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Booty Blaster’s In Space

  Booty Blasters in space is an Survival, open-world server with plenty to do whether it be solo or co-op. This community thrives off of Jolly cooperation and the passion of our staff. Booty Blasters In Space is the best place to meet new friends and relax after a long day of work or school. With plugins like marriage, grief prevention, casinos, and many more you’re sure to have a good time. We are ready to welcome you and help guide you on your journey to be the best booty blaster in the universe. So come join us and we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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The Basics – MC Server **BETA**

The Basics server is a place where you can be you and play with your friends and family. This is a new server with a small community. We keep the server at a max 10 players to prevent crazy chat spam and lag.

If you have a plugin that you would like added, you can ask Thunder and the community will vote.

That’s It!

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ViveSMP | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | Events | New

Need a new SMP server? We might be able to help you out. Here at ViveSMP we strive ourselves on the no land claim, the no pay2win and the vanilla aspects. We are whitelisted to keep a community active and alive rather than lots of random people. So need a server to play with your friends on? Or a server to build your giant farms and mega bases? We have you there. Our community is very welcoming and trustworthy. Sound like the place for you?

Apply at our discord:

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Couples Only Survival Server

Anyone can join, however, Couples that join to play together will be able to request protected land with WorldGuard to avoid grief!

If you have someone you want to play with just join with them and let an Admin know where you want protected land!

For anyone else, it will be pure survival.


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MCValley Hermitcraft | Whitelist | 1.16

Interested in Hermitcraft? Same. Here at MCValley we stride ourselves to be similar to the YouTube series, giant farms, mega bases, shopping district and all. We stick close to vanilla meaning no plot claims no /wild no added commands. We use very few datapacks (armour stands, player heads). We have a lovely, welcoming community that are all active players and work together in harmony. No Pay2Win

Apply at our discord:


How old is the server? 1 Month
How many active players? Varies from day to day, weekends are peak. Currently a lot are on holiday
Where is the server based? The server itself is in the UK, but our players are all international
How much lag is there? None we have our own personal developer who focuses on lag control
What is the size limit for farm? As big as you can make it
Can I work with my friend? Of course
I don’t have discord? We only accept people who have discord because it prevents griefers and hackers joining over and over, in addition it means trades and communication can all be done over discord with ease
How long does it take to get accepted? With low staff count it could vary, Usually instantly – 1 hour.
Can I buy in game perks? We do accept donations, however the rewards are purely cosmetic. No pay2Win

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