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OutLaw SMP

Here at OutLaw SMP we have recreated the smp experience and have dedicated a server for OG players to enjoy the semi vanilla survival experience and it will also be an inviting experience for new players to enjoy and create their own adventure here at OutLaw SMP!

Note: this server is not fully vanilla and has plugins

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Dream World [SkyBlock] [Need Staff]

Hello Planet Minecraft,

My name is Vkzo, I am the founder of Dream World SkyBlock. I want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about us and what we have to offer.
The server is currently running on 1.18.2 and we plan to keep it updated with the most current version of Java Minecraft. We want to create a balanced server that offers things like shops, custom-made spawners, and rank benefits ranging from free to play to donations. Referral system, events, quests, daily rewards, playtime bonuses, and much more. With that being said we will need time to develop our server. If you want to check us and stay in touch, there will be a link for the Discord down below.

Another big concern of ours before presenting our project Dream World is to bring in interested players to be a part of our staff. We will create a way that you can let us know privately if you are interested in being a part of the team. We want to build our ranks in hopes it will better our server in the future.

Thank you all for you cooperation and dedication, I personally hope to see you all online as soon as possible!


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OxygenMC is a unique and brand new Minecraft SMP server that focuses on providing quality and fun gameplay for everybody to enjoy. The server focuses on a player-driven economy with a lot of custom-made plugins & other features!

Newest feature: Dungeons! Earn amazing awards by fighting custom made mobs.

Learn more about OxygenMC by visiting our website or you can go ahead and join our Discord server for more information!


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NebulaCraft – Season 3 & 1/2 ¦ 20w14infinite; Vanilla; SMP


We’re a Minecraft Java server with a great community and lots of plugins to make the perfect experience! As well as this we pride ourselves on our unique custom generation that makes the game far more interesting… We would love to see you here.

– Plenty of QOL Datapacks to keep the vanilla experience.
– A cheap store to support us and get amazing rewards!
– Lots of giveaways at regular goals.
– A friendly, growing community with nearly 300 people.
– Quality hardware to hold many people without any lag!
– 2,147,483,645 new dimensions!

Server Info:
Server Address:

Season 1:
Start – 4th March 2021
End – 9th June 2021

Season 2:
Start – 26th June 2021
End – 21st July 2021

Season 3:
Start – 26th July 2021
End – 22nd October 2021
Season 3.5:
Start – 6th November 2021

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Huntah Herd Network


  • Survival – Put Your Survival Skills to the test with our custom SMP Server

  • Skyblock – CUSTOM Skyblock included | Bitcoin | Minions | Custom Islands | GUI SHOPS | + MORE
  • Player Server – Players Can Now Own There Own Server Attached To Our HUB and fully customize it and have players join

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    NickySMP | Active Staff | Towny | Slimefun! | SMP | Noob Friendly | Consensual PVP Only

    NickySMP is a Survival Multiplayer server for friends to hop on and explore the world and slimefun! We offer in-game /rankup ranks as well as a player-based economy. We are a noob friendly server with LWC, and rules against griefing and stealing, we also have many moderator tools to revert and damage caused by griefers. Our spawn is not quite finished but we are working on it! We are looking for active moderators as well as builders. If you want to check us out join with the ip “”, or join the discord at

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    CamelotCraft Reforged

    Welcome to CamelotCraft we are rebuilding the wheel of time series, witch is made up of 16 books and a movie in the making, as we grow we are looking for staff and builders to help us along our way,

    We are Looking for gifted staff to help us get out of the alpha stage on our latest project

    we use the version 1.12.2 forge server with #conquest reforged mods to help us get the detail and as close to the books as we can get while giveing it a touch of epicness that only Camelotcraft can, with insaine terrain and epic builds that will give you a feeling of stepping back into time and into a world of magic and wonder, we aim to be a massive rpg complete with quest and pvp fights that make you keep coming back for more,

    feel free to join our youtube channel and discord

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    -Eldercraft- [Semi-Vanilla]{Whitelisted}{Hermitcraft}{18+}

    Hello! My name is SPOOSER or Spencerwon21. I have recently started a semi-vanilla server that is somewhat like the Hermitcraft server, not too far off from Vanilla but with a few tweaks, mainly to be more like the Hermitcraft server from Youtube. I’m looking for people who will be active and are willing to help build a strong community block by block!

    There is a limit to how many people can join the server, so act fast!

    There are a few rules:

  • Don’t grief or steal, obviously.
  • Don’t be rude or condescending, we really need less of that in the world. We are accepting of all kinds of people.
  • Don’t build on or near the Trading District (Mushroom Island) unless you have paid the requisite diamonds and stated your coordinates.
  • Don’t use other people’s farms without their stated permission.
  • Please let me or someone know if you plan to take a week or so off from the server, we’re trying to build an active community of people from all walks of life.
  • You must have and be willing to use Discord, voice chat, or not.
  • You must be 18+ to play on this server.
  • I hope to see you on the server! If you have any questions at all about the server please leave a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

    In order to be Whitelisted, please fill out this application and I’ll let you know if you can join! 🙂


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    The Island

    A new Factions and Kitpvp server! We are hiring staff and giving away free rank to whoever joins within the first week! Come check it out and have fun!

    I don’t really have much else to add to this thing lol but i worked on this for a while so join and apply for staff and be staff on a minecraft server and yeyeyeyeyyyeyeyeyeyeyyeywheeeeeeeeeee

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    Dark Purple — IP:

    Hello and welcome to Dark Purple!


    Here at Dark Purple, we strive to make sure every player is satisfied with the content we put out. Currently we only offer survival, but we plan on expanding to additional gamemodes for our players to enjoy soon!

    We value each of our players so in order to ensure everyone is happy we have a dedicated staff team to help moderate, develop, and build for our server! We are currently accepting new applications so if you are interested feel free to apply on our linked website.

    Our server currently supports Minecraft 1.15.2 and offers a lot of content for our players to enjoy. From crates to ranks with awesome perks to use, to pvp arenas, our server has something for everyone to enjoy while playing survival. We pride ourselves on the community we’ve grown and we’d love to have you join us!

    We hope to see you around and thank you in advance if you vote for our server!

    Join our Discord server at:

    – The Dark Purple Staff Team