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Simple Bending – Project Korra 1.18.2

Bringing the simplicity back to multiplayer.

Bedrock players can connect – change port to 25588

Featuring the Project Korra plugin to spice up regular Minecraft combat and loads of extra bending moves! alongside the BendingGUI plugin to make binding easier than ever.
And the Jobs Reborn plugin, for simple money making.

We also use Quickshop for easy, protected player shops.

With quality of life plugins like Graves, SilkSpawner, SmoothTimber, and more!


-no griefing (raiding is allowed)
-no chat spam
-be chill
-help others (sometimes)
-no hacking

Owner – ohBreezy

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RivalMCFactions McMMO Crates Auctions Referrals Economy MobArena Much More

A modern Factions with classic building and features.
Rival Factions is a new server that offers a great experience for everyone.

We hope to see you soon!
We are currently looking for staff, join our discord to apply!
Be sure to join our Discord and refer friends for free rewards!
Vote for our server daily to earn rewards!

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——[​COMFYSMP 1.18.2]——
ComfySMP is a lightly upgraded vanilla/anarchy server with just enough enhancements to greatly improve the experience. Building, pvp and /tpa are allowed everywhere in the server.

Comfysmp is set to publicly release on 4/6/22 using a unique new seed that generates a chillin landscape with access to many different biomes all within 3000 blocks of spawn. You will be able to join on java edition 1.9.x – 1.18.x, but I highly recommend using 1.18.x to avoid errors. The server is running with 16GB of RAM, 1TB nvme SSD storage and a goal of 24/7 uptime. As of its new release: Comfy is a lightly upgraded vanilla/anarchy server with just enough enhancements to greatly improve the experience. Helpful commands such as /tpa, /tpahere, /back, /kill, /ignore etc… are available as well as small additions, for example the ability to mine mob-spawners with a silk enchantment. When you log in, expect to be spawned in at a random location near the central spawnpoint, and from there its up to you! Building, pvp and /tpa are allowed everywhere in the server. No hang-ups like accepting rules, spawns, warps, tutorials, verifications etc… just log in and immediately start playing! My main inspirations were past enhanced vanilla servers I have ran, as well as classics like 2b2t. I also recommend using: [Faithful 1.18 texture pack: ][OptiFine: ] (both optional). Griefing/raiding is allowed. Because of this its advisable to team up, and try to build your bases farther away from spawn. What is not allowed: excessive spamming, promoting, intentional lagging/crashing, over-the-top hack clients which sabotage the server or give you too much of an advantage, any attempt to shut the server down. This is a non-profit project which will have no paid features, please consider voting as it’ll really help us to grow our playerbase. This is a brand new server, with a brand new world file, let’s fill it up. We are actively looking for help/suggestions/criticisms/team members/discord mods. To find out more info, contact the dev, and be a part of the community, join the ComfySMP Discord at

Drop a vote/favorite and comment your IGN below for some diamonds when you join!

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HomelyCraft – SMP

Are you looking for an engaging experience in an SMP server?

Well look no further! HomelyCraft has loads of things to keep everyone entertained! From bosses, to location discoveries, we have it all! That’s not it though, because we offer multiple ways for people to get the most out of the server with custom plugins, spawn shop, player warps and so much more!

Soon we will be opening an RPG world for players to join! This involved hundreds of custom builds, missions, npcs and a full storyline to play along with. In addition, we will be adding a serverwide passive ranking system, which will function in all the worlds.

We’ve recently added discoverable graveyards to the main survival world, just to spice things up a little and we will soon be adding custom “Randomly generated” structures and cities as well.

We have loads of new updates on the way and will continue to improve this server in everyway possible. Join us on the journey today!

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icMinecraft 1.18.2

Welcome to icMinecraft!
We are a small family friendly server with a great community and friendly staff 🙂

Features Include:
• Silk Touch-able Spawners • Mob Heads
• Player Built Economy • Toggleable PvP
• Higher Tier Enchantments • Land Claiming
As well as other Vanilla Enhancements!

Can’t wait to see you around!

Ecosurvival Griefprevention Harbor Mcmmo Semivanilla Silkspawners Smp Survival Wildtp

Eco-Survival [SMP] {Java-1.16.5+}

Eco-Survival is a 24/7 survival server that has nothing locked behind a paywall and is run as a hobby.

It has a few plugins to enhance the experience such as Grief-Prevention, SilkSpawners, WildTeleport, Harbor, and of course mcMMO.

We keep our world small because it is fully preloaded to stop any form of chunk-lag. It is still very huge and fun to explore.


