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It a fun smp world with other player you can meet and trader with.

Version 1.19

Java Server IP:
~ Ip:

Bedrock IP:
~ Ip:
~ port: 19132


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CobbleCraft Public Survival Server

Welcome to CobbleCraft! This is A public Survival Server a Bunch of cool commands and plugins. It’s Basic survival with the plugins to Spice it up!
The server has great staff and a great community so I know you don’t want to miss out.
What are you waiting on? Come join now!

Version: Java 1.19.2 (Bedrock Coming Soon)
Discord Server:

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🌺 The Azalea SMP

β–πŸŒΊβ–• Welcome to the Azalea SMP! β–πŸŒΊβ–•

The Azalea SMP is a very new SMP with less than 20 active members at once. Our features are of a wide variety. From innovative and up-to-date to more simplistic, we offer tons of things to both our Minecraft server and its’ interlocked Discord server.

Minecraft Features:
― *Preferably 18+.
― 1.19.2 & Java Edition.
― Custom IP address for easy connection
― Small and active community with lovely members
― **Whitelist VIA a manual + simple verification.
― Innovative features & frequent updates.
― Tons of plugins, including anti-grief + anti-cheat.
― [NEW!] Re-configured plugin settings!

Discord Features:
― Invite options include the Disboard and Invite Link
― Manual & simple verification system to protect against raids & bots.
― A channel for knowing when the MC server is initiating a restart/backup
― [NEW!] An in-game chat for connecting with friends on the go!
― [NEW!] Pingable roles so @/everyone and @/here are not used as frequently!

― A legitimate account on Minecraft: Java Edition.
― A discord account + Joining our Discord
― Completion of a verification system.

Side notes:
* Although our server is considered 18+, it is not required to be over 18 to join. You must, however, be over 13 in compliance with Discord ToS so you may verify and become whitelisted on the server.
** Our verification system is done manually to prevent bots from entering with ease. Please have patience when it comes to being verified and whitelisted. Thank you!

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Sapphire Network | Home of Sapphire Freebuild

We are a blooming Minecraft server network

Currently we only offer Freebuild as a complete experience

Features of Freebuild include;

– Timed Flight Potion

– Ease of Flight add-ons

– Custom trade economy w/spawn shops

– OP tools

Features of the Sapphire Network Include;

– Discord w/ 2-way server chat channels

– upcoming Bedrock Support

– Upcoming 4hr game servers

– Multi-Client support (V 1.9+)

– NO P2W on any of our server nodes!

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The Vanilla Project

The Vanilla Project Minecraft Server

Welcome to TheVanillaProject!ο»Ώ

As the poster states above, we are a growing community playing on a Vanilla server having as much fun as possible.
We are a friendly active community seeking to become even bigger!

Voting will grant no in-game rewards, and is purely optional. every vote counts and is greatly appreciated!

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Cracked LifeStealSMP

Welcome To: LifeSteal Cosmo SMP Season 2!
In this smp, we have a small, friendly community with active players!
At the begging, you might get loot from other players!
So join fast, the slots are limited!
We are exited for you! πŸ€—

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The classic Minecraft experience.

What is OldRoot?
OldRoot is a semi-anarchy minecraft 1.12.2 server, that focuses on keeping itself as close
to vanilla as possible server-side.

How old is OldRoot?
As of now the map is a few weeks old. I know that might be a major turn off for some people,
but give it a chance, it’ll possibly be a fun new experience for you.

Are there any dupes/backdoors?
No, there aren’t any known dupes or backdoors.

Why OldRoot?
This is a really good question, and well my answer to it is, that the map is new and there isn’t a bad economy, yet atleast.
We also run in offline mode which makes it more accessible to people around the globe. Anyways this is all for now,

See You Soon.

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Pilot Craft || Public Lifesteal Java Server

This is the Pilot Craft Minecarft Server. It is a Lifesteal Public Server for anyone to join with the popular Lifesteal plugin so when you kill someone, you gain a heart and they lose a heart. This is a server I PAY FOR USING A HOSTING WEBSITE. There are a bunch of fun plugins that make the server more enjoyable and fun. Have fun On Pilot Craft!

Discord Server:
ο»ΏVersion: 1.19.2 Java

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SmpOfLegends For Java (Cracked)

Hi Everyone,
We have just created a fully funtioned Minecraft Smp for both JAVA with Exclusive Plugins and Games:
– Bedwars
– Exploration!
– Parkour
– Skywars
Make sure to join our Server!
IP !
Regular Playes can also get Server online access! (Dm me for that)
Dont Forget to join!

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New!!! [​1.18.1] Minecraft Survival SMP Server! At The Moola MC Server your task is to make as much money and grow your MCMMO skills to overtake players and climb up the ranks! :lol:

Join The Community/Family Today!!