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Sapphire is a brand new earth survival server with super fancy features like an economy, crates, teams, dynmap, cool streamers and lots more <3 Join up at (Any 1.20 version works <3)

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Eclipse Enhanced

Welcome to Eclipse Enhanced!

If you want more of a challenge then regular minecraft, this server is for you!
Denying the physics of minecraft, Eclipse has alot to offer and more to come!

Dungeons to get your custom items and levels to rank up!

Quest your way to the top, grind awesome tags, become the richest person ingame, you can be anything you want!


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Eclipse Enhanced 1.20.2

Eclipse Enhanced 1.20.2

Welcome to Eclipse Enhanced!

If you want more of a challenge then regular minecraft, this server is for you!
Denying the physics of minecraft, Eclipse has alot to offer and more to come!

Dungeons to get your custom items and levels to rank up!

Quest your way to the top, grind awesome tags, become the richest person ingame, you can be anything you want!

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Gold Standard


Play as if it’s 2013/2014. Arguably the best times in Minecraft’s history. Running an official CraftBukkit 1.7.10 Jar.

Go back in time and revisit Minecraft in its early days. A classic survival server (proudly hosted in the USA) with many features whilst preserving Vanilla Minecraft and all its goodness.

Grind your way to become the richest player on the server. How about a team build or a community build?

Sit-able chairs, from stairs.
WorldGuard protection
Chest protection
Teams plugin
Server challenge, view at spawn.
Server shop
Seasonal kits and promotional items
No pay-to-win, I will never consider selling ranks with perks or extra abilities. But donations are welcome to help with running costs.
Craft parachutes
/wild, or use the wilderness door at spawn.
Change pet ownership
Mob head drops
Scoreboard, displaying helpful stats
Break spawners with silk touch

Log4J patched at the server level for your peace of mind and added security.

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Welcome to KSMP!

We’re a brand new SMP server with many features including:
– Land Claim
– Economy System
– Auction House
– Gambling with in-game currency
– Leaderboards
– Server Menu GUI
– Quests
– Daily Rewards
– Bounties
– Jobs
– Skills

Keep in mind that the server is brand new, and a lot of things will change/improve.

Fun Smp Survival Teams

~ FBs SMP ~

Welcome to FBs SMP the ultimate Minecraft survival server, where you don’t just survive – you thrive in the heat of battle! Join us and immerse yourself in a dynamic world of fierce wars and camaraderie as you form teams and alliances to conquer the wilderness. Gather your friends or make new ones as you strategize, build fortresses, and engage in epic clashes that will test your skills and teamwork. Whether you’re a cunning strategist or a fearless warrior, our server offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that will keep you hooked. With regularly scheduled wars, exciting events, and a dedicated community of like-minded adventurers, our server promises an unmatched blend of survival and competitive gameplay. Join the fray and become a legend on our server, where the only limits are your imagination and your thirst for victory!


1. No cheating(hacks, exploits, xray, glitches, duping, etc.)

2. No Chat spam

3. No Self advertisment


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xDx3 – [1.20.1] – The Ultimate Survival Experience

Welcome to the Ultimate Survival Experience at xDx3!
  We are a survival, economy, RPG, PvP server
  set to always be a very hard difficulty, no matter
  how stacked you are. You will most likely die a lot.
 Some features include:

  •   Leveled Mobs
  •   Realistic Survival(inspired by RLcraft)
  •   Blood Moons
  •   Magic Baubles
  •   Armor, weapons, and tools beyond vanilla
  •   Nerfed Villagers
  •   Seasons
  •   Disasters
  •   Custom mobs
  •   Silk touch spawners
  •   GriefPrevention(Claims!)
  •   Emerald economy
  •   Custom Enchants
  •   Player Auctions
  •   No keepInv
  •   Special Ender dragons
  •   Free Cosmetics and Pets
  •   In-game voice chat
  •   Battle pass
  •   Vote rewards and piñata
  •   Teams
  •   Jobs
  •   PvP almost everywhere
  •   Discord Server
  •   And much more!
  • * We are currently in early access testing, please be patient with some things 🙂


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    Zapster Servers [Lifesteal] [SMP] [Skills] [Trade] [Survival]

    Welcome to Zapster Servers, your ultimate destination for an immersive Lifesteal Minecraft experience. Dive into a world of custom biomes, skill-based gameplay, team dynamics, and an exciting trading system, all within the familiar Vanilla Minecraft environment.

    Custom Biomes:

    Explore a breathtaking world filled with unique and handcrafted biomes that go beyond the ordinary. Our custom biomes offer stunning landscapes, hidden treasures, and challenging terrain, ensuring that every adventure feels fresh and exciting.

    Skills System:

    Sharpen your skills and rise to the top with our innovative skills system. As you progress through the game, you can unlock and upgrade a variety of skills that cater to your preferred playstyle. Whether you’re a master of combat, a resource gathering expert, or a builder extraordinaire, there’s a skill path for you to follow.

    Teams System:

    Forge alliances, build rivalries, and engage in epic battles with our robust teams system. Form or join teams to collaborate with friends or compete against others. Work together to conquer custom dungeons, defend your territory, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded players.

    Trading System:

    Experience a player-driven economy like no other with our trading system. In a world without a traditional economy, players rely on their bartering and trading skills to obtain the resources and items they need. Strike deals, negotiate trades, and become a savvy merchant in the unique marketplace of Zapster Servers.

    Vanilla with a Twist:

    While we cherish the essence of Vanilla Minecraft, Zapster Servers adds just the right touch of customization to enhance your gameplay. Immerse yourself in a server where the world feels familiar yet full of exciting surprises, all without the complications of a traditional in-game economy.

    Join Zapster Servers today and embark on an unforgettable Minecraft adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our LifeSteal server with custom biomes, skills system, teams system, and trading system offers endless opportunities for exploration, competition, and camaraderie. Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Come and claim your place in our ever-evolving world.

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    Nexus-Craft | Survival, Creative, One Block, Build Battle, Prison! | Economy, Crates, Teams, Claims, and much more!


    Explore Nexus Craft, your ultimate Minecraft destination with Java and Bedrock crossplay. Dive into a thriving economy, toggle PvP, and enjoy a range of fun plugins like Better Teams and Chest Shop. Engage in epic minigames, protect your land, and trade safely. Our server offers reliability and exciting features.


    Discover the exciting world of Nexus Craft – your ultimate Minecraft destination! We offer Java and Bedrock crossplay, fostering a unified gaming community. Dive into an immersive experience with a thriving economy and player-run shops. Engage in epic PvP battles or opt for a more peaceful existence with the ability to toggle PvP on or off.

    Customize your adventure with an array of fun plugins that elevate gameplay. Level up your skills, earn money for PvP encounters, and list items for sale through the Auction House. Create teams, wage wars, and protect your territory with land claims. Safely trade with other players, all while enjoying the thrill of minigames such as Survival, Creative, One Block, Build Battle, and the upcoming Lifesteal mode.

    Our server is powered by a selection of awesome plugins, including Better Teams, Chest Shop, Better RTP, and many more, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience. We’re constantly evolving and planning to introduce exciting features like voting rewards, a Lifesteal game mode, server events, and community-suggested improvements.

    Nexus Craft offers reliable performance, with servers hosted on Apex with ample CPU power. If you experience any issues, our support channel on the Nexus Discord is there to assist you. Join us at, Bedrock players can connect using a port 25565. As a new server, we appreciate your help in spreading the word and building our community. Join our official Discord server here and embark on your Nexus Craft adventure today!

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    Join with your friends! Join the E_PLAY_W SMP and have fun!