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Eastcliff Middle School

Hello Adventurer! Are you looking for a great story to tell at a campfire? Wanna tell a tale for your children when you get old? Join Eastcliff to write your own destiny. Fight epic monsters, collect legendary loot, lead the strongest clan! The server is EULA friendly.
– Friendly community (but pvp is allowed)
– Land claim
– Custom loot
– Collectibles
– PvP and PvE gameplay
– SMP with extra features
– Lucky crates
– Vote rewards
– Vote rank system
– Auction house
and a lot more…

Actually Airport Children Difficulty Direct Fru Jet Kid Kids Maine Race Sun Survival The Quest Wrath


  • With six children in tow, Catherine raced to the airport departing gate. This wasn’t an easy task as the children had other priorities than to get to the gate. She knew that she was tight on time and the frustration came out as she yelled at the kids to keep up. They continued to test her, pretending not to listen and to move in directions that only slowed them down. They had no idea the wrath they were about to receive when Catherine made it to the gate only to be informed that they had all missed the plane.
  • Nobody really understood Kevin. It wasn’t that he was super strange or difficult. It was more that there wasn’t enough there that anyone wanted to take the time to understand him. This was a shame as Kevin had many of the answers to the important questions most people who knew him had. It was even more of a shame that they’d refuse to listen even if Kevin offered to give them the answers. So, Kevin remained silent, misunderstood, and kept those important answers to life to himself.
  • Finding the truth wouldn’t be easy, that’s for sure. Then there was the question of whether or not Jane really wanted to know the truth. That’s the thing that bothered her most. It wasn’t the difficulty of actually finding out what happened that was the obstacle, but having to live with that information once it was found.
  • It had become a far too common an event in her life. She has specifically placed the key to the box in a special place so that she wouldn’t lose it and know exactly where it was when the key was needed. Now that she needed to open the box, she had absolutely no idea where that special spot she placed the key might be.

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    200 2021 Children Corn Corner Dark Dead Him It.. Minecraft 1.8 Professional Soul Souls Survival Multiplayer World Wide

    DEAD-S SERVER 1.8 – 1.12 server Minecraft

    [DEAD-S GTPS] Last Corner 2009-2021 (Minecraft 1.8 – 1.12.2)

    Servers come and go, new ones appear, old ones go…

    Successful and not so professional and those made by schoolchildren…

    Unique and the simplest. Any … Everything is forgotten and covered with dust …

    But there is a server that was the very first. Which will be the latest.

    The last refuge of forgotten souls…

    There are no players there.

    There is no administration.

    There the world is ruled only by the player himself, who does not exist…

    This is the last server on the network. A server from the dustiest and darkest outskirts of the world wide web…

    Think before you enter. Do you need it…

    Charity Children Different Exploring Extralife Graveyard Loot Minecon Mmo New Respawn Roleplay Rpg Small Trading

    Faithful Achates

    Hello, welcome to Fidus Achates, devoted friends!

    We are a brand new server with some staff that have been playing the game since 2010. One of our staff, Kormak1234, formerly gameroy8, was even at one of the first Minecon conventions! He’s my cousin. If you’ve ever been on BurlywoodsMC way back in the day, that was his server, now he runs Fidus Achates with me.

    We’re very little right now but we are running an Extra Life charity event.

    Server Features

  • A graveyard checkpoint style respawn system
  • McMMO
  • Quests
  • Custom Loot
  • Players can buy/rent inn rooms, houses, and plots of land to build on.
  • Active Staff
  • Discord
  • Donation link for Extra Life Charity for Children’s Miracle Networks
  • economy system
  • NPCs
  • Etc.
  • News

  • Currently Beta Testing the server, scoping out people to be mods (please don’t ask, we will offer if we think you’re a good fit)
  • Taking in ideas for story, builds, development, etc.
  • Extra Life Night is November 5th
  • Social


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    19x Anembra Cafe Capture Children Economy Flag Griefing Mature Minecraft Pve Pvp Runecraft Survival Towny

    ★ [1.19.x]Anembra Minecraft[PvE][Open][Survival – Hard Difficulty] – mature, no kiddos. ★

    ★ [1.19.x]Anembra Minecraft[PvE][Open][Survival - Hard Difficulty]  - mature, no kiddos. ★ Minecraft Server

    Most importantly, we do not accept anyone even with a hint of being a minor.

    If you are, been told, or are generally known for acting like an insolent child – do not bother joining.

    If you’re on the other hand are a mature and older player we welcome you with open arms.
    Here you’ll find lots of interesting players all joined for enjoyable, casual gameplay on a solid server and a lively community.

    We’ve been around for many, many years running our Minecraft server.

    For ingame /tpa access, simply vote for us here (don’t forget to enter your ingame username).

    Server Info

    We’ve done our best to stabilize and fine-tune our server.
    Our server runs on a powerful processor with sufficient RAM and fast HDD’s, to ensure smooth gameplay and low downtime if shit hits the fan.

    The server restarts twice a day to ensure that the server is running smoothly and to give it a chance to flush any memory leakages.

    Automated scripts monitor the server and brings it back up in case of a halt.


  • A mature environment with many personalities.
  • Experienced and dedicated staff.
  • A vast, untouched world and mine-world.
  • Large realtime map.
  • Plugins such as:

  • Towny
  • Multiverse
  • Rewards for killing monsters
  • Lift
  • Chairs
  • And of course, much more. Come see for yourself!

    Join Us
    Our server is now open, and you do not need to apply for whitelist access.
    Simply use to connect and play right away.

    Make sure to have read our rules – and use the random teleporter at the hub – you can always return using /spawn.
    Happy building!


    Click here for images from Anembra Minecraft!
    ★ [1.19.x]Anembra Minecraft[PvE][Open][Survival - Hard Difficulty]  - mature, no kiddos. ★ Minecraft Server
    “House of Kapten_Knas” – Kapten_Knas

    ★ [1.19.x]Anembra Minecraft[PvE][Open][Survival - Hard Difficulty]  - mature, no kiddos. ★ Minecraft Server
    “girrraffe’s RV” – ScatGingaNinja

    “House of Mjaf” – Mjaf

    “Enjoying Firebuck’s Café” – Kapten_Knas

    “Atlas’ Rune Confusion” – Kapten_Knas

    “Girrr’s Park, Phoenix” – ScatGingaNinja

    More screenshots by our community can be found here.

    Click here for videos from Anembra Minecraft!
    To be added!

    Children Cracked Flat Foot Football Gateway Hatred Lifesteal Massa Paper Pvp Shoot Smp Thor Truck

    lifesteal swp’s

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    Battle Children Elite Lite Mom Near Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Pixelmonserver Presents Proper Property Rtp Starting Tower

    G.O.D.S. Gaming Pixelmon

    G.O.D.S. Gaming Presents Pixelmon! Its very own server! Cross through our own custom Pixelmon linear adventure starting back where it all began! At your moms house, all the way on to the elite four and battle tower!! Or start your own adventure in the wilds with an RTP!. ( WIP, Not responsible for lost or stolen property this includes wives husbands and children. )

    1.9 Anarchy Children Client Edition Geyser Java Edition Let's Party Porte Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla Zap

    the fn party

    1.9.4+ clients supported. java edition only. i might add geyser if you ask nice enough.
    no whitelist, the only rules: 1) use common sense, 2) i will ban if i feel like it.

    now now, children. let’s all play nice now 🙂

    1.9 Ask Child Children Client Edit Edition Geyser Java Edition Let's Party Porte Support Vanilla Zap

    el f’n party

    1.9.4+ clients supported. java edition only. i might add geyser if you ask nice enough.
    no whitelist, the only rules: 1) use common sense, 2) i will ban if i feel like it.

    now now, children. let’s all play nice now 🙂

    Children Fake Memes Mute Paper Papermc Property Pvptoggle Simple Smp Spawn Eggs Spigot Survival Unfair Yoshi

    ShibylCraft (13+)

    Welcome to ShibylCraft!

    ShibylCraft is a simple SMP server by me, YoShibyl (please call me “Yoshi” for short). The server runs on Paper and has some plugins to enhance the experience. Currently, this server features:

  • Per-player PVP toggle : Type /pvptoggle to enable or disable the ability to fight with other players. Both players must have it enabled to inflict damage to each other.
  • A Discord server to chat with people about the server, share memes, etc.
  • And other cool stuff, like these spawnable NPC things: (I might offer them as buyable spawn eggs soon™)
  • Fake player NPC things


  • You must be 13 years or older to play on this server. This is because the server chat may contain profanity (not safe for young children)
  • No griefing or stealing. Will result in restoration of stolen/griefed property and temporary or permanent ban.
  • No using hacks or game-breaking exploits to gain an unfair advantage or to duplicate items.
  • Absolutely no racism or any kind of hate speech. Will likely result in a permaban.
  • No spammy messages in chat. Will result in warning, mute, or ban.
  • Don’t ask admins or others for free stuff. Basically, no begging or annoying others.
  • No scams of any kind. Real-world scams will result in a permaban.
  • No advertising other Minecraft or Discord servers.
  • If you see anyone or anything violating the rules, let me know in the #violation-reports channel on the Discord server!