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Super awesome fun prison 9000

Come join a one of a kind crafted server experience.


RP-Prison features

  • Quests to feel a great sense of immersion.
  • Fight players in the centre courtyard. or start a fight with the guards anywhere.
  • Rank system to progress through the prison and earn respect.
  • A constant hate for the warden and his minions.
  • Extreme frustration when guards find your contraband.
  • Mob arena. We have it.
  • Feel like being a rich prison king-pin. Shops, auctions, trading and more included.
  • Scheduled events all around the prison.
  • A underground Ratrun for all the lawless players.
  • Role-play and lots of it.
  • Boss fights.
  • RP-Prison rules

  • No cheats or hacks, obviously. We use anti-cheat.
  • No advertising other IP addresses.
  • When outside role-play scenarios, respect staff and do as they say.
  • No spamming in the chat.
  • No racism, Ever.
  • One large, one small prison cell per player.
  • Abuse of flawed plugin mechanics is strictly forbidden.
  • Never ask for admin.
  • A message from the warden

    Welcome to my prison. This is my domain and will be your hell for the rest of eternity. If you step out of line I will not hesitate to end your miserable life. You are scum. Worst of the worst. Its my duty to make sure you have a horrible time. Something I very, very much like doing.

    Alcohol Brewing Cars City City Roleplay Cityserver Cops Drinks Economy Farm Fishing Fun Guns Helicopters Minecraft Minetopia Mythicdrops Planes Police Properties Pvp Realestate Roleplay Server Simulation Simulator Slimefun Survival Wild

    McCities | City roleplay | Economy server

    McCities | City roleplay | Economy server Minecraft Server

    Live the city life! You can decide to abide by the laws or try your luck living a life of crime. You can work your way up in real estate, build houses in the creative world, or start your own shop in the mall, among many other things.

    If you’d prefer to live dangerously, become a criminal and deal drugs, obtain illegal guns, kill your enemies, and order hits on rivals with the server’s bounty system. You’ll have to outsmart and outrun our police force though!

    Some of our features
    Jobs – Miner, farmer, lumberjack, and more
    Fishing – Catch and sell custom fish and participate in competitions
    Slimefun – Start your own restaurant or develop technical machines
    Vehicles – Cars, bicycles, helicopters, planes, and more
    Properties – Own houses, skyscrapers, or even apartment buildings
    Police force – Enforce laws and keep criminals in order
    Gangs – Start a criminal enterprise and expand your territory
    Drugs – Use or deal weed, angel dust, and more custom drugs
    Guns – Use guns legally or illegally in your pvp battles
    Alcohol – Unwind with some whiskey or rum after a long day

    Come join our friendly and active community! Meet tons of new people and make memories!

    Server IP:

    Beer Crates Economy Mythicdrops Npc Pve Economy Quests Shop Towny

    New Haven

    Welcome to New Haven!

    This server is full of features including:

    * Quests
    * Interactive NPC’s
    * Story
    * Towny
    * Brewery
    * Jobs
    * McMMO
    * Crates

    So many more features for you to explore. We are a very friendly community that will help guide you through our journey within New Haven. Our goal is to meet your expectations and hopefully you will have fun within our slice of home!

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    Civilia Survival 1.15.2


    GOING LIVE ON FRIDAY 21/08/2020
    13:00h UTC+2

    Civilia is BACK! After several years of being offline, we decided to recreate Civilia, but better!
    ♟ GriefPrevention
    ♟ MythicDrops
    ♟ mcMMO
    ♟ Custom Plugins
    ♟ JobsReborn
    ♟ Custom Stronghold
    ♟ Fully Customized plugins
    ♟Custom job perks!

    Welcome to Civilia, A community-based survival server with custom plugins.

    Come to Cilvilia and find yourself engulfed in another world; full of friendly faces while making your way up in the custom server ranks.
    Within days you will find yourself addicted to the modified classic Minecraft feel of Civilia, come join us and start your survival adventure!

    For all latest news & updates
    Join our community discord server here!

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    World Of Wizards Online – RPG Server

    ~~Economy – RPG – Survival – MMO – Magic – Classes – MythicMobs – PvP – Custom Items ~~

    What is World Of Wizards Online?
    The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.
    Unfortunately, no one can be told what World Of Wizards is.
    You have to see it for yourself


  • This is not Minecraft, This is World Of Wizards, and it’s an RPG Server that uses Minecraft at its core.
  • The server can be hard to play on, so be wise and know that your Vanilla gameplay won’t get you far on it.
  • If everyone is super, no one is. On our server, you will have to make an effort to level up.
  • PvP is allowed, And the winner gets 5% of the other players’ power levels.
  • You can protect your land with Residences.
  • Your choice of Class will affect your gameplay.
  • Mobs are leveled.
  • Worlds are Levelled
  • Custom Items
  • Custom Weapons
  • Custom Mobs
  • Companions
  • RULES:

  • 1. Behave Nice
  • 2. No Racism
  • 3. No Sexual Content
  • 4. No Grief
  • Categories
    Bettersleeping Bloodmoon Chairs Chatbrawl Chatgames Civs Coreprotect Crystaldreams Customdungeons Dangerouscaves Dangerousnether Diablodrops Dreams Essentials Family Familyfriendly Friendly Fun Glowing Itemsadder Lightapi Marriage Marriagemaster Mcmmo Modded Mythicdrops Mythicmobs Playerradios Playerranks Playershops Poses Resourcepack Rimworld Semivanilla Slimefun Surivival Treefeller Ultimateclaims Ultimatekits Ultimatetimber

    Crystal Dream World

    CRYSTAL DREAM WORLDSoaring Through the Sky ♥ Even Just For A Day
    Discord: Click to Join Our Dreams

    On the server, we always try to make sure that you’re having a good time. Sometimes there will be bugs and perhaps some crushes but always remember that we always try to work on the issues as soon as possible. Also here are just some of the features that you will find on the server when you do join.

