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SkyCraft Factions

SkyCraft is a new and upcoming server! Join the server and have a good time meeting new people who love factions and having fun! We have unique and exciting plugins

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voted best server by the people who play it.

BlueMountainMC is a survival mmo server with an economy based around rare enchantments and GodItems from places unknown.

Join us and show your skill in a place that true effort and skill reap the highest rewards. No more AFK farms to win. Only the strong and smart claim thrones here.

GriefPrevention to stop theft and well…griefing. Build a castle or monuments with the easiest plot claiming plugins around. Make cities with friends or mansions of your own. Dont hide your glory under ground or under obsidian squares.


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Have you ever wanted to build your hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations?

Now you can do all of these things on our 1:1000 scale map of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (ores, topology, borders) to bring the most playable Earth map yet to Minecraft. You can view this map at

Discover many different custom-built monuments placed throughout the world ripe for looting, or track down a loot drop and collect its valuables!

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✦ RoyalPvP ✦ 1.8-1.16 [Non P2W Free Rank system!]

Welcome to RoyalPVP
RoyalPVP is a brand-new international Minecraft server which supports a clean world with
diverse features! Factions,PVP, PVE, sky block and mini-games.
In previous years we had some successful servers..
After years of experience have we decided to create a new server, one which is even better
than the previous ones!

Our server is running the latest version of Minecraft 1.16.3. The server is filled with many plugins to be used by the community!
We support many play styles and have the most advanced plugins on the market.

You can get all of the ranks for free!

The game modes we support currently:
-BossRaid(work in progress)
-Skyblock (coming soon)


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.io Community SMP server

Do you hate floating trees? We do too. In fact we hate it so much we made a server where you’ll never have to endure such pain again!

Introducing a new Minecraft Survival server with just a bit of flavour to keep things fresh and exciting!

A few details:

• A ranking system, with fun perks so you’re rewarded for your efforts. (Don’t worry, there’s no VIP or Donator rank, we don’t even accept donations!)
• Anti-creeper measures so no more green bois’ breaking your precious house.
• Anti-grief measures so you and your friends can play without too much worry, whilst still retaining survivalist elements.
• GraviTree of course to make sure your floating tree nightmares are finally over!
• A Customized variant of McMMO.
• Rank syncing across all our games & Discord.
• Auction house & player-rented shops.
• SilkSpawners.
• A dueling & wagering system where you can duel for fun, or for that sweet sweet loot.

The server is online 24/7 and is ran on an Intel Core i9-9900k, 64GB RAM server. (Aka, absolutely no lag!)
We also have an active and friendly discord server of 2000+ members which is rapidly growing day-by-day.


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🏰 The Colony 🏰 ✦ 1.16.3 ✦ Survival ✦ Semi-Vanilla ✦ Community ✦ Anti-Grief ✦


🏰 The Colony 🏰
A 1.16 Survival Server

The Colony is a survival server that aims to bring players together, while at the same time enhancing the game play of Vanilla Minecraft. This server has a large amount of plugins in order to give players the most authentic Vanilla survival experience. The server is always open to players suggestions. Ranks are earned through playtime, and with each rank comes more royalties.


          Ranks (Earned Via Play-Time)

Visitor – 10 minutes playtime on server
1 Set Home
1 Player Warp
3 Pet Slots
3 Jobs

Traveler – 30 minutes playtime on server
1 Set Home
1 Player Warp
4 Pet Slots
4 Jobs

Voyager – 1 hour playtime on server
2 Set Homes
2 Player Warps
5 Pet Slots
5 Jobs

Historian – 5 hours playtime on server
2 Set Homes
2 Player Warps
6 Pet Slots
6 Jobs

Scholar – 10 hours playtime on server
3 Set Homes
3 Player Warps
7 Pet Slots
7 Jobs

Master – 20 hours playtime on server
4 Set Homes
4 Player Warps
8 Pet Slots
8 Jobs
/kit Master

Expert – 40 hours playtime on server
5 Set Homes
5 Player Warps
9 Pet Slots
9 Jobs
/kit Expert



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Redcraft (New server looking for friendly staff)

Hello and welcome to my server, feel free to come and take a look around, it doesnt hurt to try it, you my like it.
This server is a 1.16 survival server, with many great plugins such as (mcmmo, griefprotection, heads plus, silkspawners, jobs, vault, better enchantments and many more amazing plugins.

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Shanti Tribe

Shanti Tribe is a social experience in the form of a Java Minecraft server with some plugins.

The goal is to provide an audiovisual gathering space for open-minded players inside a persistent co-operative survival world.

The plugins are chosen and configured to expand upon vanilla gameplay without interfering with it, all changes to vanilla gameplay are documented in the media gallery here, on our homepage and in Discord.

We have some basic rules, and the administration reserves the right to take any in-game action needed to safeguard the peace in the community and protect the security of the server.

1. Be fair
2. Be polite
3. Use the proximity voice chat
4. No stealing
5. No griefing
6. No hacking/cheating

Registering in our discord channel is required to be able to connect to the server:

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Elijah’s Kingdom [SMP] {1.16.3}

Server Information:


Elijah’s Kingdom Is an SMP server featuring the following:
Survival overworld with a nether and end, Custom resource pack with cosmetic hats and hopefully custom items in the near future. Minigames such as Spleef, Skywars, and Beatdown with room for expansion. Belove plugins such as: Mcmmo, Artmap, AuctionHouse, access to essentialsx /sell hand, ShopChest, and more. We also have Voter/Donor ranks that comes with perks like creative mode, pets, disguises, and again much more!


(all ranks get the previous ranks’ perks as well)
priest = 100 votes
knight = 400 votes
bishop = 700 votes
lord = 1100 votes
hero = 3000 votes
artisan = 4000 votes
(these ranks are also purchasable through the donation store)

Our aim:
Here at Elijah’s Kingdom our aim is to provide players with a mature environment in which they may freely build and relax.
Come and check us out!

Community Links:

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chub is a survival based server with a small community of extremely friendly players.
we have plugins such as jobs, BetterSleeping3, SilkSpawners, guishop and more to come!
if you have any ideas of plugins to add or things to add to our server are more then welcome.
there’s no fancy spawn or pay to win ranks the world is your canvas do what ever you want.

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