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Country craft

welcome to Country craft here the world will progress through ages. you can create country’s allow people to join those country’s and start wars alliances and trade between country’s build your kingdoms and travel around on man made ships and use magic and god items to slay foes take their heads and store them in backpacks oh and you can sit down

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Berry Realms Survival

Hello welcome to BerryRealms we hope you decide to play on our server and become an active memeber of our community, We are a new server just opening its gates for the 1st time after beeing setup for the past month. We are a Survival focused server with alot of features but not taking away from the core Survial aspect of the game. Here are some of our features.

• PVP | A large ancient gladiator themed PVP arena, contains lots of open space for players to fight.

• Commands, perks, and cosmetic shop | Players can spend their in-game currency to purchase permissions to advance their gameplay; as well as purchasing cosmetics like /Hat.

• Quests | Players can complete several different types of tasks such as Mining, Crafting, Mob killing and more to earn rewards.

• Terrain Generation | Beautiful randomly generated terrain for players to explore.

• Grief Prevention | Players can claim land with a golden shovel, to protect it from griefers. Players earn claim blocks whilst they’re

• Pouches | Purchase pouches for a chance to win big!

• Sell GUI | An easy to use sell system, insert all the items you want to sell and it’ll total how much it’s worth, and confirm to sell.

• Bank | Withdraw XP, withdraw money, access your enderchest and backpack.

• Backpack | Store items in your backpack. You can upgrade your backpack from 1 to 6 rows, and buy perks to further improve it.

• Custom Enchants | Upgrade your tools, weaponry, and armor with exciting custom enchants. Also, there’s a custom shop to purchase books, dust, scrolls etc.

• Settings | There are 3 types of settings menu: Personal menu (/settings), player menu – for staff to use which will affect another player (/settings player ), and server – which affects the whole server.

• Auction House | Sell and buy items from the auction house.

• Elevators | Easy to create and use elevators to quickly teleport up and down floors.

• Trade | Players can safely trade each other via a GUI. Players can trade blocks, items, and money.

• Temporary Fly | Players can purchase temporary fly. Donators are entitled to discounted prices.

• Markets | Players can rent a market stall to create shops.

And Much Much More..

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# FloofHub
# A server made by you!

– Crossplatform support: Simultaneously play on java, while your friends are on bedrock! Link your account to synchronize your Java and Bedrock items, and you can play while on the go!
– Crossversion support: from 1.8 to 1.17!

– Custom survival experience with McMMO, Backpacks, Land claiming, death gravestones and more!

– A creative plot world with plots sized 90×62 and 2 plots per person.
– Set custom flags/settings for your individual plots for example weather and gamemodes!

– BuildBattle is available with 2 maps that you can choose to play on!
– A SkyWars experience like on Hypixel, play on many maps up to come!
– Bedwars and possibly even more coming soon!

IP Address:
– Java:
– Bedrock: (port 25123)
– This server ad is in yaml format. For some reason.

– W.I.P (Not finished yet!)
– If you still wanna check it out,

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『 vibe central smp 』٩(˘◡˘)۶ 1.17[.1] – weekly giveaways !

we’re on 1.17.1! but, you can join from mc 1.9 and newer (new 1.17 blocks and mobs will be substituted for your game)

about us
community based – open world survival – immersive features – creative with worldedit – parkour courses – not p2w – friendly – lagless – 1.8 pvp

vibe central is a server with a personality. packed with custom-made plugins and features, we deliver a familiar yet unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. we cater a friendly community of people who love mc, and are always happy to see new members around!

our staff genuinely care about players and love to see others thriving in the community


our main attraction is our survival, which features no-grief, season-based survival with economy, fun quests and challenges, player markets, personal & community waypoints, mob heads, utility /fly for builds or travelling, particle trails/wings, and a ton more awesome stuff

our survival has been super fine tuned with immersive enhancements that just feel right; play with extra game sounds, block & entity visualizers, and more with no mods or resource packs needed!

in addition to our main survival mode, we offer a shared creative world made of designated plots of building space use unlimited worldedit for easy creation of large structures, and other tools made to bring your ideas to life without hassle. get more plots as needed, and build whatever you’d like

need a break from the core modes? we also have plenty of custom built parkour courses with timed leaderboards, a kit pvp arena with pvp streaks and other fun additions, a classic spleef arena, and more

our promise

our goal and promise is to provide an ever-evolving, polished and fine tuned safe space for people and players of all kinds. we are dedicated to giving players the best multiplayer experience possible without any annoying disruptions or unfair advantages, period.

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NotNot Twitch SMP [1.17] ❤️ [ – Survival- ] ❤️ | Claim Land 🛕 | McMMO 🛡️ | Twitch Integration 🎒 | Amazing Community ❤️

NotNot is a modern 1.17 SMP with Twitch integration.
On NotNot you will have a lag-free, fair square Survival Experience. Our cutting edge plug-ins make X-Raying impossible.

Here you can claim Lands, create entire cities and have optional wars with other Lands.
Trade with other players, increase your abilities and play with your favorite Streamers!

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SoulcoreMC – SEASON 2

SoulcoreMC Prison SEASON 2

We offer a wide variety of features including Gangs, Auto-Mining, Backpacks, Pets, Charms, Custom Enchants & Much more you can explore by joining today!

Some of the content we offer:

– Gangs
– Auto-Miner
– Backpacks
– 40+ Pets

– Payouts
– Player Owned Shops
– Unique Enchants
– Unlimited Prestiging
– Pickaxe Charms
– Pickaxe Perks
– Item Forging
– Multipliers
– Mystery Boxes
– Multiplier Stash
– Fortune Teller

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BloofMC – Adult Survival – Bloof.XYZ

Worlds Never Reset!

When there’s an update, we simply expand the world border!

This is a Builder-Friendly Adult Server designed for long-term gameplay.
Join for a simple yet feature-rich experience on the most dependable server you can find.

No need to Vote/Donate to become powerful on the server.

Server Location: Ashburn VA, USA
99.9% Up-Time – Online 24/7 Since June 25th, 2020
Official Contact: Discord


BloofMC SkyBlock Server
BloofMC Creative Server

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[EU] Adventure – Avaloncs.gorup

Hello Minecraft players,
We would like to introduce you our server comunity named Avaloncs.
We are international comunity with Headquarters in central Europe.
We run Minecraft servers but we also run other game servers NoMoreRoomInHell, Fistful of Frags, Smokin’ Guns, Hurtworld,..

You propably asking what you can expect from our minecraft community?
Its simple.
We have [EU] Adventure – server

where you’ll find: server translation (/lang) , 2 residences(200×200), custom generated worlds, bosses and bloodmoon, free fly in residence, shop, deco heads, jobs, teleport, unique spawners, backpacks, pvp, weather voting, auction house and other interesting features.

Visit our:

We look forward to your visit and we hope that you’ll be satisfied with our servers and our Admin Team. (Staff recruitment contact me on discord: Secret Sn0w#3682)

Best regards your Avaloncs team.

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Shanti Tribe

Shanti Tribe is a social experience in the form of a Java Minecraft server with some plugins.

The goal is to provide an audiovisual gathering space for open-minded players inside a persistent co-operative survival world.

The plugins are chosen and configured to expand upon vanilla gameplay without interfering with it, all changes to vanilla gameplay are documented in the media gallery here, on our homepage and in Discord.

We have some basic rules, and the administration reserves the right to take any in-game action needed to safeguard the peace in the community and protect the security of the server.

1. Be fair
2. Be polite
3. Use the proximity voice chat
4. No stealing
5. No griefing
6. No hacking/cheating

Registering in our discord channel is required to be able to connect to the server:

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✨ TheLifeMC ✨ (Economy/Survival – Industrialize – Upgradable Spawners – Custom Enchantments – Quests – Jobs



TheLifeMC is a survival server focused on bringing a unique aspect to Minecraft survival while still maintaining the usual Minecraft feel. Work your way through 1,000 ranks while earning special perks, items, and permissions all while leveling up special skills and abilities. What are you waiting for? Join us now!