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Night Craft: 24/7 Survival 1.16.3 *New*

Hello! If you are looking for a casual survival server with an active community looking for more members you have come to the right place!

Server started est. Beginning of October 2020.

We do have Region Claim and an Economy with other simple commands to help you out!

Our Discord Info is

” rel=”ugc nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Creative Haven

If you like the high quality banner, you’ll love this high quality server! Welcome to The Creative Haven Minecraft Server! This server is a creative plot server with several custom features like economy, cosmetics, large plots, crates, utilities, inventory minigames, leaderboards, and more! This Server is not only for people to build and have fun if they choose, it is also the making of a competitive building server to promote builders!

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Are you ready for the best SURVIVAL experience in 2020?
Come join us, in a place where everyone belongs.

We are very community-driven and are always developing great new events and ideas to better YOUR experience!

Join us, see what we have to offer – you wont regret it!


116server 116world Activecommunity Activestaff Astrocraft Creative Creativeserver Creativeworld Mature Normalworld

[1.16] AstroCraft Creative – Normal World – GriefDefender – DynMap – Active Community – 16+

There’s currently two ranks, Default, and Trusted.

Trusted has access to WorldEdit with a 10k block limit – To be raised as necessary. You gain this rank when we deem you trustworthy.

Feel free to join us on

OR Discord

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Novadia: Back to Basics – [1.16 Snapshots, No Plug-ins]

About Novadia:

Novadia is a no plug-in server that is geared towards creating an engaging vanilla Minecraft world with a vibrant community.

The server just recently updated to the 1.16 snapshots and we are currently playing on1.16 Pre-Release 2 with plans to continue updating to every subsequent snapshot and eventually the pre-releases as they become available. Additionally, Novadia features a brand new map with little to no progress by any of our players.

The server is centered around a social PvE dynamic, but PvP is still encouraged and always enabled. We encourage players to live in close proximity to each other, forming towns, and creating alies. There are no ranks on Novadia. All players are treated as equals, and everyone is meant to feel included.

Novadia seeks to capture everything that makes Minecraft great at it is core, and we hope that you will join our community.


  • Respect all players
  • No griefing or stealing from chests
  • No game altering mods or hacks
  • About Novadia:

  • 1.16 Pre-Release 2
  • Player shops
  • PvP always enabled
  • Hard difficulty
  • Periodic resets for End Cities
  • No plug-ins
  • IP:
  • Categories
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    WonderCraft – Survival Slimefun 1.15.2

    Welcome to Wondercraft, a magical place of limitless possibilities and endless fun for you to enjoy!

    Here at Wondercraft, we are a community driven, Slimefun-based SMP server suited for every type of player you could think of. Here, you can build anything you want, venture wherever you want to go. Forge the strongest tools and weapons, engineer your own working Jet Pack, or swing amongst the trees with your very own grappling hook! Whether you’re interested in complex machinery, beautiful architecture or becoming the richest, most successful mineman on the server, we have the facilities to make your dreams come true! It’s time to view the world of Minecraft in a whole new light.

    For the more experienced players looking for a challenge look no further…
    With our brand new HARDCORE server, even the most hardened Minecraft players will struggle here. With PVP enabled and no rules against griefing or raiding you will need to fight. Defend your base with traps, fend off any raiders and make sure to watch your back. Wondercraft Hardcore is a place where your skills are truly tested… Are YOU up for the challenge?

    With fresh and unique custom content not seen anywhere else and regular building competitions and giveaways offering the chance to win FREE RANKS and REAL CASH PRIZES, there is endless fun to be had. Come along and stay a while! Because this is the most significant SMP server, you’ll ever set foot in! Here at Wondercraft, the only limit is your imagination.

    Join us at
    See you soon!

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    Hermitcraft | MilkyMC [Whitelisted] (FAST APPLICATIONS) LGBT

    Welcome to MilkyMC,
    We are the oldest Hermicraft inspired server, who strives for quality and lag-free gameplay. We try to keep gameplay as straightforward as possible, meaning no in your face plugins. If you are a fan of hermitcraft, you’ll love our server. Or if you are looking for a laid back SMP experience, I highly recommend you check us out!

    Applications only take 30 seconds to complete :
    >>>>> CLICK HERE! <<<<<
  • ZERO lag, dedicated server.
  • No overly restrictive plugins, or mods.
  • A mature and creative community.
  • Active YouTubers and streamers.
  • Longest running hermitcraft inspired server.
  • ZERO pay to win donation perks, all cosmetic.
  • To apply for the whitelist, join our discord and follow the simple instructions. Go to: for more information!

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    RexKraft Survival | 1.15.2 | 100 Rankups | Player-Shops | Player-Warps | Discord | Battlepass | Quests | McMMO | Jobs

    Welcome to RexKraft!

    RexKraft is an tight-knit community that loves to welcome all new members and give each other a hand. We’re highly community oriented and value the opinions of our playerbase. We offer a lot to our community including donor items through our special in-game rank up system! We have listed and detailed some of our biggest features we have to offer!

    * Rank System – We have 100 ranks that can give you unique items, perks, and accessories that you can’t get any other way.
    * Player Shops – Open to the community to sell and trade with others in creative ways.
    * Quests – A unique way to get in-game money and rewards for completing tasks.
    * Special Hoppers – These can gather all of your crop or mob drops in a chunk.
    * Discord – An active community that allows our players to keep up with events, giveaways, and server updates.

    Other things we have to offer:
    * Grief Prevention
    * Creative Server
    * Tags
    * Player Vaults
    * Silk Touch Spawners
    * Disguises
    * Toggle PvP
    * Auction House / Auctions
    * Active Community & Staff

    RexKraft Contacts:
    Server IP:



    Academia Activecommunity Citylife Community Girl Girls Minecraftanarchy Smart Smug Survival Survival Games

    Very Smug, Smart Girls Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Minecraft Server where very smart girls play. Well, most smart girls.

    They don’t usually talk but it was interesting hearing about how some girls with smart guys aren’t that keen to go out with them that much.

    They just don’t find men with smarts interesting enough.

    Very smart, smug girl flips a finger in Minecraft

    I also wonder why girls don’t really go after other smart women. There is a reason for that since smart women are usually all too reluctant to spend enough cash on a boyfriend in order to move up in their field of endeavor.

    In other words, if you’re not smart about it, smart women are not the best. If not, then the fact you have an interest in this stuff won’t help anyway, right?

    I suppose you’re correct, in that smart women are not the best. It’s not like they want to date a guy who’s smarter than you, that’s obviously a mistake.

    But let’s talk about that. There’s a reason girls like smart guys so much and why they’re happy to get them into relationships.

    The reason your average girl is not so happy with smart males is because she knows that this guy will become that guy. Your average female will not date a guy with intelligence, which is why she has no interest in spending money on him.

    Kawaii Gang live
    1144x Active Activecommunity Allages Arena Community Communitybased Communitydriven Crates Dailyupdates Developed Discord Dropparties Events Fair Free Friendly Friendlycommunity Fun Giveaways Largemap Latestversion New Nicestaff Nolag Noworldborder Pve Pvp Ranks Sales Semivanilla Smp Spigot Spleef Staffneeded Staffwanted Sumo Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    I-Vanilla [1.8 – 1.15]

    1.8 – 1.15 (Native 1.14.4)

    You open your eyes; around you, a large fort constructed from well-aged oak and weathered stone. The spawn-point is bustling with activity. The world outside peeks through the grand gate in front of you. You wonder what glory awaits you therein.Welcome to the lands of I-Vanilla, a brand new Vanilla Minecraft experience full of wonderful additions and a great community from the attached, well established I-Network. Play with friends, survive in the wild, build structures and bases, and enjoy a classic vanilla experience.The world is yours on I-Vanilla!

    Join today by connecting to in Minecraft!

  • Top Vanilla Experience
  • Active Community
  • Daily updates
  • Friendly Staff
  • Never-ending map
  • Organized Ranks
  • Well-developed Crates
  • 1.7 PvP Mechanics
  • Fun games & Events
  • Our staff team works tirelessly in order to make sure everyone has a unique and fair experience here on I-Vanilla. We have many additions that make I-Vanilla a great & enjoyable server. The only thing missing – is you!


    Join our Discord for the latest updates to the network, communicating with other players, and entering future giveaways! Join here: Discord


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