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Middle School Vanguard

Welcome to the Vanguard SMP

On this server you can find a nice balence between pve and pvp within an SMP.

we are completely vanilla so no problems with land claiming or weird ass towny.

all i want is for people to have fun and stay entertained!

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1.17.1 UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, Bedrock edition support!

Logo United Factions
1.17.1 UnitedFactions PVP 100 PLAYERS 24/7, Factions, mcMMO, Economy, Anticheat, Bedrock edition support! Minecraft Server Facebook United Factions Visit United Factions website Twitter United Factions United Factions Instagram Planet Minecraft
Dear Minecraft community, Player, NPC, entity or Factions player, Bedrock Player,

United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today,

United Factions is one of the best Faction Servers out there, we are back from the past! Join our server again today,
We try to serve our players the best gaming experience
possible on a faction server!
We also try to get the best faction players on

United Factions so the challenge is exciting enough

for you to raid, and defend your bases and belongings!

Building a strong base is absolutely one of the first things you should do to keep your stuff safe!
Try to get some obsidian to secure your base, TNT cannons are around yes, so be prepared!

Raiding and Defense are part of the game! We offer it all! From Factions to PVP, to economy to raiding! And from Arenas to Weed! 🙂 We have it all! Raising money is easy with our guidess!


Wallpaper United Factions

Server specifications:

AMD Ryzen 3950X
100 Slots
24 TB backups
500 Mbps connection
Why play on United Factions?

– Hourly Backups
– Discord channel
– Dedicated and active staff
– 100 slots
– Website
– Almost 10 years old on Minecraft Servers
– No lag
-100 Slots
– Plugins and support
– Factions server
– TNT allowed
– Anti hack measures
– Trading and shops

Constant action!
Constant updates on the blog!
We are 24/7 uptime, at 96.9%! Want to know more on the server?

Additional NotesThe best Minecraft Faction server you will ever see and find! We are 100% behind our users! We have a lot of plugins! And try to give you the best faction experience!

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Velvet | Survival | MCMMO | Veinminer | SlimeFun | ChestShop

Welcome to Velvet!
Make sure you join our discord so we can give you some extra perks!

Velvet is a small, survival multiplayer server run by the Velvet Community, bringing new, exciting, and interesting gameplay mechanics to the realm of Minecraft! We have additions like vein miner, custom cave generation, MCMMO (an RPG leveling system!), and more!

We change what it means to be a Minecraft server, beware of the trees, make lots of friends, and have fun in our small and friendly community!

✨ Heads up!
We are currently undergoing a name change from our old name, CookieMC to Velvet!
Expect some information about the server to not match the name for the time being.

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[ 1.18 ] GGCraft | Community Survival Server

➤ IP:

➤ Discord:

Current Version: 1.18 Prerelease 5

Note: Until the full launch of 1.18 we
will be updating to the newest preleases as soon as possible until
Fabric has been updated to 1.18 and deemed stable.


GGCraft is a vanilla Minecraft experience centered around the
community. The goal of GGCraft is to provide a place for people to come
together to enjoy Minecraft, we value a smooth vanilla experience over
all else. We’re not in this for the money either. There’s no “Premium
Hub” or exclusive benefits that can be purchased for real world or in
game currencies, all members enjoy the same experience on our server. If
you enjoy the server enough and want to donate to help cover server
costs you can, but ultimately it’s your choice and you’ll never be
pressured otherwise.


Key Features

➤ We’re a community server so all member input is valued! Really, I’m not just saying that.

➤ No pay to win mechanics! All members enjoy the same experience!

➤ Extremely active admin, unless I’m sleeping you can usually get in touch with me anytime!

➤ Smooth vanilla experience with minimal changes, see below for more details.

➤ (Coming Soon) Community built events, contests, games, and more! Got
an idea for something? Build it and invite other members over!


Noticeable Changes

GGCraft tries to stay true to the vanilla experience so we try to
keep changes to a minimal. We make use of Fabric for the add
improvements to performance. We prefer datapacks over plugins and mods
when possible. All datapacks and tweaks made to the server are up for
discussion with the community. Currently the server is running a
selection of the VanillaTweaks datapacks (found here listed below.

➤ AFK Display

➤ Anti Enderman Grief

➤ Armor Status

➤ Coordinates Hude

➤ Fast Leaf Decay

➤ More Mob Heads

➤ Multiplayer Sleep

➤ Nether Portal Coords

➤ Player Head Drops


Server Application

GGCraft is a whitelisted community, you can head on over to our Discord
( where you’ll find a link to the application
in the #servers channel.

Note: Make sure to reply here after applying if you’d like to be
notified of your whitelist application status and if you invite your
friends send them the discord link, not the application link. I’ve had a
few application for people not in the discord and I tried replying
here, but since the thread is new I was warned for “bumping” since I
replied to my own post.

