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Epic Anarchy

A new fun anarchy server for 1.17.1 – 1.16.5 – 1.12.2 with an active player base and lots of fun to be had


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Reventium Factions

Reventium is an upcoming factions server, which offers Factions, McMMO, Friendly Staff, NPC Shops and so much more, below are the features we currently offer.

– Overhead map: Players can view our overhead map to locate structures, or see a top-down view of their home.

– McMMO: Rank up in certain skills such as Mining, and use abilities such as Tree Feller or Serrated Strike

– Jobs: Earn money through Jobs such as Exploring the World around you, or Mining in the depths of the world.

– Factions: Either group up or play solo, ultimately it’s up to you.

– Crates: Now featuring 3 different types of crates, a vote crate, mysterious crate, and a pet crate

– Pre-Generated World: our world has been pre-generated up to a 3900 block radius, no need to worry about lag when exploring, the chunks have already been generated for you.

– And so much more coming soon.

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Velvet | Survival | MCMMO | Veinminer | SlimeFun | ChestShop

Welcome to Velvet!
Make sure you join our discord so we can give you some extra perks!

Velvet is a small, survival multiplayer server run by the Velvet Community, bringing new, exciting, and interesting gameplay mechanics to the realm of Minecraft! We have additions like vein miner, custom cave generation, MCMMO (an RPG leveling system!), and more!

We change what it means to be a Minecraft server, beware of the trees, make lots of friends, and have fun in our small and friendly community!

✨ Heads up!
We are currently undergoing a name change from our old name, CookieMC to Velvet!
Expect some information about the server to not match the name for the time being.

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MetroBuild 1.12.2

MetroBuild is a 1.12.2 Modpack with 256 mods to gives players the most variety to what they would like to do, we have a wide variety of plugins installed on our server as well to offer the best possible playing experience.

The servers general theme is PVE Economy, with a Towny claim system. This means you have options like trade/sales with others or selling at the admin shop, keep in mind your towny claim costs to make and will be taxed upon its size. We have a area at spawn for Donator shops for those who prefer to support a player or town instead of feeding the servers economy.

MetroBuild also has its own Dynamic Map! You can find the Live map here:

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Welcome to Hylianmc!
Hylianmc is a minecraft SMP server based Hermitcraft (a minecraft serie).
The server is on version 1.17.1! and is 24/7 Online!
We have public farms, nether tunnels, mega bases, a shopping district where players can sell/buy items for diamonds and much more.
We also have 1.18 caves [​minecraft datapack] this includes a higher build-limit and bigger caves.
We have over 25 plugins,…
We work with seasons, we are currently on season2 .
The Operator, mod, helper are always ready to help!
for ranks visit our patreon site
Do you love to build creative minecraft builds, an awsome community?
Then this server is definitely recommended!Don’t forget to join our discord server: site

Hope to see you soon!

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PureSurvival- [ SMP || 1.17.1 || Land Claims || Random Teleport || 6+ Years Online! ]



Website –
Service Status –
Discord Invite –

Home of the best survival experience since 2015!

PureSurvival is focused on providing the ultimate no-frills multiplayer survival experience. There are many players who are looking for the original, unmodified survival experience which so many servers have strayed so far away from. With high performance hardware, a small team of professional staff with over 20 years of combined experience and a wonderful community, there is simply no comparison.

Join our Discord to keep in touch with other players and stay up to date on everything going on at PureMC! Click here to join the Discord!

The Basics

  • Hard difficulty
  • Single Player Sleep
  • Celeste (Shooting & falling stars!)
  • No whitelist
  • High performance servers
  • Daily, offsite backups
  • Minimal modifications
  • Professional staff
  • Anti-Cheat & Anti-X-Ray
  • Player Claims
  • Wild Teleport
  • A ton of fun
  • PureSurvival has very simple rules, just use common sense! Our rules can be found in game by typing /rules, or in the Discord under #rules.

    We are not a pay-to-play or for-profit server in any way, however, any contributions are greatly appreciated and go directly to supporting the server. High-end server equipment is expensive, but well worth it. That’s how we’ve been providing the best survival experience since 2015!

    Can’t wait to see you on the server! -Axite





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    DarkxSmp Semi-Anarchy [ anti-hacks [ bosses [ clans [ custom enchants [ Player Shops [ Custom Armor/weapons [ Griefing Allowed[ Raids allowed [ free Speach Allowed.


