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Tokkie Network

Are you ready for an epic Minecraft adventure? Look no further! Our server, running on version 1.19.3, is packed with exciting datapacks that offer a better world generation experience. Expect to find bigger villages and randomly generated buildings scattered throughout the world. But that’s not all, the Nether has been revamped with cool new structures to loot and explore. And if you’re feeling brave, venture to the End where you’ll find massive buildings to raid for treasure. And don’t forget to bring your sense of humor, because there’s bound to be some pun-ishing jokes along the way. So what are you waiting for? Join our server now, it’s bound to be a-maze-ingg!

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Complex Survival PvP 1.19.X | No Mods Required

Tired of boring factions servers, with 50 man teams, completely broken and overpowered items, stupid mechanics and p2w?

To put it shortly, your gameplay experience here will be all fun, no
bullshit. The biggest team you can make 2 man teams. You are free to
raid anyone, if you can overcome their defenses (either use explosives
like in rust, or spend a looong time mining their house).

We also added a few twists to your normal survival experience, there are
around 10 new weapon sidegrades (so nothing more op than vanilla, just
different strengths and weaknesses).

Collectable baubles that you can either get from mobs or craft that will
give you nice permanent buffs without being completely broken.

We also make the vanilla survival experience a little harder, the map
has a few zones, each with it’s advantages and disadvantages (for
example the snow zone requires managing your temperature and so does the
desert one but it may have better loot…). You also have to drink to
stay alive (don’t worry you don’t have to drink every 20 minutes)

And all this is done in a single, seamless world including the nether
and the end different areas have different resources, and you will have
to explore to get them. Additionally everything exists physically, there
are no enderchest or vaults or anything, you will have to fight or
outsmart your opponents if you want to keep your stuff.

Finally we are not fond of cheese mechanics and thus we have patched
most of them, no afk farms, no boring stuff. Just pure action and fun.

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SMPHome – Revived!

Welcome to SMPHome – Revived!
A revived project from a once thriving server, turned into a ghost town.
This is a public factions server taking place on a 1:1500 full-scale earth map!
Become allies with neighboring countries, or start a full scale war!
The server supports Java/Bedrock crossplay! (Bedrock Server)
Join our New Discord Server!
Welcome back home!

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Endless Realm | 1.18.X | SMP | 150+ Custom Weapons | Custom Biomes | Free Pet | Land Claim | Discord | Voice Chat | Custom Food |

Endless Realm

Hi there!

Welcome to Endless Realms! Our server is ultimately centered on community and activity. As the owner of this server, I strive for a great SMP and Discord community, where we all are active as if we are all long-time friends. We also voice chat for games outside of Minecraft, whether to talk or play drawing games like Gartic phone. As long as you’re friendly, mature, and interesting; come and join! We’ll love to see you!

With that aside, in our Minecraft server, we have the following:

  • 200+ Custom Weapons and Food: Every weapon and food have a unique texture, with varying abilities and skills!
  • A Custom Magic Wand: Craft a wand that follows survival progression, unlocking new skills and powers!
  • Custom Terrain Generator: Bored of Vanilla? Join a vast custom world, filled with colorful forests and giant forests!
  • A Customizable Pet: A Petblock for all players! Customize their skin with over 1000s to choose from and remember to name!
  • Land Claims: Claim land and be able to buy, sell and rent them!
  • Custom Titles: Show off your Custom Rank!
  • Discord: Our Minecraft and Discord chat and voice chat are connected, so there’s never a moment of silence.
  • Silkspawner: Be able to mine Spawners!
  • Custom Mobs: Found in our Custom Terrain for those we want to test their powers!
  • Graves: Died? No worries, having a craftable grave token will save your items!
  • Economy: Auctions, Admin Shops, Player Shops, Lotteries!
  • Magic Compass: Hate memorizing commands? Now with this magic compass, access all commands you need without memorizing them! Click and done.
  • Why all these features? Because vanilla eventually becomes stale after a while, these features help allow the server to add some additional gameplay and grind. Ultimately, most of these are not necessary as we have 2 worlds. One for those who enjoy an untouched vanilla world for casual players. And another, made for Custom terrain, inhabited by Custom Mobs for those who want the grind. But these worlds have cross-play; accessible and habitable by any players.

    I hope those who read this far join our community, because you already seem like a wonderful individual if you did. If I still didn’t convince, regardless, I hope you have a great day!

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    LunaSkyblock | 1.17.1 | Custom Mobs | Custom Bossfights | Custom Gear | Dungeons

    LunaSkyblock | 1.17.1 | Custom Mobs | Custom Bossfights | Custom Gear | Dungeons Minecraft Server

    Server IP:

    Lunacraft Skyblock is a brand new Skyblock server just entering our open beta phase. We’re looking to shake up the Skyblock genre by throwing in tons of custom mobs, bosses, weapons, skills, abilities and more.

    We’ve spent a countless number of hours putting together a completely new experience that we hope players will love.

    Custom Mobs

    Our world is filled with custom mobs like you’ve never seen in vanilla Minecraft before.
    You’ll have to check your client version to remind yourself you aren’t playing on a modded server.
    Breathtaking Boss Fights

    Face challenging PVE boss fights alongside everyone on the server. Stand
    strong against an array of deadly skills and claim the boss crate as a reward for your victory.
    Massive, Handcrafted Dungeons

    We currently have 4 dungeons, each with their own theme, biome and set of
    challenging custom mobs. Each floor increases in difficulty, and yields better and better rewards.
    Custom Weapons, Tools & Armor

    Conquer LunaSkyblock’s bosses, or dive deep into the dungeon to collect unique
    armor sets and weapons, each with their own statistics, custom appearances, and active abilities.
    Your Home In The Sky

    After a long day of dungeon diving and boss slaying, retire to your island and use your spoils to turn your mound of flying dirt into a booming economic empire. Employ droids to work for you, even while you are offline.

    Now is a great time to join our community. During this 30 day beta phase, we are making critical decisions that will shape our server forever. We’re inviting you to come be a part of our development process and help create a server that you can call home.

    Join us today using IP:

    Custom Customitems Customweapons Dragons Kindgomcraft Kingdoms Kings Magic Magicspells Minecraft Mythicmobs Nature Prince Princess Queens Roleplay Rpg Survival

    Arkham Smp

    -=-=-=-Arkham SMP Rp -=-=-=-
    A world of Magic and adventure!
    -Custom mobs and magic
    – Kingdoms and economy
    – Amazing scenic map
    – Friendly community
    – Roleplay and Arcs & opportunity to show Your inner mage
    – Dragons and Dire wolves
    – Medieval feel and adventures to face with your friends or alone

    – Completely VANILLA

    – 1.16.5

    Anti Antigrief Bosses Bounties Bounty Bountyhunter Customweapons Dungeons Economy Heroes Mythicmobs Pve Pvp Roleplay Rpg Shops Survival Towny Vanilla

    Feudal Fables | RPG | Towny | Heroes | Roleplay [Via Versions]

    Join our discord!:

    Enter the realm of Ainoh…

    Here, players begin their journey in one of three nations, working within a town to scale the class tree and elevate their status in the realm. Players start as a peasant and have the ability to work their way up a unique class tree which limits their armor and weapons, but also grants powerful specialized skills. Warriors, Rogues, Healers, Mages, and Rangers- find your meta and conquer our growing number of custom mobs and bosses. Once players are strong enough, they can band together to raid other towns for spoils. Be careful making enemies though, as all towns are PVP and you are never safe from raiders.

    This server is mainly survival based, most players will spend their time roleplaying in their town as they grow their team and develop their town. We have chest shops for players to establish shops in towns, as well as a global auction house which can be accessed via merchants at certain locations. For PVE and eco focused players, there is an alternate class tree available giving the player great utilities and advantages.

    Welcome to Feudal Fables! We cant wait to expand this story with you!

    1v1duels Auctionhouse Chestshop Claiming Claims Customenchantments Customenchants Customhats Custommobs Customweapon Customweapons Econ Economy Economysurvival Events Jobsreborn Keepinventory Mcmmo Mypet Pet Pvp Pvparena Quests Semivanillasmp Skyblock Survival Survivalmultiplayer Towns Towny Townysurvival Townysurvivaleconomy

    Lunacraft Network 1.17.1 | Towny | Skyblock | Custom Worlds | Custom Bosses | Custom Gear | Custom Enchantments


    Utilizing a brand new town plugin that is 100x more user friendly than what you are used to, become part of our amazing community by joining one of many player-made towns, or start a new one with you or your friends. We’ve even made solo-play totally viable. Play how you want.

    Lunacraft features a custom skill system that rewards you for your dedication. Level up your fighting, mining farming and foraging skills and earn attribute increases like increased health, luck, saturation and more.

    Take part in a thriving balanced economy. Browse player listings on the auction house, or take a shot at selling your own items. For the true entrepeneurs, create chest shops and even set up your own warps so players can find your goods easily.

    Craft your own god kit with over 100 custom enchantments. Consider Lunacraft your new custom enchant playground.

    Experience a whole new world filled with custom structures, terrain and biomes. A truely next level survival experience.

    In a world full of custom mobs, gear enchants and more, the last thing you want is to worry about getting ganked. Our server is entirely PVE, with the exception of the nether for those that wish to put their gear to the test. Keep Inventory is on in all worlds as well, but careful, you lose durability and hunger

    Fight other players in the nether and claim their heads as your trophy.

    The staff team listens to everything the community has to say and we take all feedback very seriously. If you join our discord, you’ll see that some MAJOR decisions have been made solely because of a community vote. We don’t make major game-changing decisions without running a poll first. So if you want to be part of a living breathing community, that values your input you’ve found the right place.


    After a very successful and informative beta, the Skyblock server is down for improvements! It’ll relaunch in the coming weeks.

    What are you waiting for?

    Come join the Lunacraft community today!

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    Jolt [Advanced Survival]

    Jolt is a server made by Team Jolt, and is the official server of the twitch streamer Jacobtest.
    Our server is an advanced survival. It has Custom Mobs, Items, Weapons (like guns) and more!
    Its like modded but you don’t need to install any mods!
    Our Server is still a work in progress but it is open to everyone and we would love suggestions on where to take it.
    (We also have paintball and our maps are TF2 maps and thats pretty cool)
    Join to become apart of our community.

    Aestethic Amberstone Auctionhouse Bernstein Citybuild Customenchants Customitems Custommobs Customore Customtools Customweapons Dinosaurs Discord Discordsrv Economy English Epic Events Games Gaming German Holograms Holographicdisplays Minigames Multilanguage Multiverse Music Noagerestriction Plots Plotsquared Polite Portals Riendly Rules Schweiz Social Survival Trustpilot Vanilla Youtube

    NEW; Bernstein English / CityBuild / Creative World / Custom Items on Vanilla via Resource Pack/ Multi game Hosting Community

    Hello fellow Gamers, we opened the Server a while ago private and are slowly getting ready to introduce ourselves!

    We are a Discord Community called Amberstone and are hosting multiple games servers with 180 Discord Members,

    and here we are, Minecraft Bernstein – The German word to not misslead with the Resource pack Amberstone which has nothing to do with us!

    When i am already speaking about Resourcepacks, We recommend you to enable the Resource pack on the Server to see all the Custom items from ItemsAdder which are over 420+ items, furnances and blocks without any mods, you can just hop in on Vanilla 1.15.2 with Server resourcepack and the Magic happened! They come even with crafting recipes and Ores!

    ((If the Textures failed to load use /iatexture it reloads the Server resourcepack ))

    We also want to make our own Items in the near future but also are having alot of work in the other games which we are hosting so we are still looking for Staff Members in Minecraft and other games ((Only if you know what you are doing and keep the Rules))



    ———————Work in Progress ————-

    Server IP:




    We don’t have any Age restriction but you have to be respectful in language –

    No Sexuel Content, stay polite and do not Spam/advertise other Servers, Support is via Discord reachable.

    No Griefing, unless in the Farmworlds,

    No Scamming, use the Auction House via command /ah

    No Hacking or bug/dupe abusing

    Note that Moderators and Admins always have the last word in decisions

    I will continue Update here and we are working on a Proper ad Banner! come and play with us, leave suggestions in the Discord, thanks to DiscordSRV we can even cross share messages

    Hope to see you soon! 🙂