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Start your journey now on HunterTales!

Hello and welcome to HunterTales! This is an anime influenced RP server where you get to customize your own character and path through community events and more. While it is anime inspired it is completely original, the server has plenty of content to enjoy so we hope to see you on! We’re currently hosting our first server test on 06/04/2022 starting at 12PM EST and ending at 3PM EST.

Players who join during this beta test will recieve a special item signifying that they were one of the firsts to explore this world! There will also be a $15 store credit reward for the player who manages to get the most players invited to the discord! We do hope to see you on and help this community grow into something great!

Version: Minecraft 1.17.1 (No Mods)

Friendly Japanese Miko Roleplay Samurai Shrine Whitelist

🌸 Hanabira Petals Sengoku Japan Roleplay

Note: You will need to apply for whitelist in order to play here.
Please join the Discord for the Google Form link!
Discord Invite

good morning! Welcome to Hanabira

Hanabira is a Minecraft Roleplay server set in Sengoku Japan.

Set in the beautiful Cherry Petal region, your character gets to explore provinces, farms, marketplaces, and religious shrines; powered by their own will to make a name for themselves.

Making use of a custom resource pack and unique combination of plugins, Hanabira offers a fun experience where you and friends can enjoy something a little different.

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Hey lovely people, are you looking for a super fun Minecraft server?

Welcome to AstroComet, we are a community-based server that hosts events, giveaways (including nitro), fun games/bots, and more!

We also have a Minecraft Server you can join and play! The link below will board you onto our ship of fun and we hope to see some of your faces around! Including exclusive custom models, survival mode, and much, much more! To join use the IP Play.AstroComet.Net!

All the best, AstroComet

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PanVer Historical Faction Roleplay

Rules: don’t be toxic and no hax the players can create more rules for themselves as they establish their clans, but those rules will be self implemented
What is PanVer?: Its a Historical Roleplay Minecraft server set in the 1600s, we play on a minecraft earth map for maximum roleplay immersion. The armor is brought to you by my datapack, Panven.

SAMURAI: They are agile and have good protection against arrows, they have a wide selection of weapons but they are vulnerable to melee attacks, to join run the command /trigger JoinSamuraiClan in chat

CRUSADER: They are slow but well protected, they are almost immune to melee attacks and has a pretty good immunity against arrows, their main weapon, the Claymore has a very high attack damage, though they have a limited selection of weapons. To join run the command /trigger JoinCrusaderClan in chat

MUSLIM: They are fast but lightly armored, they can easily out manuever a crusader. But their main advantage is their long spear, it can easily beat a crusader if the user if the spear is skilled enough. To join run the command /trigger JoinMuslimClan in chat

ROMAN: They do not have any long ranged weapons unlike the other clans, but what they lack in range, they more than make up for defense and formations, they wield their legendary shield, the scutum, which when activated(by sneaking) rivals the forward defense of the crusader without any of the debuffs, you can also form a phalanx with your friends and slowly advance to the enemy with your shields activated and long spears pointed, to join run the command /trigger JoinRomanClan in chat

Version: 1.16.3

How to login:
When first joining the server you will have to register and make your password via this command: /register
After you register you will have to login via your password every time you return to the server via this command:
This is just to ensure that no username stealing occurs

As this server is on a massive earth map, meeting up with players can get difficult, so I decided to add TPA
/trigger tpa add you can find the player #ID in the tab menu next to the players name

Discord Server Invite:

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Minewool Network

Bienvenidos a
Un gran servidor con muchos modos de juegos
y mucho mas! con mas de 8 años de experiencia

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Dragon Block World

Welcome To Dragon Block C World! A friendly and fun environment which is packed with tons of quests and things to do, you can go through the story of DBZ, fight bosses, hunt and cook animals, raid bandit camps and a lot more. We’ll release major updates every month followed by smaller weekly updates. It’s also not your typical TP grinding server, as your goal isn’t just to get strong, but also to explore the detailed open-world and discover many things and places throughout your adventure. We’ll be releasing on June 12th, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Discord Server Link :