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  • A little introduction
  • I know what you’re thinking, “Super-flat.. that’s boring as fuck” and that’s exactly what I thought this would be as well but I have had the complete opposite experience. You’re probably thinking that raiding a blacksmith and getting iron armour is the most you can really do.. I’m currently AFKing a gold farm on top of the nether as i’m writing this. Full enchanted diamond armour, tools, and i’m currently working towards an iron farm… There is so much more than meets the eye with a super-flat survival world and i’m surprised that no one has really thought of doing this before..

  • Some corny stuff
  • A lot of Minecraft servers feel the same now, they have lost the magic that they had when I was a lot younger. It’s all the same generic stuff.. Factions, Skyblock, Pay to win, crates that are rigged half the time. While a lot of work is put into these servers, they all come out as the same thing at the end of the tunnel, A decent player-base that will slowly dwindle until the owner can’t really be bothered to manage it anymore because it’s not making any money, that’s the sad reality of it but I just can’t express how much I love this game-mode that’s been so overlooked and tossed aside for years. It completely flips the game upside down, Things you take for granted in most servers have so much worth here. My Enderchest currently has saplings and crops sitting in it (Stuff you can only get from wandering villagers that cost a lot of emeralds) and I get more excited when I see a wandering villager than I do when I find diamonds in a nether fortress. I can honestly say that I really feel that magic again playing on this server, it sounds corny but its my honest truth and experience.

    So many people are used to just being handed gear upon joining a server and they stay around in hopes that their staff applications gets accepted. I want you to work for your gear like you never have before and toughen you all up a little bit 🙂

    One of my regular players said this to me the other day; “Super-flat survival is the game-mode I didn’t know I needed”

  • Some basic info
  • I won’t lie to you, This server is aimed more towards the ‘hardcore’ player and I acknowledge most players just enjoy a casual experience which is 100% fine but if you have read down this far then you are at-least a little interested 🙂

    Remember that this is an ‘anarchy’ server essentially. While hacking is not encouraged, I will not be enforcing it meaning there is no punishment for doing so.

    The map for this server will hopefully never be reset unless something, somehow generally corrupts the world save (I will be backing up the server everyday just to be safe though)

    I am aware that some aspects of the game are completely gone due to this server being on a flat world. The End, Ocean monuments, etc.. I am currently trying to hire someone to help me make a few custom plugins like;

    – Generated strongholds on the map

    – Village variation (Plains, Tundra, etc..)

    No one likes the water monuments anyway so we can leave that alone 😉

  • Staff stuff…
  • If you’re just scrolling down to see if I am looking for staff members then just click off this post right now, There are no staff positions because there is nothing to moderate.. What exactly are you going to do with your staff rank? Ban hackers? Mute spammers? Remember.. Anarchy.. No rules..

    Ok, now that the staff hunters are gone.. I may look into getting some developer help if the server gets any sort of substantial player-base to help maintain ‘internal affairs’. There are no ‘title’ ranks. if you want to stand out from the rest then carve your name into this server with mighty leadership or terrifying destruction.

  • Future for this server?
  • I’m aware that this is probably the most ballsy move in ‘server making’ history. I’ve been playing Minecraft sins I was around 12 (20 now) and I have never seen a super-flat world outside of creative plot servers. Its different which is what I hope will give it it’s edge.

  • Random server information
  • – World border is 29999984 x 29999984.. yeah…

    – No ranks

    – No donations (Only costs me £4 a month to upkeep so no need)

    – No handouts

    – 64 player slots at the moment

    – Only 4 plugins at the moment; LuckPerms, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat

  • Some pointers 🙂
  • – Slimes are just at lethal as creepers if left unattended..

    – Horses are your new best friend (Unless u got a client obviously)

    – Always keep track of your coords

    – Buckets are beyond essential early on

    – Cobble generators are also your new best friend

  • Wrapping up
  • If you actually read all of that before coming straight down for the IP then fuckin GG. You OP. Try not to take the server too seriously and have fun!


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