    BetterSleeping: Receive buffs from sleeping. Bloodmoon: A night time that keeps you hiding, but better drops. Chairs: For those who like to roleplay, teaparty anyone? ChatGames: Many chat races to compete with other players and get rewarded. CoreProtect: If you don’t like being griefed, we can restore it. CrystalSparkle: When you die, you wont lost your stuff but you have to pick it up. Glowing: Luminous Objects glow in your hands Jobs: Get a job and make some money. Civs: Make buildings that make money and invite friends. Marriage: Form a bond with your partner and get benefits. McMMO: Gain levels on different skills Custom Dungeons: Explore new dungeons with new loot Player Radios: Broadcast a Station and listen to music TreeFeller: You cut down alot of trees already, so we make it easier Slimefun: Advance your research to discover new recipes


    We are interested in our players helping us monetize our server but we aren’t going to do it the way other servers have done it. Our server strives to be friendly to both adults and chidren. We decided to remove loot crates; it kinda feels like gambling to be honest. We might add it in future but we won’t make it such that you used actual money to roll. We want our players to have fun so we provide almost everything on a progression basis. Which means you can even earn fun cosmetics for free. Monetization is done through donation mainly and we improve the server even more for each donation goal we achieve.

    We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit On The Server ♥ Even though it might just Be For A Day

    Brewery Factions Jobs Lands Mcmmo Mythicdrops Mythicmobs Quests Survival Suvival


    [email protected] a este maravilloso mundo de Valkirias.

    Nos espera una buena ventura juntos.
    No es de extrañar que hayamos vuelto, tenia que ser así.

    Durante estos años estuvimos recluidos. Pasado ya el temporal, decidimos retomar este gran periplo y ponernos manos a la obra para traerte de nuevo tu servidor favorito.

    Fuerza y Honor

    Resultó que el Ragnarök no fue el final, si no el principio de todo.

    Advancedachievements Bettersleeping Bloodmoon Chairs Chatgames Civs Crystaltree Customdungeons Dangerouscaves Dangerousnether Glowingobjects Jobs Kits Marriage Mcmmo Mythicdrops Playerparticles Playerradios Playershops Proximitysensor Randomteleport Ranks Rtp Slimefun Spawnersilk Survival Treefeller

    ♥ Crystal Dream World ♥ 1.15 Minecraft Survival Server || Have Fun, Even Just For A Day ♥

    Welcome to the Crystal Dream Word Minecraft Survival Server.

    This Server is a family friendly roleplay server that strives to give you the most fun you can have.
    We have put alot of love and care into it. These are the features that we offer to you.

    – More Acheivements
    -Dangerous Caves and Nether
    -Custom Dungeons
    -Player Radios

    We hope that you enjoy your time whilst on the server, and you always welcome to make any suggestion while on it.

    Looking Forward to Meeting You!!!

    Barrels Buycraft Chestshops Customenchants Cyt Discord Donorranks Dropparty Dungeons Dungeonsbosses Economy Envoys Events Exoticgarden Forums Ingameranks Jobs Jobstowny Lockedchests Mcmmo Mcmmotowny Mypet Mypets Mythicdrops Mythicmobs React Slimefun Slimefuntowny Slimexpansion Store Supplydrops Survival Towny Townyeconomy Townypve Townypvp Townyserver Townysurvival Trading Voteparty

    CraftYourTown | Towny | Jobs | mcMMO | Slimefun | Dungeons

    CraftYourTown – The most advanced Towny Server

    What makes us unique you ask?

    • Tons of Custom Items

    • Heavily Optimized (20 TPS)

    • Challenging Dungeons

    • Economy (fully player-based)

    • Events on a regular basis

    • Custom Barrels

    • Custom Player Shops

    • Re-coded Slimefun (No lag/bugs)

    • Envoys (Crate Drops) per hour

    • Custom Banks

    • Quests (Basic and In-depth to suit you)

    • Lucky Blocks

    • Jobs (well balanced!)

    • + Much more!

    Why join us instead of another server?

    We’ve been around for 3 years, we know exactly what we’re doing. We do
    huge monthly content updates to keep things fresh and exciting. CYT has
    gone under extreme situations and has always managed to pull through.
    It’s destined to succeed.

    Links – IP Address – Forums – Discord – Twitter

    Community Events Jobs Mcmmo Mythicdrops Ranks Survival Towny

    The Lost Sanctum

    Welcome to The Lost Sanctum.

    The Lost Sanctum is a community based towny survival server with a twist.

    The server is based around our jobs system and custom ranks, where ranking up gives rewards!

    Our Plugins include;
    Mythic Drops
    Mythic Mobs
    and many more..

    We also run bi weekly events for everyone to take part in for special prizes!
    We have a dedicated staff team and in-house developers to help ensure your experience is as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, We love feedback!

    Hope to see you there~