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Shizen Survival – 1.20.*

Come hop in and play Shizen Survival

  • We are a Semi-Vanilla SMP with a few QOL plugins!
  • Our community is super friendly and everyone is welcome!
  • We are pro LGBTQI+ so we are super inclusive!
  • All the server events are planned by players so hop on and plan an event!
  • There are a few towns so you will definitely find some people to live with!
  • We are bedrock compatibile!
  • We have a few custom items with our server resource pack and we plan to add a ton more!
  • You can connect on any of the 1.20 minecraft versions! 🙂
  • If anything above interests you, please hop on and make some friends!

    Chestshop Economy Economychestshop Economyserver Nolag Pve Pve Economy Skyblock Survival Votifier


    Welcome to FarSkyblock!

    Thank you for checking out our server! Here’s some information about us!

    – There are no Pay to Win elements on our server.
    – All purchases are cosmetic and support the server.

    This server features an in game shop and economy, with a heavy focus on player driven shops. Bonuses in game are achieved through playtime rewards and voting. Any real money transactions give you in game cosmetics.

    Community Hermitcraft Nolag Nowhitelist Smp Survival Vanilla

    Simply Vanilla Public SMP

    The Simply Vanilla SMP’s new project!
    Going Public!
    Hello :D, You might have had the good fortune of seeing our main SMP before, a whitelisted vanilla style smp with a focus on an amazing community without the endless plugins changing the game for the worse. Simple, fun survival.

    However our server has always had a whitelist, but now we are releasing a new server that is open to anyone to join, the same goals and ideas but with a fresh start!

    Simply vanilla public will run much the same as the main SMP, vanilla style with minimal mods/datapacks, a focus on community driven projects and a server that is always online with no resets!

    But rather than reading about the server, why not go play? Theres no delay you can join right now!

    Bedwars Community Cracked Creative Factions Hideandseek Hypixel Minecraft Minecraftserver Minigames Murdermystery Nohackers Nolag Oneblock Skyblock Skywars Survival Team Pvp Youtubers

    Enotland Network

    Enotland – JOIN NOW || MINIGAMES || YOUTUBERS ○ Added Survival with free donation ○ All donations are forever and there is no cheating on teams. Reasonable prices for donations. ○ Your own survival spawn. A unique lobby for a comfortable game. There is a personal discord channel for players to communicate.

    Main idea:
    EnotLand is an honest and reliable survival, when what you have mined and built does not disappear due to griefers, bugs or a sudden wipe. The server administration monitors its stability, and in case of rare problems, restores everything that was damaged.
    EnotLand is about balance. We do not have distributions or sales of absolutely all blocks. We also do not have hardcore, when the player is not able to teleport and private.
    EnotLand is the place where you can relax while honestly surviving on an interesting map. We don’t have stupid prohibitions that would severely limit you.
    EnotLand is an adequate administration that communicates with players on equal terms. Those who create discomfort for players do not stay on our team.
    EnotLand is a unique development, some of which are freely available. It is thanks to EnotLand that it is possible to eliminate the well-known dupes that have been boring everyone for so long and have caused gameplay restrictions on many servers.
    EnotLand is committed to quality.
    And most importantly, if you are banned by an evil donor, you DO NOT NEED to buy an unban! Just write to us about it on the Discord server and that’s it! We understand that there are such people and you certainly don’t want to pay for a ban just like that. If you find a bug or the donation command does not work, write to us on the Discord server. All servers support 1.8 – 1.20.1!
    General information: The country of the “EnotLand” project is the USA. Server owner: Rogalik Team. Sponsors: Cxmpute Network

    1122server 1122servers 2b2t 2b2tanarchy 2b2tclone Anarchy F3f5 F3f5anarchy F3f5clone Free Minecraft Nolag Nolicense Norules Nowypes Pirate Survival


    F3F5 is the oldest anarchic Minecraft server, founded on 06/29.23 | 23:55 GE. The server is in complete chaos, disorder and ruin. There are no administrators, no rules, no anti-cheat. This is the oldest griefer server in the history of Minecraft.
    At the same time, imagine, for many years of existence there has never world reset.

    Animeserver Clans Economy English Server Fantasy Fantasyroleplay Fantasyrp Isekai Japan Japanesetheme Japanrp Lore Loreroleplay Nolag Optionalpvp Ranks Roleplay Rpserver Skillsystem Strict Vanilla Whitelist Whitelisted Whitelistonly

    Minecraft: Isekai

    Spin your clans, roll for your traits and skills! We have less complicated lore and more beautiful complex Japanese builds. You are reborn into an unusual time in Japan, what will you do next?

