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EqualiTea|Custom Crafting|Witchcraft Based Ranks

EqualiTea is a New LGBTQ+ Based Minecraft server, but not just a regular Minecraft server. This is a place to grow, love each other, and accept one another in one happy and friendly community. EquliTea is a place where you can express yourself, find your true identity, and meet like-minded people. On this server we have manual Grief protection, and a powerful Rollback feature to stop any grief or repair any issues anyone might throw at us. We have a caring Staff team, and our job is to make sure your time here on the server goes as well as eating your favorite food or visiting a long lost place that you grown up to love through out your life time.

If you do not have Minecraft and if you still want to join our Discord Server, here is the link!

Furry Survival Vanillia


we are a sm0l Fur-&LGBTQ+-Friendly server on 1.19
Come join us for some Relaxing fun~
We have a discord too :3

Our Focus is on building and community,
The server is still in work but all your
progress you have on here will stay as
everything is added and fixed!

FTB Furry Medieval Modded Origins Originsmod Survival Teampawsmc Tpmc

TeamPawsMC Medieval Server

A friendly community where all are welcome! Come join us for a great time! We offer many popular mods such as Origins, FTB, Warden & Sculk and many more!

Bedrockjavacrossplay Crossplaybedrock Furry Furryfandom Furryfriendly Furryserver Javaedition Lgbtfriendly Pg13 Survival


English version:

Hello and welcome on FelixSurvival , Small Survival server with alot of plugins to use , currently in testing stage alot of things are being added and remade.

This server is mainly Built for furries , but anyone can join.

We support LGBTQ+
Family friendly server but mostly PG 13+ beacuse swear words are used , so if youre bellow 13 i do not advise you to join.

Ip adress for bedrock is same as for java server but with default port (19132)

Czech/Slovak version

Hello and welcome to FelixSurvival, a small survival server with a lot of plugins that you can use, this server is in a trial version and a lot of things are being added, tested and redesigned.

The server is mainly for furries but everyone can connect
The server is 13+ because swearing is allowed, so I don’t recommend connecting unless you’re 13 or higher.
The IP address for the bedrock edition is the same but with the default port (19132)

Friendly Furry Furryfandom Furryminecraft Furryserver Furrysmp Lgbtq Semivanilla Survival


~ Welcome to FurLounge ~

We are a brand new community looking for some friends to play Minecraft with! We are a SFW semi-vanilla server on version 1.18.2. Despite the name no you don’t need to be a furry to join you can just be a supporter! We are also LGBTQ+ friendly! We have an economic system where you can buy items from /shop and sell them you can also pay other players the currency.

Server IP:
Ver: 1.18.2
Discord Server: Discord

Abdl Furry Serveur Survival Tbdl

drem land

================================================= =========================================

You must have seen a lot of ABDL servers on Discord, but to see each other you always had to see each other IRL but there with the Dream Land server which is releasing a Minecraft ABDL Furry server, with a customized shop, new things will arrive on the server, the server will always be in touch with the purpose of life!

IP :
Version : 1.16 // 1.18
Java Edition
∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∵∴∴ ∵∴∵∴∵

Discord Server:

================================ ================================================= =========

Advancedenchantments Armorstandeditor Armorstandtools Customizableplayermodels Deer Dynmap Economy Essentialsx Furries Furry Furryfriendly Furryserver Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Lgbtqia Lgbtqsupport Panda Ranks Rgbsupport Smp Survival Transfriendly Vanillaplus Viabackwards


we are a sm0l Fur-&LGBTQ+-Friendly server on 1.18.2.
You can still join with 1.18+ Clients x).
Come join us for some Relaxing fun~

We have most basic plugins,
notable are:

More will be coming along over time, im handling
everything alone for now so it all takes a bit of time. x)

Bee Economy Fandom Friendly Furries Furry Gsit Jobs Lgbt Lgbtq Mcmmo Pve Economy Quests Rpg Smp Survival


IP: FurHavenMC.Com

Custom Crafting \ Friendly Community // Jobs \ Quests (coming soon)

Hello there! We’re Fur Haven, a smp server dedicated to giving furries a safe place to make friends, hang out, and play some games. We’re a small growing community based on the idea of giving players a place to escape, build, and enter a new world.
We have our own “roleplay” commands
that play sounds such as /meow and /boop. We have our own custom /rtp system as well.

We offer:
🌸A 100% SFW Environment!
🌸A place to express yourself!
🌸LGBTQ+ Friendly!
🌸Jobs Plugin
🌸Custom Menus
🌸Custom Items
🌸Upcoming Quests
🌸Custom Commands

We hope to see you join our Havenite family! Happy travels!

-We have just updated to our latest development package! Included are custom crafting recipes, custom brews, an update to our resource pack, as well as multiple bugfixes. Our next update will be in about a month, which will include custom Quests, updated GUI menus for MCMMO and help. As well as an end update.

116server Furry Java Survival Vaulthunters

Sparrowcraft – Furry Modded Minecraft Server

Hello! We’re looking for a few more to join the Sparrowcraft server. This is a furry server (thought you don’t have to be one to join). We are currently playing the Vault Hunters modpack for Minecraft Java 1.16.

Vault Hunters is a large tech pack with popular mods like Create, Botania, Mekanism, etc. but all of the tech mods are gated behind a progression system called The Vault. You can earn access to those mods as well as other special treasures by running through timed high-risk, high-reward challenges.

More info about Vault Hunters

We’ve modified some configs and recipes to reduce some grind and tilt things more casual play. We also added nature’s compass and simple shops, so an extra download will be needed if you decide to try it out.

Current active players is hovering around 3-5, mostly US-based and active PM and on weekends. This is a whitelist server. Please DM Evander#2678 in Discord if interested or if you have questions.

Adventure Atlaswolfyt Earthmap Earthsmp Furry Pvp Roanake Smp Streamers Survival Twitch Vtuber Vtubers Youtube Youtubers


Welcome to the Roanoke Smp, a Minecraft survival earth map. Join Streamers, YouTubers, Furries, and Vtubers alike in conquering the earth map, building empires, and working together diplomatically. Streaming is welcomed and encouraged as well as recording.

(boi is work in progress lmao)