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Slimepixel is an Towny/Adventure server based in medieval times! Fair and fun experience and has a dev team to create content for days to come! So far we have a great community with some aspiring builders seeking to take over lands in peace or in war.

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Cascade Craft

Cascade Craft is a Towny Survival Server with a friendly community! Separate worlds for Towny War and Towny Peaceful. 2 Earth Maps! Plugins Include mcMMO, Towny, Jobs Reborn, and many more! Join our Discord for the most up-to-date information!

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Towny Reborn

Towny Reborn is a newly created 1.18.2 survival server with a semi-vanilla RPG experience!
Claim your land using Towny and invite your friends to create thriving cities and nations.
Sell basic materials with a command and earn money through Jobs, then trade it away at Player made shops!
Rank-up using in-game money to earn new perks and boosts.

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Sleeping Forest {PVP} {SMP} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {1.16.5}

Sleeping Forest is your go-to Premium Survival/Economy Minecraft Server. We currently offer a single game mode with a multitude of additions that allow for a very creative and fun experience for everyone, no matter what it is you are looking for.

Sleeping Forest {PVP} {SMP} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {1.16.5} Minecraft Server

Server IP:
Server Version: Java 1.16.5

Sleeping Forest is a server for everyone. Want to PvP? We have just the PvP Arena for you. Don’t want to PvP? We have a built-in PvP Toggling system so you can build and feel safe. Want to rule the economy with an Iron Fist? We have an auction house with your name on it.

Do any of those things sound fun? Well, why are you sitting here still reading? Get in here! You can’t be the best of this world from the outside!!! And if all of those things aren’t enough for you, here is a bunch more that you can jump right in and do:

Earn money with a balanced Economy setup! Don’t just sell things to a store, trade things with your friends instead, with our unique Trading system or our built-in Auction House!

Farm Crops, place blocks, or destroy it all using special tools like Harvester Hoes, Trench Pickaxes, and Build Wands!

Run a town with your friends: Become the Mayor of a Town/Nation, or join and help expand an existing community! Are you going to be a benevolent ruler? Or will you make your subject bow upon logging in?

Increase your McMMO power level to unlock special abilities! Do you want diamonds to drop from sheer dirt? Hey, do we have a feature for you!

Other Prominent Features:

– Towny
– Player Shops
– Jobs
– Economy
– End-Game Raid Bosses for you to tackle with your friends (Not for the faint of heart or weak-willed)
– Tiered Mob system
– Over 200 Custom Enchantments
– Marriage Feature with Special Commands and Perks!
– Status indicator for fully grown crops
– Stackable spawner system
– Weekly giveaways and contest
– Custom Textured (and highly valuable) tools and weapons
– an integrated Ticket system in our Community Discord for easy reporting of bugs/glitches/or player reports.

**Please make sure to have Auto-Resource Pack download Enabled prior to joining**

***We are currently looking for active members who would like a chance at a Staff Position. If you feel that you would be a good fit, please head over to our Discord, and into the channel marked ‘Staff Application’ for more information or contact the admins and they would be happy to assist you further.***

Rules for our Server:

Full server/Discord rules can be found on our Discord.

Sleeping Forest MC Social Media:

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Welcome to ClickyMC. A 1.17.1 semi-vanilla Minecraft multiplayer server.


ClickyMC is a survival multiplayer server. Work was started towards the month of September 2021. It was ready for release in the early month of October 2021. We released wanting to create a wonderful community, that we can all enjoy. With how the world is, we wanted the server to be a place where you can put that behind you, even if it’s temporarily. We do strive to be a non-toxic, and friendly server. We will not tolerate toxicity, discrimination, or anything that is straight up rude.

If you’re interested in trying out ClickyMC, even if it’s just once, or you stay and play for months/years to come, please read on.

What can you expect to see when playing on ClickyMC?

– No toxic or rude players. If you see someone as such, notify staff immediately and they’ll deal with it on the spot.

– McMMO. Level up your everyday minecraft task for skills and bonuses.

– Resource Worlds. Gather resources in a easy and server-friendly way with our resource worlds. These worlds reset EVERY MONTH on the first.

– Playtime Ranks. By playing, you rack up playtime, money and mcmmo power. All of which can be used to purchase and unlock ranks. These ranks grant rewards and perks.

– Player Shops. Create playershops to sell a nd buy goods while you are offline/online. Or even buy from other player player’s shops.

– Player Warps. Use in-game money to purchase a playerwarp(s). This allows players on the server to teleport to your location of choice. Usually a farm or shop.

– Land Claming. Claim your land easily to prevent grief and theft. Couldn’t afford to claim your build/land and it was griefed? Contact staff to get your items back and or to repair your griefed area/build.

– PVP. By default, pvp for yourself is disabled. Therefore no one can kill you. Though, if you want to get a little pvp action, you may toggle pvp to be able to pvp others, as long as they got pvp enabled too!

– AND SO MUCH MORE. ClickyMC has so much more to offer and we hope that you give us a chance. If you’re interested, links and IPs can be found below. Thank you for reading, survivor.



Ideal Version: 1.17.1. You can join with lower but it is highly NOT recommended as you can experience uncontrollable visual glitches.

Bedrock Support?: No, not as of now.