    No mods to install, version 1.19.4 although almost any version should work (do use that with caution). Server entirely ran with plugins.

    Looking for high ranks!

    Join our discord server to get whitelisted!

    Chill Claims Dynamicmap Fortnite Friendly Griefprevention Gui Map Menus Mrbeast Multiplayer Nolag Nopvp Onlinemap Pve Relaxed Survival Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival Viaversion Website

    ⛏️ Minecraft Country – A mostly vanilla PvE survival server. ✨

    Welcome to Minecraft Country, the Ultimate Co-Op Minecraft Server! If you’re seeking a truly immersive and collaborative Minecraft experience, look no further. Our server is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of vanilla gameplay, but enjoy tools and mechanics to make default gameplay more convenient. Dive into a PvE-only world where players can come together to craft their own unique realm.

    At Minecraft Country, we uphold strict server rules to ensure a level playing field. Cheating in any form, be it through mods, hacks, or third-party software, is strictly forbidden. We foster a friendly and respectful community. To stake your claim in this virtual world, simply place a chest and follow our straightforward land-claiming instructions. Our commitment to constant improvement means that we’re always listening to our players’ feedback, with new features and mechanics added regularly.

    We’ve also introduced innovative changes & additions – like convenient death chests upon dying, player claims, and changes to hunger mechanics to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, at Minecraft Country, we believe in enhancing your exploration experience. Our dynamic live mapeasily accessible via links on our server website or in-game with the /map chat command, provides a captivating top-down view of the world. This invaluable tool not only helps you navigate and locate points of interest but also enables you to connect with fellow players, spot mobs, and identify land claims. It’s a game-changer for those seeking to embark on epic adventures and collaborate effectively in our vibrant virtual world.

    Currently, we support Java Edition exclusively, so fire up your Java client, add our server IP address, and join us in crafting the ultimate cooperative adventure. Discover the joy of pure Minecraft camaraderie at Minecraft Country, where “vanilla” is anything but ordinary.

    You can find lots more information at our website. You can also find many of our links and commands in a convenient in-game GUI by using the /menu or /m command in chat.

    Greifingallowed Noabuse Nolag Nomods Survival

    Vanilla SMP 1.20.1

    Want to play a server with no mods but can only find ones with? Join Vanilla SMP! I created this server to give people a chance to play a survival SMP with NO mods. The real Minecraft experience is vanilla, not with /home and /claim. Build bases, houses, grief them as well! Invite your friends and build the biggest base.

    🌃Weekly Events
    🚫No lag
    🔒No admin abuse

    Spawn – Spruce Forest
    Server Based in USA

    Anarchy Nolag Norules Pvp Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival


    🔥 Why Choose Ntropy? 🔥

    🚫 No Rules: Unleash your creativity and play the way you want! Our server has absolutely no restrictions—your game, your rules!

    🚀 Blazing Fast and Highly Optimized Performance: Our system is powered by a Ryzen 5800X CPU and meticulously optimized to deliver lightning-fast speed and buttery-smooth gameplay. Feel the difference the moment you join!

    🛡️ DDoS Protection: Our server is fortified with industry-leading DDoS protection, ensuring that your gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

    🕒 24/7 Uptime: Play whenever you want, for as long as you want. Our server boasts 24/7 uptime, so the adventure never stops!

    🎓 Expert Management: Our server is managed by a professional with over 10 years of experience in server hosting, including Minecraft. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

    247open 247server 247survival 247uptime Antigrief Antigriefing Backpack Backpackmod Backpacks Bedrock Discord Discordchat Discordserver Economy Economysurvival Friendly Friendlystaff Java Money Nogrief Nolag Noobfriendly Plugins Pvp Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Vanillalike Vanillatweaks

    JoshK’s JavaRock

    Welcome to JoshK’s Java & Bedrock Server, highlighting true cross-platform play with just about every version of Minecraft!

    !! – Java’s port is 25565, and Bedrock’s port is 19132 – !!

    Features include 24/7 uptime, TRUE cross-compatibility, anti-grief, a skylands dimension, unique terrain & structure generation, money & economy support, teleport to players, backpacks, and more! If you have plugin suggestions, DM me in our official Discord server!

    Join our Discord server for more information on how to join the server via Apple, Android, XBox, Playstation, and/or even the Nintendo Switch!