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Ghost Towny/SMP

Java Towny/SMP Survival
fun community chilling on minecraft, towny, Smp, community, jobs, economy
24/7 public server always on unless updating it

We are looking for more active players.
Fun, awesome builders/creative in there mind.
We are Do a lot of giveaways and events for players like if its there birthday or if we gain an amount of players.
We a lot of jobs for people to do.
economy system is fully set up.
We Even have /shop for people to buy and sell some items so the server shop
Players can make there own shop at there town or in the own claim every claim is a chunk

For More Help Check server Info on our discord

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Green Gem

Green Gem is a Survival Multiplayer server with the following features:

Keep Inventory is ON
Players have the /back command
Phantoms are turned OFF
Players can claim land with a golden shovel
Players can rank up and get new kits
Sand Worms spawn in the Desert (not joking)
We have McMMO – a plugin that adds RPG vibes and skills
We have NEW GEMS players can find while mining
We have PyroMiningPro – an enhanced mining experience
We have NEW FISH players can catch while fishing
We have PyroFishingPro – an enhanced fishing experience
Player Vaults, Player Shops and Player Warps
The owner of Green Gem is active and adds new content often
Our community is friendly, helpful, and awesome
All types of people are welcome – hate is not welcome on Green Gem

247survival Activecommunity Multiplayer Newserver Server Survival

Night Craft: 24/7 Survival 1.16.3 *New*

Hello! If you are looking for a casual survival server with an active community looking for more members you have come to the right place!

Server started est. Beginning of October 2020.

We do have Region Claim and an Economy with other simple commands to help you out!

Our Discord Info is

” rel=”ugc nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Vanilla Expanded: Hardcore

A brand new Hardcore SMP server featuring a life system and various PVP/War opportunities.

The server uses EWG and features all new world generation, such as sky islands and unique structures.
Additionally we have the lands plugin, which allows players to claim land and sell/lease plots of land. This plugin also allows you to declare war on other lands for profit and dominance. Speaking of profit, the server has a shopkeeper plugin, which allows for players to create there own custom villagers and villager trades, enabling economic pursuits.

If you want to know more check out the getting started channel for VE:H in the discord below.


Server released: 10-26-20!

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Just an SMP

Literally just an SMP with some friends I am making public. Just plain vanilla. The only plugin we have is an anti cheat.

Note: we’re not an anarchy server.

Server Founded 10-9-20!

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NSFW Minecraft Server

I like playing NSFW Minecraft server when I’m at work, makes me feel dangerous while my wife is away or my boss is in the poop field with the girls. It might be the only time I can get away with playing the wrong thing.

My wife is cheating on me with the friend of a friend, she also likes getting cut while having sex with them. Why don’t I tell them to screw off? What do you say to someone who just called you out for cheating?

I even tried dating and found a crazy girl who loves the idea of getting cut up, she said it makes her pussy super wet! But she is proud of the fact that she is still a young lady. So she can handle such situations. The contest is a unique challenge for her mind and she loves being a contestant. That makes her grow impatient and wants to stay in the contest longer.

The other girl I met was scared of getting shark bites, you should try to avoid those at all costs. Keep your head down and try not to move when under attack. Make loud noise to make yourself less likely to be attacked. Don’t raise your arms above your head, break sharks jaw instead, so the shark has no choice but to leave you alone.

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Onlyfans Minecraft Server

I I love teasing boys with my tits! it makes them all horny and tingly…so hot and much fun!!

Boys are pathetic and practically worship my tits and I love sucking fat cocks, look how pathetic the boys are watching me, they beg me to let them kiss my jiggling, having soft-faced tits takes a lot of faith to ask a guy to kiss your tits and i always let them do it because i’m that kind of girl!

Some girls love fingering themselves (though I usually only do it on my partner) and of course there are women who prefer to watch porn. But I love the image of women fingering themselves; it’s taboo, it’s an erogenous zone of their own bodies, that’s sexual rather than rapey.

Don’t blame busty girls for showing off their big boobs. That’s just what they do best. From the secret locations to the invisible walls, in the age of the Instagram feel the fun never stops. Witness the busty girls testing out their alpha powers on this morning boudoir shoot.

247survival Animal Anime Cat Catgirl Catgirls Cats Catscraft Cute Fun Gamergirls Girl Girlfriend Girls Marriage Marriages Marry Monster Girl Monster Girls Nice Pvp

Minecraft Catgirls Server

Catgirls are very rare in Minecraft but on Minewind they are somewhat common. They take on a different color scheme than other female mobs (you need to have a mob talker installed) and have a very strong color scheme. They will attack any other one that gets in their way if they decide there is an opportunity for combat. They can be seen by flying through walls while using overpowered dragon head and having no other special attacks.

Catgirl in Minecraft

Minewind will appear in multiplayer games when you have an extra dimension (you can see them with one dimension map, which allows them to stay between one dimension and the next). Also they make a pretty good target during war because they can be attacked from both ends.

Their pf stats show up on most Minewind profiles and when you’re logged in, their skill changes but skull stays the same. Catgirls don’t know the concept of being satisfied with such things, so they spend a lot of time on their beds.

Blue haired cat girl relaxing on a newly crafted bed in Minecraft

Catgirls have many tricks when in battle,  there are some excellent moves as well as some very useful and effective moves,  so let’s get started.

The first of them is: Killing an Opponent in one blow using a backstabber and strength potion is actually quite good.

Part of the reason is that they will never expect it.

Catgirls using the backstabber sword technique in PvP at spawn.

If you have a strong fighting style that works for you, chances are the opponent will give up in one blow or else won’t move forward at all.  And you don’t need to move around every time you attack an enemy.  Your attack is already in place if you attack with your backstabber sword.  When you are ready to strike, start attacking at the time.

Catgirl with backstabber sword is ready to attac and protec.

Remember that you have a big 30s sword, so when it connects…  Then attack!  A good strategy is when the opponent is not attacking or when something unusual happens.  In order to be able to see exactly what the opponent is doing, it is usually better to make a prediction.  For instance, if you predict something like a god apple, take the chance and attack with succulent and dyrn to knock the opponent into one side of the wall.  If you assume a totem you will do the same when you predict it.

Now you are fighting with your own judgment.

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Welcome to RiddleCraft!

We are a survival server focused on keeping the original vanilla style of Minecraft with a few enhancements. We are always online with players and staff available just around the corner! Along with an awesome friendly community and great server performance, we also have several features:

Chest Shops
You can buy and sell items from these shops, and even make some yourself! Comes with a display for the item on sale and an interactive UI to buy/sell from them.

Discord Server
We have a Discord server along with a Discord-to-Minecraft relay so you can be sure that there is someone available around the clock, and you can even chat to them through the game! Make sure to join us on the Discord so you can fully join our player community. Join us on

With over 10 jobs, special bonus abilities per job and 100 levels per job, you can be sure this is a great way to earn money to buy items! Includes fun quests you can get every few hours for bonus money.

Other features:

– 24/7 uptime
– Always running the latest Minecraft version
– Anti-cheating
– Anti-griefing
– Chest loot drops that appear nearby spawn
– PvP always enabled, except for in designated admin areas
– Voting with specialised random rewards

We are always looking for new awesome people to join, so try out RiddleCraft!

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♦ AusWorld Survival [1.15.2] ♦


Server IP Address:
Server Website:
Sign up on the website to be a member today and receive the Citizen Rank and other benefits!


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