Cracked Server?: No, we are not a cracked server.

Want a free 2,500 claim blocks and 1x Cosmetic Crate Key? Simply comment your in-game name, with a nice/feedback comment, and then open a discord support ticket to let us know to check the comment to verify and to the grant your reward.

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RatsAreUs | Survival Towny | New Server! [1.17.1]

Welcome to Rats Are Us!

The survival towny server that is waiting for you!

Normal difficulty
Brand new!
Server still being worked on daily to add and bring you new stuff!
semi vanilla survival server
Small Server
Lag free!

Build a town and start growing your community!

Version – Latest

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DetroitMC – Multi-World | Towny | mcMMO | Werewolf | Magic | PvP | Jobs – [1.17]

Welcome to DetroitMC Minecraft Server

Thanks for stopping by!

Our History
DetroitMC, formally TBDLGamez, originated around 2011 as a small, pure vanilla server, founded by two friends, TB and DL who wanted to create a community where persons could come to after a long day and forget about the real world. We thrived for a number of great years, but then, as with most people, life gets in the way of things and the server had to go by the wayside thereafter.
The Community Today
Today, we are back and stronger than ever! Though, we are a small community at this time, with a growing base of “regular” members, we still hold those same core values we had back in 2011. Take a glimpse into the thriving community our members and staff have established here on Minecraft, as well as, Discord. Create a town with your friends, or join one of the many existing in-game! Become a master of your craft by joining the ranks of miner, builder, explorer, hunter, brewer and many more! Create a shop to sell your wares – or visit the server shop for supplies! PvP those around you who also have PvP enabled and create a thriving nation that will withstand the test of time!
The Future
Our success relies on the input of all of our members! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact a staff member in-game, or on the Discord channel. We are always striving to improve our offerings to you, the member and are open to suggestions.

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Elemental Network | Towny | Skyblock | Creative | Slimefun

Hello there, welcome to Elemental Network! You’re looking at a new, thriving network of high quality servers!
WIth 4 fantastic gamemodes, you can be guaranteed to not get bored anytime soon!

**NEW** Skyblock and Ultimate Survival modes now open! Fight harsh temperatures and conditions in Ultimate Survival and build the island of your dreams on our Skyblock server!

Our server has one of the most up to date and feature packed Towny servers on the market, featuring the newest 1.16.3 update and great plugins such as: Towny, Lottery, Chestshop, Slimefun, Jobs reborn, Auction House, Stock Exchange and the ability to run your own company! With an economy that’s not too easy but doesn’t take hours of endless grinding to get anywhere, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the experience. With many pre existing towns from our current players, you can join and help with theirs or start your own!

Creative, a place for Minecraft’s best architects to let loose and build amazing contructions! With a custom ranking system and dedicated flatworld, build your way up the ranks to earn cool new perks!

Ultimate Survival is our newest gamemode. We wanted to go back to basics with a simple survival server with none of the fuss of Towny or Factions, however to make it interesting we gave it a twist. Nights and Days are now both 45 minutes each, food now spoils so make yourself a farm and watch your food! Mobs are now RPG style with levels and attack abilities which are unique to their level. Harder and more challenging mining and cave exploration! Your character now has a temperature so monitor to make sure you aren’t too hot or cold! With many of these features, it is certainly a challenge, but a fun one at that!

We hope to see you online soon for an experience you won’t forget! From our amazing servers, community to our very helpful and experienced staff, you sure won’t regret giving us a try!

Thanks, Oswin and Kayleighh

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GeoGlobeCraft [1.16.1] [EARTH] [TOWNY] [WAR]

Welcome to GeoGlobeCraft! We are a Survival, Towny, War Earth server all playing on Minecraft 1.16.1 and includes Mcmmo, Jobs, Stock Markets, Planes, Submarines, and much more! The map is a replica of Earth at a 1:1000 scale!

This is Your World, Redesigned!

Greifprevention Mcjobs Mcmmotowny Pve Economy Townysurvival

PatchesCraft[Towny] [Mcmmo] [mcjobs] 24/7 dedicated ALL YEAR ROUND


Minecraft Server

PatchesCraft is a fun network server!

We have both server and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique!


Our servers include:Towny: Towny is a plugin which allows players to group up and create a little community together. It’s accompanied by plugins such as McMMO, a Minecraft Skill Leveling system, Global Market

Here in PatchesCraft we have!

What we have to offer:
Towny, to protect your towns,
McMMO for extra skills,
A nice economy,
& Plentiful more in-game!

~No Griefing
~ Spamming, full caps and abusing other members is not allowed
~ Respect all staff members
~ No hacking/mods giving an advantage
~ No X-Ray Mods or X-Ray Texturepacks

We have wilderness spots where you can go all out pvp!

Greifing is not tolerate at all will lead to ban!

We’re a new started small community server growing quickly so get on while you can!

we have much much more coming! Stay tuned for loads more fun unique content.

This is only small fraction of what you’ll see throughout PatchesCraft

We hope to see you soon.
we’re a quickly growing community!

Greifing isn’t tolerated will lead to ban.
We have Discordserver for anyone to come speak.
We’re a friendly easily fitting in community!

This is only small fraction of what you’ll see throughout PatchesCraft