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TFP Semi-Anarchy

The Furry Project is a Semi-Anarchy server
You are free to do whatever you want however there is one rule, unlike a traditional Anarchy server cheating/exploiting will result in a ban

It is not an An anarchy server, unlike Anarchy our server has a few basic rules the main one being no cheating/hacked clients. alongside common respect and ethical treatment towards other players AKA common sense, as of right now griefing and raiding is allowed, but OPTIONAL I like to give the players the freedom to do what they want to do, and it is stated throughout the spawn area that it is highly recommended to build far away from spawn to prevent being raided in the first place.
We also have some plugins to assist players such as /sethome /home and a spawn.

We believe this is the way that notch intended Minecraft to be played

The server is fairly popular at all hours of the day, with an average of 15 online at once, so join up and form an alliance or go it alone, build a base and fight to be the most powerful person on the server.


We also have a discord to stay connected,

Brasil Brasileiro Furries Furry Furryfandom Furryfriendly Furryminecraft Furryserver Roleplay Survival

Brasil FurCraft

O maior servidor Furry Brasileiro! Venha se divertir com outros furries!!

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Freedogs is a new server focused on freedom of the player. Meaning you have the freedom to speak as you wish within our rules. Swearing and any discussion that is non sexual is allowed, do note that we do not allow targeted harassment. Please act SMART and MATURE.

Despite this being a Furry-centric community, anyone is allowed to play on our server, regardless of affiliation and background.

Currently our server is staffed by a small group of well trusted friends but we’re open to others playing and enjoying our server.
We have various plugins such as grief prevention using claim blocks, MCMMO, and a small skyblock plugin that you can play with your friends on! Keep Inventory is enabled by default. /back, /nick or /nickname is also permitted.

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The Backspace

Hi! We are The Backspace..

Hi, we are the backspace, a (kinda) anarchy server where you will be fucked with by people while you try and survive on the island. You can build whatever you’d like, we just don’t have a claim plugin, so be wary.

Why we are unique?:
-NO TOXIC STAFF (Don’t wanna be fucked with? Alrighty, just ask politely)
-WARPS (You can get a warp to your town or community mine, trading station, etc.. just ask a owner!)
-There’s more, but I don’t wanna seem like we pride ourselves on being unique, we pride ourselves on a community, which is small, but very cool! Join the server to see for yourself!

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Cult of Nozo.kuma3

Welcome to the Cult of Nozo.kuma3! We are a furry modded minecraft server that welcomes all furs only! You have to join our discord server to get the mods in order to prevent trolls;


1. Keep the server friendly and work with everyone; don’t create a depressing atmosphere or just don’t be a bad person effectively.
2. No griefing; we backup the world every 2 hours so there isn’t really any point to grief the server.
3. No harassment.
4. No racism, sexism, or any discrimination of the sort.
5. Common sense please
6. No item-generators which cause lag;
7. Be a furry.

Only Punishment for breaking the rules: IP-ban.

We can choose to whitelist the server at any time. You NEED a discord to play on this server.

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Furadise Survival a dedicated PVE server

Furadise Survival

is a 16+ Rated Minecraft Survival involving mainly the furry community.

(16+ meaning swearing is fine)

a spin off of

owned by KuraiSkrap and Joshtiger.

this server will likely be smaller but
with a harder survival focus

Villager trading is disabled to avoid mending

mobgreifing is on

Keepinventory is off

there is no /back

Difficulty is set to hard

there is no /fly for anyone but staff

its currently new and in BETA

we are working out some kinks, and setting things up

but i figured id post this early.

invite your friends

and after a hour of gameplay they can /ref yourname

to give both of you 5 diamonds, to reward you for growing this new server

aswell as 10 bonus diamonds for inviting 5 users

and 20 bonus diamonds at 10 invited users

Economy Friendly Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Fun Furries Furry Furryfandom Furryserver Shops Survival

Lovesgrove Minecraft Community!

We are a small community of mostly furry/lgbt Minecraft players who want to be ourselves and play the game. We have a dedicated team of staff who’s goal is to make the experience of playing on Lovesgrove the best it can be! Right now all we have is survival with some nice plugins, but we’re going to be adding so much more in the coming weeks! So please, come on in and join our friendly community today! <3

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Minecraft RP Furry Server

Kawaii Gang live

My Minecraft teacher was a cute swedish furry doggy who explained to me how to use my computer to play games and check my email. She wanted me to think that I had invented Minecraft. She was very furry and very goofy.