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★ Enchanted Valley ★ | 1.18.1 | Server Wipe 07.02.2022 | Dynmap | Discord | Jobs |

Welcome to Enchanted Valley!
Enchanted Valley is a brand new SMP server with some classic and new plugins. Focused on making players enjoy the best of survival Minecraft. As the community grows together with you, the server grows to make players enjoy different events, activities and expand the reach of Enchanted Valley.
What do we offer?
Two popular plugins to make grinding more fun and enjoyable with rewards like money, custom skills to unlock and leaderboard at spawn to race for the NUMBER ONE spot on the server!
Join jobs with /jobs browse
Dynmap is a browser based plugin that allows the players to see what’s going on around the whole map. To see your buildings from a birds eye view in 3D or watch what others are building elsewhere.
Have a look now: Dynmap
Voting/Daily Rewards
Each day you can claim Daily Rewards with /reward.
And for each vote you will receive a Vote Key that can be used at /warp crates.
Giving you some sweet free rewards.
Active Friendly Staff
Our staff team is there to make sure you have a welcoming time in Enchanted Valley.
Staff team is tasked with helping each of you out with any difficulties you may face.
Join the server and say hello to them!
To make your experience more enjoyable, we also have a Discord server. Discord is where you can find answers, leave feedback and get support. You can also find announcements, events and memes.
Join now:

The store is where you can help support Enchanted Valley!

Store offers a wide range of Ranks, Keys, Suffixes, Kits and Pets. All contributions will be funneled back into the server.
Be it updated plugins, updated server size, overall improvements.
Much more
We also have keep inventory on in Nether and End
Much more can already be found on the server, so why wait? Join Enchanted Valley today!
-[Owner] HarumotoPC and Enchanted Valley Staff

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[1.18.1] MC Gardens – Survival [Fantasy][Magic Powers][Java & Bedrock]

Welcome to MC Gardens We are a friendly, survival server focused on creating a magical, fantasy-like experience in Minecraft 1.18

We do not tolerate discrimination against religious belief, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation! Come join us today!

Make sure to join our Discord to connect with our online community!

– Add a new server (not a realm)
– IP:
– Port: 25558


• Explore the Enchanted Gardens, a fantasy world created with custom terrain generation! Features: • Enchanted forests with blue grass and spiraling trees • Pink, purple, & blue leaves • Volcanoes • Dragons, demons, & other custom monsters • Mystical, winding caves

• Choose a Magic Class consisting of many unique and gameplay-enhancing abilities. Use /magic to select the following types in-game:
  • Water: naiad
  • Air: fairy, angel
  • Earth: dwarf, elf, hobbit
  • Slayer: dragon, demon

• Collect rare, powerful items including magic wands, swords, and ancient treasure!
• Purchase cool, custom items in /pointshop !
• Enter in on quests using /battlepass (coming soon)

• Join one of the 🏰︱kingdoms to claim a room/base in a tight-knit community, and secure a personal Vault for your items and wealth! All kingdoms are visitable via /pwarp
  • Grotto: lush caves and rich mines forge the perfect home for dwarves, hobbits, and elves alike!
  • Black Sea: naiads and merfolk live far below within depths uninhabitable to even the most magical of creatures…
  • Harbor: a point of safety and trading; all are welcome! (coming soon)
  • Midnight: castles and strongholds make up the royalty-class… (coming soon)
  • Inferno: a kingdom built in the deepest, darkest pits of the Underworld, venture in at your own risk… (coming soon)

Auctionhouse Chestshop Claims Economy Headdatabase Iwarp Pl3xmap Silkspawners Survival

Mango Bay

Come join MangoBay today!

We have a small but fun group of players.

Here on MangoBay we don’t believe in pay to win. Which is why we offer ranks simply from voting.

Some features we offer are Claims, Player Shops and Warps, Vote Rewards, Silk Spawners, Auction house and more!

25k x 25k World Border!


Website :



Economy Pvp Semivanilla Silkspawners Survival Vanilla

ZS Serv Semi-Vanilla | Rank-Up | Claim land | Economy | Silk Spawners

About us:

ZS Serv offers the Minecraft vanilla experience with a few plugins added for player convenience. Claim your land and set up farms with mob spawners!
Rank up in the world with playtime, no donations, we are 100% Play-To-Win.



These are only a few of the great features our server has to offer:
➤ Rank up – We don’t take donations, so rankup with playtime instead!
➤ GriefPrevention – Claim land & live with friends
➤ Economy – Grind money by killing mobs or selling items.
➤ SilkSpawners – Pick up spawners with silk touch and change the spawner type with spawn eggs.


Staff Needed:

With the release of our new server we need some people to moderate it!
After a while of playtime, you can ask one of the owners if you could apply to become a moderator.

We are looking for:
1 Head-Admin
1 Admin
2 Mods