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Valhalla’s RPG [New 1.16.3] [Bosses] [Quest-Lines] [Vampires] [Brewery]


You start off as a lone soldier in a world of mystery in which you must make a choice. Will you battle your way through tough challenges and bosses to become a heroic figure and save the people of Midgard from total destruction in the Good quest line or will you take the path of destruction and unleash your wrath on the citizens of Midgard and take on the Evil quest line?. Each quest or boss fight will reap you great rewards to help you on your journey to victory.
Will you save Midgard?
Evil or Good?

What are the features of Valhalla RPG:
– Ever expanding quest lines
– Custom bosses and builds
– Custom worlds for quest lines
– Customisable horses: Add trails to your horse, sell them or buy horses on the market, go head to head with other players and their horses by enabling horse PVP.
– The ability to upgrade your horses movement speed, jump height and more…
– The option to buy alcohol in the server shop.
– The option to set waypoints when adventuring so you can find your way home
and much more..

– No spamming
– No Hacked clients of any sort
– No abuse of any sort
– Be kind
– Be respectful

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SilverMC Factions (Bosses, Envoys and Raiding!) [1.16.2] [2020 NEW]

Welcome to SilverMC!

Start your journey today on one of our beloved Minecraft servers. We got all the popular
gamemodes; factions, survival and creative.

Our factions server has FREE silktouch and genbuckets, we’ve got ranks that you buy with in-game money
and much more for you to do. The other servers are also awesome and you should just come and have a look now. Besides that
we have custom bosses at spawn, envoys, daily rewards and much much more!

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Towns of Olympus

A family-friendly Minecraft server. Built with all custom builds and dungeons. It also has McMMO with a few custom enchants to help speed up those boring everyday tasks. We also have a questing system along with a ranking and prestige system to keep you busy at all times. We are 100% FREE to play and there is no need to ever spend money here unless you want to support.

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Razer Legions


We are a 1.15 Factions server with state-of-the-art features, plugins, staff, and community! We have anything you could ever want in a factions server, from a custom-built rank up system to gen buckets, to duels, to FactionsFly, to Envoys, the possibilities for fun are endless! Join today!


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