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~*- PokéHeaven Pixelmon Server -*~! 3.5.1 Minecraft 1.7.10


Challenge the Pokemon League across Johto and Kanto!  Collect 8 badges of either region to challenge the Elite 4 and become champion!


* EVs/IVs side mod
* Mob Arena
* Slot Machines/Game Corner with prizes (Located at Goldenrod and Celadon)
* 100% Unique Johto map and Kanto
* Survival AND adventure worlds with multi world support
* Player controlled shops.  Make your own shop any time!
* Mob Arena!  Win Rare Candy and other rare items and HMs!  


Vote now and get x2 Rare Candy!  

All Gym Leader and Elite 4 positions are held by real players.  There are always new openings so apply today!  




Most of the rules are common sense and shared amongst all Minecraft servers, but we will go ahead and list them for liability reasons:

Chat related:

– Do not spam
– Do not beg admins OR other players
– If you have a problem with another player, be the bigger man/woman and /ignore them.
– No racist or ethnic slurs, nor remarks that discriminate against the mentally handicapped or sexuality or gender.
– Do not discuss politics or religion on the server.
– Check your drama lamas at the door. Keep your personal baggage in real life where it belongs. No one cares if you need a girlfriend or you hate your job.
– Attempting to grief/troll the server will result in jail time if not a permanent ban or mute.
– Disrespect towards the server and its staff is not tolerated.


Game related:

– Do NOT force another player into a battle without their consent. That means ASK THEM and if they say “no” then gtfo.
– Do not steal another player’s loot. If they kill a boss, or even a low level pokemon, the items that drop from them belong to the person who killed it, NOT YOU.
– Do not go afk when battling other trainers.
– Do not log out while battling other trainers.
– Do not hack or use third-party mods to gain an advantage over other players. I don’t care if you call it a mod or a hack. It makes no difference.


* In order to become a Gym Leader, you must apply under Staff Applications. Once your applications is reviewed you will be contacted in game or on Skype and asked a series of 10 questions regarding pokemon battling and strategy of which you must answer at least 70% or higher correctly. Failure to answer each question within one minute and the question will be counted as wrong.

A Gym Leader MUST use pokemon of the corresponding elemental type when accepting official gym challenges. Pewter must use Rock types, Cerulean must use Water types, etc. Duel types are allowed, for instance, Cerulean can use Starmie, which is water and psychic. Gym leaders are allowed to use other pokemon types when they are not accepting challenges or challenging the Elite 4.

All gym battles are capped at level 60. This means a Gym Leader’s pokemon may be no higher than 60, nor can they accept a challenge from a trainer who is using pokemon higher than 60. A Gym Leader is free to use level 61+ pokemon outside of gym challenges, however, as are trainers.

Gym Leaders must be online to accept challenges at least once per week to maintain their position. They are required to be present for at least one hour per week on (to be announced day and time), but may also accept challengers during other times if they like.


* In order to become part of the Elite 4 you must already be a Gym leader. If a Gym Leader defeats an existing Elite 4 member they will be demoted and moved down a peg on the Elite 4 totem pole (if they are not already on the bottom.) If they are on the bottom 4th slot of the Elite 4, they are to be sent back to the gym they came from, where they must battle their replacement and defeat them in order to reclaim their position as Gym Leader. Should they fail to defeat their replacement Gym Leader they will be demoted once more to trainer, or whatever donor rank they qualify for respectively. Trainers may challenge the Elite 4 but must first present all 8 gym badges.

There is no level cap for Elite 4 challenges.

Members of the Elite 4 must be online to accept challenges at least once per week to maintain their position. They are required to be present for at least one hour per week on (to be announced day and time), but may also accept challengers during other times if they like.


* Become the Champion by defeating the Elite 4 and the sitting Champion. Even a non-gym leader may become Champion if he or she defeats the sitting Champion in an official challenge. Trainers must fight have all 8 gym badges and have defeated each member of the Elite 4 (in order) before facing the Champion in battle.

