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English version:

Hello and welcome on FelixSurvival , Small Survival server with alot of plugins to use , currently in testing stage alot of things are being added and remade.

This server is mainly Built for furries , but anyone can join.

We support LGBTQ+
Family friendly server but mostly PG 13+ beacuse swear words are used , so if youre bellow 13 i do not advise you to join.

Ip adress for bedrock is same as for java server but with default port (19132)

Czech/Slovak version

Hello and welcome to FelixSurvival, a small survival server with a lot of plugins that you can use, this server is in a trial version and a lot of things are being added, tested and redesigned.

The server is mainly for furries but everyone can connect
The server is 13+ because swearing is allowed, so I don’t recommend connecting unless you’re 13 or higher.
The IP address for the bedrock edition is the same but with the default port (19132)

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Caribbean Curse of the Tides Official Server

Hi we welcome you to New Arda Realms Modpack Server we have a hard working friendly community small but good and kind people our modpack runs on the latest lotr mod and is a submod called LOTR Reworked adding TONS of New expansions to the LoTR Mod for 1.7.10 like new armor weapons and items and structures and mobs etc. We have a handful of plugins to meet the servers needs and custom ranks and permissions for everyone.
What we are looking for for our server..




Community Managers
Mainly we will see if you fit the requirement same as for all.
No Age Requirement Just be chill and mature follow Discord ToS. we need staff badly and active members for many reasons the server hasnt been totally finished but is playable and open to public! Loyal people.we want. Thank you for the time to read our ad.

Javaedition Lifestealsmp Smpsurvivalserver Survival

The Minecraft Animals lifesteal smp

A cool lifesteal smp from The Minecraft Animals
We’re going live Discord for the grand opening of the server at 16:30. Be sure to keep that free for more information join our Discord
Be sure to check us out YouTube channel our Instagram in TikTok.

A cool lifesteal smp from The Minecraft AnimalsWe’re going live on Discord for the server’s grand opening at 4:30 PM. Be sure to keep that free for more information, join our Discord Check and our YouTube channel, our Instagram and

I found a new video of the grand opening on the first scientific research on the virus and you have to use 150 words so the first one to find it will get a free loot on the server send a screenshot on Discord via a separate message to bobbibones and i have 49 words to use so i’m going to come up with some more 40 words to go, it all started when i met him we started a youtube channel but actually i want a server so i made a server. 7 more words 5 4 3 2 1 done.

I have found a new video of the grand opening on the first scientific research on the virus and you have to use 150 words so the first one to find this will get you free loot on the server send a screenshot on Discord via a separate message to bobbibones and I still have 49 words to use so I’m going to come up with something
40 words to go, it all started when i got to know him we had started a youtube channel but actually i wanted a server so i made a server. 7 more words 5 4 3 2 1 done.

Javaedition Mcmmo Survival Vanilla

Holographic SMP

About Holographic

This server is only a few weeks old, we have great people on the server currently building huge projects and farms! Our server is well-established and stable due to high ram therefore we encourage everyone to build as big and crazy as they want! Someone is currently digging out 20by20 chunks for a farm with a reasonable amount of TNT machines, causing no lag at all for any other players.
We have a shopping district for everyone to spend those diamonds or make their own shops, a free enderman farm for XP, and a nether highway in progress to ensure we all stay connected (if you wish to be).

Server Additions

  • McMMO
  • Multiplayer Sleep
  • Player and Mob head drops
  • Suggestions are encouraged!!

    How to Apply

    This server is whitelisted to ensure that we only have dedicated, friendly players joining our server and not disrupting our peace!
    Please comment on the thread or visit our discord to fill out the following:

    MC Username:
    Age (Optional):
    Why you would like to join:

    Discord server is below or you can just use the link here:

    Hope to see you soon!!

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    Solo’s SMP

    Join our Semi-Anarchy SMP Minecraft server. Everyone can join! Runs 24/7. No Map Resets! Cool Commands & Abilities. All Griefing, PvP and Raiding is allowed!

    When joining the server, type in-game /help

    Java Edition:
    Bedrock Edition:
    Bedrock Port: 19132
    Running on version 1.18.2

    Bedrockjavacrossplay Customitems Custommobs Javabedrockcrossplay Javaedition Mcmmo Roleplay Survival Towny


    BetterSMP is Minecraft Survival Reimagined! We have:
    – Bedrock and Java Crossplay
    – Custom Items
    – Custom Weapons
    – Custom Armor
    – Custom Mobs and Bosses
    – Custom Furniture
    And more!

    Coming Soon! Currently in Development! Please check back again later!

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    WombatMC | Survival

    Explore the world of WombatMC! Our Survival server is sure to foster tons of exciting experiences for all who join. WombatMC is the home of an exceptionally welcoming community, as well as easy-to-learn mechanics for new players. The survival experience is unique and allows players to interact with the server in various compelling ways.

    WombatMC includes amazing custom features, including dungeons- a mysterious world that gives players the opportunity to obtain rare rewards. There is also a resource world separate from the main survival that resets every week, giving endless resources to those who harvest from it.

    Other notable features include parkour, land claiming, a player-controlled economy, a black market, and a breathtaking spawn build.

    …Oh, and did we mention free ranks?!

    Join WombatMC TODAY at

    Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Javaedition Survival Vanillasurvival

    Oracle SMP

    Oracle SMP is a fully vanilla, fully survival minecraft experience based upon Hermitcraft. The seed is available, so you can claim a area on our discord. As it is based upon Hermitcraft, we are going to be making youtube videos, and are hoping to expand our playerbase that makes content. There is a whitelist, so you have to apply through the discord linked below:

    No griefing is allowed, or stealing, or killing, but pranks are allowed, almost encouraged as long as they’re not destructive! We are going to be making a central shopping district, where you can sell any product you want. Minigames are also a good idea.

    YOU HAVE TO APPLY THROUGH THE DISCORD IN THE APPLICATIONS PAGE (the link is perfectly safe, but you do need a discord account)

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    HomelyCraft – SMP

    Are you looking for an engaging experience in an SMP server?

    Well look no further! HomelyCraft has loads of things to keep everyone entertained! From bosses, to location discoveries, we have it all! That’s not it though, because we offer multiple ways for people to get the most out of the server with custom plugins, spawn shop, player warps and so much more!

    Soon we will be opening an RPG world for players to join! This involved hundreds of custom builds, missions, npcs and a full storyline to play along with. In addition, we will be adding a serverwide passive ranking system, which will function in all the worlds.

    We’ve recently added discoverable graveyards to the main survival world, just to spice things up a little and we will soon be adding custom “Randomly generated” structures and cities as well.

    We have loads of new updates on the way and will continue to improve this server in everyway possible. Join us on the journey today!

    Java Javaedition Survival Vanillasurvival

    The Fat Raccooon SMP

    Hi, this is just a normal survival server for 1.18.2 in the java edition of minecraft, no plugins that alter gameplay, completely vanilla.

    Server was created March 13th, 2022, and is fairly new as of now.

    (btw the 3 o’s in the name “raccooon” is intentional)

    please join the discord to get whitelisted, this is to prevent exploiters.

    server is also still a wip, this will not affect gameplay however.