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[1.19.2] The CraftXp Network:

[✵CraftXp Network✵]
The CraftXp Network is a small Minecraft server that focuses on core elements of friendly SMP with light quest and exploration themes. We use plugins to highlight and enhance the vanilla-esque play style.

Our Survival server features include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizable Land Protection
  • Opt-in PVP
  • Server Economy
  • Ranked Survival
  • And more!!
  • Our ranking system drives players to complete more of the minecraft advancements, acting as an extra level of challenge for Minecraft veterans, and a guide for new players!

    (All ranks must be earned IN GAME – NO PAY TO WIN RANKS OR KITS)

    Rank up to earn in game perks such as:

  • Nether and End access!
  • More Land Protection
  • More Homes!
  • Kits!
  • More Player Shops!
  • Special Realms Access!
  • Special Quests Access!
  • and more!
  • Bring on your friends, add members to your land protection, and work your way up to earn the coveted title of HERO as you build your own empire here on CraftXp!

    Our server has a developing Adventure hub world full of shops and NPC’s where we will be adding content for players to explore and enjoy in an adventure type play style. It is there we will also host events, provide access to quests, and special Realms.

    Test out your build ideas or just flex on other players with your building skills on our Creative super flat world! As players rank up, they will unlock more creative server plots to build on and protect!

    We also have a small Discord community (linked below). Link your discord account to your Minecraft account to get your in game rank reflected on Discord. We also have Discord-Minecraft chat, so players can chat while offline. Linked players can also utilize Discord proximity voice chat in game!

    Our Discord: Click Here

    Our Youtube Channel: Click Here

    Our Twitter: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Instagram: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Website:

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay on The CraftXp Network!
    – CraftXp, Ival70, Otterer (The Devs).

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    ArtiseMC is a 1.18.2 Next Generation Minecraft Survival server focused on high-quality Content. Our server is a unique Minecraft server, that offer a unique gameplay that is above other servers. What make us stand out? Artise stans out for its custom 1.18.2 genration, Bedrock Compatible, custom plugins + scripts, dungeon bosses, slimefun, balanced economy and much more!! we also allow cracked players!!

    Bedrock IP: : 19132

    Adventure Economy Medieval Questing Survival


    Mizuriel is a roleplay/adventure map with a side of survival for idle times or chill times.

    We feature awesome quests and world building, where you can be part of a growing story that our community creates!

    Are you a player that enjoys building?

    Our server uses Mizuno’s 16 Craft Resourcepack for the world.

    Mob griefing is off, along with firespread.

    We also have features to protect land using our own take on land claiming system!

    Want to be a merchant in the world?

    We do not allow villagers in the server in hopes of making a playerbased market!

    With some items only obtainable through the market, it creates a diversity with how players want to manage selling and buying goods

    The server also uses currency in physical form, so don’t expect virtual currency in game!

    While we don’t have the Nether and End dimensions unlocked normally, we offer and encourage players to roleplay for immersion in the world!

    Questing, dungeons, and relics await you in the world of Mizuriel!

    Awesome Beautiful Challenges Creative Custom Cute Cuteness Economy Essentials Essentialsx Forest Freindly Friendly Friendlystaff Friends Fun Games Hardcore Helpful Horses Jobs Kawai Kawaii Kindness Mcmmo Minishop Parkour Plots Plugins Pretty Pve Pvp Questing Quests Shopping Supportive Survival Textures Trees Warps

    ♫♪♫♪♫♪ The Forest ♫♪♫♪♫♪

    ♫♪♫♪♫♪ The Forest ♫♪♫♪♫♪ Minecraft Server


    1.17.1 JAVA

    Custom Texture pack (enable Fancy Graphics)
    In your Minecraft options.

           Welcome to a new adventure set in a cutesque historical village. In the present day The Forest capital is run in a more modern manner with an economy waiting to boom, and with your riches you can go out and start an empire of your own and in the process become much stronger than you ever knew possible.
    Our main island where you originally spawn at there are many helpful features to help you start off, you can access most the various points of interest by /warps. For example lets go to the Sawmill where you can cut and obtain free logs or the farm and gather some food. There are plenty of freebies make sure to explore and also check out the Mine where you can spelunk all types of high density ores easily.

    Survival Economy Essentials Dungeons Custom Amplified Mcmmo Fire Minetinker Veinminer Shops Npc’s Quests Crates Drillbores Elevators Factions Plots
    Plus much more!
    40+ plugins.

