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Welcome to!

Twitter: @NeruxVace
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== The server ==

With over 2000 slots and a dedicated team, we offer gaming fun for everyone around the clock.
Thanks to our innovative private servers, every player has the
Possibility to create your own world with a variety of plugins
create. Also for PVP enthusiasts NeruxVace offers with Bedwars, FFA,
the unique Woolbattle and many other modes for variety!

== Our game modes ==


With a large selection of features and plugins, we give you the
Opportunity to set up your own server. Regardless of whether
own ranks, permissions or even entire own worlds, you and yours
There are no limits to the imagination. It is also possible for ours
current or former game modes in a private circle
to try and discover.


Bedwars is about destroying enemy teams’ beds and then eliminating them.
To have a little advantage here and make the rounds more exciting
design, there are various perks such as B. the “Instant TNT” which against
the opposing teams can be used. With a large map pool, various
team sizes, and the ability to start clan wars is for
Versatile rounds guaranteed.

embroidery duel / MLG-Rush /StickJump

In these modes, you must line up with your opponents
dueling This is either about the most broken down beds or
about who can last the longest. You can also do different
Choose kits and knockback levels.


In Clanwars training you can prepare yourself for upcoming clan wars
Prepare by competing against other players in different scenarios
starts. The scenarios cover all possible situations of a real one
clan wars, providing a perfect training environment for anyone
who is looking for a competitive challenge!


In Woolbattle it applies to all opponents with different items, which
work with wool, hit off the map and kill like that. Has
a team lost all lives, it’s out. The team which in the end
still standing, won. In battle, all teams can use different
Use perks to save yourself from the void or the opponents that
to make life difficult. With creative and abstract maps, diverse
Perks, and a fast-paced gameplay, offers Woolbattle
unique gaming experience.

Build-FFA / Knock-FFA /FFA

FFA means Free-For-All and is based on classic Kit PvP. Up to
30 players pounce on different kits with different kits
Maps in the fight to advance in the league system and the coveted
Earn rewards at the end of the season!
In FFA ist Teaming ein absolutes No-Go.


SkyPvP takes you to dizzying heights. On different islands
In a separate theme, players compete against each other in gripping battles
on. Join the battle and level up to get better kits and
Grab rewards and become the king of skypvp.
Tired of all the fighting? No problem! Build your own island or
explore the different farm islands and the mysteries of the mine.


The minigames offer a wide range of classic and also
experimental game modes, which come with unique features or
Game principles bring a whole new experience. Suitable for this
these game modes are perfect for fun rounds with friends.


== Conclusion ==

We hope that we were able to give you a first impression of our network!
Hopefully we can soon welcome you to our network as a new and active player.
If you have any questions or need help, please get in touch
to our support led by the team. All important addresses
you can find it at the top!

We look forward to seeing you and wish you lots of fun on!

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Lifesteal SMP Copy

Hi! This is a LIFESTEAL SMP server copy, made by my friends, Kyle052011 and JackAttack5751! In this server you go around how you normally would, but if you die by a player, you lose a PERMANENT heart! Enjoy!

18x Bank Bedwars Bungeecord Deutsch Development Economy German Germany Java Jobs Lgbtfriendly Minecraft Minigames Murder Pvp Servers Survival Towns Towny Vanilla War


New Survivalgeneration

Welcome to our survival server. Many hours of play with your friends await you here. We are very user friendly

Version 1.18.2




  • Jobsysteme
  • Improved Enemies
  • reward systems
  • Events
  • city ​​system
  • trade and monetary systems
  • Anti-Grief Systems
  • Open World
  • Vanilla
  • Freebuild
  • No in-game purchases
  • No age restriction

  • Categories
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    SheyWorld Survival

    – Access our site:
    – Join our Discord:
    ☆ Java/Bedrock Server – Original and Pirate
    ☆ Buy Apartments System
    ☆ Server is intended to have fun and make friends
    ☆ Clan system
    ☆ Terrain Protection
    ☆ Skill System (McMMO)
    ☆ Battle Pass
    ☆ Server with MiniGames, Football and ArenaPvP
    ☆ We have weddings on our Server
    ☆ Savings System
    ☆ Server on 1.18.1
    ☆ When entering the Server, give the command /help
    ✮ We have been active for over 1 year
    IP Java(1.16.5/1.17.1/1.18.1): IP:
    Bedrock IP(1.17.40 to 1.18.12): IP: Port: 10991

    Arcade Bedwars Blockparty Creative Dragonescape Hideandseek Kitpvp Minigames Monster Murder Skyblock Skywars Speedbuild Surivalgames Survival Survivalgames


    Zapraszam na 1.8-1.16.x jest częścią przyszłej sieci. Zaprojektowany z myślą o graczach. Zawsze stale dodajemy nowe pomysły, tryby, aby czerpać z nich wielka przyjemność. Więc każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie.

    – Kreatywne
    – DragonEscape
    – MiniGames
    (EpicPvP, MegaGames, SkyWars, BlockParty, HideAndSeek, BedWars, SpeedBuilders )
    – Survival
    – Skyblock

    Strona internetowa.

    Block Blockball Buildbattle Cube Epic Epicube Football Jeux Lucky Mini Minijeux Murder Other Pitchout Run Sumo Tntrun


    Serveur mini-jeu au menu – Meurtre – TNTrun – Meurtre – Pitchout – Blockball –
    Ici pas de cracké vous êtes servis par un staff compétant et à l’écoute présent dans la minute pour répondre à chaque problème possible et nous gérons aussi les tricheurs pour vous permettez une expérience de jeu optimale.

    Blockhunt Blockparty Buildbattle Building Creative Friendly Hideandseek Kitpvp Minigame Minigames Murder Murdermystery Mystery Other Skyblock Spleef Splegg Survival Villagedefense


    Welcome to Starlust!
    We’re a brand new exciting minigame server!

    We think you should join because of our smooth
    lag-free environment, innovative staff team, and
    professionally done minigames.

    Right now, we offer:
    • Murder Mystery
    • Splegg
    • Village Defense
    • Build Battle
    • Creative (Plots)
    • Vanilla Survival
    but we’re adding new games every few weeks!
    Games we plan to add soon include:
    Snake, Survival Games, Bedwars, Skywars, Parkour,
    Skyblock, Towny, and Prison!

    Our incredible staff team will help you with any
    issues you have, as they are trained to be interactive
    and very helpful!

    We hope to see you on Starlust!
    We guarantee you’ll LOVE it!

    Creative Custom Minigames Murder Other Plots Survival

    Foncused Network

    Foncused Network is a brand new custom minigames network which has been in development for many years and is currently initiating a public testing phase for its first playable minigame, an adaptation of “Murder”, the famous gamemode originally observed in Garry’s Mod.

    Since opening, two new servers have opened up. These are Creative plots and classic Survival with a few twists (skill-leveling, economy, ore exchange, PVP, crates, and more).

    During this phase we intend to recruit a few moderators to help us out as we continue to open up new features on the network.

    For more information, it is recommended that you visit our website and read this: