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Clou-D Faction Server

We’re a starting out Faction server based in Belgium looking for new players to join us. Clou-D is owned by Silver Wolves Esports. Trying to be creative by building everything ourselves. Are you looking for a new Minecraft Faction adventure? Make sure to check us out!

What do we have so far?

  • Temporary IP
  • Custom spawnarea
  • Custom end/nether warp spawn
  • Ranks
  • PvP arena
  • Shop with balanced prices
  • Clearlagg to keep our server running smooth
  • Voting rewards
  • Discover everything by joining our server, or keep up with our development at our Discord server.


    Tips and ideas for our server are always welcome. We want to give the best experience to our players. Feel free to share your creativity with us by joining our Discord.