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Xeras: Sci-fi Factions [Alpha]

Xeras: Sci-fi Factions [Alpha] Minecraft Server[ Mars-Inspired Factions on 1.19.4 ]
Free Doge-Coin for joining!
Well the description needed more words so I figured I’d ask ya’ll how you’re doing, let me know in the comments what’s good lol

Anarchy Danger Eset Huge Imple Island Islands Level Mcbe Paw Pvp Reset Space Survival Together

mcbeugspace Survival Anarchy Islands

A simple no-reset survival anarchy server with with a huge island spawn and smaller surrounding islands. Low pop, great for friends to play MC together, added level of danger, no frills. Good luck.

Ace Anarchy Anything Data Deal Friend Friendly Grief Hack Hardcore Pac Real Riendly Space Yone

The Real Server

A server where anyone can do anything, have fun, hack, do anarchy, grief, etc. it’s a friendly space

Classic Classic Minecraft Element Elements Factions Gameplay Heir Minecraft Game Minecraft Gameplay Minecraft Pvp Pac Pvp Space Theme Vanilla


NerionMc is a Minecraft Pvp-faction server with a space theme. In addition to classic Minecraft gameplay elements, players can build their own faction base

1.19.3 1.19.3 Server 300 Economy Ideas Limited Minecraft Build Mining Neo Plus Rading Share Space Survival Vanilla


Welcome to neon mining looking for new community to build share talk about assorts minecraft build new things create explore i’m running a 1.19.3 server with 2 friends of mine and wanting to start a community to see what’s going on in the world please don’t hesitate to share ideas .
i got limited space atm starting small i can host up to 300 players but setting at 20 due to a lot of work going on and upgrading plus waiting to updates and don’t want to build something people don’t want to use so please welcome to neoncraft .

Creative Elon Gon Hosting Lift Minecraft Mod Minecraft Modpack Modpack Normal Pack Resort Roleplay Snow Space Ves

Snow Space Minecraft

This server is not a normal Minecraft server. It is a server working with the Snow Space Minecraft modpack. This gives us the opportunity to build ski lifts and gondola lifts.

Snow Space Minecraft is a ski resort in the name of theandulino and davetobi.

Buy Clan Clans Game. Job Jobs Life. Pac Relax Space Survival Survival Minecraft Survival Minecraft Server Update Updated

RelaxLife Jobs – Buyer – Clans Updated SURVIVAL Enjoy Survival Minecraft Server

RelaxLife Jobs – Buyer – Clans Server Owner Updated SURVIVAL Enjoy Survival hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Ace Beast Combine Earth Earth Smp East Mom Pac Project Pvp Quest Space Survival Team Vanilla

Project Beast

This is A new type of Earth SMP combined with Questal Reborn.
here can you got to space & lots more …
Have loads of fun.
From the PlumoMC team

000 1.19.4 1000 Anarchy Border Chaos Eset Extreme Latin Monthly Reset Sol Space Survival Xtreme

No Space

No Space is a 1.19.4 Anarchy Server. The catch is that the world border is at an extremely small 1000×1000, isolating players in a small space to cause true chaos. The world file is also reset monthly to ensure its not completely unplayable ;).

Additional Difficult Extra Greg GregTech Horizon Maps Master Official Resource Resources Routine Space Survive Tech

GT New Horizons server Minecraft

This is a difficult server to both survive and develop. The main focus is on the GregTech 5 Unofficial mod, which additional mods help to master. For a variety of routine maps, there is a GalactiСraft mod that will allow you to go into space to extract more valuable resources.