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CubeCadia SMP | 1.19.1 | Custom Items | Dungeons | Blood moons



Hi crafters, I just launched my 1.19 SMP a few days ago. The CubeCadia team has been putting hours into this work and would like to see what the world thinks so far. We’ve done a lot of the basics of survival setups and are currently making all kinds of custom plugins to be added. But that will take time.. We want to see what you all think so far, and any suggestions! IP:

Server Features:

Custom Seasons

The world is enchanted with spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season creates a new atmosphere like no other and changes some mechanics

Daily Global Shop / Player Driven Economy

Our global shop rotates every 24 hours and holds limited items. This is to ensure that the shop isn’t a main focus to the economy but more of a support.

Casino / Gambling

We offer an assortment of gambling options. This includes crash (Classic csgo game), coin flips, roulette, jack pot, rock paper scissors, bar gambling, and upgrade gambling. Many of these can be played alone or with friends.

Jobs + Quests

Another way to make money on our server is by doing jobs or quests. Work a job to earn money or do daily quests. Jobs also offer a skill tree to get premium items. Quests also offer a great way to get free crate keys.

Custom Events

This server offers many events that happen from time to time. This includes various fishing contests like catching the most fish, catching the largest fish, or catching a legendary fish. We also have contests like shearing the most sheep or milk the most cows.


This event doesn’t happen often, but when it does, be prepared for an army of the undead to attack! During this night, you can gain large amount of EXP


We also offer dungeons on here. This means starting at dungeon level 1 and working your way up the ladder. Dungeons offer keys and custom loot. This is an excellent way to grind for premium items.

Custom Features

We have a few features in productions right now… This includes a Bee tycoon plugin, player holograms, and enhanced mining. These will be released with time!


Survival servers are becoming increasingly popular with many features. We hope to eventually bring something new to the table. This means 1st having a great foundation and then creating an enhanced survival experience that will be memorable. We would love for you to join our server and rate our progress so far. We are far from perfect, but hope to create something that stands out with time. Thanks for reading. And hope you have a good rest of your day!

Server IP:
Discord Server:


Written by: huntingzap (CubeCadia Owner)

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AureliumMC [1.18] [Towny] [Player Based Economy] [Jobs] [McMMO] [Seasons] [Discord]

AureliumMC 1.18 Towny Server


AureliumMC is a modern Towny server focused on bringing the best economy and towny experience possible. With features like custom made shops, completely player run economy, and every towny feature possible! Other features include a fresh, new 1.18 generated world, custom fishing, a full season cycle with effects, and a flourishing PvE world! Join us and come participate in our growing community!

AureliumMC [1.18] [Towny] [Player Based Economy] [Jobs] [McMMO] [Seasons] [Discord]  Minecraft Server

Towny Improvements and Features

Our server has a big focus on Towny, and with that we strive to make it the best it could possibly be. We have added every Towny improvement, such as Resources, Missions, and Cultures. We’re also looking to improve more features of Towny in the future. Towns are not cheap and a vital part of the server, so the economy is balanced around them and keeping your town strong through jobs and our perks.

Main Features
– Towny
– Jobs
– Custom Fishing
– Player Economy
– Seasons
– Events
– Custom PvE
– Custom Enchants
– Dynmap
– Discord
AureliumMC [1.18] [Towny] [Player Based Economy] [Jobs] [McMMO] [Seasons] [Discord]  Minecraft Server

We also plan to launch new servers in the future as we grow!

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Zombie Apocalypse MC Server [RUS]

Zombie Apocalypse MC Server [beta]

Server on not hackneyed theme “Zombie Apocalypse” tobish mode.
I tried to make it as simple and accessible as possible.
Why beta? Much that I planned is not ready yet (map, camps, NPCs, events, etc.)

What do we have now?

  • small map (did not look at dimensions)
  • zombie intellectuals, vanilla spawn during the day kst.
  • spavn luta
  • seasons (seasons)
  • body temperature
  • every little thing in a muppet. (installation of any block in hm 2, start kit, etc, etc)
  • ready, working assembly.

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    Kings of Towny MC (1.18.2) Towny Server [Economy] [Seasons] [Custom Shops] [Jobs] [McMMO]

    Kings of Towny MC is a new 100% dedicated towny survival server running on 1.18.2 We have a passionate staff that aim to make this the best towny experience out there.

    💢 Server IP: 💢

    💢 Discord Link: 💢

    We are looking for passionate players to come join us and help us test our new server!!

    Come join us and be involved in the evolution of the server! Early players will get special titles, rewards and items as a thank you for joining us early on in our adventure!!!

    Kings of Towny MC Features!

    💸 100% Player-based Economy

    🚩 No Pay To Win

    🏰All Towny Plugins





    ⛏ Custom Items and abilities

    🙌 Pinata Party events!

    🏦 Bank with interest

    💷 Balanced Economy

    👷 Balanced Jobs

    🗓️ Events for in-game rewards

    🙌 Community Orientated

    🛒 Player Shops

    🏆 Leaderboards

    🎄 Seasonal Server wide Events

    How to Earn money:

    Farm Crops: Grow crops and sell them to the server for some in-game money.

    Join a Job: Select from jobs like Lumberjack, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Fisherman, and More!

    Set up Shops: Make your own shop and earn money!

    Run A Town: Become the Mayor of a community, or join an existing community!

    Disasters Seasons Survival Towny Vinilla


    MCDisasters is a server where lots of thing can happen! Disasters, Seasons and lots more! Build towns with your friends or go out and see the different seasons and disasters! But watch out for your temperature as you may have to do some things, But you also have to be careful for the disasters as some of them may need you to stay indoors or even get heat! (Disasters do not affect any areas that are claimed) Team up with other towns to grow and even make shops and expand your town! There are lots of things to do in MCDisasters so why don’t you join?

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    Block Bodega | BRAND NEW MAP | A quaint, whitelisted, mostly-vanilla SMP where you can make friends and build cool things!



    Block Bodega | BRAND NEW MAP | A quaint, whitelisted, mostly-vanilla SMP where you can make friends and build cool things! Minecraft Server

    Most whitelist applications will be accepted, the whitelist proccess is desgined almost exclusively to make griefing, theft, and trolling slightly more difficult. If you do not have Discord, you can message me on PlanetMinecraft or Reddit and I will add you to the whitelist — you will be accepted much quicker by applying on the Discord.

    Adventure Boss Bosses Bukkit Coded Custom Dungeon Experience Fantasyrpg Guild Guilds Immersive Ladder Magic Minecraft Mod Modded Modifiers Mods Monster New Other Paper Plugin Plugins Release Rpg Season Seasons Server Spell Spigot Two Unique Video

    ⚡ FantasyRpg ⚡ 1.17.1 ⚡ RPG ⚡ PVP ⚡ PVE ⚡ Dungeons ⚡ 100+ Spells ⚡ Monster Mods ⚡ Bosses⚡ Custom Coded⚡ Dedicated Developer


    The Fantasy Network is a fun-first Minecraft community with it’s main
    server being FantasyRpg. FantasyRpg is a 24/7 server that runs a
    heavily-modded custom-developed RPG experience. It runs the same-named
    plugin FantasyRpg that facilitates the RPG experience and adds a
    traditional leveling experience for players (exp, levels, stat points),
    levels to monsters, randomly generated dungeons, guilds, spells for
    players and mobs, monster ranks, custom items and much more.

    FantasyRpg has pvp enabled, but we offer land claiming with grief prevention and
    ‘Warding’ to create grief proof bases. To prevent players from only
    camping in their base 24/7, random dungeons are generated hourly that
    are full of loot and monstesr. They are great areas to farm items and
    experience, so use them well!

    FantasyRpg runs in three-month seasons with a ladder reset (world and player
    resets) at the end of each three-month season. These new seasons allow
    for the server environment to be balanced at a much faster pace than
    not, letting players level up and acquire interesting spells and gear
    within hours, rather than over days and weeks. It also lets new players
    catch up with veterans and start off on equal footing. And, these new
    seasons are also when major plugin updates will occur.

    Binster1701j Claim Community Discord Essentials Essentialsx Free Fresh Friendly Friendlystaff Fun Headdatabase Headdisplays Hermitcraft Mobheads Oploot Patreon Public Qualityoflife Relaxing Season3 Seasons Serverevents Survival Updated Vanilla Vanillasurvival Vylendis

    Binstercraft (Public SMP – Season 3: 1.17.1)


    Established in 2019, Binstercraft is a public vanilla server with a few quality of life improvements to make your survival experience fun and easier! The server also uses a Claim system and the Essentials Plugin to help reduce griefing and unwanted disturbances. It’s the ideal server for mature, laid-back players who just want to relax and play survival.

    Discord Logo twitter @binstercraft Patreon Wordmark

    Main Features of Binstercraft

    Pixel Earth
    Minecraft Grass Block
    Netherite Pick
    Golden Shovel
    Nether Portal
    PUBLIC &
    E.G. /TP /BACK /WARP
    Crafting Bench
    Player Head
    Binstercraft Optifine Textures
    BC Netherpunk Armour
    & ABOVE
    ON LOT
    ON LOT

    Staff & Helpers from left to right - binster1701j, Vylendis, JimmyTheUnicornn, Jushisded
    We have an ever growing active staff and helper team with binster1701j (Owner), Vylendis (Admin) at the very core & driving force of the server. With the assistance of JimmyTheUnicornn (Helper) and jushisded (Helper), no problem is too big to solve!

    Player Made Shops

    Want to make some Diamonds? On Binstercraft we love seeing all the weird, wacky and wonderful ways to sell even the most mundane of Minecraft Items! Not that good at redstone? No worries! One of our very own redstone brainiacs designed a simple one wide system, which many of the players and staff team can assist you with. Have your own amazing shop contraption? Bring it along we can’t wait to see it!

    Additional Content

    – Staff & Player Hosted Server Events – with a wide variety of challenges and rewards!
    – Special Events [​SE] – server with new and exciting maps that change bi-monthly.
    – VYC – A whitelisted Creative Test world for Regulars, Patreons’, & Community MVP players
    – THREE SEASONS WORTH OF CONTENT TO EXPLORE – With future Seasons planned! All accessible at any time via the Server Hub.
    Patreon Wordmark

    Why not join us on Patreon and help support the running of the server?

    With additional perks per contributions, look fantabulous in amazing looking armor and unlock early access to some features of Binstercraft.

    Head over to Patreon for more info…

    Come and join us, we hope to see you there!

    A lot of the inspiration for this server came from the Hermitcraft server and the original Iskall85 Public Server and has grown from humble beginnings to be the server it is today!

    If this is the place for you then you are very welcome to join and be one of the many members to fill the server with all of the awesome ideas that you may have! Also a reminder that this server is free to join and is not a pay-to-win server because where would the fun be in that?

    Please note that any builds on our server are of the public domain. 
    Season 3 Cogs & Gears 1.17.1

    Cracked Economy Faction Factions Playershops Pvp Seasons Vehicles

    Simple Factions MC [Factions] [1.14.4 – 1.17.1]

    Simple Factions is a small but new faction server that supports and clients including cracked clients. updated to support clients on 1.14.4 – 1.17.1 and newer. This server includes features such as.. Factions, PVP, PVE, Player bounties, Chest shops, Player based economy. and etc. Join us today!

    Aesthetics Bettersleep Customworldgenerator Discordsrv Friends Gravestones Leveledmobs Leveledtools Moreenchantments Playervaults Rewardedachievements Salvagesmelter Seasons Slimefun4 Survival Twerkingcrops

    Starch Survival { 1.17.1 } Looking for New Friends | Aesthetics ★ Diverse Custom Biomes ★ Seasons & Weather ★ RPG Elements ★ Whitelist

    Who Are We?

    Our story begins with you, the adventurer, beginning the first chapter named Soul. Starting the lore anew from one server to the next to eventually us, and awakening to a fresh scent of features possibly never seen before. We want to share what was meant to be a community for friends is now a community for the public. For now we grow with you to be limited and starting a meager introduction to this competitive environment but we’d hope for your understanding that features will not be fully polished and complete. If you’d like to grow with us, then by all means please give us a visit and let us know what you think.

    Note that we force Discord verification to join the server is as a form of whitelisting. This is for mitigating bots and nurturing true stories from the members joining (possibly) each day, but that’s not the only reasons either. The creativity and explosive ideas we once had from playing together on other SMP plugin-modified servers were crazy to have nearly manifest them into a living Minecraft server project with high goals and dreams of venturing with you personally in-game because we want more friends to share these ideas and simply enjoy them. Eventually the server will be fully open-open, no Discord verification but still be there if players desire it, but a basic process of click to join and you resume where you left your pen at.

    Age or gender does not matter. What matters to us is that you really feel like you’re enjoying our presence, feeling true to yourself, giving the feedback you need, and also replying in return what could be fixed or thought about to improve ourselves as a server, community, and person.

    How the Real Story Begins…

    As the realm grows, adventurers survive in the desolate worlds, learning new advancements in skills and technology to endure their surroundings and adapt. Furthermore, NPCs attempts to prosper are futile by the aggression near them, and the land’s soulless empathy ravages the plane to only unleash fury upon its inhabitants…

    Survivors who experience defeat and share stories of their journey with fellow kin are candidates to be entrusted with a grand title. A title bestowed only on those who have toiled endlessly and devoted their lifetimes to grasping the stars. These traits are found to gain wealth in the shape of a divine, drifting estate and fame from the mystical lore of books.

    Our Server Features

    ★ Beautiful, Diverse Custom Biomes w/ Seasons and Weather.
    ★ RPG elements such as Leveled Mobs based on Player power, Tools, Damage Indicators, Duel Wielding, and more unique Enchantments.
    ★ Quality of Life plugins that enhance Visual Mechanics.
    ★ Slime4fun, but imo, any server could host SF and be called “unique”.
    ★ Join the server from any version on 1.14.4+ but we recommend 1.16.1 at least.
    ★ Other plugins like GriefPrevention claims, PlayerVaults, crates (not p2w), Jobs, or Graves.
    ★ And even more features that I can’t think of right now!

    * Showcase screenshots are from all in-game with shaders pack “BSL” and definitely more biomes than those.

    Our Discord | Add me on Discord Spud#0222

    * Spawn (first image) built by Xayden @ *