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Land of Gods – Survival Minecraft Server

Land of Gods

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About us:

We are a community driven survival Minecraft server. Our core values revolve around fairness and balance. Ranks on our server are achievable without donation. Features are not limited, only expanded. Our community is welcoming to new players.

We started this server because we couldn’t find a genuine server that had the players best interests in mind. Every server we played on limited us in every aspect unfairly. We decided to make this server as a way for people to just have fun, and enjoy Minecraft with their friends (something we needed before we started this).

What we offer:

  • Friendly community
  • Survival (No grief, No PvP)
  • Parkour- MCMMO- Kits
  • Jobs (balanced payments)
  • Custom rankup
  • Protection systems
  • Lava death chest system
  • Resources world
  • Crates
  • Daily rewards
  • Non trampleable crops
  • Player shops
  • Player warps
  • FREE /back /tpa
  • We can’t wait to see you there.