    -It’s a paid for server-We have a small community.
    -Project established in 2015-The Forest reopened in January 2021
    +What we are looking for – Mature members, Friendly, Skilled builders, Friendly people.
    The rules are within common sense, no grief / stealing / bullying / toxic / passive aggressiveness / no heavy lagging machines.
    Check /rules in game for more details.(^u^)/
    24/7 GMT+00 – 5:00am Resets daily for performance and maintenance.
    2 – 3 minutes downtime.
    Join our Discord!

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    KeyCraft – Roleplay Reinvented

    KeyCraft is the ultimate Roleplay, Quest, and overall RPG experience in Minecraft.

    We here at KeyCraft pride ourselves on our ability to stand out among the rest with our ability to seamlessly combine Questing, Roleplay, PVE, PVP, and Survival Elements into one big package for all of you to enjoy.

    Once you enter Omnia, the world is in your hands. Explore the islands to discover new cities, ruins, and even dungeons! With our fully customized lore you will always be sniffing out more secrets as you play, with some even leading you on new and exciting adventures!
    Play with friends, by yourself, or even make new ones, everything is up to you. KeyCraft is welcoming to all, whether you’re a noob or a veteran roleplayer, we’re more than happy to have you as a part of our community. Our staff and volunteer moderators will make certain that you get all the help you need to start your journey on KeyCraft!

    Key Features
  • KeyCraft offers an extensive and immersive Questing experience. All quests are hand written and developed by our Staff team to truly combine the gameplay and lore into a seamless lore-compliant experience for both you and your character. All of our Quests are a part of your characters story, so you are more than welcome to claim all of the things you do as a part of your In-Character journey!
  • Roleplay is a large portion of our server, and when you spawn inside New Ivyport you’ll be met with a plethora of helpful NPC’s and staff to assist you in starting. We have a proximity based chat plugin that allows you to roleplay with those around you without disrupting general chat, as well as a Race and Dice rolling plugin to truly immerse yourself in the world. Everything you do in gameplay can be considered roleplay, and your experience in KeyCraft will be quite casual, so there’s no problem with being a first-time roleplayer!
  • KeyCraft has a Wiki that will explain how roleplay, questing, and the lore of our server works! It will also assist you in learning about the world around you, though there is no pressure to memorize the Wiki before you begin playing! Any questions you may have can also be answered in our Community Discord which has over 300 members currently!
  • How does KeyCraft differ from other servers?

    We’re so glad you asked! While KeyCraft is not the first of it’s kind, we do pride ourselves on how seamlessly we managed to combine all of our features into a truly one of a kind experience. Some servers like to separate their survival, questing, and roleplay aspects into different worlds and canons, but on KeyCraft everything is together! Your quests, your Homes, and all of your resource gatherings all exist on the same world! Together you and those around you can write amazing stories and experience extravagant plotlines all from the comfort of a single Minecraft map. No need to worry about managing your home or all of your Quest rewards, because it’s all in the same place! You can also be in or out of Roleplay as you please, so don’t worry about always needing to be “In-Character”, it’s good vibes only over here at KeyCraft.

    KeyCraft Patreon!

    Feel free to check us out!

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    The Grotto SMP (1.17.1) (Quests/Dungeons/Claims)

    The Grotto SMP (1.17.1) (Quests/Dungeons/Claims) Minecraft Server

    Title of Expandable Spoiler
    What is The Grotto?It’s always been difficult to explain what exactly The Grotto is intended to be. We’ve evolved since our first public launch, we’ve faced challenges and had to make difficult choices, yet we remain here as an indication, of our dedication, to create something amazing.The Grotto is in essence, an MMO styled Survival server;when joining for the first time, you can expect your usual survival aspects, with a smattering of interesting new features mixed in. Our goal is to create something which is, as cliche as it may sound, unique;a place where anyone is welcomed with open arms and given the chance toexplore something new.I suppose one could describe The Grotto as the ever-evolving creation of a mad scientist, afterall, one never knows what they may find while exploring our worlds..

    Kitchen Kitchensink Modded Other Questing Quests Rustic Rusticwaters Seablock Server Skyblock Survival Water Waters

    FlowCraft Rustic Waters

    Welcome to FlowCraft

    Install page here.

