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Oracle SMP: Semi-vanilla Hermitcraft-Like server

 Oracle SMP is a semi-vanilla survival server that is based on Hermitcraft. On the server we build beautiful buildings and builds, but also farms and other technical things. Overall we offer a safe space to play Minecraft however you like, though we encourage you to plan your builds and make sure they look nice, though this is not necessary.

Important Info:
 The server is currently on version 1.18.2. This allows technical players to have things like update suppression and item shadowing while still keeping the deepslate levels and new terrain generation. No swearing is allowed and the server is meant to be PG. This is because some people record content on the server, which can be annoying with inappropriate things in chat. In addition, we have a /tpa and /spawn mod, along with the carpet mod to allow you to spawn a bot to afk for you if you don’t have an alt account. Other performance mods such as lithium and krypton have been installed.

How to Join:
 We have a discord where you can apply. This means you must be 13 years old or older unfortunately due to the discord terms of service. When you join the discord (link below), there is a channel called applications which you can go to where it tells you how to apply. There are then a series of questions to answer. Finally, you can speak to the mods and other members in a ticket. You will be expected to provide screenshots of previous builds and have moderate skill in the area of the game you specialize in (eg. building, farm making).


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We are a Whitelisted semi-vanilla survival server enhanced with; an armor-stand editor, proximity chat, mini-blocks, and other plugins that give players the closest gameplay experiences to that of Hermitcraft. Most other plugins used are for moderation and lag efficiency like Core Protect which helps keep our community a safe and friendly place this means there are no plugins that drastically alter the vanilla experience such as; /landclaim, /sethome, or /tpask /tpahere.

We also have new bonus servers available! Including Last-Life and a Creative test server! Here at Blithe, we encourage creativity; mega-bases, player shops, minigames, group builds, redstone projects, cityscapes, or anything else. If you can dream it we want to see it!

Join Today!

Building Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Server Survival

B-Craft SMP 1.19.3 [SE 1]

Are you looking for a Hermitcraft- like server, with all their cool plugins and datapacks?
I present to you ‘B-craft smp’. At the moment, there are almost no members, but this will change soon. We will pick out carefully the chillest, nicest people and the kindest ones. Our passion is building and this server is an ideal black sheet to make huge things. This server won’t be always active, so no pressure, you don’t have to be online much, join when you wan’t! This server doesn’t contain any type of claim system or World Guard, but its based on trust, to make friendships with the other members. Griefing is NOT allowed, so don’t try it!

How to join:
– Mst have mc 1.19.3
– Older than 14 years
– Don’t have to be yter
– You need to have discord
– You have to be a trusted, kind person.

When you have these things, you can join our discord server and we will give more info!

This server isn’t paid , so it could be laggy sometimes, but its 100% playable.

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Hello and welcome to Stasis SMP! This is a Hermitcraft like Minecraft server with many quality of life changes! Formerly Omorus SMP, the idea behind this server is simple. To provide a safe and fun, close knit community, with emphasis on building amazing things! Since this is a Hermitcraft inspired server, we hope that members are familiar with the gameplay and ideas behind the YouTube series. Please keep in mind the server is not yet open, we are in the recruiting phase and want new members! We predict to have the server ready to go within the next week.

A few basic qualifications that we hope you can meet, but are not necessarily required:

-At least 17 years of age

-Familliar with Hermitcraft style servers

-Participate and enjoy community based gameplay

We have an application process through Discord to ensure we have the best people we can in the server. It will have a few basic questions and will ask about past server experiences and or send some build pictures you are most proud of. In light of our former server, we wish to make this as friendly and communal as possible! We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the game. Please take a look at the pictures above, showcasing past builds from previous servers and their members!

If this sounds like a place you would love to be, come on and join the Discord server and send in your application. Again, we are in the recruiting phase and the server is not yet open. We appreciate your patience! If you have further questions please message me on Discord: Chinese Takeout#6969

Thanks for your interest and we hope to meet you soon! ~Wingywing

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Helix SMP [Hermitcraft-Like] [No Land Claim] [No AFK Kick] [New World]

Welcome to Helix SMP! We are a semi-vanilla, hermitcraft-like Minecraft server that is perfect for players who enjoy a more laid-back, community-driven experience.

Discord (Join for whitelist) – [​b][​/b]

In Helix SMP, you’ll find a friendly and welcoming community of players who are all excited to explore, build, and have fun together.

We offer a variety of activities and features, including:

  • A focus on building and creativity, with no major gameplay-altering plugins
  • A welcoming and inclusive community, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration
  • A variety of custom plugins and features to enhance gameplay, such as player-run shops and a player-run economy
  • Regular events and community projects to bring players together and encourage teamwork
  • We hope you’ll join us for the grand opening of Helix SMP and become a part of our amazing community. See you in-game!

    Communitydriven Communityoriented Economy Hermitcraftlike Survival

    BloxCraft SMP

    This is a community server meant for all! please feel free to join but just know we have some simple rules.

    #1 No theft. Stealing is a perm ban offense.

    #2 Do not kill other players unless they ask you to for any reason.

    #3 No griefing. Griefing is also a perm ban offense.

    #4 Please do not build anything around spawn.

    #5 Please keep a distance of at least 1000 blocks from another player’s base.

    Useful information:

  • Diamonds are our currency and can be used at shops around the server
  • we have a discord! join at Discord

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    Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Smp Survival

    Junior High School [ Whitelisted ] 15+ Vanilla plus

    this is a brand-new SMP looking for players. It is a whitelisted server with a few active players currently.

    we run a vanilla+ experience with a few plugins like dynmap, set home, one-player sleep, and a couple more just to help with the vanilla experience. no shop UI’s or any fancy plugins that, (in our opinion it ruins a survival server)

    you have more of a chance of getting accepted if you are 15+ and can build decent.

    join today through discord!

    Discord Epic Hermitcraftlike Private Roleplay Smp Survival

    EpicCraft SMP

    This… *spreads arms out wide to jester at the epicness behind him* This is EpicCraft!

    We are a small bunch of people from all around the world, playing together on a whitelisted Minecraft SMP server. We where a public whitelisted server for a while but due to an influx in crime and abuse on the server the decision was made to become private. Now we have been together for a year we have decided its time for some fresh blood.

    So here’s your chance, if your a keen survival Minecraft player with an interest in building EPIC structures, designing Epic Redstone contraption or writing some EPIC lore and telling your story, well then this is the place for you.

    Join our discord and fill out our simple application today to join in the epicenes.

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    Amity SMP : Hermitcraft-like [1.19+] [Survival] [Java] [NO P2W]

    Amity SMP is a 1.19+ Hermitcraft-Like server with friendly community

    The server is very close to vanilla experience, the only difference being some quality of life plugins like player and mob heads, aswell as server performance plugins that don’t affect gameplay. We also have an online server map!

    We have a dedicated and professional, friendly staff team that are always doing their best to improve your experience, we have zero-tolerance to admin abuse.

    32GB RAM, 20TPS, NO LAG!

    Join today!

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    looking for players that are interested in content creation or playing with a close nit community

    current members
    – Reasonax

    there is a whitelist so please fill out the application on the discord