Staff Application

GGCraft is maintained solely by me at the moment. If you think you could
contribute to the server in a Staff-like capacity I’m always happy to
hear how we could potentially better the server. Just shoot me a message
on Discord after filling out the application found on our Discord

Thanks for reading this far!

Landclaim Noeconomy Nogrief Nolag Survival

🎩| StumpCraft |🎩

Stumpcraft Is a Recreation Of a Old Server, Bobygos, Dream Land
Stumpcraft Is a Online ?/50 Player Server With Grief Prevention And No Eco System.
We Also Include Daily Restarts, 24/7 Server Runtime With Restarts, (..Server can close for 1h/1d for server renewal..)
As well With Server Ranks!
Bukkit Server (Plugin Server)

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Pog Survival With Bedwars [Java|Tlauncher|Bedrock]

| 1.17.1 |Survival | BedWars | Shops | Grief Prevention | Economy | Events | Pinatas | More!|

(Java and Bedrock McPe}
Port: 19132

About McPog

Our current map was started September 2th 2021 (Season 5)

Server has been operating since 2018

When McPog was created, our goal was to capture all the best aspects of our favorite servers and find ways to capture what made them great, and improve on what they were lacking. Throughout many seasons of problem solving and optimizing as well as developing a loyal following, we bring you the best season of McPog yet.

McPog is a constantly evolving world with Bedwars, driven by its friendly community and dedicated staff team. With a 99 percent uptime since the beginning, you can rely on us to provide you with a lag-free experience time and time again.

Server Features

  • Protect your land and chests with claims, PvP is enabled outside of public warp areas•
  • Weekly/ Monthly Events with EPIC Rewards•
  • In-Game /Shop Menu for Quick and Easy Access to Blocks and Items•
  • Advanced Enchants, Unique Items, Prefix Tags and Cosmetics•
  • Pinatas, Shop, Bedwars•
  • Community

    Our player base stems not only from North America also International however all are welcome. Many people are friendly and supportive to help maintain a positive space for all. We have an active Discord server for Prime. Discord is where we give out information about the server. There you will find important announcements, active text channels and voice channels etc.

    If you Join the Minecraft server and decide to stick around, please join the


    Enhance your survival bedwars experience in the ALL NEW 1.17 map with Prime Survival! Join the Discord server to stay connected with the community!

    Prime Survival Minecraft Server

    Nolag Nolandclaim Pog Server Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    Stranger SMP (Season 3)


    Looking for a truly vanilla SMP with a chill community? Then this is the server for you.
    Unlike other semi-vanilla smp’s Stranger SMP keeps the server as vanilla as possible.
    This is not an anarchy server.
    -No /home
    -No /tpa.
    -No economy.
    -Keep inventory is off.
    -No claim land

    The server is on 1.17.1
    Invite link:

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    Helios Middle School

    Hello. Helios SMP is a semi-vanilla survival server. It is not an anarchy server. there are no annoying anti-griefing plugins and no annoying over the top anti-cheat plugins. We keep the server as vanilla as we possibly can + a few tpa and warp plugins

    We like to focus on the survival side of minecraft not the server plugin side. PvP is always turned on and you can fight whoever you want whenever you want.

    There are a few plugins but only plugins we believe add to the survival experience such as tpa and warps.

    if you are interested in joining please join our discord (link below)

    Apply Awesome Community Craft Customplugins Diamond Discord Dream Dreamlike Dreamsmp Dreamsmplike Economy Free Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hertmicraftlike Mine Minecraft Nolag Nolimits Poa Reloaded Smp Vanilla Votes Whitelist

    ReloadedSMP | Whitelist | Hermitcraft Style | Dream SMP | Vanilla Styled | No Land Claim| No AFK Kick | No Lag | Active Staff | Discord

    Reloaded SMP is not just about Minecraft, it is about the community. We pride ourselves on maintaining a happy community with constant aspects across all. The survival server is vanilla based with a few modifications that just make life easy. With an active staff team and constant moderation; griefing, stealing or hacking does not go undetected. With constant maintenance from our active developer we can ensure a lag free environment with custom plugins to keep everyone happy.

    We have very little limitations on what you cant do. If you want to build a giant farm go for it, we ensure that it wont lag. If it does, we will solve it without affecting the farm. Want to go for mega builds? Go for it, show off your creative side with no worries of being griefed.

    What if I am griefed? Because we do not believe in land claim of any kind, our staff team can quickly rollback all the damage dealt and punish the player responsible.

    We are whitelisted because we want the best players, we want the active players and to build a community all in one safe place. Discord.

    If you sound interested come check us out and apply at our discord server.

    20tps 2b2t Anarchy Cracked Economy Griefing Lowping Nolag Players Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    AnarchySG – Always Online – 20 TPS – No Lag – Cracked


    Welcome to AnarchySG! The anarchy server thats trying to be as vanilla as possible, we are active 24/7 with 20 TPS at all times.

    Join today and make history!

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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