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MineHaven ✧ Semi-Anarchy Survival

MineHaven offers a true survival experience with no land claims, all out pvp and the ability to play however you see fit!

We offer a variety of custom plugins to improve upon the base game all while keeping the vanilla feel.

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A fun server with a friendly community where you can come have fun and explore the fantastic world. We have many plugins to offer featuring, Pets, GriefPrevention, BetterRTP, Jobs, EvenMoreFish, DynMap, FarmProtect, BetterTeams, and so much more! Come join us when the server officially releases on June 27th, 2022!

We are also still looking for staff members! To apply please visit our Discord server with this link:

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Welcome to OMEN Network’s new server.
Are you looking for a real challenge with a fun community and a diverse collection of players? Welcome to OMEN. We have servers and players all across the world, our new Hardcore server is scratching an itch for those that find normal Minecraft too easy.

The Hardcore mode we use has lives, time-based bans, and rewards for surviving.
The longer you survive, the more lives you get, if you kill an elite enemy such as the ender dragon, pigling bruits, or even other players you will increase your maximum hearts up to a maximum of 20 hearts (40 hp)
If you die and run out of lives you will be banned, the ban time is based on playtime, play for 10 minutes you will only get a few minutes ban, If you survive for a long time, the ban can be a maximum of 24 hours.
Once you die and get banned, your achievements are removed, your health and lives are set back to default, and you need to try again.

We also have time-based rewards such as roles and titles.

No discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc)
No cheating
No spamming or advertising
No spawn camping

Hardcore mode is on Hard difficulty on Minecraft.
You start with 1 life and can gain up to 4 through playtime, 20 life parts = 1 life.
You can also gain life parts by killing enemy mobs and other players.
Ban time is based on playtime, once you run out of lives you are banned based on playtime between 1 minute and up to 24 hours.
You can increase your maximum hearts from the default 10 (20 hp) to 20 hearts (40 hp) by killing elite enemies such as the Ender Dragon, Bruits, and other players (2 extra HP per kill of each)
PvP is allowed and encouraged.
Light griefing is allowed such as getting into a base, and also stealing as this is hardcore. (please avoid wiping bases or putting large TnT holes in the map)
There is an economy and a shop using /shop you can buy and sell items, trade with other players, or vote to get money.

OMEN HARDCORE SMP Minecraft Server

Main Plugins:
Augmented Hardcore
Better Sleeping
Luck Perms
Smooth Timber (TreeCapitator)
Anti Cheat (We have an anti-cheat to stop cheating this includes x-ray texture packs.

Shop plugin

Factions Pvp Survival Teams

Sam Survival

No hacking, no xraying, dont be to toxic, factions ARE allowed.

i have to type this…

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Star Lifesteal Middle School

**Name of the server:** Star’s Lifesteal SMP

**Version:** Java 1.18.2

**Spoken language:** English

**Game type:** Survival/PVP

**Extra features:** Custom heart recipes, lifesteal, respawn beacon recipe, deathchest

**Number of needed players:** As many as possible because there was a massive war and many people are trying to recover from the aftermath right now

**Used mods/Plugins:** Kyren’s lifesteal plugin, anti cheat, anti X-ray, death chest

**Discord server:** [

Make alliances, gain gear, and fight to survive!

(You will have to join the discord server to ask to be whitelisted)

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♠ Welcome To The Spades SMP ♠

We are a Discord-centeredapplication-required, survival multiplayer server.
We encourage builders, crafters and miners to all come and do Minecraft things.

Lifesteal Pvp Smp Survival Teams

Axoltol smp

We are a lifesteal smp and we’re just looking to have fun

Plugins: Lifesteal better teams etc

We offer fun events and no admin abuse

brand new smp

Join discord here

Clan Clans Dreamsmp Duel Duels Pvp Royalty Smp Smppvp Survival Teams Vote

Version – 1.18.2

This is a brand new Minecraft survival server. PvP is turned on, but claims are also turned on so people won’t be able to grief your builds! We aim to build a server for everyone.

Come and have a nice chat with our staff or players!

Staff – Cr0wm4n Looking for staff!

Hardware: Dedicated Machine

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2 GHz

64 GB DDR4 Memory

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Destruction Anarchy Survival

Hello! So, you are probably wondering what this server is about. Let me explain
This server is an aternos-based anarchist survival pvp server. Killing and griefing are encouraged!
This server is based around the Crafting Dead mod for 1.18.2! This mod adds a range of guns, grenades and other weapons, along with a few other cool things.
Download link ==> you will need curseforge and minecraft java edition to play! This server is NOT cracked. This server has teams/factions! optionally, you can join the discord and ask to be assigned a team. This is not compulsory.
DM me on discord if you have any questions! ravenouspotato#5112
My ign is Cult1st

Community Friendly Survival Team Teams Vanilla

CrateMC SMP -> Anarchy -> Grief

Anarchy -> Grief” title=”CrateMC SMP -> Anarchy -> Grief”>


No antigrief plugins installed
Pure vanilla gameplay
Simple and enjoyable
Growing community
Low latency/ping
Why wait, join us.