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M31craft (Read FAQ before joining)

Hello! We are M31craft, a factions server with a very unique premise. We use multiple different maps and many other features that have not been seen in any servers yet***! We have the largest known spawn**, which is fully explorable, a level-up system, and a whole new trading system***! Development is almost completely transparent*, so you can see the server as it’s being built! Most maps will not have all the resources, so you will have to trade or go between them to get all the resources you need***. We will have many different types of weapons to choose from, on top of minigames***. Minecraft IP is, and the discord server is, come join us!

* Open development ends once beta starts.
** Based on egotistical claims.
*** Features coming soon.

Note: Using a VPN when joining the server will get you kicked, as VPNs are often used for malicious purposes, such as hacking, ban evasion, etc, and as such, we’ve banned their use without disclosure. If you wish to join the server with a VPN, contact an owner with your IGN and why you use your VPN, and we’ll give your account immunity. M31craft does not log anything outside of what the console logs automatically, and no information is ever shared with the public. However, we respect and understand your concerns.


“Isn’t the starter kit a bit OP?”

Yes, it’s the limited time Astronaut kit. It’s for Alpha testers only for being here so early in development when we’re not trying too hard to get the server out there. Get it while you can, because it’s going away after alpha.

“What do I do?”/”Where’s the factions?”/”Where do I drop?”/”Why can’t I use /wild?”

Unlike usual factions servers that start you in the factions world, we have a semi-unique feature that has multiple different planets with different materials, terrain types, etc. You can do ‘/worldselect’, or punch a Director or Ship Pilot NPC to select which world you would like to travel to.

“How do I make money?”

There are lotteries you can try your luck at, crates you can get from voting, and chat puzzles you can earn money through, on top of /shop. In the future, we may also expand to other ways of earning money.

“Who is the owner?”/”Are you the owner?”

We have two people that both equally hold the title of Owner, AndromedaGalaxy, and myself (TriangulumAC). Neither of us has power over the other, however, AndromedaGalaxy does more with the development of the server, while I focus on interacting with the community.

“Is swearing allowed in this server?”

Yes. Swearing is 100% allowed, and even sexual topics are allowed as long as everyone in the conversation is cool with it. If you are uncomfortable with talking about such topics, tell them to stop, and if they don’t, report them.

“How do I play factions?”

I am planning on writing a guide on how to play factions properly and effectively, however, the gist of it is you build a base and you protect it. There will be more questions that are answered in this guide, so I won’t fill this FAQ up with all of them, but it will be linked here once it’s finished.

“Will Earth be added?”/”Add Earth”

Earth will most likely never be an accessible planet. Earth is already colonized, so it wouldn’t make sense to send people to colonize it. If we ever do add it, however, it wouldn’t have factions.

“How do I apply for staff?”

Check on the forums for a staff application board. If you don’t see it, chances are we’re not looking for staff at the moment, most likely because the server is too small to warrant a staff team outside of the two owners we have.

“Aren’t you a little young to run a Minecraft server?”

Yes, yes I am.

“Are there ships in this server?”

This server, while sci-fi, does not let you build or directly interact with ships. Your role is to travel to different planets and colonize them. You can build structures that look like ships or are made as ships, however, you cannot make them act as ships or interact with them as a ship.

Anarchy Political Politicalcompass Pve Pvp Team Pvp

The Political Compass Server

An anarchy server, but the world is split into quadrants: Authoritarian Left, Authoritarian Right, Libertarian Left, Libertarian Right

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Athelstan MC
is a new minecraft server that wants to focus on building a fun
community for people interested in anything old times for example
medieval ages, vikings, tribes etc. You can create your own
kingdom/democratic nation/tribe/clan the possibilities are endless ! We
also add a bit of realism by adding thirst, the ability to brew
alcoholic beverages, animals reproduce naturally in the wild and more.
We also remove phantoms because they are just annoying! We believe
players should have more freedoms that’s why all out war(s), politics,
player chosen currency and more are allowed.

creative plots world will open soon as well for those looking to just
chill. Our server will also provide fun events such as parkour
competitions, karaoke and more 🙂

Note: We
would like for mature and experienced players to join our community
but as long as you follow our rules and avoid being too toxic you will
be fine. Our preferred ages would be 16+ because swearing will be
allowed and among other things.

Rules for Medieval age Factions Survival World:

  • Hacking in any way will not be allowed
  • No spamming
  • Do not use glitches to gain an advantage such as duping items.
  • Factions must have a border to be legit. for example a river sorrounding it, a wall, ocean..etc
  • A
    leader of a faction or leaders have the right to have total control
    over the land of the faction and can kick out citizens, remove their
    homes, tax them etc.
  • Wars are allowed between factions even if one faction doesnt want war, they can be invaded.
  • Stealing
    and griefing will be allowed, it is up to players to prevent this and
    keep the order, wiping out a whole faction with tnt will not be allowed
    though and another faction cannot grief/steal unless the faction they
    are targeting has members online at the time.
  • You may curse and speak about religion,politics etc but racist offensive words will not be allowed
  • Offensive builds such as swastikas or genitals are not allowed.
  • Factions
    must have serious names and no copying from real life nation names. For
    example do not name your kingdom “The Penguin Kingdom”
  • A United Nations type organization is banned from being made.
  • You may start your own religion/cult within the server as long as it doesn’t promote racism
  • A faction can absorb another if they succesfully invade militarily or force the faction to surrender in other ways.
  • A faction can have any gov. type such as democracy, monarchy or a made up one.
  • Do not disrespect staff
  • Do not act childish and use common sense.
  • No modern themes
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    The Hidden Alt Right Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Some people can’t meme and don’t like freedom of speech and freedom of pepes, which is why they want to shut down any club that promotes one. The only thing that stands in their way is a powerful black male full of testosterone.

    The Donald Minecraft Server Mascot

    Let’s start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength.

    Thankfully clan of katana wielding girls are not scared of anyone.

    Minecraft is a bastion of free speech in an industry increasingly populated by micromanagement and censure. The free distribution of creative creation means that anyone can create whatever they want, make it available to all the world. You can even install a texture pack that adds burgers to Minecraft, it’s really crazy what you can do.

    Girl eating a burger in Minecraft.

    In Minecraft you can do anything you want to do – you can farm, build, find trade routes, set up roads and farmlands and so on. You can even mine through the Nether and build a castle or a bunker in the sky above it. You can do all that with gold from piglins and with whatever resources you are willing to use in the vastness of space.

    Just remember to stay on guard and watch out for surprise attacks.

    Minecraft waifu PvP mid in air.

    Alternatively you can even try to find a hot pvp waifu in Minecraft. This is important since traditionally marriages are difficult to come by in Minecraft’s harsh universe and an all female clan is a great way to get some.

    Kawaii Gang live
    Crackshot Customitems Earth Factions Guns Jobs Landclaim Political Politics Qualityarmoury Quests Raiding Raids Slimefun Survival Towny Victoria Victorian War

    VictoriaCraft – Towny War, Custom Items, Movecraft and MORE!

    The world is your canvas! Create a town and nation, build up your empire, make allies and enemies and go to war! VictoriaCraft is based in the Victorian era, featuring a wide variety of custom items from the Industrial revolution. Craft covert weapons, strong and heavy armour, gliders, build battleships and cruisers, and much more!

    Join today for an unforgettable experience!

    Anarchyminecraft Clan Clans Clanspvp Geopolitical Girl Girlfriend Girls Killing Minecraftsurvival Nazi Party Political Politics Survival

    Minecraft Nazi Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    So you want to find a nazi girlfriend for yourself in Minecraft? You can.

    The idea is simple enough. You can invite the random nazi girl you’ve had your eye on into your clan. You can then make her a recruit (your clan must contain 5 women and 2 males) so you can now teach her everything about the game, and give her a bunch of cool god weapons. A couple things to keep in mind: Her profile has to be at least 10-20 days old. If she’s not, no-one will join your clan. You can make multiple clans and still not have the required number of women to keep your clan running.

    Note: Her clan will come with different perks – for example she can join a clan if she’s an OG griefer, or you can make her join your smurf clan if she’s a pro.

    And if you have a lot of women to recruit, what’s a clan without a leader? This is where the leader comes in. If a commander isn’t in your clan, she will simply sit by and let you do all the work.

    Now that you are good friends with nazis, I am going to explain how to undress nazi girls, its actually way easier than you think.

    Nazi girl player surrenders in 1vs1 wild PvP duel against Steve.

    If you’re also dressed up as a nazi, make a nazi girl stand on her knees for 10 minutes and then just let her do whatever she wants, like, let her touch other nazi girls (this is especially a bad idea since it’s hard to find nazi girl’s to wear your new clothes, most nazi girls are just as uncomfortable with their nazis wearing their new clothes as you are..)

    Nazis are also very hot, so if someone is hot and naked in front of you you’d best give up on it, there is a high possibility someone could break your nose. nazi boy’s are also great for nazi girls, the majority of nazi boys on  the internet are nazi, they’ve got big dicks and will make even their nazi girl to wear clothing. nazis will find some guy’s hot and naked and they’ll use that guy to wear their clothes and play “sex games” with him.

    Kawaii Gang live
    Earthmap Economy Griefprevention Plugins Political Politics Scale Survival

    PCM Minecraft

    Classic survival on a 1:1000 scale Earth map! Originally created for the subreddit r/politicalcompassmemes, PCM Minecraft has grown to be an independent and growing server with a large playerbase and a discord with over 100+ members! The server is a 1:1000 scale map of the Earth (courtesy of, with major settlements in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Oceania! From ancient empires spanning Europe to 1800s era frontier towns in the American West, it’s up to you!

    We have an assortment of different plugins to enhance the gameplay whilst still maintaining the classic vanilla survival feeling. Our plugins include:
    and more!

    Come play with us!



    Nations —

    Nature and Assorted Screenshots —

    4chan Anarchy Server Clans Democracy Democrat Democratic Fascist Gamers Neutral Political Politics Pvp Republican

    /pol/ Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    The secret place where conservative boys and girl relax and discuss politics. All sorts of thoughts are entertained. When one thinks about all these topics, a lot of them will seem as random as a dream. In this place, discussions are very serious, yet easy to follow on-line! It seems that even the stupidest things such as saying the word “Porpoise” will result in some discussions!

    Girl in white is having a serious discussion about politics in Minecraft

    If you ever have the misfortune to enter the room where the boys and girls discuss politics, please ask them to remove whatever is offensive that is already there. That way everyone will enjoy their discussion and nobody gets jumped.

    Surprise PvP on political Minecraft server

    Nazi girls
     and Minecraft players in our homes are actually becoming increasingly vocal in a more negative direction. Their anger at the fact that women are still denied entry into certain male-dominated jobs makes many male gamers seem more “uncomfortable”. Many men, when asked what they would do if any other women were going through the same thing, do choose to deny it.

    Minecraft Girls in Politics leading the way by example

    There was a certain number of men around the country that just couldn’t handle the pressure, and so they started making a game called “Called To Order”. The goal of the game was to turn one child into a gamer, through the use of gaming, and all the other gaming related things you may have heard of. The children are playing as gamers, but no one is doing anything, because there’s no competition. You’ll probably get killed by badgering kids, but they can play this game for hours on end. At least, they hope that gamers can play this “game of life” for hours. But they won’t and that’s the bad thing. They’re a minority and in these situations they’re only a minority.

    Politics aftermath in a Minecraft server

    And it’s not just children. Not only do we see many teenage girls in our home and in our schools being harassed by gaming peers of all kinds.

    Just think about the many games that were developed that target women. All you see of them are female characters

    That’s why Minecraft is so much better. One of the more interesting lessons from Minecraft was not just how complicated to play, but how much to love. It’s almost like the first games that I’ve played that don’t have story, aren’t afraid to try and take away the narrative and just build a simple game. Then you’re like, oh look it’s my turn to do something interesting.

    Kawaii Gang live
    Earth Earthmap Earthmc Faction Faction Pvp Factions Historical History Mod Mods Political Politics Pvp Roleplay World

    Earth Nations Server

    Welcome to the Earth Nations server! This server is based around a scaled down Earth map with mods where you will be able to spawn in and make your way to any corner of the “globe”, found a faction, and expand your nation. To join, join our Discord with the link below where you will be able to submit an application for a nation and if accepted, then be whitelisted to join.


    Mods: Cars, Guns, Expanded Farming, GalaticCraft, Biplanes, trains, etc.

    UA MC girls only server.

    United Angels – Girls Only Minecraft Server No Boys Allowed

    Only girls are allowed to play on this Minecraft server because Minecraft servers are place for boys only. (Regeneration is ...
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    Onlyfans Minecraft Server

    Onlyfans Minecraft Server

    I I love teasing boys with my tits! it makes them all horny and hot and much fun!! Boys ...
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    Minecraft Porn Server

    Porn Minecraft Server

    Porn stars like playing Minecraft after work, I know it might surprise you, because they have sex, and Minecraft doesn’t ...
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    420 Weed Minecraft Server

    420 Weed Minecraft Server

    I really like smoking weed in public with my girlfriend. When I'm at the bar I smoke weed, and even ...
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    Minecraft RP Sexting Server

    Minecraft Sexting Server

    I love sexting with random girls on Minecraft servers, in fact it is one of my favorite past time activities ...
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    Minecraft Smart Girl Header

    Very Smug, Smart Girls Minecraft Server

    Minecraft Server where very smart girls play. Well, most smart girls. They don’t usually talk but it was interesting hearing ...
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