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The City Battle

Heavy W.I.P. The games are coming soon!

Known errors:
1.) Sometimes players spawn in void as they connect.
These will be fixed soon

The coming soon MiniGame server ‘The city battle’. be the first to play before its too late!!

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NEW 1.19 World with Proximity chat is available on here + a few quality of life changes

Welcome to the FunnyGuy server (Proximity chat is available on here)

We are a bit diffirent from other servers, which means we are using a few plugins which improves quality of life.

Make sure the read the rules when joining the server, and hopefully you can agree with them, otherwise you’re welcome to leave again.

Everyone is welcome and we like to see new faces on the server.

The end Dimmension has just been reset the 3rd of July 2022 – and the generel overworld started on the 7th of June 2022

The server has a few decoration plugins and quality of life plugins.

– Timber (with fast leaves decay)

– Head Drops (includes all varients of mobs and players)

– RandomTP command to get away from spawn

– Armor stands with arms

– /tpa and sethome etc. (Basic EssentialsX commands) There is a limited 1 home per player.

– Itemframes are able to be toggled invisible
– Creeper explosion are enabled but the damage is getting recovered a few seconds after it blows up

I probably forgot to mention a few things. So join along on our/your Adventure, and lets make some great memories.

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S!Lunar Is A survival Server to just relax!
A Mostly Vanilla Server, Usually on Easy or Normal.
The Rules In Place are to Insure there is No conflict.

Join The Discord!

We have Friendly Mods and (Hopefully Soon) a nice community!
There You Will Find Updates and Announcements, as well as different ways to talk, set up trade, and more!
Hope You Enjoy!

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Devious Network – All The Mods 6

Devious is a multipurpose and diverse community full of like-minded, friendly and active people with a great environment to be apart of, currently we are hosting 6 Modded Minecraft Packs

We also plan to host other games as part of the Devious Network and plan on bringing more in the future.

These are just the starting foundations for Devious and we are always looking to improve and expand. Our aim is to bring a vast network of all like-minded & great people together! Whilst interacting and playing with many people who all share similar interests, with many channels to share and discuss hobbies, interests, memes and more!

We run all of our game servers on our very own dedicated host with a lot of resources to use, with another new additional dedicated host recently added to our infrastructure! (This means more servers and more fun!) this enables us to play with Lag Free problems and a 24/7 constant up-time.

We have a very active staff team in games and in discord to promote fair play, help and moderate whenever the need arises.
We welcome feedback and suggestions all the time and are always looking to improve in any way we can. We are committed to bringing together a well-respected, fun and easy-going community that we can build and expand for years to come.

We currently have a very active and friendly player-base, which is getting bigger everyday! and always looking for more people to come and join this ever expanding, great community!
If you’re looking for a community of this stature and commitment, then Devious is the place for you!
We hope to see you soon! – Devious Team

Current Work in progress:
Custom 1.16.5 Pixelmon Server
Minigame Network with Proxy hub
Custom Developed Kitchen-Sink Modpack/s
And more on its way!

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The Enderman Society ┊Hermitcraft-like Semi Vanilla SMP ┊JAVA 1.19 ┊Season 3!

Welcome to The Enderman Society MC!

We are launching Season 3 on the 24th of June 2022!

We are driven to provide a friendly, engaging and fair Minecraft community for everyone. Our server is intended to be a place to have fun alone or with your friends.We are a Minecraft semi-vanilla server with a friendly community, districts and big projects in mind. We aim to offer a true-to vanilla survival experience, adding a few quality of life vanilla-tweaks.

  • Friendly & helpful community with over 200 members!
  • Active owners & mature staff team
  • PVP is toggleable
  • Gaming & Shopping District (currency being diamonds)
  • Whitelist Only
  • Live Map of our 18k x 18k Map
  • Grief protection against griefers and hackers!
  • Our server is based on district, meaning certain places on our map, have a theme. These are our districts:

    – Free Build
    – Underwater City
    – Frozen Kingdom
    – Medieval
    – Space District
    – Steampunk
    – Floating Island
    – Undergound
    – Hell District
    – Shopping District
    – Gaming District
    – Sand mining Desert Biome -> so you can destroy the biome and take every last block of sand!

    Come join us today and meet our awesome community! Join us on Discord!

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    EquiTown is a Equine Minecraft server!
    Java 1.17.1

    What we offer ingame
    ✧ Creative/Survival Based
    ✧ Lots of Shops
    ✧ Jobs (Tackshop, Vet and more!)
    ✧ Games (hide n seek, treasure hunts and more!)
    ✧ Competitions
    ✧ Western (Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole)
    ✧ Cross Country
    ✧ Show Jumping
    ✧ Racing
    ✧ Hunter
    ✧ Archery

    What our Discord Server offers
    ✧ Ingame live chat
    ✧ Daily Game
    ✧ Self Promo
    ✧ Game chats outside of MC

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    Project: Shiba Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2




    Project: Shiba provides a unique Pixelmon experience! Our server features raids, a massive safari, pokemon invasions, battletower, gyms, pokestops, crates, and poketokens! We also feature chat games! Earn poketokens by answering GEN. 1 trivia or winning a chat typing challenge.

    Other features:
    – Starter Kit with Shiny Item
    – Keep inventory
    – Daily Quests
    – Playtime contests
    – Mining world
    – MMO-type Skills
    – GTS & STS
    – Admin Shop
    – Materials Shop
    – Time/Weather Menu
    – Biomes ‘o Plenty Overworld
    – custom textures
    – EV training
    …and more!

    If you need help, join our Discord!

    Pixelmon: Reforged brought to you by the reforged team:

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    icMinecraft 1.18.2

    Welcome to icMinecraft!
    We are a small family friendly server with a great community and friendly staff 🙂

    Features Include:
    • Silk Touch-able Spawners • Mob Heads
    • Player Built Economy • Toggleable PvP
    • Higher Tier Enchantments • Land Claiming
    As well as other Vanilla Enhancements!

    Can’t wait to see you around!

    Friendly Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Minegot Minegotboy Minegotboyyt Minegotcraft Survival


    A minecraft server with a great community looking to grow. Come join in on Java or Bedrock. Works on most versions of minecraft leading from 1.18 and newer. You can join in on your phone your computer your Xbox your Playstation and even your Nintendo Switch. We coming out with more and more every month for the server with new things and more gamemodes comming soon. Come join us on MineGotCraft. Soon looking for staff!How To Join-Java add a server, then add IP as then add a name for the server and join.
    -Bedrock go to servers, then go down to add server, then put the name as MinegotCraft Server, the ip as and the port as 25599 then press save and join.
    StaffOwner: CrazyNation, Co-Owner: MinegotboyYT, Staff: ScooterM0O
    All CommandsKits and sethomes/homes
    -/kits to see the kits
    -/sethome to set a home
    -/home to teleport to the specific home
    -/kit claim to get the claim kit and on how to use it (or get it when you join)
    Player Warp Commands
    -/pwarp to see all the player warps

    -/pwarp set to setup a player warp (only available to vip)

    Shop Commands /shop (Open the main shop)

    (Open a shop section directly from the command instead of typing /shop and choosing a shop section)
    /sellall (Sell all items from your inventory)
    / sellall (Sell all items in your inventory that match the specified material)
    /sellall hand (Sell all items that you are holding in your hand)
    /sreload (Reloads the plugin)

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    Origins Paradise

    Welcome to origins paradise We are a friendly origins server looking to make friends we are small at the minute but we hope to get bigger

    Private rn