She was also nice enough to tell me how to mine the Nether and become a happy miner (do you know how long it takes to mine a block? How long does it take to make blocks? Haha this was priceless) and I went to school everyday, fascinated by how I could be the very best miner in the world. I eventually left school and organized a secret group named “Furries in the Nether” with the goal of helping other furs learn to mine properly.

Everything in my life would be impossible without my favorite swedish furry doggo. She’s so sweet!

Furries teaching Steve how to play Minecraft properly.

Furries are really nice and are misunderstood for a lot of reasons. But sometimes the world is cruel and just needs to make an example of a poor furry. One way it is treating furries is by putting down our furry friends. For example, we hear stories of furry fans being harassed or being fired or banned from a convention, and we’ve noticed that people of other religions and races have had similar experiences. I am sure these stories are heartbreaking and we would never want to do anything to bring on more problems in the furry community, but let’s be honest; it doesn’t help when furry fans start trying to tell us we are lying about what a furry is.

Happy Minecraft furry after teaching the art of Minecraft.

My best friend is also a furry and she has very big breasts. I told her I like big girls and she says she doesn’t care about her breasts. I asked her what kind of girl she wanted to be and she said she was a pupper. I guess they aren’t too long and they’re really perky or something.

One day I will get enough courage to ask her out and say it in front of the class, but not right now. Right now I just want to study, sit, and stand, and wait for my chance. Maybe I can study and also work at the same time, like one would work at a store. Some small tidbit of Minecraft PvP knowledge is good enough to have while you wait.

Kawaii Gang live
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Furadise Hidden Islands a Dedicated PVE/Creative Server!

Furadise Hidden Islands is a Rated T Minecraft Survival/Creative server involving mainly the furry community, but with plenty of non furrys who generally co exist in peace. owned by KuraiSkrap and Joshtiger.
we have 2 worlds/gameplay styles currently
a PVE non competitive survival world, friendly community
and a new creative world with plotsquared, using 64×64 plots with up to 8 unlocked by timed ranks!

our discord unlocks after 1h of gameplay to avoid trolls

Want to Support the server?

join our discord and contact KuraiSkrap

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Minecraft Hentai Furry Server

Kawaii Gang live

Playing Minecraft with furries was an interesting experience to say the least, but the most interesting part of the server that I felt the most comfortable talking about was how it changed the way we viewed sex in the real world. Instead of just seeing a naked woman in a room full of people, we were suddenly exposed to the idea of a hot, naked, fur-covered, animal-filled, hairy, muscular, and sexual man who could take orders from a cute little furry with a nice set of perky nips, pink hair and a pair of blue eyes.

Girl with pink furry skin relaxing on a pink bed crafted in Minecraft.

In no time topic seemed to dissolve into the real world in the next few minutes. My friend knew I was not a furry so the second I took off my mask, my friend and I began talking casually about food to make it clear that we were friends first.

Nobody cared who I was in until I took off my mask from my girl skin in Minecraft.

The conversation quickly moved into something that I can only imagine to be an attempt at a casual hook-up and I was immediately whisked off into the nearest bar without even having to say a single word, though it was obvious that neither of us were ready for that. It is possible to be totally unaware of the furries around you when you’re in the company of a fur  person, that’s why they are a taboo group in society.

Bear the bartender serving the finest negative calorie water for Minewind players.

What’s the harm? They are just furry .  They love animals and are a group that will probably grow to the point where they will take over our world (at least if they continue what they do now and continue having a place in the media ) 

A couple of days ago, I had a friend who was in a relationship with a woman and she had met a girl to talk to her about a relationship issue. This girl got out of the car, took a seat next to the boyfriend and proceeded to start crying. It could be seen as a bit uncomfortable to be sitting next to the boyfriend when a cute and adorable girl is crying in pain and he doesn’t even notice.  

When I asked her what was wrong with her, she said to me something like, “I just can’t deal with this man anymore. I’m no longer interested in him and I’m going away with this girl and it makes me sad”.

Kawaii Gang live

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