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TFP Semi-Anarchy

The Furry Project is a Semi-Anarchy server
You are free to do whatever you want however there is one rule, unlike a traditional Anarchy server cheating/exploiting will result in a ban

It is not an An anarchy server, unlike Anarchy our server has a few basic rules the main one being no cheating/hacked clients. alongside common respect and ethical treatment towards other players AKA common sense, as of right now griefing and raiding is allowed, but OPTIONAL I like to give the players the freedom to do what they want to do, and it is stated throughout the spawn area that it is highly recommended to build far away from spawn to prevent being raided in the first place.
We also have some plugins to assist players such as /sethome /home and a spawn.

We believe this is the way that notch intended Minecraft to be played

The server is fairly popular at all hours of the day, with an average of 15 online at once, so join up and form an alliance or go it alone, build a base and fight to be the most powerful person on the server.


We also have a discord to stay connected,

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This server is mainly for furries who like inflatables
But all furries are welcome to join 😀
this server was just created and has no spawn building yet

Furry Hiring Other Roleplay

Aura330’s Furry Server! (HIRING BUILDERS AND ADMINS!)

Hello everyone!

I don’t have a lot of things built on this server, and am really really early in the stages of building the server, but I wanted to post early to try and find people who want to help build the server and want to make friends before everything is built! I am hoping for this to be a small server that is a safe place for furries to come together and hang out. I am hoping to make this a server for many things, survival, creative, PVP, and role-play! I also would like to emphasize that this is not ONLY for furries, anyone is welcome, unless you are spreading hate to anyone. Trolls will not be tolerated. I understand the stigma around furries, and I understand that not everyone supports them, and that it is a very common thing for people to raid or troll furry servers. If anyone is suspected of trolling or raiding, they can be kicked or banned, with no warning. You can PM me here if it was a mistake, but I have seen too many examples of this and know how common it is to tolerate it at all.

I am currently looking for any staff willing to work any jobs! Be it builders, moderators, or admins, just let me know and we’ll see about a process to hire you as staff! (Staff are unpaid of course, this is all just for fun!) We are in large need of builders, so please let me know if you are interested! I would like to only officially hire people as staff after they gain my trust and have spent significant time on the server. I do not have all the details worked out yet, but I will let you know in game when I have things worked out.

This is still a very very young server, and I am not sure how it is going to go. I plan on making this much more professional In the future, but like I said, right now I am just looking to have fun and create an accepting community for furs to enjoy Minecraft together! I wanted to post this ASAP to get some help starting up the server, as it is a big task and I cannot do it alone. My main goal here is to have some fun, make some new friends, and hopefully make something worthwhile! Please know that I do not know how long the server will be up, or how committed I will be to it, but I was looking for a fun project to take on, and this is what I chose. That being said, I hope to see you there!

Feel free to add me on Discord and let me know if you are interested in applying for staff, or even just playing! I’ll make a Discord server if we get enough people interested!

Discord- Aura330#9125

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The FoxelBox Minecraft Server is a building community with over nine years of history for Furries and Non-Furries to play, build and chat together on! With years of experience, we promote a safe place for players both new and old to build, collaborate, compete and enjoy themselves here in a griefing-free environment.

>Server Address:
>Website & Forums:

What We Offer:

>>>Strong Anti-Griefing Measures & Active Staff
We have several administrative systems put into place for us to better keep handle, keep track of, and punish players who break our rules, cause problems, and/or become a general nuisance to the server. We have protections in place to protect the public features we offer to our players, as well as a powerful rollback plugin to undo any harm to the server, be it trees, sand-grief, liquid griefing, or just your typical glass-smashing ne’er-do-well.

We also have a dedicated admin team that make their efforts to come on daily and be readily available via our Discord Server, so that Foxelbox is always well protected, and monitored regularly for any bad activity. Should you find a grief, or someone’s spamming in AllCaps, please do reach out to us on the Discord if no staff members are currently available.

>>>Dedicated Discord Server
We have a Discord Server dedicated to Foxelbox and all gaming pertaining to our brand. You can find a way to our Discord by viewing the front page of our Forums.

>>>A Modded Technic Server
If Vanilla isn’t your thing, but you’re a regular player at Foxelbox, you can always apply to play on our Technic Server, aptly known as the Foxelbox Mopack. Please visit our Forums for more information.

We do have a few rules to keep in mind:

1. Grief and theft are prohibited
2. Hacking/hacked clients are prohibited
3. Do not spam or advertise in any form
4. No begging (including but not limited to begging for rank promotions)
5. Discussion or inciting the use and/or distribution of illegal substances or activities is prohibited*
6. Trolling, baiting, or provoking is prohibited
7. Bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment are prohibited
7. Discussion or roleplay involving sexual situations are prohibited
8. Alt accounts are not allowed

>>>In order to remain compliant with several laws and international regulations: you must be at least 14 years old to join the   server or community in general.

