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💎Java Anarchy 1.16.3 💎

♥️Hard difficulty, but is it a problem for anarchy server? ♥️

♦ Pretty new, spawn is only lightly griefed ♦

✅No cracked accounts✅

🎺Absolutely no rule breaking! Wait what? It’s an anarchy, there are no rules to break!🎺

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Hey TNT-wars fans,

We are happy to announce the rebirth of

We are currently in recruitment phase as we prepare for a soft opening to the public.

We are looking for experienced Moderators, Builders, and Developers.

Applicants need apply @ . You can find the applications under the “More” drop down menu.

Also for those that remember the original server, you may remember that beyond the tnt-wars mini game we also had Missile wars. This game mode is also back, and an exciting new take on a great game mode new to TNT-wars in the near future. Weather you are new to TNT-wars or not please apply if you are interested, enjoy and remember to invite your friends to our discord to keep up dated!

We hope to see you there.

Admin Staff

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[1.16 READY!] CollierCraft | Enhanced Survival Experience

Colliercraft is back, with of course many twists in game-play.
CollierCraft aims at creating the most unique, modded minecraft environment you can be in, without using any mods at all.

Normal Features:

Player Features
Voter Features

This feature list is not complete. More will be added in the future.


Q: What is vein miner and how do i use it?
A: Vein miner is a feature based off the forge mod, vein miner. It allows you to do things like break all connected ores, and stuff like that. It requires you to have the tool for the block, an example would be pickaxes for stone. And then you can shift to activate it.
If it does not work please make sure you voted for the server and that /vm toggle is on.

NO ASKING FOR OP OR RANKS. You will be banned immediately.
No Greifing
Cursing is allowed, but please do not spread hate toward users using it.
No Bullying other players.
No using modified clients to gain a better advantage, or at all
Optifine and optimization modifications are allowed.

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NotSoBad Vanilla Survival (17+)

NotSoBad is a vanilla, PvE survival server set on hard mode. We strive to keep a clean and fun community for everyone to enjoy. Only the best membership applications get accepted by us. We pride ourselves on remaining as vanilla as possible. No teleportation, no commands, no game changing additions to the game play. Just a simple, raw Minecraft experience on a highly active server who’s map has been carefully chosen.

Working together as a community, making towns and helping one another is something we cherish. If you’re looking for an attempt to mimic Hermitcraft or Mindcrack this isn’t it. We are bigger and better than those servers and have a large mature, grief free player base that is active at all hours of the day. Our players login from across the world to join in our community.

We are professionally maintained, and we’re constantly making improvements to the infrastructure of the server so that the only thing you have to do is enjoy the game like it was meant to be played. To ensure this our professional and friendly staff utilize a robust set of tools to ensure that no one steals, no one cheats. Our robust block logging allows us to make sure that grief will not ruin your time on our server.

NotSoBad uses a greylist which means that anyone can login, but only those that have had their application accepted may build!

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Welcome to Gibbscraft Survival Multi-Player.
Gibbscraft is a classic survival server, we use well established plugins to keep things running smoothly, so you can enjoy survival care-free with other players.

Important stuff:

  • Teleport and sethome
  • Dedicated Server with Intel I7 64 GB RAM.
  • Strong connection worldwide
  • All languages allowed
  • Random Teleport Function
  • Better sleep
  • Trading-based economy. Fully vanilla chest shop and player trading.
  • Diverse, friendly and social community of regular players from all around the world
  • How to join the latest SMP world:
    New maps are created every season, and the previous map is playable anytime

    Gibbscraft should have something for both newbies and veterans to enjoy, so give it a try!

    Chat Community Fun Legit Old Other Plotme Plots Plotworld Pvp Rserver Small Smallcommunity Social Socialize Spigot Survival Vanillasurvival

    RServer | Chat | Survival, Plots, Brutal Survival | 1.13! (supports up to 1.15)

    RServer – Small server with Survival, Plots, Brutal Survival, and a friendly community that loves to chat.

    The server itself is on 1.13.2, but you can join from any version up to 1.15.2!

    Discord –

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    MagnaRisa SMP

    MagnaRisa is a unique survival server that focuses on building.
    Greylist system
    Custom spawn
    Frequent events
    Great community!
    Dedicated staff team!
    No owner, community owned!


    Plugins: McMMO, MobArena, Quests, Jobs, Minigames and many more!

    Anarchy Building Community Economypvp Factionless Good Griefing Legit Pvp Raiding Sethome Spawn Stealing Survival Swearing Temples




  • Semi-Vanilla Minecraft
  • Semi-Anarchy & PVP
  • Raiding & Griefing
  • 3 Sethomes, TPA and Events
  • 1.8 Combat
  • Economy
  • Heads Plugin
  • Community
  • Temples

    MOOCRAFT Centres Around PVP And Legit Survival. We Have A Simple Spawn That Allows People To Easily Get To The PVP Quickly. We Have A 200K Border, So You Can Travel As Far Out As You Want To Ensure Your Base is Safe From Being Raided. No Factions Either, So Raiding is Just Like Vanilla Minecraft Raiding. Our Combat Is Also Version 1.8.


  • PVP is Allowed
  • Griefing is Allowed
  • Raiding is Allowed
  • Optifine is Allowed
  • All Hacked Clients And Mods Are Not Allowed. (Jail/Ban)
  • Spamming Is Not Allowed (Kick/Mute/Jail/Ban)
  • Overly Abusive Comments in Chat Are Not Allowed (Kick/Mute/Jail/Ban)
  • Advertising is Not Allowed (Instant Ban)
  • Use /Warp Rules For More Information.
    We Are Not Able To List Every Rule Possible, Please Use Common Sense Whilst Playing.


    We Have A MOOCRAFT DISCORD SERVER! Use This Link To Join It:


    We Have A MOOCRAFT TWITCH CHANNEL! Follow It Using This Link:



    Chrishew19 (Owner, Admin)
    27chandler (Owner, Admin)


    We Are Currently Hiring!

    If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Ask A Member Of Staff. Try Using “/Helpop (Message)” As It Helps Admins See Your Message. However, Moderators Can’t See This Message. Do Not Abuse This Command.


  • MOO-MART In-game Shop
  • PVP Castle
  • Public Enchantment Tables
  • Public Enderchests
  • Public Anvils
  • The Ability To Visit The Jailed
  • Vote Leaderboard
  • Hidden Nether Portal
  • AFK Pool
  • Boat Racing Course!
  • At Moocraft We Have Enough Facilities For Players To Both Live At Spawn Or Travel Away And Make A Hidden Base Of Operations. However, People Who Choose To Make Their Own Base Of Operations Will Have A Bigger Advantage Over Those Who Just Stay At Spawn.


    Events Do Take Place Randomly When Staff Decide To Host Them And Aren’t Scheduled To Start At Any Given Time.


    If You Find A Hidden Temple Built By Admins, You Shall Receive A TEMPLAR TITLE And Put Onto The Templar Board For Eternity!

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