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Welcome to our semi-op factions Minecraft server! We are excited to offer a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Our server is designed to strike a balance between player freedom and server protection, allowing for a fun and fair gaming experience.

One of the main features of our server is the factions plugin, which allows players to create or join a faction and claim land, build and defend their base, and raid other factions for loot. This adds a whole new level of strategy and teamwork to the game, as players must work together to protect their faction and expand their territory.

In addition to the factions plugin, we also offer semi-op gameplay. This means that players have access to some operator commands, such as the ability to teleport and set home, without the drawbacks of being a full-fledged op. This allows for a more level playing field, as all players have access to certain advantages without giving any one player too much power.

Another feature of our server is McMMO, which allows players to level up their skills and gain special abilities in combat, mining, and more. This adds an RPG element to the game and gives players something to work towards and strive for.

We also have a player-driven economy, where players can sell items and earn money. This adds another layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, as players must weigh the cost and benefit of different items and actions.

Finally, we have custom enchants, which allow players to enchant their equipment with powerful and unique abilities. This adds another layer of customization and strategy to the game, as players must choose the right enchantments to suit their playstyle.

Overall, our server offers a unique and engaging gaming experience with a balance of player freedom and server protection. We have a dedicated community of players and staff, and we welcome new players to join and become a part of our growing server. So come and join us for some fun and adventure in the world of Minecraft!

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The promised SMP

PromifestusSMP is a SMP minecraft server that offers players a great survival experience.
Explore a world with unique bosses and meteorites falling from the sky. Travel between realms and uncover the mysteries that they hold.

Clans Customitems Nolag Nopay2win Nopaytowin Pvp Quests Survival

Cattleya – NO P2W Survival

Why are you wasting your time on Pay-to-win, unfair and boring survival servers?
Stop doing that!
Join Cattleya for an actually fun server that cares about its community, and values your time and fun!

What makes us different?
• Unique items, created only for our server
• Quests with awesome rewards
• Clans, alliances & wars
• Claimable areas
• A chat on which you can say “mean words”
• Different economy system
• No /tpa, /back or /fly
• 0% Pay-To-Win
• Community events
• An actual identity
• And much more…

What are you waiting for? An invitation?
There you have it!

Armorstandeditor Building Builds Community Creative Creativeserver Creativeworld Freebuild Fun Headdatabase Minecraft Minecraftserver Nogrief Nogriefing Nolag Roleplay Roleplaying Worldedit

Minedonia | Free Build | Role-Play | World Edit

Est. 2021 | Turning Your Dreams to Reality

Server Version

We’re on 1.19.2
We currently do not support older versions.

About Us

Minedonia is an open-world, free-to-build roleplay server with two worlds – a collaborative city world (main world), and a free world for build creations that may not fit in the city; or for just letting your imagination run wild! We have a dedicated community of builders, and laid-back players to play and hangout with! We have server rollbacks and daily backups created so all your creations are safe! We also have many resources to help you build anything you may dream of, including World Edit, Armor Stand Editor, Head Database, and more!

How to Join

We offer support for both Java and Bedrock Editions! Come join us with the IP’s below!
Java Edition –
Bedrock Edition – | Port: 8162
Discord Server –

1192server Anarchy Nolag Norules Norulesanarchy Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Rox Anarchy! NO RULES! Hacking Allowed!!

Rox Anarchy is a Minecraft anarchy server that redefines what it means to be hardcore. Join and be aware of what you see as this is no ordinary Minecraft server, so don’t think it will be. Connect and enter the world of Rox Anarchy for real unfiltered anarchy!

Balanced Classicprison Events Guards Mining Nolag Nonopprison Playereco Prison Pvp Roleplay

Project Eden – Classic Prison – Non OP – PlayerEco – Player Shops

Project Eden is an Old-School Non OP Prison. Work your way through four wings, each with their own unique ecosystem , loot table, and design. Work hard and gather resources, or use brute force and trickery to rob from those honest few. No matter the strategy, you’ll have to form alliances if you wish to feel truly safe.
C-Prisoner- Fresh out out the cyropod right into an alien planet, this is your first step to see if you will earn your freedom, or toil away incaptivity.

B-Prisoner – You’ve proven yourself capable and have begin to make a name for yourself. Finally, you can assert some “authority”

A-Prisoner- You’ve seen many shapeless nights, the chaos on the enclosure is routine to you now, in fact your starting most of it. Here you should have strong alliances made and rivals to target.

Elite-Prisoner- You are the Apex Predator of this Ecosystem, will you control your turf with approachable business, or cutthroat schemes. Freedom is almost in sight.

1122server 247h 247server 247uptime Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyminecraftserver Anarchysurvival Free Freebuild Fresh Fun Griefing Griefingallowed Minecraft1122 Nodupes Nolag Nolandclaim Nolandprotection Nowhitelist Offline Offlinemode Survival Vanilla Vanillanarchy


The classic Minecraft experience.

What is OldRoot?
OldRoot is a semi-anarchy minecraft 1.12.2 server, that focuses on keeping itself as close
to vanilla as possible server-side.

How old is OldRoot?
As of now the map is a few weeks old. I know that might be a major turn off for some people,
but give it a chance, it’ll possibly be a fun new experience for you.

Are there any dupes/backdoors?
No, there aren’t any known dupes or backdoors.

Why OldRoot?
This is a really good question, and well my answer to it is, that the map is new and there isn’t a bad economy, yet atleast.
We also run in offline mode which makes it more accessible to people around the globe. Anyways this is all for now,

See You Soon.

Activecommunity Build Building Classic Discord Discordcommunity Friendly Friendlycommunity Fun Home Multiplayer Multiworld Nogrief Nolag Online Paper Private Privateserver Pve Seasons Smallserver Smp Spigot Survival Vanillasurvival Voice Voicechat Voiceproximitychat Warps Whitelist

Lumeni Community Server

Welcome to Lumeni!

Lumeni was at first group that was
founded on March 3, 2017. Over the years we have grown closer and have
become very good friends with one another. We used to play on a server
called AnarchyMC, however, we changed servers constantly trying to find a
place to permanently play on. We could never find a server to play on
for over 2 months. Since we could never find a server we decided to
create our own. Overall, it is very obvious that we have a unique and
long term community of family.

We are currently in Season 9, we
are focused on a custom built map that can be used or the available vanilla
terrain outside of it! We would love for you to join us. Our current map will be
around until we as a community vote for the next season. We have tons of
events planned and are excited about the awesome times we have together!
We also have branched out and are focusing on other games as well! Members
can come vibe and can play other games with one another. We are not all Minecraft!

We are currently looking for more players to join us!
We are known for our large and intensive bases on multiple servers. These
bases are full of inside jokes, good times, and many buildings. We are
always having fun and joking around with one another We also fill our
bases with many meaningful buildings and structures
We have played on servers such as:

  • AMC 1.0: Dugtrio, Paradise Falls, and Mantua
  • AMC 2.0: Awesome
  • SemiVanilla: Meden and Solaria
  • PlainMC: MoonRise
  • AMC 3.0: Pegasus
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 1): Archia
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 2): First Lumeni Season with custom map and freely chosen bases
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 3): Individual Bases
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 4): Flying
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 5): Lumeni Earth
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 6): Unnamed Transition Season
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 7): Sinfinity (Meant to be infinite season)
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 8): Unnamed Transition Season 2
  • Lumeni’s Private Server (Season 9): Current, Volakiar Season
  • The main players that are on the server are very hardworking and dedicated.
    However, sometimes problems come up IRL.
    We understand this and don’t expect you on constantly, but please let the community know when you will not be available for long period of time.

    Our server consists of a few plugins and datapacks that all of us agreed on and enjoyed on the servers we have played on.
    These include:

  • 1/2 Players Sleep – 1/2 of the players online must sleep to skip from the night.
  • Player & Mob Heads – Collect all the mob heads and show them off.
  • AllPaintings – Gives access to the new 1.19 paintings.
  • ArmorStand Statues – The VanillaTweaks datapack
  • Classic Fishing Loot – easy fish farms
  • Essentials- which includes:
  • /nickname – Change your nickname to anything you would like.
  • /msg – Message players privately.
  • /tpa – teleport to players
  • /sit – You can sit down in chairs and on the floor.
  • /home – set home to go back to an area quickly.
  • /back – go back to where you have died.
  • /warp – need to go to a public place quickly? Use /warp!
  • Brewery – Make alcohol with other players and get drunk
  • Custom Maps – we can add any image into the game, it adds for some fun times
  • MarriageMaster – If you and your partner are on, might as well, right?
  • Timber – 1 block of wood broken.. destroys the whole tree
  • Geyser – Bedrock Players can play too!
  • ViaVersion – If a patch comes out you can play on it without too many issues.
  • NoCropTrample – Don’t worry about crops anymore!
  • Our plugins are mainly for more active roleplay and more things to explore in the already expansive world that we have!

    Our community is very tight-knit and we hold many social events throughout the year to come closer.

    Our community is very diverse with players from around the world! We try to
    expose each other to our cultures through food, languages, holidays,
    and much more. A primary focus of our server is for our players to
    become more understanding of other cultures as a whole.
    Where Our Players Are From!!
    This link will take you straight to our dynmap where you can see what our
    players are building, and if you are lucky you probably will see
    somebody online!

    We have a holiday plot in our town and we always
    build structures and have events in the plot Such as Halloween,
    Christmas, Birthdays, etc
    We have heavy discord integration with our server. Many votes, screenshots, and voice calls happen within the discord. Basically, this means discord is a requirement.
    There are a few requirements for you.
    You must meet these requirements in order to come vibe:

  • You must have good communication and social skills
  • You must be humble, polite, and helpful
  • You should be able to tolerate controversial humor
  •   - But always tell someone if it goes too far
  • You should be decently active
  • You should participate in social events on the server
  • You must be able to tolerate small pranks
  • Remember there is a difference between in-game and IRL!
  • You should have some sort of microphone
  • You must have a discord account and be active within our discord
  • What Lumeni has to offer you.
    There are a few things that we as a community can offer you as a player and person:

  • Many potential friendships beyond the community
  • Very experienced players
  • Many vivaciously hard-working players
  • A fun and caring community
  • Players who can expand your perception of cultures around the world
  • A space to express yourself and get accustomed to all of us!
  •   - But on a serious note, we love anyone who joins and wants to vibe!
  • Friends to play other games with
  • People who will be here for you
  • But on a rather good note, we are just a big group of friends who always love opening our horizons to more people!
    Hope you all are interested! If so reach out so we can get to know ya!

    How To Join:
    – Go to Our Website at the top of the page.
    – Click the Join Today Tab.
    – Join our Discord and come vibe!
    – Or Bypass these steps and click here to go straight to Joining!

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    LuneCraft Network

    LuneCraft is a minecraft network that aims to provide its players with the best possible gaming experience, we have survival, oneblock and parkour modes.

    IP java:
    IP bedrock: Puerto: 2588

    Active Best Building Community Communitydriven Discord Dream Dreamsmp Economy Empire Farms Freespeech Friendly Fun Goodstaff Grian Griefprevention Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hypixel Landclaim Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Minigames Mumbo Mumbojumbo Nolag Public Redstone Scicraft Shoppingdistrict Shops Smp Techno Technoblade Vanilla Voicechat Womanowned Youtube

    Block Bodega – 1.19.2 [Brand New Map] [Hermitcraft Like] [Grief Prevention] [No Whitelist] [Discord]


    Block Bodega is a small, HermitCraft inspired SMP where you can build cool things and make new friends.

    Server IP: Invite: Photo Gallery: URL:

    Our Community:

  • Meet new people, make new friends. Our community is kind and accepting and our players are outgoing and easy to talk to. Hop in and say hello!
  • Our Discord server isn’t littered with unnecessary, excessive bots, roles, or channels. We keep things simple and fun. The voice chat is active nightly and the vibe is chill. We host movie nights and other events semi-regularly, so there’s always something to do!
  • Our community values free speech, you will never be reprimanded for having an opinion, making a joke, or anything like that. So long as you respect the Discord TOS and our community guidelines, you can say whatever you’d like.
  • Block Bodega is primarily composed of USA, CA, and EU players. The server is hosted in North America (Toronto), and peak hours are typically afternoon/night EST. The server is relatively small, and the server hardware is robust, so lag is minimal.
  • Server Features:

  • Not a fan of Mojang’s player reporting? Neither are we. We’ve installed plugins to disable player reporting for all messages sent on our server.
  • Our economy is 100% vanilla — the most common currency is diamond, our market is free, and all the shops are player-made. Head to our Shopping District and get rich or die trying.
  • We like to keep things simple. There aren’t excessive roles, obnoxious prefixes, and technicolor nicknames; you will never be solicited for donations, and there is absolutely no pay-to-win, buyable cosmetics, or any of that malarkey.
  • Land claiming and rollback plugins make vandalism virtually impossible. Our staff members are responsive and helpful — if you have any issues with griefing or theft, let a staff-member know and we’ll get it fixed promptly.
  • Work together on fun projects! When you’re not building a base or fighting the dragon, stop by and lend a hand to whichever community project that strikes your fancy!
  • Sick of playing survival? We also have a creative server (with access to WorldEdit) available for anyone in our Discord!
  • Other Fun Facts:

  • We’re making an official server cookbook in the Discord. If you have any recipes you’d like to share, drop them in our recipes channel!
  • The server is woman-owned! Any and all genders are welcome, though!
  • We have a custom server resource pack available in the Discord. It’s not required and it doesn’t change much, but it adds some fun easter eggs and server references.
  • Our Plugins:

    Our Datapacks: