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Epic Mc

Epic MC is a thrilling Minecraft server that offers a variety of exciting game modes to choose from. Whether you’re into fast-paced PvP battles or more strategic gameplay, Epic MC has something for you.

One of the standout game modes on Epic MC is KitPvP, where players can choose from a variety of kits that offer unique combat abilities and engage in intense battles against other players. With fast-paced action and a wide array of weapons and armor to choose from, KitPvP is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

For those who love a good challenge, KnockBackFFa is the perfect game mode. Players are pitted against each other in a free-for-all battle where the goal is to knock your opponents off the map using your weapons and knockback abilities.

If you prefer a more strategic approach to gaming, Epic MC’s BedWars game mode is the perfect fit. In this mode, players must defend their beds while attempting to destroy the beds of their opponents. With a range of weapons, armor, and blocks to choose from, players must use their wits and strategy to outsmart their opponents and emerge victorious.

Overall, Epic MC is an exciting and engaging Minecraft server that offers a wide range of gameplay options for players of all skill levels. With its variety of game modes and welcoming community, Epic MC is the perfect place to test your skills and have fun with friends.

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IfritPH Network

If you don’t have or have a server to play on now on vacation, here you are at IfritPH! ifritPH’s goal is to be a peaceful server that everyone can play on, so that no one is left behind, right? IfritPH has a complete survival experience. Travel through the vast world of IfritPH, join friends and meet new people. Collect wealth, build huge buildings, and show off your adventurerness on the server! Rules in Discord:

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Persist, overcome and conquer your goals. You are Embracing challenges, we achieve growth and personal overcoming, towards full success!

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Pokesinsidea is a new Italian server opened on 05/04/2023 with Pixelmon Reforged 1.16.5 based on competitive, with the goal of defeating the gymsleaders of the 9 cities currently present and overcoming the elite 4 to challenge the champion and win thus unlocking commands such as /fly and /checkspawns legendary.
Pokesinsidea is also suitable for those who do not like competitive, in fact the spawn of legendaries and wild pokemon has been increased to offer an alternative and complete gaming experience.
There is also the economy to buy and sell with other players but most importantly you can interact with each other thus creating friendships.
There are also special hidden quests in which you will have to face puzzles and difficulties and thus receive big rewards.
In addition, every weekend there will be events including quizzes and tournaments where you can get keys to open crates.
If we still haven’t convinced you come and try playing in our server.
The IP is :

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Our goal is to offer our players the highest quality and most diverse gaming experience possible! For example, we are waiting for you with special survival and creatively designed minigame servers! Don’t hesitate and join!

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Eros Network

Eros Network is a Minecraft PvP community striving to provide you the best possible Survival Games, Clan Wars and FFA experience. Our goal is to give the players back that authentic MCSG feeling while still maintaining our own image. Our servers are available on versions 1.7.10 and 1.8. We hope to see you online soon!


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MineRod is a server with lifesteal and many features! We main goal is to provide people with with best gameplay to ensure the majority of players is happy with our server

We have
many ranks
world on 1.19.4
pvp area
and much more

Join now

We have vacancies for staff
We will not regret

Arene Awesome Emo Eso Gamemode Gamemodes Gaming Goal Lud Minecraft Server Network Mini Games Park Parkour Pvp Survival


FlareNet is a Minecraft server network with lots of awesome gamemodes including: Survival, PvP and Parkour

Our primary goal is create a fun gaming experience for everyone to enjoy!

Join today using:

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Zeda anarchy

Zeda Anarchy is Minecraft Anarchy(which means it has no rules) server started in April 2023.
Currently is owned by Zeda.
Our goal is to never reset the map.
Server is not cracked.

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FamousBuilder’s SMP

FamousBuilder’s SMP is a server for the community, made possible by the community! Our goal is to create the very best server – with the features you want, for an experience you hopefully wont forget!