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CobbleCraft Public Survival Server

Welcome to CobbleCraft! This is A public Survival Server a Bunch of cool commands and plugins. It’s Basic survival with the plugins to Spice it up!
The server has great staff and a great community so I know you don’t want to miss out.
What are you waiting on? Come join now!

Version: Java 1.19.2 (Bedrock Coming Soon)
Discord Server:

119server Deadbydaylight Fun Horror Minigame Minigames Multiplayer Playwithfriends Publicserver Pvp

Deception R – Fear Strikes

Public Server is now Available!
Version 1.19.x

Your fear strikes you when you’re not aware…

Pick your side…

| Runners |

Objective | Fuels: Fuels are randomly distributed throughout the map. Aim at the fuel pot and [​sneak] to pick it up. Upon picking up, the runner is to the killer until they deposit it in the generator.
Fuel shards will not recover upon death.
A Fuel will respawn at an empty fuel spot every minute into the game

Objective | Generators: Runners are required to repair a certain amount of generators before unlocking keys to open exits. Using fuel, runners take 10 seconds to repair a generator. Generators are completed when 3 fuels have been added to them.
Generators are always revealed to you.
Note that you can come back to continue generators.

Objective | Keys: Keys can be unlocked once all generators are completed. Upon picking up a key, runners holding the key will be revealed until they are dropped or are used to open exits.

Objective | Respawn Points: When there are any Runners eliminated, the remaining teammates can respawn them. Respawning teammates take a maximum of 12 seconds. The speed at which runners respawn can be increased based on the number of runners dead and runners active on one respawner.
Respawning teammates will only respawn 1 randomly eliminated teammate.

Endgame: The Endgame phase puts a timer on runners to their escape. During this time, they have 90 seconds to escape and save their allies. When the timer runs out, all runners will be eliminated.

| Killers |

Objective | Elimination: There are 4 runners on the map, and the objective of the killer is to not let any of them escape. By using [​LClick] or on collision, killers can instantly eliminate a runner out of the realm.

Objective | Doors: Killers are slowed for 0.9 seconds when they sprint open doors, but they can avoid this by walking or holding an open door.

Opportunity | The Mastermind: Killers can create the opportunity to end chases faster by breaking doors in the map. Doors are permanently destroyed and can only be repaired by some perks.

| Perks |

There are 20+ perks for both Runners and Killers to use.

| Amulets and Curses |

One-time use items players can craft with in-game currency.
Can be used multiple times if used with certain perks.

| Maps |

There are currently 10 maps in the game, with different themes and tactical opportunities.

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Pilot Craft || Public Lifesteal Java Server

This is the Pilot Craft Minecarft Server. It is a Lifesteal Public Server for anyone to join with the popular Lifesteal plugin so when you kill someone, you gain a heart and they lose a heart. This is a server I PAY FOR USING A HOSTING WEBSITE. There are a bunch of fun plugins that make the server more enjoyable and fun. Have fun On Pilot Craft!

Discord Server:
Version: 1.19.2 Java

Bedwars Freindly Parkour Publicserver Skywars Survival

Bedwar,Skywar,Survival,Parkour Server all in one

We are a Minecraft server with a friendly community, fun events, and big ideas in mind. We aim to offer a true-to-game survival experience, adding a few quality of life tweaks. We are driven to provide a friendly, engaging and fair Minecraft community. Our server is intended to be a place to chill alone or with your friends.

  • Weekly community events, activities and projects
  • Friendly & helpful community
  • Active owner & mature staff team
  • Toggleable PVP
  • Gaming & Shopping District
  • Whitelist Only
  • Player Shops
  • Diamond Economy
  • Survival World
  • Four
  • Skywar
  • Parkour

  • Categories
    Papermc Public Publicserver Smp Spartan Streamerfriendly Survival Vanilla


    Version: PaperMC 1.19

    A multiplayer SMP with decent backups and anticheat. Mods (and goddess) try to be active whenever and we’d love to get more people in. While the server is using PaperMC to run, everything else is pretty vanilla. Mods who play with players won’t use their powers to cheat, and the “goddess” we have might give you a cookie once and a while. We have a Discord we’d prefer players to join for text and voice chat, especially since mods can see private messages in chat so if you’re planning on doing a raid or coup against one of us, or just wanna be able to privately chat in general, it’d be a good idea to join. 😅

    We do a lot of petty trash talk but we refuse to tolerate actual toxic players. If you can’t control your behavior and not be a garbage person, don’t join.

    Server Rules:
    – Do not ask for free stuff or beg for items from admins
    – Do not hack or cheat to gain an advantage that would not normally be available in regular gameplay.
    – Do not build any type of farm with the purpose to overwhelm or cause a negative impact on the server.
    – Modifications that control your player or automate actions are prohibited.
    – If you disagree with another player or are uncomfortable with their messages, please notify a staff member.
    – Please use English in public chat.
    – Impersonating staff members is not allowed
    – Advertising of other servers in public and private chat is prohibited.
    – Never share your account’s information with anyone.
    – Do not attempt to use our server for the purpose of scamming other players. (xdPurge)
    – Any threat or attempt to DOX/DDoS/SWAT another player or server will result in a permanent ban.
    – Do not send any link that is deemed inappropriate or malicious.
    – Do not send the same message in quick succession in public chat.
    – If you encounter any disrespectful players, please report them to a staff member.
    – If you are not sure if something is against the rules, please ask a staff member.
    – Discrimination is prohibited in public chat.
    – Keep the chat civil and appropriate for everyone.
    – Do not talk or joke about inappropriate subjects.
    – Being rude or arguing with other players in a hostile manner is not allowed.
    – Being excessively rude or abusive towards another player is not allowed.
    – Do not make any type of serious threat towards another player.
    – Inappropriate builds are not allowed.
    – Abusing a bug or a glitch in the server to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited.
    – Using an alternate account to bypass a ban is not allowed.
    – Do not use any form of automated programs or scripts.
    – You are not allowed to advertise anything that is not related to the server.
    – Discussing anything inappropriate in public chat is not allowed.
    – Do not repeatedly ask or beg for mod status.
    – Do not encourage other players to break rules.
    – Do not argue or harass staff members.
    – Please keep the chat friendly for all ages.
    ***If you break any of these rules, you could get a warning, temp ban, or perma ban depending on what you did. Best thing to is just follow the rules***