Anime Buildingserver Chillvibe Communitydriven Smp Survival Towny

Village Valley [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{Application}{1.16.1}{18+}

⋆ ✿ ~ Who we are ~ ✿ ⋆

Village Valley is a brand new SMP server with a focus on community. Thus, the server follows a towny-like play style. The villages are going to be created by players themselves, they will have their own theme, palette, and rules. The server will mainly focus on villages, you do not have to join one, but it is highly recommended to get the full benefits. Our main goal is to provide a safe, fun and chill environment where everyone feels welcomed, so we have a 1 strike and you’re out set of rules to make sure everyone feels that way at all times. One key thing to consider before joining is that we uphold a fair trade system focused on the towns. Due to past experiences in other SMPs we want to avoid one person having control of the economy, so if your goal is to become the richest on the server, then this isn’t the right place for you. This is for people to come together and cooperate with each other and ultimately just have a good time. (Application at bottom of post)

The server is coming up on a week old so everyone is still roughly on the same page, you won’t feel that far behind if that’s a concern.

─── · 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

⋆ ✿ ~ Server Info ~ ✿ ⋆

  • The server is hosted in US-West
  • Intel Core i9-9900K – 8GB RAM (will upgrade accordingly to server size)
  • Application based whitelist (LINK AT BOTTOM OF POST)
  • Plugins:
  • One Player Sleep
  • Dynmap
  • Core Protect
  • Essentials and other administrative plugins
  • Full List on the Discord
  • ─── · 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

    ⋆ ✿ ~ Server Rules ~ ✿ ⋆

    【 ‹ Treat others with respect › 】
    Good-natured jokes can be made; we’re here to have fun. However, toxic behavior and/or trolling with the intent of provoking someone to get a response is not allowed. Just don’t be a dick 🙂

    【 ‹ Server is 18+ › 】
    You must be 18 years or older to play on this server. If it is found out that you have lied on your application and broken this rule, you will be removed from the community.

    【 ‹ Offensive content is not tolerated › 】
    Some swearing is allowed, but severe or targeted vulgarity is not. As well as slurs, racism, hate speech and bigotry in general is not tolerated whatsoever. Offensive item and/or entity names, skins, builds, or usernames are also not allowed.

    【 ‹ Cheating, hacking, and exploits are not tolerated › 】
    Cheating of any form is not tolerated. Clients such as optifine or badlion are allowed, but any others check with staff first. Hacked clients of any type are not tolerated. (Few exploits like breaking bedrock are allowed, check with staff)

    【 ‹ Griefing and thievery is not tolerated › 】
    Stealing other players’ items without permission as well as griefing other player’s builds is behavior that is not allowed.

    【 ‹ PVP requires consent from all parties involved › 】
    RDMing players, or killing players without permission is not allowed. (special rules apply in Abandoned Territories, see Village Rules for more details)

    【 ‹ No Spamming › 】
    Filling chat either in game or on discord with an unnecessary amount of characters or messages is not helping anyone, so don’t do it.

    【 ‹ No Politics › 】
    Please avoid any discussion about politics in public chats.

    【‹ Don’t advertise › 】
    Promoting things like your personal stream is alright, however promoting other servers and things of that nature are not allowed.

    【 ‹ Do not disclose personal information about other players › 】
    Doxxing anyone is not cool and will result in punishment.

    【 ‹ Don’t intentionally lag the server or make big lag-heavy farms › 】
    This helps no one and only damages the server as a whole. As little entity cramming as you can 🙂

    ─── · 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

    ⋆ ⚔ ~ Village System Rules ~ ⚔

    ⋆Village Valley was created with a focus on community, and so it follows a towny-server play style. Here

    There are five status levels that a territory can gain:
    【 ‹ Settlement ~ 1-4 citizens › 】
    The smallest territory; no perks or titles attached. These count as either starter bases or the beginnings of players who hope to gain Village status.

    【 ‹ Village ~ 5 (active) citizens › 】
    With 5 citizens a settlement can be recognized as a Village. When a set of Village rules and description are created and posted, the citizens involved gain a prefix, a discord role and text channel, as well as a marker on the Dynmap. Also with village status, the village leader(s) gain access to a discord channel with other village leaders to spill the tea.

    【 ‹ Town ~ 10 citizens › 】
    When a village reaches 10 citizens, it gains the Town status. With this upgrade the town leader(s) also gain access to a special town leaders specific discord channel where they can strictly talk business.

    【 ‹ Kingdom ~ 15 citizens › 】
    After gaining Town status, the next tier that players can aim for is Kingdom status with a whopping minimum of 15 citizens. With this new status, players can flex beyond their wildest dreams and sit back and look how far they’ve come.

