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Pyre Keep

Server IP:

Looking for a friendly, growing server with a great community? Check out Pyre Keep! We welcome a variety of play styles, ranging from basic survival to Adventure RP and world PVP.

We feature friendly, experienced staff ready to answer questions and help players along, or step back and leave you to it.

  • Survival Gameplay
  • Both PvP/PvE Areas
  • Player Driven Economy
  • Adventure Dungeon Crawls
  • 24/7 Gameplay
  • Getting Started

    Starting out, you find yourself in Pyre Keep. You’re free to explore the secrets of the keep or head out and start buiding in the world.

    As you play on the server and mesh into the community you’ll gain ever greater strength and power to help you face the challenges that lie ahead. You can explore the servers dungeons, search for secrets, win glory, and make friends!

    Player vs Environment

    The countryside is great for those who want to build and mine without being attacked by other players. There are beasties and dangers, but the other players aren’t among them!

    Player vs Player

    If you’re interested in going head to head with the server’s other players, you’ll find yourself in the Wilds!

    Land Protection & Griefing

    If you don’t like the idea of your builds being harmed, you’ll want to join or found a town. There’s safety in numbers, and a town safegaurds your possessions.

    Griefing isn’t even possible in the cities or safe areas, but open world griefing is perfectly welcome. A good rule of thumb is that anywhere you can build, you can grief. And anywhere someone else can build, they’re allowed to grief. The proper builds of players are protected within towns.

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    [1.16.3] CygnusCraft Survival Server


    CygnusCraft is a dedicated 24/7 survival server started January 1st of 2019. Since then, empires, alliances, and talented players have come and gone. Make your place in the server’s history!


  • Freedom of speech
  • Hard mode difficulty
  • Default Minecraft world size (30 million by 30 million blocks)
  • Ramped up mob spawning to supply mob farms
  • Building/griefing anywhere
  • Unintrusive premium anti-cheat
  • No map resets
  • AFK farms allowed
  • Building/griefing anywhere
  • Explorable player builds/ruins
  • Rules

  • The creation of machines directly targeted at crippling TPS and/or server performance is not allowed.
  • Disrupting economies by duping or other game-breaking methods is a bannable offense. 0-tick farms have been disabled.
  • Third-party/hacked clients giving the player an unfair advantage over others (x-ray, ESP, etc.) will result in a one-week ban.
  • Doxing others is an instant permanent ban.
  • Our Discord ⇒

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    FoxCraft – Survival and Creative!

    Welcome to FoxCraft! We are a small server with a community of players who play in our survival or our creative servers! We are family friendly and griefing is not allowed. KeepInventory is on and PvP is off unless in pvp warps.

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    FoxShot Realistic Creative Server

    FoxShot Realistic Creative Server.

    Themes: Military, City, Trains, Aircraft, Ships, Houses, Infrastructure, etc.

    We are looking for realistic builders!
    I’ve built in single-player for a lot of my projects, but building on a server with a whole community would be a lot more fun. You can learn new things and make friends so I invite you to come! We have an entire world dedicated to building ships, trains and aircraft.
    If interested in being a builder, please read signs at /warp plot

    A Trial is where you will take a building test of making a house based on a picture to become builder. Go to /warp plot and read the holograms for more info.

    world download:
    Ban Appeals: send me a private message w/ reason of ban and why should we unban you

    Check out below to view projects from our server!

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