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[24/7] 11/26/2020 – Anarchy Minecraft Vanilla Survival Server – 20w48a Snapshot

Vanilla Minecraft Survival
Est. 11 25 2020
Created by: Regency2004 & DarthDerp
Welcome to a Vanilla Minecraft Survival server. This server is dedicated to the true origin of what Minecraft is. No fancy plugins, no kits/commands, just strictly on how the game was meant to be played, and enjoyed.
Yes, that means there is no way to defend your base if you don’t plan accordingly. Keep in mind on every move you make, and where to spot down for the night, because you never know who’s watching.
Survival is the name of the game, and that’s what were gonna keep it as.
But also, creativity…
Build what you want, kill who, and what you want, do whatever you want on this server. There are very very few rules, which are listed just down below.

This simple server design choice is what we are aiming for, just a place to kick back, unwind, and Minecraft together!Server Rules:

• No cheating/using third party softwares
• No bullying other players
• No asking for any kind of ownership, you will be ignored

– If any other rules/changes come up, seek our PMC page for info –

247server 247survival Nicepeopple Smp Survival Townyserver

Ghost Towny/SMP

Java Towny/SMP Survival
fun community chilling on minecraft, towny, Smp, community, jobs, economy
24/7 public server always on unless updating it

We are looking for more active players.
Fun, awesome builders/creative in there mind.
We are Do a lot of giveaways and events for players like if its there birthday or if we gain an amount of players.
We a lot of jobs for people to do.
economy system is fully set up.
We Even have /shop for people to buy and sell some items so the server shop
Players can make there own shop at there town or in the own claim every claim is a chunk

For More Help Check server Info on our discord

247server Cityroleplay Cityrp Date Dating Roleplay Survival Townroleplay Townrp Towny

Forever RolePlay

Have you ever wanted a roleplay server that not only supports 1.12 and up but is always upgrading performance?

Look no further(please?), we are always online 24/7 to not only supply support but we allow all roleplays(that follow our rules) as you can even find a date to fill the void. We offer school, town, and city roleplay and will also soon support regions from all around the world. We support cracked and premium clients but they will always be in a separate server. We also have many hidden ester eggs hidden within the world that you can explore with friends or go alone. We also have survival!

We also have survival!

1) No NSFW any ware in our community.
2) Bullying or Harassment in any shape or forum is strictly forbidden.
3) No Spam of any kind in any channel or in the server.
4) No Ear Rape, loud sound in any voice chat.
5) Keep messages in the correct chat.
6) Respect everyone and they will respect you back.
7) Never share ANY personal information.
8) Report any issues you come across to a Mod
9) No Advertisement or talking about another server, we are competitive.

Want to join our discord? Click Here

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Vanilla Expanded: Hardcore

A brand new Hardcore SMP server featuring a life system and various PVP/War opportunities.

The server uses EWG and features all new world generation, such as sky islands and unique structures.
Additionally we have the lands plugin, which allows players to claim land and sell/lease plots of land. This plugin also allows you to declare war on other lands for profit and dominance. Speaking of profit, the server has a shopkeeper plugin, which allows for players to create there own custom villagers and villager trades, enabling economic pursuits.

If you want to know more check out the getting started channel for VE:H in the discord below.


Server released: 10-26-20!

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Minewool Network

Bienvenidos a
Un gran servidor con muchos modos de juegos
y mucho mas! con mas de 8 años de experiencia

247server 247survival 247uptime Friendly Noobfriendly Smallcommunity Smallserver Smallsurvivalserver Smp Survival Vanilla

Just an SMP

Literally just an SMP with some friends I am making public. Just plain vanilla. The only plugin we have is an anti cheat.

Note: we’re not an anarchy server.

Server Founded 10-9-20!

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Sage Kingdom 24/7 Cracked & Premium

CRACKED PLAYERS WELCOME Do you ever miss how simple the Minecraft servers where back in 2013/2014 well thats what im going for here just a simple Server with some plugins for added fun of course so you can play Factions with your friends or with strangers its also where we will stream/record any minecraft content we put up on our youtube/twitch channels in the Future


– 24/7

247server Adventure Faction Factions Friendlystaff Mcmmo Pve Pvp Rpg Survival Swordartonline

Underworld Online

Hello and welcome all to
Underworld Online!

We are a RPG, Faction/Raid server currently running 1.15.2. 1.16 clients are able to join as well, however they will not be able to use any 1.16 features. The IP for our server is:
Our website can be viewed at:
We wouldn’t be able to survive without paying for the server, so any donations are greatly appreciated. Feel free to make a donation here:

At Underworld Online, we host a variety of different gameplay experiences, such as an economy, factions, and just basic survival with all of the different items available in Minecraft 1.15. The goal was to create an RPG of SAO Alicization, which takes place in the Underworld. Even if you do not like Sword Art Online or know what it is, you can still enjoy the server! I encourage you to read the background information, which sets the basis and my mindset for the server, at this link.

We also have a Discord server! You can also click this link to join the Discord server! This is designed as a “free play” area for members to relax and create the community feel within the server. Here, Staff can be contacted even if they aren’t online on the Minecraft server, or you can even interact when you aren’t able to join. All main functions such as bug and player reports, suggestions, and applications are hosted on the Discord, so I encourage everyone to join!

While the server may be open to the public, by no means is it complete. There are still many more updates and features to come, so of course stick around for even more fun features to come to the server, and some that will be unique to the Underworld!

At this time, our current Staff and Administration includes:

Owner: Pieguy302590
Co-Owner: cobolt34
Integrity Knight: Empty
Prime Senator: InjectedFire
Senator: leftyy26
Trainee: Empty

If you have any troubles at all, feel free to contact any of them and we will work as quickly as what we can to resolve any issue you may have.

Last but not least, to celebrate the official opening of the server, there will be a sale on the entire Donation Shop, which will be discounted by 15% until 18 October and can be accessed at this link!

Link Start!
Underworld Online
Owner, Pieguy302590

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GemFields-MC 1.16.2

GemFields-MC is a no EULA compliant grief, semi-custom-survival server that gives you a fun survival experience while adding on extra content to help spice up Minecrafts endgame!


10slots 116server 247server 247uptime Beta Creative Discord Discordchat Family Flatworld Freinds Friendly Fun Griefprotection Love Mcmmo Newserver Newworld Nogrief Peacefull Simple Skyblock Smallcommunity Smallserver Survival

The Basics – MC Server **BETA**

The Basics server is a place where you can be you and play with your friends and family. This is a new server with a small community. We keep the server at a max 10 players to prevent crazy chat spam and lag.

If you have a plugin that you would like added, you can ask Thunder and the community will vote.

That’s It!

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