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Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

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Feudalrealms Roleplaying Server

The New Roleplaying experience in Minecraft!

What does it mean?
FeudalRealms is the ultimate RP experience. Set in a medieval fantasy universe on the beautiful lands of Eden. In this world you van do whatever what you want!
Want to be a trader? A grand wizard? Or maybe a scheming politician, that or you want to take the criminal path…? Everything is possible in Eden. Make it happen!

Join our discord to join the server!

What else do we offer?
Together with amazing gameplay we offer a unique minecraft experience! As stated before everything is possible in Eden. Your character, your rules!
Epic locations for your character to explore and adventure in! Curious in our rules? Check out @feudalrealms on instagram!
A lot of lore to give locations flavor and life! Discover long lost secrets or use their information to further your agenda and work your way up to the top…
Eden is a place to make or break your character. To go from a humble peasant to a proud Emperor. Or from a fugitive to a mighty warrior.

What is our purpose?
Our goal is to create a safe environment for players to get used to roleplaying.
In addition we offer a hub for experienced roleplayers to make their mark on Eden for the years to come!
We want to illustrate that everyone in our community can make a difference. We would like to get used to our players and to welcome you in our community!

For the experieced?
We still have several starter nations opened for new Nation Leaders. These are:
a tribal and brute folk who yearn for the unification of all Faulskins (Orcs,Trolls, Goblins, Ogres)
A desert kingdom lead by their mighty Pharaohs and comsumed by the neverending sands and high pyramids.
A warlike Jungle folk who take the appearance of Jaguars who defend their lands and worship on their temples.

In order to play on Feudalrealms we ask you to fill in a “character application” on our discord! We do this to safeguard the quality of roleplay in Eden. A loremaster will quickly judge your character application.
When your character has been verified you’re allowed to partake in our adventure on Feudalrealms!

Note: The server is still in developement. We’re searching for architects and loresmasters if you’re interested in helping? contact @Arkhun#2196

We hope to welcome you on Feudalrealms very soon!

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Modern Conflict Modded

[Java] [Modded] Modern Conflict/Orbis Novum is a war based server on an earth map. You make your own country, or join someone elses country, build up, and war it out. The server is included in the pack so you can join as soon as you download. There is a modlist in the discord if you are wondering what you can have fun with.

What we have:
– Space: We use WarpDrive for space, this means you can build a custom starship, go to space, and visit one of our custom planets
– Trains: We also have the Immersive Railroading mod, so you can build custom trains that go from point A to point B
– Ships: The server includes fully working ships that you can sail across the sea
– Tech: Of course you cant have a good pack without tech mods, we have: RFTools, Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, and much more


We hope you have fun playing our server!

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Hello, welcome to InvictaMC! Our server is a towny based on the real earth map!

can create your town, join a nation or make a new one, go to war and
rule the world, we provide a large amount of plugins that will make your
gameplay more enjoyable, such as vehicles that go from a simple car to
massive war ships with working tnt cannons, brewery, auctions, and more!
All over the map there are hiden locations with extremely powerfull
unique items!

as you spend time on the server you will rank up,
ranks will provide you with new permissions, unlock new items and even
get daily payments, you can also buy ranks and money on our website if
you want to support our server Here!

JOIN US TODAY! we have a friendly and strong community that will help and guide you!

Join our discord server Here!

Visit our Dynmap Here!

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Anno Domini: The Global Server

Anno Domini (AD for short) is a relaxed historical role-play server set in the year 1AD! This server is set on a 1:1000 scale Minecraft map of Earth with a spawn point in the land of modern-day Ethiopia where players have access to warp portals to each continent.

New players will be considered nomads until they apply for or get invited to a nation. Each nation starts off with a 3×3 chunk of land and must build their nation from the ground-up, hovels to empires. Nations claim land to expand their territory and are required to mirror the claims that their nations would have had in real life, but other land can be claimed as long as their real-life land is claimed first. These nations are able to settle disputes via organized and moderated warfare for any reason when their application for war is approved by an admin.

Players are encouraged to role-play how they would like (E.g. class structures, themed Minecraft skins, religions, and nationalism) for the pursuit of making this server a fun place to be!

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