    Hello All, Would like to invite everyone to our new survival server/semi-anarchy server. Who will be the strongest?


    Our Minecraft Server DarkSmp offers many features which provide a fun
    enviroment,Jump in and play alone or if u want to party up and play with friends
    Meet new minecraft players in our Server Spawn area or discord which is actively Growing Larger.
    Active Admins in game or discord for any Questions or Help.

    NO HACKERS. we provide a anti hacking system with lets admins and owner
    monitor players and catch anyone looking to abuse or hack their way to
    the top on server

    Our server Features include:

    -PartyChat/ Friendslist


    -anti hacking plugin

    -spawn area

    -The pit arena- with keep inv only in the arena


    -Custom Op items/Armor/Weapons

    -Boss Mobs – with chance of dropping Op Items

    -suggestions taken – active admins or owners who actively look and hear feedback

    And many more fun features

    All type of players are accepted here from the less experience to the pvp
    Gods to the builders and to the casuals, come join and have fun
    Can You survive ?

    Test Yourself
    server IP51.195.141.222

    Discord Link/invite:

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    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support – 1.17.1 Survival

    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.17.1 Survival Minecraft Server
    You are searching for a Survival server without lag and restrictions?

    Then is may be the server you are searching for

    We are a Survival server without any other features such as MCMMO that changes the game alot..

    make sure to read more about our

    server below!


    -> Random teleporter

    -> sethome

    -> Claiming

    -> Economy

    -> Rankups

    -> Kits

    -> shop “server shop”

    -> blackmarket “playershop”

    -> Heads menu

    -> Banner maker menu

    -> PvP enabled

    -> Safe trade menu

    -> TPA

    -> ChestSort
    And many more!

    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.17.1 Survival Minecraft Server

    Version: 1.17.1


    Bedrock IP is the same as our java server IP. Keep the bedrock port as the default bedrock port.

    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.17.1 Survival Minecraft Server
    We are a growing Survival server with already a friendly community, we reset the end every month so everyone has a chance! We also support bedrock users on our server, we are always up to date with the latest minecraft version when possible. We are using menu’s to let you guide through our server, still need help? You can always ask your questions in the chat or on our discord server!
    Hopefully we see you soon on MagmaMC!

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    2b2tg ANARCHY SERVER !!!! NO LAG !!!! 20 TPS !!!! #1 !!!!

    rule the world with 2b2tg NOW !!!!!!!! no lag !!!!!!!!!! full anarchy !!!!!!!!! DONT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Make the next big thing NOW !!!!!!!!! do everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hack allowed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    discord :

    Redit : soon………

    Note : please consider voting the server to boost the player-base ( you will eventually get a reward in our discord sever if you vote 10 times ! )

    Note2 : if the server says that it is offline it is a false positive the server is always online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mint Survival! (Shop) (24/7) (1.8-1.17.1) (Survival w/Grief Protection!) (Need Staff)

                          Mint Survival


    Our Mission:
    As a simple survival server, we just wanted a simple server for players to enjoy the simplicity of Minecraft’s survival. We have special plugins to increase the ease of play. Those plugins are listed below. With a friendly community throughout the server and or Discord. You will find friends, enjoy yourself, and just have loads of fun. We are a 24/7 server, we are not a pay-to-win server nor are we accepting donations at this current point. It’s just a fun place for everyone to come to hang out and chill. Let us know if you need anything or have any questions. Looking for players.

    Server Values:
    Respect for players and staff is our one MAJOR rule!

  • Remain a friendly community
  • Ask someone to borrow something
  • No griefing, cheating
  • Be sensible
  • No major cursing allowed
  • Discord:
    — Add me on discord for suggestions and ideas, Nick227#0055

    Technical Specification:
    Zero block lag server, a great connection server is based on the East Coast of the United States (Virginia to be exact). AMD Ryzen 5800x processors.

    Plugin Explanation:

    -Tree Gravity: A simple, yet amazing plugin. This allows a player to hit the bottom of a tree once and it knocks down the entire tree.

    -Grief Prevention: This is enabled as soon as you join. All you need to do is set down a chest and it will enable your property to be protected from the ground to the sky. To expand it all you need to do is have a golden shovel and hit one corner to remap it.

    -Wild Teleport: Since we are a simple survival server, this plugin is an essential part so you do not bump heads with players and you will have a great distance between multiple players!

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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