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Degenerate Loser Craft

Semi-Vanilla, Survival, Amplified world, Elytra, No teleporting. A fun little server for all to enjoy. Free of charge. Absolutely no pay to win aspects to it atall. See you there.

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CambridgeCraft (Supports 1.16!)

Experience the ultimate amplified factions experience – Experience CambridgeCraft!

Our goal with CambridgeCraft is to create the ultimate OP Amplified factions experience for everyone to enjoy. Factions is currently live and in Beta, so now is the perfect chance for you to witness a multiplayer experience unlike any other! Join now and experience Amplified Factions!
For questions or help: While on the server, run the command /ccdiscord to get a discord invite.

Thank You!

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EVERYTHING IS CULTURE SHOCK is an Amplified Survival server, that is truly yours. We’re starting off with a barebones Amplified Survival world, with only one rule. No hacking. Over time players can make suggestions for new rules, gameplay mechanics, etc. and vote on them as a server. As time goes on the server will become more complex and tailored to your ideal gameplay. Join now to start shaping the server that YOU want.

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⇐ CrystalVanilla β‡’

Un nuovo server tutto vanilla in un mondo amplificato! Nessun plugin che riguarda i giocatori, solo per la gestione del server, un mondo che sarΓ  costruito dai player stessi! Affrettatevi ad entrare!

Telegram Group
Discord Group

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MineApple – [Survival] [Minigames] [Anti-Grief] [Max ViewDistance] MC1.16.1

MineApple offers a fun survival experience. Play on the server, gather resources, reach milestones and earn perks.

We offer the vanilla survival experience you know and love, but with unique and fun extras. Players can aqcuire custom perks, items and abilities through custom game mechanics and machines from CraftBook, McMMO, our own plugins and more!

We are a No-Griefing and No-Raiding server and offer plugins like Residence that allow you to easily claim land to use by yourself or together with friends.

Aside from Survival, we also offer a Creative Plotworld and have a custom PvP Minigame in which you can fight your friends or someone from our community using special abililties. Furthermore, we are constantly working on improving your experience, by creating more fun things for you to enjoy.

We strive to get the most out of vanilla Minecraft mechanics and try to use them to make original things that should keep you entertained.

If you are looking for a great experience, join us at MC.MINEAPPLE.NET

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Amplified Network UPDATED 1.16.1!

Welcome to the Amplified Network!
We are a Factions and Survival server featuring the Amplified world gen! We also have some mini games.
Whether you are new to Minecraft, or are tired of the same survival or factions experience, Amplified is the perfect server for anyone.

Updated to 1.16.1! Come explore the new Nether for yourself and with friends!

Survival- Entering the survival world will bring you to a player built city! With over 200 available plots, this member run community will be your new home. Mine Diamonds and play on the server to rank up! Unlock new kits, more homes, and earn money!

Factions- The amplified world is perfect for factions. Whether you want to build your base on the inside of a mountain, in between massive cliff faces, or reach the world height limit with ease, you are sure to have a factions experience like no other.

Mini Games- We feature a handful of mini games, because why not?

Looking for competent staff! Read how to apply inside server.
Come and join the community! Discord-


Amplified Community Coreprotect Fly Mcmmo New Server Small Survival

Bushi Craft

Bushi Craft is my response to rejoining Minecraft and wishing for the kind of server I used to play all the time in 2013. Building a tight community is my goal, and this is a simple SMP server. One cool thing is that everyone can /fly in survival mode, which can’t be done in solo Minecraft. Anyway, I hope you check out Bushi Craft and join, whether you’re a veteran player or brand new.

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Your Hermitcraft
(You must apply in the comments section to join)

Your Hermitcraft is a 1.15.2 Minecraft vanilla server. We offer over 50 datapacks to make Minecraft a more pleasant experience. These are some of our useful datapacks here: One player sleeping to daytime, player heads, mob heads, unique mobs, craft flint back into gravel, and loads more!

Everyone is equal on Your Hermitcraft. Even the owner is set to the same rank as you. We all have equal command access, such as: home set, access to warps, and miscellaneous features such as /hat. Everyone including the owner is automatically de-opped upon joining the server. No childish staff members, no staff randomly teleporting to you, and most importantly no drama — just play!

Fear not, if you’re unfamiliar with what hermitcraft is, there’s several players just like you on here who still don’t know what hermitcraft is. So, you’re more than welcome to join us! And, for those of you who do know, well, Your Hermitcraft is your opportunity to experience a slightly altered vanilla server like your favorite Hermits on Hermitcraft! We’re a small community looking for anyone who can sit down, and enjoy Minecraft for a long amount of time. Everyone’s really easy to get along with, so apply to join our whitelist.

We’re not looking for a huge player-base. We do have a whitelist, and we’d love for you to take this opportunity to join us! Please submit an application in the comments section below with the following format:

Your Minecraft username:
Your Age:
Your gender [Male, or Female]:
What do you usually like to do on Minecraft servers?:

Thank you all applicants! Applicants will receive a response if accepted. ALL are welcome to apply. The more the merrier!

More information:

No special clients required!

Our map is here to stay! You can stay confident that your builds will never be wiped (except the nether world for the incoming 1.16 nether update).

Purchase chunks at /warp shops with diamonds! Trade, sell, buy, or play mini games for diamonds at /warp shops.

We provide a random teleport pressure plate right at spawn!

Custom death messages!

We are not affiliated with Hermitcraft, nor their streamers/youtubers. We were just jealous of their fun antics, and their server.

We suggest using the fWhip texturepack, but it is not required.


[​1] Don’t steal
[​2] Follow the honor system
[​3] Houses no closer than 1,000 blocks from spawn
[+] That’s 1,000 blocks away from 255 X, and 187 Z
[+] We recommend using the teleport pad @ spawn
[​4] Don’t grief
[​5] Pranks are allowed

Common sense is expected. If you x-ray straight down to diamonds you’ll be punished, if you use the N word.. no! Not “nerd,” the other one with an “er”….. you will be punished. Punishments are usually light, but may vary on a case-by-case basis. Dark humor, dark jokes, and serious discussion are not only welcome, but also supported. Intentionally provoking people with topics such as: religion, politics, or otherwise may on rare occasions be punished depending on severity.

Unique Datapack features:


Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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