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Be sure to find ways to hide your base, as it may get greifed(destroyed/raided) by other people.

Whatever happens, HAPPENS. This world was created because I borrowed a VR headset and wanted to play Minecraft with it, but was unable to find A survival server without mods, that only complicated things or caused me to crash(suddenly exit game) while playing the game.
This isn’t hardcore mode but the default world without mods(modifications) it’s about as realistic as the game can get.

You’ll have to deal with people on your own and find resources yourself. Sorry if you get spawned killed. There’s nothing protecting you from other players and the things they have going on. I’d suggest you memorize the map so you don’t loose your base, seeing as you can’t set home besides making A bed. If things get too crazy near spawn, sadly, I’ll have to reset the map. HAVE FUN!

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ReloadedSMP 18+ | Hermitcraft Style | Whitelist | No Land Claim | Community | Discord | New | 1.18.1

-> <- ReLoaded 18+ sprung from the idea of mature and dedicated, yet playful, people coming together to create a Minecraft experience that is almost pure vanilla. Almost? Yes, the technical additions have almost all been inspired by the ever so popular Hermitcraft SMP, with mob heads, miniblocks and other small and non-gamebreaking additions. There’s no room for teleporting, land claim or similar larger changes that alter the experience. We pride ourself on creating and maintaining a close knit community, where conversation and communication take the prime place, working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts, free from griefing and cheats. The 18+ in the name indicate the minimum age for someone to even be considered, and the amount of player spots are limited to keep our community together. Content creators are welcome, as we already have several members producing content for streaming and/or video format. To be whitelisted, fill in the application to the best of your ability. Honest and detailed answers yield a higher chance of being considered for whitelisting.

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Purity – A Purely Vanilla Minecraft Server

Important Links:

Welcome to Purity Minecraft! As its name suggests, it’s a purely-vanilla Minecraft server. The server runs only the latest official release of the Minecraft server software.

Other than that, this is simply a survival server, and its goal is to give players a totally vanilla survival experience. There is one more twist, however. Eventually, when the player base is large enough, elements of democracy will be introduced, and players will have the ability help make decisions for the server. I want this server to be “by the players, for the players.”

While players will eventually be making the rules for the server, I have taken the liberty to create some for the moment. Generally, players are free to do what they want, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules. For example, players aren’t allowed to make use of hacks or glitches, because this is inconsistent with the purpose of the server. Other than that, there aren’t that many rules. You can view the complete rulebook (including Discord rules) here.

Running a stock server presents some challenges when it comes to moderation. The server isn’t able to use plugins that would normally prevent cheating. However, moderation procedures have been established to help mitigate this issue. If you see somebody breaking the rules, you can report them here. If you would like to become part of the moderation team, you may apply here.

This server is a hobby project for me. I’m doing it because I enjoy the game and want to make something cool, not for money or anything like that. I think this server could be unique and cool. If you’d like, you can learn about how you can support the server here. If you give it a chance, I hope you have fun with it. If you have any ideas on how I could make it better, be sure to reach out either here, in-game, or on Discord.

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Classic Vanilla! 1.16.3

Try vanilla Minecraft using the latest version 1.16.3! We have no plugins that alter gameplay, map has no limit, pvp is on. Everything is like on vanilla 🙂

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Passione Vanilla Factions

Passione is a Vanilla Factions server aimed at creating an equal playing field and maintaining a competitive-oriented community. We offer similar experience to pure vanilla/anarchy servers with the twist of being able to create factions and much smaller map allowing to meet other players more frequently. The major difference that makes us unique within Factions server type is that everything is achieved through vanilla gameplay. There are no shops or in-game economy, no mcmmo or any addons that could bloat the intended vanilla experience. We aim to keep only the necessary plugins and minimal human moderation. Griefing and raiding are permitted and encouraged. There is no spawn protection and you're free to cast cobble monsters, grief it and slay new players just like on any vanilla server. The only non-vanilla commands available are standard /home and /tpa commands common to the Factions game mode.

Our goal is to be a middle ground between pure vanilla/anarchy servers and friendly PvE servers. On first you cannot protect your base at all and have to rely on travelling thousands of blocks away. Additionally you may find very little player interaction outside spawn area. On the second there is no other goal than building and servers like this may have trouble to stay entertaining in longer-term. We believe Factions-oriented server will encourage interaction within community based around forging alliances, waging wars and maintaining sports-like competition as we see PvP being the ultimate goal for end-game in Minecraft.

If you’ve ever played classic factions before, chances are that you encountered a server where offline explosions are either always on making the task of protecting your base impossible or always off leading to frustration when defenders logged off to save theirs.

Here if you log out your base will be safe from harm, however once a week on a set time every faction on the server becomes offline-raidable for one hour. It’s our solution to prevent cheesy gameplay style where people log out in order to avoid losing or make unraidable “vault” bases on alt accounts that are always offline. Therefore, you can expect most action happen during raiding hour enabling you to prepare for it in advance.

Datapack Home Modded Moddedvanilla Pure Pvp Silkspawner Survival Vanilla

Modded Vanilla [1.16.1] [Vanilla Survival] [Datapack]

This server runs the vanilla .jar file straight from Every additional feature added by the datapack is designed with the purpose of making the vanilla experience more enjoyable, without interfering with it. There is no in-game currency, no bloated features and nothing is locked behind a pay-wall.

Current features:
– Silk-Spawner
– Home
– Sleep-Voting
– 1.14.3 style God-Armor (obtainable in survival)
– Anticheat
– TPA (Restrictive)
– Death coordinates

– Griefing is allowed but frowned upon
– No racial slurs
– No insulting other players
– No Hacking

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[NEW MAP] Deathcap 1.16.1

IP Address:


Discord Server

Deathcap is a Vanilla server. You will play the games as it was originally intended, without any intrusive mods.

You will meet people, and they may end up joining you or killing you.

You will probably die. A lot. That’s what makes it fun.

Good luck, and trust no one.


  • Be civil to all players. Rude players have no place on this server.
  • Be mature (If you want respect, earn it!)
  • Do not use hacks
  • No spawn camping
  • No advertising
  • Hosted: Chicago, USA

    Contact: /u/confused_boner

    NSFW: Yes. Adults only. No chat filter.