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welcome to my jurassicraft server the other jurassicraft servers offline then play mine! message me @horselon[email protected] for me too turn on the server don’t spam! mods: backpacks 1.10.2 – 3.5.5.jar1.36 MB
BiomesOPlenty-1.10.2- MB
if_1.10.2- kB
JurassiCraft-2.1.3-Fix.jar14.49 MB
llibrary-1.7.7-1.10.2.jar version 1.10.2

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EquinoxSMP (Origins)

Equinox SMP is a highly modded survival server with 21 custom origins to choose from. We stray from the basic vanilla experience with the inclusion of biome mods, such as BYG and Better End. Players are also able to form lasting bonds with fellow players with our included faction mod.

We are a small but friendly team of operators with the desire to bring an enjoyable gaming experience to your lives. We offer support with the installation of our server resources on our Discord server and are here to invite you to our humble server with open arms.

Discord link:

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L’ Cana SMP (modded smp)

´╗┐THIS IS THE L’ CANA SMP! I am a youtuber so i do everything for content! I NEED EXCITEMENT SO BE READY FOR THAT! A server with the origins mod! It also has 3 other mods that more origins that make the game more fun! I have spent a lot of time to get the mods to work so I hope you enjoy it! I have a YouTube channel so i make content on the server. pls sub to my YouTube it would be appreciated. I need more words here so don’t mine mere e e e e e e e e e e e e eel e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

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Goofy Billy’s Silly Little Server

Goofy Billy’s Silly Little Minecraft Server is a modded minecraft forge server.

  • This server uses my own custom modpack with mods like creeper overhaul, Farmer’s Delight, and Croptopia. The modpack has over 40 active mods adding over 500 new items to make farming more fun. On the server we have Sharestones set up at all the major bases and the moderators houses. This makes for easy transportation to different biomes and to get assistance. If you join the server during the months of June or July then you get 3 free items.
    Again, the Modpack is called Goofy Billy’s Silly Little Mod Pack
    We use curseforge, game version 1.18.2
    The server IP Address is our discord server is here for help and more information
    Here’s a link to the modpack on curseforge
    I’m available most hours of the day and my other admin and moderators can help you. Getting the mods and launching takes less then 10 minutes the first time! After that launch takes about 2 minutes. We hold votes almost every week to get player input on new mods or mods to remove. If you become a donor (over $5) you can pick a mod for us to add or get a shulker box full of food, tools, and other utilities from the gobber mod! (Like rings that can teleport, and staffs that can shoot arrows with deadly accuracy)
    When you join the server you will be in adventure mode, then you join the discord server and put your in game username in the whitelist channel and we’ll switch you over to survival. Hope to see you there! (edited)

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    Enhancement SMP

    Join discord to apply for sever max of 20 people.

    IMPORTANT: make Shure you have all the mods listed in the main sever if you get accepted.

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    unnamed modded

    Welcome to the unnamed modded server where we uh are a server where currently we are going through all versions trying new mods with every time we change to have a different experience instead of having the ol’ we use the same mod every time so we get to explore new mods that come out and random mods here so join if u want to try new mods out or find some new ones

    Adult Hard Modded Moddedsurvival Other Survival Vault Vaulthunters Whitelisted

    Fries and Vaults, new world and mods

    Welcome hunters!

    Brand new server, no Vaults opened! Its a modded server with the official vault hunters pack and additional but small personal tweaks. I have alot of respect for Iskall and his Team which made this alternative minecraft experience. Looking forward on playing this along side others who are interested or want to try something new. Its a private whitelisted server but I would love to see a community develop so join our discord and lets play!

    Press here for our Discord server

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    Halista RPG

    Halista RPG is a Fabric 1.18.1 modded server. It takes inspiration from Zelda Breath of the Wild and Monsterhunters. It has a Vanilla+ type gameplay, only adding some more world generation mods and some player mechanics that give the world a more immersive game.


    There are many rewards for being active, you are given bonuses and special access to some events that people not as active cant join.

    If you have any questions about the server, join the discord and I can answer them there


    I am hiring devs to help out in developing the game, also request for that in the discord, will be looking at all applications.

    Minecraftsmp Moddedsurvival Survival

    MV SMP

    A Server With Nice Survival Plugins Which Includes TPA, Home , Grief Protection, Crates and much more, And to Join The Port Is Required And Have Fun Playing The Server Don’t Forget To Vote Too! Players With Cracked Minecraft Can Play As Well

    Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Survival

    Gato’s World

    Hi! I’ve made an SMP that has mods like voice chat, and new ores. I won’t be on for a while after posting this, so act quick!

    To enter the server, you’ll need to install Forge 1.17.1 (37.0.109) and these mods, and only the files presented to you at the top of the page.

    Have fun!