    Seablock: Rustic Waters is a unique underwater experience. You begin the journey on a small enclosed underwater hub. Frigid ocean waters stretch from near bedrock to near max build height. Follow the in-depth quest guide to learn how to generate resources, automate processes, and if you advance your technology far enough, eventually escape to a land-filled paradise.

    Customplugins Hypixel Other Paypalrewards Pvp Questing Rpg Skyblock

    Questing LIVE! – Skyblock RPG

    Welcome to Questing.LIVE!
    We’re a server network that specializes in RPG-based gameplay!
    Come play our launch game mode – Skyblock RPG!

    —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– ———- —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

    The Basics

    Skyblock RPG is a fun, fast-paced game mode based around questing, skillsets & experience grinding.
    Players start on their own private island, and are given a starting goal – get to the portal.
    Once you’ve reached the portal, your real adventures begin!

    Jumping through the portal brings you to the main hub world – Aderia.

    Skill Types

    The skills you can unlock and level up are crucial to our gameplay. Each skill is listed below with descriptions on what they do:

    – FARMING –
    The farming skillset allows you to harvest crops faster, craft enchanted crop types & eventually gives you access to the Harvesting Orbs.
    This skillset is vital to your survival, and an easy way for you to gain some starting coin!

    – MINING –
    The mining skillset helps you progress through your island quicker. You’ll unlock things like enhanced enchantments for your tools, enchanted mining gear & much more. Use these skills to unlock different public mines, which grant you valuable resources further down the road.

    – COMBAT –
    Your combat skills are essential to gaining the most valuable rewards throughout the world. PVP with other players in the real-reward PVP arena & unlock harder dungeons & mob grinding levels. You’ll want to be well-equipped with this skillset as you are almost always vulnerable to attacks!

    – FORAGING –
    The foraging skillset is based around the creation and destruction of natural blocks like wood logs, leaves & other nature materials. Foraging is a great place to start off if you’re trying to get some quick materials for building on your island.
    Utilizing the unlockable enhancements from your foraging skillset will become crucial to your farming speed of natural blocks, so progress this quickly!

    This skillset is in development. The guide will be updated to reflect this information once it’s available for gameplay.


    The Questing.LIVE enchantment system is unique, so understanding the basics of how to use it is important. I’ll go ahead and list all the essential information about starting with enchantments below.

    In order to enchant your items, you’ll need to purchase some enchantment books from the Enchanter (located to the left side of the Hub world). Once you’ve purchased the books, head to the enchantment table and place your book into the top slot.

    Enchantments are randomly generated and cost EXP to create. You’ll see the enchantment name + required EXP amount in order to craft it.
    If your item DOES NOT have the created enchantment already equipped, you can fuse the book into your item to gain the enchantment!
    If your item ALREADY HAS the enchantment type infused to it, you’ll need to craft the enchantments next level in order to upgrade it.

    Bossbattles Bosses Other Plotsquared Questing Rpg

    WeacherMC (beta mode)

    WeacherMC, THE RPG ADVENTURE OF YOUR DREAMS, here you will be able to become the best mage in the world, fight dragons, slay bosses, and with the help of your friends start your own empire. You can even build your own house on your own plot and have the best time of your life, so what are you waiting for, just stop on in and join the fun.

    Adventure Build Challenge Community Crates Customenchants Custommobs Customterrain Economy Fly Flying Jobs Kits Minecraft Multiplayer Mythicmobs Other Parkour Pve Pve Economy Pvesurvival Pvp Pvpsurvival Quest Questing Quests Rankup Roleplay Semivanilla Server Slimefun Survival Towny Voterewards Voting

    MCForest (/Fly Enabled!)

    Welcome to MCForest!

    (Version 1.14.4)


    Join with

    Join with your friends to explore the vast survival world with /fly and create huge structures, towns, and bases. Create your own player shops, and feel free to branch out and create towns and cities for other players to live in!

    – Be respectful
    – No griefing
    – No spamming
    – No impersonations
    – No glitching / hacking
    – Please use common sense and be polite

    Have fun!

    – /fly – Fly around the world to build and explore!
    – Vast survival world to explore
    – Griefprevention used to protect an area, grief rollback in case you get griefed
    – Commands such as /tpa and /tpahere to go to your friends
    – Shop to purchase items (But player shops are encouraged)
    – Other helpful plugins, simply type /help