>>>**Mods like Optifine, More Player Models and Rei’s Minimap are permitted.

>>>For a more comprehensive view of our community guidelines, please visit our forums!

Starting Off!

When you first join onto our server, you will find yourself in our guest-spawn building starting off as a guest-ranked player. There you will encounter our rules, and open terrain to explore and build upon. Guests are temporarily separated from the majority of the map until until a small level of trust is built. To do this, we simply ask new players to construct themselves a small home more detailed than a wooden box, and to conduct themselves well. Once this is done, a member of staff will happily rank the user from “guest” to “builder”, providing them access to the full server world, home and warp commands, and access to our community discord. Once a new builder has a found a nice place, they are free to ask a member of staff to worldedit in their guest build to their new location if they wish.

Still Interested?

Builders who have spent a little while making a particularly beautiful build or unique creation and shown to be a good, active member of our community can apply for the “advanced builder” rank, giving that player access to Creative Mode. Further still, with even more time and dedication, “advanced builders” can apply for the “architect” rank through the same process, granting that player World Edit permissions — Architect rank users are typically the best examples of our community members, and are great people to ask if you have questions or want to learn some new building techniques!

Brasil Brasileiro Furries Furry Furryfandom Furryfriendly Furryminecraft Furryserver Roleplay Survival

Brasil FurCraft

O maior servidor Furry Brasileiro! Venha se divertir com outros furries!!

Community Discord Fun Furry Owo Rank Rankup Survival Towny

Squibs Fun Time

Welcome to Squibs Fun Time! A server with lots of things to do. Mainly towny, but we will also feature events, minigames, and any other fun stuff! Theres an economy and you can even gamble away all of your lifes earnings in the casino. Join and interact with our nice little community, everyone’s welcome! There’s even a discord you join right here!

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Freedogs is a new server focused on freedom of the player. Meaning you have the freedom to speak as you wish within our rules. Swearing and any discussion that is non sexual is allowed, do note that we do not allow targeted harassment. Please act SMART and MATURE.

Despite this being a Furry-centric community, anyone is allowed to play on our server, regardless of affiliation and background.

Currently our server is staffed by a small group of well trusted friends but we’re open to others playing and enjoying our server.
We have various plugins such as grief prevention using claim blocks, MCMMO, and a small skyblock plugin that you can play with your friends on! Keep Inventory is enabled by default. /back, /nick or /nickname is also permitted.

Equal Fun Funny Furry Furryfandom Furryminecraft Furryserver Mcmmo Nice Niceplayers Nicestaff Pve Pvp Survival Towns

The Backspace

Hi! We are The Backspace..

Hi, we are the backspace, a (kinda) anarchy server where you will be fucked with by people while you try and survive on the island. You can build whatever you’d like, we just don’t have a claim plugin, so be wary.

Why we are unique?:
-NO TOXIC STAFF (Don’t wanna be fucked with? Alrighty, just ask politely)
-WARPS (You can get a warp to your town or community mine, trading station, etc.. just ask a owner!)
-There’s more, but I don’t wanna seem like we pride ourselves on being unique, we pride ourselves on a community, which is small, but very cool! Join the server to see for yourself!

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Cult of Nozo.kuma3

Welcome to the Cult of Nozo.kuma3! We are a furry modded minecraft server that welcomes all furs only! You have to join our discord server to get the mods in order to prevent trolls;


1. Keep the server friendly and work with everyone; don’t create a depressing atmosphere or just don’t be a bad person effectively.
2. No griefing; we backup the world every 2 hours so there isn’t really any point to grief the server.
3. No harassment.
4. No racism, sexism, or any discrimination of the sort.
5. Common sense please
6. No item-generators which cause lag;
7. Be a furry.

Only Punishment for breaking the rules: IP-ban.

We can choose to whitelist the server at any time. You NEED a discord to play on this server.

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Wild Woolies (New Server! Early Bird Goodies!)

Hi there, thank you for viewing the Wild Woollies server! We offer lots of fun things to do, such as mini games like tnt run, spleef and many more to come! We also have other things like: A creative world for donators, lots of plugins like GadgetMenu and McMMO, A survival world filled with many achievements and rewards for players, A Nexus for players to fill with their own shops, ranks for players to earn or buy, A discord server, and of course a very friendly community! We are very welcoming to everyone and every community, we hope you join us soon!

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