    【 ‹ Abandoned Territory ~ no citizens › 】
    When a village/town/kingdom’s citizens become inactive the territory will be declared as an Abandoned Territory and turned into a no man’s land so to speak. (See Abandoned Territory Rules for more details)

    ✰ Each village is encouraged to have their own set of rules and methods of government. However, only rules 5 and 6 are allowed to be altered in respectful property. All other server rules still apply no matter where you go.
    ✰ Each village must be based around a central theme, palette, or concept
    ✰ Villages can’t repeat themes/build-styles already being used by previously established villages
    ✰ Unless stated otherwise, the village leader(s) must approve of a citizen before they join said village
    ✰ A new village has to be at least 500 blocks away from other villages

    ─── · 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

    DISCORD: (Please have open DMs/Requests so I’m able to contact you the link!!!)

    We will be using this APPLICATION to accept players. The application contains our server rules and questions to get to know you a little better. Once your application is accepted you will have full access to the discord where you will find everyone to be hanging out at.

    Anime Chill Combat Fairy Ffa Freeforall Fun Grind Hub Hxh Jutsu Minigames Mmo Naruto One Piece Pvp Roleplay Rpg Sasuke Server Skin Spell Spells Staff Tail Tale Two

    Naruto: Roleplay Adventures [RPG/SURVIVAL] [WE ARE OPEN!]

    We are open, join the server!

    —= Naruto: Roleplay Adventures (RPA) =—
    Here at Naruto Roleplay Adventures, we aim to provide a unique feel and experience to our players through intricacies in our server systems. Unlike other predominantly PvP or RP based servers, Naruto World Adventures will be very RPG-centric. Our server will try to be as realistic and faithful to the original Naruto anime as possible without strictly following the timeline seen in the show. For instance, the Chuunin Exams, a tournament where Genin participate in organized duels against other Genin for a chance at being promoted to a Chuunin, occurred once a year in the series and in turn will happen once or twice every month on our server. The aforementioned lack of strictness regarding the timeline in the series means a character can also attain ranks that would suit their lore despite not having them in the actual series.

    (i.e. Kakashi can be the ANBU-L but cannot, under any circumstances, be an Akatsuki member)

    We hope to create a never-before-seen level of immersion on our server through this unique concept of an RPG-centric archetype. Players will be able to create their own personalized character and advance every individual aspect of their kit or aim to achieve a rank or character seen in the show such as Naruto or a Tailed Beast Jinchuuriki. Players will build relationships with their fellow village members or wander around the Shinobi World. Custom Organizations whether it may be Allied or Rogue are possibilities.

    Here at Naruto Roleplay Adventures, it’s YOUR experience, YOUR way.

    Anime Modded Naruto Onepiece Roleplay Rpg

    Naruto Shinobi Reborn

    Naruto Shinobi Reborn

      Embark on the ultimate adventure through the Naruto Universe. Travel through the Shinobi world and explore every location from the Naruto anime. With a custom hero and rogue storyline spanning the whole Naruto series, more than 20 mods, an innovative live rank up exams, opportunities to become a Kage or join the Akatsuki, And many more ranks! Villages with 70+ quests, and a faction world, there are endless possibilites! Join now and make your mark on the Ninja world

    Step 1: Go to and download the technic launcher.

    Step 2: Once downloaded, Open the technic launcher and search “Naruto Shinobi Reborn” or put in the search bar and click download!

    Step 3: Click play, and join the fun!


    247survival Animal Anime Cat Catgirl Catgirls Cats Catscraft Cute Fun Gamergirls Girl Girlfriend Girls Marriage Marriages Marry Monster Girl Monster Girls Nice Pvp

    Minecraft Catgirls Server

    Catgirls are very rare in Minecraft but on Minewind they are somewhat common. They take on a different color scheme than other female mobs (you need to have a mob talker installed) and have a very strong color scheme. They will attack any other one that gets in their way if they decide there is an opportunity for combat. They can be seen by flying through walls while using overpowered dragon head and having no other special attacks.

    Catgirl in Minecraft

    Minewind will appear in multiplayer games when you have an extra dimension (you can see them with one dimension map, which allows them to stay between one dimension and the next). Also they make a pretty good target during war because they can be attacked from both ends.

    Their pf stats show up on most Minewind profiles and when you’re logged in, their skill changes but skull stays the same. Catgirls don’t know the concept of being satisfied with such things, so they spend a lot of time on their beds.

    Blue haired cat girl relaxing on a newly crafted bed in Minecraft

    Catgirls have many tricks when in battle,  there are some excellent moves as well as some very useful and effective moves,  so let’s get started.

    The first of them is: Killing an Opponent in one blow using a backstabber and strength potion is actually quite good.

    Part of the reason is that they will never expect it.

    Catgirls using the backstabber sword technique in PvP at spawn.

    If you have a strong fighting style that works for you, chances are the opponent will give up in one blow or else won’t move forward at all.  And you don’t need to move around every time you attack an enemy.  Your attack is already in place if you attack with your backstabber sword.  When you are ready to strike, start attacking at the time.

    Catgirl with backstabber sword is ready to attac and protec.

    Remember that you have a big 30s sword, so when it connects…  Then attack!  A good strategy is when the opponent is not attacking or when something unusual happens.  In order to be able to see exactly what the opponent is doing, it is usually better to make a prediction.  For instance, if you predict something like a god apple, take the chance and attack with succulent and dyrn to knock the opponent into one side of the wall.  If you assume a totem you will do the same when you predict it.

    Now you are fighting with your own judgment.

    Anime Animeserver Bleach Bosses Builds Custom Dbz Demonslayer Diavolo Dio Dragonballsuper Dragonballz Gang Giorno Hero Higashikata Johnathan Johnny Jojo Jojosbizarreadventure Jolyne Josuke Jotaro Kars Kimetsunoyaiba Magicspells Minecraft Missions Models Myheroacademia Mythicmob Naruto Plugins Pvp Roleplay Rpg Server Shippuden Stands Yoshikage

    Project Joestar★

    Project Joestar★ is a anime themed vanilla minecraft server based on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”
    The server will include RPG elements to create a online JoJo themed experience these include:
    ★PvP through the use of Stands, Races, and Sub abilities★
    ★Story and Mission elements to create an immersive world★
    ★Progression elements to build your strength through missions and pvp★
    ★In addition: Modeled Stands, Custom Bosses, Custom Missions, and Custom Plugins★
    !Check back for the discord soon!
    ★More to come soon!!★

    Adventure Anime Bandit Cartoon Customnpcs Dbbuilds Dbc Dbcw Dbgt Dbs Dbw Dbz Dragonball Dragonballbuilds Dragonballgt Dragonballsuper Dragonballz Dragonblockc Economy Events Factions Frieza Goku Hubs Hubworld Hunting Japan Japanese Manga Plotworld Quests Raids Roleplay Rpg Scavenger Scavenging Training Vegeta

    Dragon Block World

    Welcome To Dragon Block C World! A friendly and fun environment which is packed with tons of quests and things to do, you can go through the story of DBZ, fight bosses, hunt and cook animals, raid bandit camps and a lot more. We’ll release major updates every month followed by smaller weekly updates. It’s also not your typical TP grinding server, as your goal isn’t just to get strong, but also to explore the detailed open-world and discover many things and places throughout your adventure. We’ll be releasing on June 12th, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Discord Server Link :

    Anime Faction Factions Pvp Userfriendly

    Quantum Factions

    Welcome to Quantum Factions! We are a new and upcoming factions server with a very diverse playerbase and community. All sorts of topics are discussed within in-game chat from anime to life stuff to anything really. We would really appreciate if you gave our server a try! Some of our unique plugins include autorank, crates, and factions. We also love the 1.8 PvP sensation so we have included some stuff that will help out in that department!

    Anime Awoo Creative Furry Gay Lesbian Lgbt Lgbtq Minigames Pve Economy Raymondisbestvillager Safe Safeahaven Weeb

    Wild Woolies (New Server! Early Bird Goodies!)

    Hi there, thank you for viewing the Wild Woollies server! We offer lots of fun things to do, such as mini games like tnt run, spleef and many more to come! We also have other things like: A creative world for donators, lots of plugins like GadgetMenu and McMMO, A survival world filled with many achievements and rewards for players, A Nexus for players to fill with their own shops, ranks for players to earn or buy, A discord server, and of course a very friendly community! We are very welcoming to everyone and every community, we hope you join us soon!

    Anime Animecraft Faction Factions Japan Japanesetheme Skyblock

    Heisei Network

    Welcome to Heisei Network. We are a Japanese themed server. With a friendly community and staff. The server currently has factions, and runs the latest version of minecraft. The community is Discord based and staff is always available when you run into trouble. Go ahead and join today.

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