    Publicserver Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillaminecraft Vanillaminecraftserver Vanillasurvival

    Cookiecraft (Public 1.18.2 Vanilla SMP)

    This is just a public vanilla 1.18.2 server (running on a dedicated machine so performance should be quite good) 😀

    It will be online 24/7, forever.
    I will update the server to the latest version of Minecraft no matter what.
    It is a fabric server (identical to vanilla) all redstone and entity behavior should be the same as singleplayer so you can build cool farms… no item stacking, etc…
    There’s no hub or spawn. New players will spawn with nothing but a helpful book that has some info 🙂
    Hope people have fun!

    Claims Customaffixes Customhelp Economysurvival Leaderboards Noreset Playereconomy Publicserver Ranks Ranksystem Survival Wars


    IP: Play.SurviVerse.Com


    Rank Quests: Rank up by completing challenges to earn prizes and perks.

    Land Claims: The sky is the limit. You can join another claim and invite others to your claim, make sub-areas in your claim, edit roles in your claim, engage in wars, buy, sell, rent, ETC.

    Economy: The economy is player driven. Use your Minecraft skills to sell whatever you find or create, and buy what you want from other players.

    Modified Combat: Vanilla survival has an issue with combat balance. On SurviVerse, the combat is being adjusted to make it more fun. There are custom mobs too.

    Leaderboards: There are a variety of leaderboards and ways to compete with other players. The fun never ends. You can even see stats.

    Player Driven Community: You are safe from toxicity on SurviVerse. Part of the SurviVerse experience is low staff presence, but there are rules that need to be followed. You have everything you need to protect yourself. You can ignore players to hide their messages, and claim land to protect your stuff.

    Custom Help: Every feature on the server is explained in the custom help system. Use the /help command.

    Custom Affixes: Affixes are “titles” that can be used as prefix and suffix. On SurviVerse, you can have multiple affixes at the same time. You can manually set your prefix and/or suffix from any affix that you have access to. Affixes are displayed almost everywhere, including above your head! SurviVerse has the most beautiful affix designs in the Minecraft community (that I’ve seen).

    There are many more features that are best experienced on the server. Such as cosmetics, custom heads, player head drops (Killed players can drop their heads, which contains info about the death, such as the killer, the victim, weapon used, ETC), ETC.

    115server Civilization Civilizations Community Creative Economy Essentials Fastasyncworldedit Hubserver Jobs Landclaiming Largeplots Minigames Mmoitems Mmorpg Moddedserver Modpack Mypet Mythicmobs Nogriefing Nowhitelist Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Plots Plotscreative Plotsquared Publicserver Pve Economy Shops Skyblock Slimefun Slimefunskyblock Smallserver Survival Townyeconomy Unlimitedworldedit Worldedit

    RealmportalMC (Vanilla 1.15.2) / Modded Minecraft
    Is looking for new members who want to be part of a welcoming and
    friendly community. 24/7 Server. Dedicated machine. Minimal lag.

    We offer several game types on the network. Creative, Survival, Skyblock,
    Minigames, CivsRPG, And possibly more in the future. We try to not reset
    worlds too often. We are stable and don’t plan on going away any time

    The Game Types:

    3 256 by 256 plots. Nearly unrestricted worldedit and voxelsniper
    (including brushes and copy/paste). custom skulls, an armor stand editor
    and various other utilities.

    Due to recent poll results, the Survival server will likley be reset
    for the 1.16 update. However, We are looking for community feedback on
    which types of mechanics should be added.

    Skyblock on RealmportalMC is heavily centered around Slimefun; which
    adds many new features to the game, from New Weapons and Items to
    jetpacks and nulcear reactors.

    Realmportal has some of the standard games you may see on other
    minigame servers such as bedwars and Paintball, but we also have some
    more unique games such as our snowball fight with grappling hooks.

    Brings town based survival to a whole new level.
    Survival/Economy/Towns/RPGMMO Plus a touch of Factions all in one. Build
    structures to perform automatic tasks, Explore and collect new items,
    fight custom monsters, choose your government type and work together to
    run your town the way you want to. Choose from different classes each of
    which have unique abilities. Bringing friends will help you succeed, as
    town population affects certain aspects of gameplay.

    The Rules:

    > PG Subject Matter / No Swearing / No NSFW (We want everyone to feel welcomed)
    > No Griefing/Raiding/Stealing (We can see who was responsible and roll it back)
    > Don’t Cheat (It ruins the fun for everyone)
    > Don’t Harass Others (You want to be respected; so do others.)
    > General Abuse (No lag machines, flooding chat, using crash exploits, etc)

    Additional Information:
    We like to hear feedback from the community. If you have suggestions, Please let us know.

    If you have questions, or need assistance finding your way. Just ask. We will be glad
    to help.

    Connect at: