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PermMC KitPvP

PermMC Is A KitPvP Server compatible with 1.8 To 1.16 (1.8 Recommended For Best PvP)
– Crates
– Playervaults
– Kits
– Voting
– Leveling System
– 1.8 to 1.16
– Duels
– All Crates Add up to 100%

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ZedarMC 1.8+ to 1.16+ – Best Skyblock & PVP experience!

ZedarMC Network 1.8+ – 1.16+ (Full Release Soon)

We are currently in pre-server release testing if anyone wants to give a server a go! I will be sure to post images of the server if anybody is interested.

What do we offer?

– Best Skyblock experience with so many features!

– KitPVP with customized kits and more!

– The perfect 1v1 duels that you need!

– Seeking for Staff/Youtuber/Twitch streamers to get their own rank!

– Friendly Staff

– Skywars in beta!

Discord ->

Server IP ->

1v1 Applyforstuff Cracked Creative Free Kitpvp Login Pvp Stuff Wtf


Hello I am owner of the HottacoCraft!
– KitPvP
– Creative
Applying for staff:
Send me pictures of your builds, or build on server.
Discord: trava#6307
Hope you enjoy playing on our server!
HottacoCraft community <3 Server version: 1.9.x – 1.16.x

1v1 Bedwars Buildbattle Bungeenetwork Duels Factions Hub Network Skyblock Skypvp

Goldy Network [1.8.X] Factions SkyBlock SkyPvP Bedwars BuildBattle

Balkan minecraft server Factions, SkyPvP, SkyBlock, Bedwars & BuildBattle

1163server 116server 1v1 2b2t Anarchy Anarchysurvival Pvp Raiding Survival

Lawless Land | Anarchy | No Rules | 1.16.3

Lawless land stays true to its name: lawless. You play how you want to play, without fear of moderation!

  • IP:
  • Version 1.16.3
  • Discord:
  • General server info:
    – The world border is 1 million, nether world border 1/8 of that (125k)
    – Hacking is allowed, nothing is bannable
    – Server running with dedicated CPU cores, US server location
    – We plan to stick around for a while, no resets, no rollbacks

    You’re a person who can handle even the toughest of situations, and nothing coming at you can stop you from what you want to achieve. Lawless Land is just that, Minecraft with no hurdles. Whether you want to war, PvP, or settle off far away to build a base, the choice is yours on Lawless Land.

  • There are no rules
  • I, the owner, will be involved with only keeping the server online, and will keep my hands off everything
  • Unfiltered chat, not for the faint-hearted
  • 100% community-managed
  • Blatant hack modules like fast fly are patched/blocked, but nothing will get you banned on Lawless Land. Over time the anti-cheat will be made more lenient to allow a wide range of mods while still keeping server integrity intact.

    Join now at

    1v1 Creativeplots Hungergames Kitpvp Survival


    BorgarCraft is an Icelandic server that has kitPvP, survivalPvP, a creativeplotworld, hunger games and more to come. join our discord

    1v1 Anarchy Bedwars Ceptive Civcraft Civilization Creative Creativeplus Hyneo Launch Plus Server Skyblock Skywars Surivival

    HyNeo Network

    «HyNeo Network» – Minecraft server with a high-quality implementation of game modes,
    monthly tops, interesting quests,
    lack of strong emphasis on donating for players,
    loving to compete, create and have fun with friends.

    ■ IP:
    ■ IP:
    ■ IP:

    – Skins work for everyone!
    – Versions 1.12 / 1.13 / 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 +
    – All plugins and modes were coded by ourselves ^_^
    – Focus on quality
    – Unique perks, suffixes and collections
    – Everyone will find a mode to their liking
    – Monthly tops and daily tasks
    – Good anti-cheat
    – Responsive moderation
    – No lags, freezes!


    ▶ SURVIVAL ◀
    ✦ Survival with privates, pets, clans, Splif Arena,
    ✦ parkour, music, auto mine and shop.
    ✦ Only here you can ride a real steam locomotive!

    ▶ ANARCHY ◀
    ✦ Do you like griefing? Steal? Kill?
    ✦ This mode is for you! Lack of power, lawlessness
    ✦ Everyone is trying to survive, a game without rules!
    ✦ Build huge bases, unite into clans
    ✦ Become the greatest griefer on the server!

    ▶ CREATIVE + ◀
    ✦ Unique server development!
    ✦ This is your world – build anything
    ✦ Invite your friends and build together
    ✦ World rating system
    ✦ Create your own mini-games right on the server!

    ✦ Only here you can run vanilla servers.
    ✦ Play Captive – Achievement Mode.
    ✦ Play SkyBlock – the most basic and vanilla skyblock.

    ▶ CivCraft ◀
    ✦ Build your own civilization!
    ✦ Become a leader and take the victory.
    ✦ New weapons, craft.
    ✦ Buildings are built automatically.
    ✦ Fight new mobs.
    ✦ Wartime. You can kill and grief.

    ▶ PVP ◀
    ✦ Improve your PvP skill!
    ✦ Duels, UHC, Sumo, Parkour and more
    ✦ Statistics of murders and deaths
    ✦ Grab the top of this mode!

    ▶ BEDWARS ◀
    ✦ Awesome economy
    ✦ Variety of cards
    ✦ Unique items
    ✦ Whales and perks for everyone!

    ▶ SKYWARS ◀
    ✦ SOLO, TEAM and LUCKY modes
    ✦ Upgrade perks and whales for everyone
    ✦ Try your luck in Lucky Mode with Lucky Blocks!
    ✦ Cases for played matches
    ✦ Really unique maps!
    ✦ Heavenly sendings – what’s inside?
    ✦ The sooner you start, you will find out faster!

    ✪ When registering, they give free cases, from which donation can fall! You can also get free cases every day – /vote

    ★★★ CHEAP DONAT ★★★
    You can buy it on the official server website ->

    116server 1v1 Claim Plugins Pve Pvp Semivanilla Server Survival Unitedkingdom Vanilla

    B-Town Bois 2

    Hi there,
    We are a UK based server (Manchester) i5 16gb
    Starting with a fresh map and lots of plugins!
    Tpa, money, land claim, dynmap, ranks and many more!

    There is additional utility added to the spawn area for players such as:
    Trading room, Shulker viewer, Pirates chance (a non pay-to-win based prize RNG machine), Holy shrine (a custom 15 min haste 2 potion)

    We would appreciate cool people to play with who werent interested in ruining others experience.

    Server IP:
    Spawn video:

    Thankyou for reading and we hope to see you play :))

    116server 1v1 Amazing America Anarchy Awesome Bestserver Community Dunder Enchants English Free Ic2 Iconomy Infected Infinity Islands Items Leigt Minecraft Multiplayer Multiverse Nolag Nopay2win Noranks Quest Quests Quick Ranks Semivanilla Server Small Smp Smplive Spigot Surivival Survival Survivalpvp Swedish Vanilla

    Survival ffa —-

    A brand NEW 1.16.1 Survival Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server
    The server is a BRAND NEW 1.16.1 Survival Server, with the sole purpose of providing an simple and easy way to play the original game with friends. The Game as it is provides endless enjoyment and content for all players alike so why not play together. What are you waiting for? Join us!
    ──── Getting Started ────
    Version: 1.16.1
    Family Friendly
    ──── Features ────
    • Player 2 player teleport
    • Home teleports
    • Weekly giveaways
    • Stronger & more mobs
    • Balanced Economy
    • Player Shops

    18pvp 1v1 Arenapvp Bedwars Events Kitpvp Minigames Oldcombat Pvp

    Loserbesm PVP

    Hi! This is a BRAND NEW PVP server where you can fight in 1.8.9, OR even 1.16.1! We have many different kits and warps that you can go to. Come over and join in on the fun!

    NEW minigame: BEDWARS!

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