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The Optimum SMP

The Optimum SMP [1.19.2] [Fabric Modded]
The Optimum SMP (TOS) is a small community Minecraft server that we wish to grow.The server is centred around the create mod, an amazing mod for automation and machinery in Minecraft.Currently we are a small server but really want to grow into an amazing server with many people.If you are interested in joining our amazing server please join below at:

Create Createmod Mekanism Modded Smp Survival Twilightforest

[Modded] Femboy Paradise [Create] [Mekanism] [Knight Quest] [And More!+]

Mods included:


Create addons

Twilight Forest

Blue Skies

CC: Tweaked


Aquaculture 2

Biomes o plenty

Brutal Bosses

Bygone Nether




Alex’s mobs

Mowzies mobs

Unusual End


Voice chat

Yung’s Structures

And Many more

Only rules are don’t steal from other peoples chest.

Download at

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Hardcore Supernatural

This is a MODDED 1.18.2 fabric server, you must get the modpack before playing which you can find in the discord! 🙂
relatively new and small server! Come if you want to join a more tightly nit communitity. When you die in this server, you will be banned for 6 hours!

The modpack contains:

Bewitchment, Bewitchment Plus, and Besmirchment 2 so you can curse your enemies with the additional ability to ride broomsticks!

Requiem to cheat death and possess mobs!

Hex Casting which allows you to… program with magic?? A very cool mod that resembles Psi (Psi is not in this modpack, psi is a mod where you program your own “spells”)

Archon to allow you to make your own magical artifacts

True Darkness and hardcore torches make the night so much more dangerous!

Create to allow you to bring out your inner engineer

Origins, Apocalypse, Libra, Improved Bedrockean, and Extra Classes to really make you feel unique!

Antique Atlas to traverse the world

Arcanus, to bring back that Electrobob’s Wizardy feel, with premade spells if Hex Casting is becoming too big of a headache or too resource-consuming.

BetterEnd and Better Nether to spice up these new dimensions, now featuring: More Danger!

Charter, a new mod in beta. Subject your “friends” to magical contracts to make sure they never betray you! Also allows you to claim land in an immersive factions-like way.

Literally, do surgery on yourself and others live with the Chest Cavity mod; ever wanted to rip out a villager’s heart as they run from you in horror?

Contains a bunch more, play a single player world or join the Hardcore Supernatural SMP!


Minecraft Server:

118server Community Create Createmod Economy Fabric Friendly Homes Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Modded Nowhitelist Shop Survival Technology Trains

Unknown Modded Create Smp

A Server centered around the create mod. We create a server for the create mod with the idea of community.

The only thing needed to join is the required mods:

Also don’t forget we have a discord:


1. Be respectful: this applies to everyone. Be kind and just try your best to be friendly.

2. Don’t Cheat: This includes hacks, baritone, or any other method of
getting a advantage in the game most other players don’t have.

3. Don’t lag the server: The only way this server can work if everyone
agrees not to lag the server. The create mod is amazing and fun but try
to keep any builds lag free.

this may include kill switches, minimizing bigger machines, or even just
warning people (and admins) that your trying something that may lag the

4. Don’t Break, Destroy, or Grief other peoples stuff.

5. lgbt friendly

6. Have fun and remember that this is a game.

Alexmob Create Createmod Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Iceandfire Minenautica Smp Subnautica Subnauticraft Survival

Subnauticraft – Create mod|Subnautica|Ice and fire|alex mob server

Subnauticraft is a modded 1.16.5 minecraft server we run, open to whitelisted people. We wanted to mix the limitless possibilities of minecraft and the treacherous ambiance of Subnautica.

👉 ====WHAT ARE THE MODS?====👈
We use multiple mods to do so
-> A custom datapack we made to increase water depth and drastically change the terrain generation
-> Ice and fire and alex mob to bring tons of new creatures, bosses and dangers
-> Create mod for endless more possibilities of crafting and designs
-> and a few more to bring more subnautica like experience

👉 ====AND….CAN I JOIN?====👈
You are free to apply, we’ll make sure to review your application quickly and see if you fit the community. Make sure you read the rules before you do so

Community Createmod Modded Pve Pvesurvival Survival


Welcome to Kryeit:
-The server is on Beta, so it’s common that not everything goes as planned.
-Dificulty: hard.
-Its a Forge server (1.18.2).
-Installing Create Mod (v 0.4.1 ) is a must do, otherwise you won’t be able to join.
-Gamemode survival.
-PvP is off.
-There is a protection plugin so you can play relaxed.
-JEI is optional but recommended.


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Are you tired of SMPs with toxic players and a HORRIBLE looking world? Are you tired of bland ol’ vanilla Minecraft? Well then try MECHANICRAFT! Mechanicraft is a private, whitelisted server filled to the brim with a variety of modifications and data packs. Here, we test the very limits of what Minecraft could do! With a fully vanilla Hermitcraft-Style economy system, the sky is your only limit (More like y=312 tho lol)! Build epic bases, shops, and farms, all in a mad scramble to become the richest! Participate in server government, and maybe even become mayor!

Application Form: