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Revive Network

Hey everyone!

🧑‍🔧 Revive Network is a world class network with tons of action packed fun features!
We provide all the amenities necessary, with lots more to come soon!

What’s on our Network?:

⛏️ | A Vanilla Experience

🏅 | Fun Events

🫂 | Active Members

🤯 | Action packed network

😆 | Multiple enjoyable Servers to play on (Soon!)

👫 | Friendly Community

👮‍♂️ | Convivial Staff

Network Info:

👑 | Network IP –

📱 | Port – 25574 (For Bedrock)

💻 | A Seamless and Lag-Free Experience

💎 | Upcoming New Servers

📌 | Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (Latest Versions)

🎮 | Discord –

🚧 | Banner –

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Chillin’ SMP

Hello, and thank you very much for checking us out!

We are a Pixelmon: Reforged server. We noticed that a lot of other Pixelmon servers had one thing in common: They all would influence Pay to Win behavior. Here in Chillin’ SMP, we proudly say that you and other players won’t have to spend anything to get ahead! If we do add such an option, it would help the whole server at the time, rather than just the individual.

On Chillin’ SMP, we plan events, tournaments, and player Gyms for players to face! We still are making them and such, and are looking for more individuals who would like to provide a bit of a challenge! Or perhaps you would want to challenge them instead? In this world, it’s up to you, and we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Don’t forget to also join in on the discord! We’re pretty active there when we hang out!

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New Horizons Middle School [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.18} {Events} {International} {16+} {Hermitcraft-Like} {LGBTQ+ Friendly}

Welcome to New Horizons!

We are a semi-vanilla Minecraft server that focuses very much on our community. New Horizons started at the beginning of June. We are a community-oriented server with a love for the vanilla aspect of Minecraft.

We focus on bringing the players together with community events, contests, and even movie nights! We are an open and accepting community that strive for our players to feel safe and free of any harassment, trolling, or toxicity. We use a whitelist and application system to ensure that those joining are coming into a safe and friendly environment.

To get whitelisted you can join our Discord here! Please note that if you take care in writing your application answers you’ll have a bigger chance at getting whitelisted.

New Year, New Season!

In the new year of 2022 New Horizons is embarking on a new journey starting completely fresh with a brand new world! If you want to be part of this exciting new start from the moment it launches, now is your chance. Season 2 of New Horizons opens in 1.18 on the 7th of January 2022!

New Concept:

The New Horizons Server has always and will always be an SMP Server. We use Plugins to help enhance the player experience, however, nothing game-breaking ultimately making us a Semi-Vanilla server.

For the second season of our server we are adapting a completely new concept onto the SMP server.

The Overworld – There is a border surrounding the spawn point that has been set out on the server. We are currently building a main road together, that will lead west, towards the expansion. What’s the expansion? Well, the expansion is the direction in which the border will gradually expand west. The border will reveal more land to explore constantly!

The Nether – Will not be the main way of travel. There will be a few community portals, but the main way to get around will be the Overworld. Of course we do allow and encourage players to build in the Nether as well!

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Aventura is a fun friendly towny server for people 16+. We feature custom plugins, frequent updates, and free loot crates. We also have jobs, good builders, and an active community!

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[1.18.1] The Gaggle SMP | LGBTQ+ Friendly! | Community | Semi-Vanilla | MCMMO | Economy | Anti-Grief |

Welcome to the Gaggle SMP!

This is a brand-new survival experience centered around
everyone’s favorite less-than-friendly waterfowl; the almighty Goose


This server is running several QOL plugins to ensure the best
semi-vanilla survival experience possible; including

Sign shops
… and Many More!

Welcome to the Gaggle SMP, hope you don’t find yourself pecked!
See you there!


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Hello there stranger! I’m Fox, and I’m one out of the two owners of SphinxSMP. If you join our server you’ll end up in “#waiting-room”, where you might have to wait for a little. You’ll be asked four questions by a staff member;

1.) How old are you?
2.) Are you comfortable with voice chatting?
3.) Have you been banned from an SMP?
4.) This is a lore server, you’ll need to read the lore, will you do so?

After that you¨ll be sent to the channel called “#Guide-book” this channel will just tell you where to put your name to be whitelisted and a few other essentials.
And then you’re in! Welcome to Sphinx

  • The player base is mostly between 15-21.
  • Our staff team is amazing and fair
  • The Lore is rather free, but there are major events that will be announced
  • To join you’ll have to be able to use voice-chats
  • We’re a 100% LBGTQ+ friendly
  • Anyone is welcome; furries, cosplayers, grudges, extreme FNAF fans, and so on
  • Transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, and so on will not be tolerated on the server
    Welcome From the whole staff team to Sphinx!

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    Naxos smp new players welcome!

    Welcome to Naxos smp!

    We are a small friendly community of dedicated players, our goal is to achieve the greatest builds and projects before the end of each season!
    We are open to anyone and everyone!, 100% public and free to play, however we run our server mostly on donations, you can get donation ranks for a few in-game rewards such as a name tag of your rank!

    What we offer:
    An economy system to pay each other for goods
    Towny, a town creation plugin that offers features for players to create independent towns
    Deadchest, a plugin to make sure you don’t lose your gear when dying!

    please join our discord
    it will be greatly appreciated!

    We are currently looking for active players! for any questions please message the owner at Ikearmeatballs#0001

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    Evening Hills SMP

    It’s not about a bunch of plugins, it’s about a good, healthy, active community, and keeping things simple. That’s how we run things here. Come on in 🙂

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    HomesteadCraft [SMP] {Discord} {21+} {RPG} {Claims} {Dynmap}

    Welcome, Neighbors!


    HomesteadCraft is an RPG-inspired adult MC server with a vanilla-feel; think vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. In order to create a server with that old-school RPG feel, we use a few plugins, including:

    McMMO- A skill-leveling, perk-unlocking masterpiece! Such skills include Acrobatics, Archery, Unarmed, Excavation, Herbalism, Alchemy and many more.

    Acuteloot- Adds literally BILLIONS of unique named items. With billions of names, over 15 different special effects (check out the arrow-riding enderbow or the timewalker boots!), different particle effects and a rarity system, the combinations are practically limitless. Find AcuteLoot items in naturally-spawned chests or get lucky when enchanting to roll the dice!

    You’ll probably notice the health bars floating above mobs now, too. There’s also damage counters when you hit them.

    Outside of the RPG-inspired plugins, we also use a claims plugin. Since this is a grief-free server (see rules below), you can imagine this one helps prevent a LOT of things. With an easy-to-use GUI, you can set permissions to control who may or may not build, open chests, place lava, break blocks or even set an enter/exit message to display to visitors inside each of your claimed areas.

    We currently have a world border of 7k in each direction from spawn, making sure you’ll always have a place to build or explore, with future expansions planned for each major update.


    With an admin team that strives to assure constant 20TPS, and a friendly and helpful mod team, we try to build a close-knit community of friends from all over the world who just want to hangout with other adults and play some Minecraft. We have an active Discord community (with integration between game chat and Discord that lets you see what’s going on in either), where you can set up trades, talk to everyone else or share screenshots of your builds. There’s even a dedicated meme channel! As with the server, our Discord server is for adults only. Both are 18+ because we’re not interested in dealing with kid-related drama.


    Join us at

    We look forward to seeing you on the Homestead, Neighbor!


    As for our rules, we tried to keep them as simple and concise as possible;

    1: Don’t be a D!/k.
    2: 21+ only.
    3: Even as an adult-only server, please limit profanity in chat.
    4: Absolutely NO hateful or derogatory language will be tolerated. Full stop. If you have to ask if it counts, there’s a good chance it does.

    We are a friendly community and strive to be inclusive of ALL minecraft players. Moderation staff reserves the right to ban any of those found to be breaking core rules.

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    Cube Survival Multi-player [1.17.1 Java] – Regular Updates

    Cube Survival Multi-player!

    Why should you play at The Cube SMP? Simple, with a dedicated team and player base it is the most laid back and hassle-free experience on Minecraft!

    Bringing the old times to the current, Minecraft how it should be played. Join The Cube to experience the old-school feeling of Minecraft and a prodigious community feel as you work your way up in the server and become the richest of the rich!

    ● Invite your friends and watch your community grow. Choose to turn on or off PvP to spice things up. Look forward to frequent changes, upgrades and updates to always keep you on your blocks. Keep an eye out for our discord to get the first look on the behind the scenes and an open channel for suggestions or tips.

    ● Set new goals and limits with our vanilla game style so you can experience Minecrafts newest features with us! We look forward to building with you.

    The Cube SMP offers things such as;

    Toggle PvP,
    Central shop,
    Memories & a land claim, grief free experience.

    Join The Cube SMP today!