid being too toxic you will
be fine. Our preferred ages would be 16+ because swearing will be
allowed and among other things.

Rules for Medieval age Factions Survival World:

  • Hacking in any way will not be allowed
  • No spamming
  • Do not use glitches to gain an advantage such as duping items.
  • Factions must have a border to be legit. for example a river sorrounding it, a wall, ocean..etc
  • A
    leader of a faction or leaders have the right to have total control
    over the land of the faction and can kick out citizens, remove their
    homes, tax them etc.
  • Wars are allowed between factions even if one faction doesnt want war, they can be invaded.
  • Stealing
    and griefing will be allowed, it is up to players to prevent this and
    keep the order, wiping out a whole faction with tnt will not be allowed
    though and another faction cannot grief/steal unless the faction they
    are targeting has members online at the time.
  • You may curse and speak about religion,politics etc but racist offensive words will not be allowed
  • Offensive builds such as swastikas or genitals are not allowed.
  • Factions
    must have serious names and no copying from real life nation names. For
    example do not name your kingdom “The Penguin Kingdom”
  • A United Nations type organization is banned from being made.
  • You may start your own religion/cult within the server as long as it doesn’t promote racism
  • A faction can absorb another if they succesfully invade militarily or force the faction to surrender in other ways.
  • A faction can have any gov. type such as democracy, monarchy or a made up one.
  • Do not disrespect staff
  • Do not act childish and use common sense.
  • No modern themes
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    Hello, welcome to InvictaMC! Our server is a towny based on the real earth map!

    can create your town, join a nation or make a new one, go to war and
    rule the world, we provide a large amount of plugins that will make your
    gameplay more enjoyable, such as vehicles that go from a simple car to
    massive war ships with working tnt cannons, brewery, auctions, and more!
    All over the map there are hiden locations with extremely powerfull
    unique items!

    as you spend time on the server you will rank up,
    ranks will provide you with new permissions, unlock new items and even
    get daily payments, you can also buy ranks and money on our website if
    you want to support our server Here!

    JOIN US TODAY! we have a friendly and strong community that will help and guide you!

    Join our discord server Here!

    Visit our Dynmap Here!

    116anarchy 116survival 4chad 4chan Alpha Alt Right America American Anarchy Anarchysurvival Beta Boyz Communism Communist Communities Community Communitybased Democracy Democrat Democratic Freedom Freeroam Geopolitical Geopolitics Girls Maturecommunity Meme Memes Police Politcal Political Politics Republican Voteranks Votereward Voterewards

    The_Donald Alt Right Minecraft Server

    Some people can’t meme and don’t like freedom of speech and freedom of pepes, which is why they want to shut down any club that promotes one. The only thing that stands in their way is a powerful black male full of testosterone.

    The Donald Minecraft Server Mascot

    Let’s start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength.

    Thankfully clan of katana wielding girls are not scared of anyone.

    Minecraft is a bastion of free speech in an industry increasingly populated by micromanagement and censure. The free distribution of creative creation means that anyone can create whatever they want, make it available to all the world. You can even install a texture pack that adds burgers to Minecraft, it’s really crazy what you can do.

    Girl eating a burger in Minecraft.

    In Minecraft you can do anything you want to do – you can farm, build, find trade routes, set up roads and farmlands and so on. You can even mine through the Nether and build a castle or a bunker in the sky above it. You can do all that with gold from piglins and with whatever resources you are willing to use in the vastness of space.

    Just remember to stay on guard and watch out for surprise attacks.

    Minecraft waifu PvP mid in air.

    Alternatively you can even try to find a hot pvp waifu in Minecraft. This is important since traditionally marriages are difficult to come by in Minecraft’s harsh universe and an all female clan is a great way to get some.

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