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Axify network [1.7-and up]

1000$+ in PAYPAL giveaways
πŸ”‘ Key Alls almost every day

πŸ’° Payouts – Total of $1000+ payouts given every season!

πŸ•ΈοΈ Unique features!
βš”οΈ Unique PvP experience!
πŸ† New features every week
πŸ”₯ Custom enchants
πŸ€– Minions & robots that can help you with your tasks!
⭐ Unique Donator Perks
πŸ’Ž Events

And much more!

πŸ“‹ Apply for staff: Closed right now!
πŸ“˜ Discord:
☘️ Website: Coming shortly!

πŸ’Έ PAYOUTS (Seasonal)πŸ’Έ

112server 113server 114server 115server 116server 117server 117survival Community Gamemode Guns Landclaim Modded Premium Quests Survival Vanilla Votes Zombieapocalypse Zombiesurvival


We have four servers and five gamemodes for you to come and play on!


– Quests
– GUI shop + player shops
– GriefProtection (Protect land)
– DeadChest (Never lose your items!)
– RandomTP (You can teleport to a secluded location!)
– LevelledMobs (Higher level the mob, higher the XP and loot!)
– LWC (Securely lock your chests!)
– BlastProtection (No creeper or tnt holes!)

– Form groups to kill all of the zombie hordes!
– Gear up with guns!
– Backpack for extra inventory!
– Multiple new zombie types!
– Harder than normal minecraft!
– No sleeping, beds blow up!
– Cannot place water to grow crops!
– Must have server resources enabled to play the server!

– Build quarries and EMC farms!
– Become barely touchable by gearing up with the power armour!
– Go all eco by powering everything with solar panels!
– Best legacy modpack, updated to 1.12.2!
– Uses the technic launcher!***

– Build quarries and EMC farms!
– ο»ΏGo to space with Galacticraft!
– Over 200 mods installed!
– Enhance your minecraft gaming experience… if your pc can handle it!
-Uses the technic launcher!

**This server is CROSS-PLATFORM with JAVA and BEDROCK editions.
***The LegendsReborn modpack is the TekkitLegends modpack which was designed for 1.7.0, but updated to 1.12.2. To access it you’d need to download the technic launcher and search for ‘MW’s LegendsReborn and install it.

114server 247server 247uptime Fun Minecraft Minecraftserver Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival


[​1] No Hacked Clients! (No Exceptions)
[​2] Do Not Attempt to use a Duplication Glitch!
[​4] Don’t say the same thing 10 times in a row.
[​6] You can troll in chat.
[​7] You can’t set up trolling mechanisms and say TPA for free diamonds etc.
[​8] You can ask for OP ranks items etc all you want, but you aren’t getting any.
[​9] Staff can’t boss you around, all they usually do is technical support.
[​11] No overly racist or sexist remarks, all the other stuff like homophobic remarks is allowed because nobody cares.
[​12] Who cares about 1×1 towers
[​13] Report Server Bugs! dont use Them!
[​14] Be Respectful to Everyone!
[​15] Dont lag the Server on Purpose!
[​16] Only English in main Chat!
Every farm need an off switch

1144server 114server 114x Events Friendly Fun Mature Player Pvp Semivanilla Server Shop Shops Survival

[1.14.4] Apnea

Welcome to Apnea! – (#1 Survival 1.14 Minecraft server)

You open your eyes; around you, a large fort constructed from well-aged oak and weathered stone. The nearby Market is bustling with activity. The world outside peeks through the grand gates at the center of each wall face. You wonder what glory awaits you therein.
Welcome to the lands of Apnea, a brand new Survival Minecraft experience full of wonderful plugins and a great community! Play with friends, survive in the wild, build structures and bases.

The world is yours on Apnea!

Join today by connecting to in Minecraft!

  • mcMMO
  • Kind community
  • Friendly staff members
  • Stable, economy
  • Vanilla Minecraft Feel
  • Many commands such as /wild
  • Organized server with daily updates.
  • Apnea is a new server, but that does not make it a bad one. We spent nearly a year developing this server in order to make sure everyone’s experience is a top notch experience. Join today, play with friends, and have some fun! IP:

    114server 115server 116server Boats Bounties Cannons Companies Discord Discordsrv Dynmap Earth Economy Gaming Geopolitical Mcmmo Movecraft Nations Noteleport Noteleportation Ships Submarine Survival Towny

    XylumEarth | 1:1000 Earth Towny Server

    Welcome to Xylum Earth, a 1.14+ Minecraft towny Earth server.
    Minecraft IP:

    Here’s what we offer:

  • 1:1000 scale earth map
  • Towny
  • 1.8 Combat system
  • Player-run Gold-based Economy
  • mcMMO
  • Chest Shops
  • Companies
  • War
  • Movecraft
  • Cannons
  • Custom crafting recipes
  • Dynmap
  • Bounties
  • Categories
    114server Antigriefing Antithief Essentials Freedom Friendly Friendlystaff Mobheads Netherhub Playershops Pve Pvp Sethome Shopkeepers Spigot Survival Worldguard

    [1.15.2] Husscraft || Now on 1.15.2 || Join us on Discord


    Survival World , with grief prevention, economy, server shops and much more

    Creative plots world

    Shopping District

    Toggleable PvP

    Join the Husscraft Discord to find out more!

    112server 112x 113server 114server 115survival Bedwars Economy Faction Pvp Factions Metro Rpg Rpgitems Skywars Survival

    KosherCraft [1.12-1.15.X] |Factions&PVP|Survival|Economy|RPG|Skywars|Bedwars|Metro| β€”An Epic Minecraft Server

    KosherCraft is A new server, me, the creator, is delicated to constantly improve the server and build a community.KosherCraft, online in May 27th, 2020, currently supports 1.12-1.15.X versions

    New Eraβ€”Survival Benefits:
    This server just opened, it’s new!
    So for now, KosherCraft rewards players with diamonds and server currency for a certain length of playing time! Use this headstart opportunity to develop your faction and establish your powerful influence early on in the server!


    Join The Server:
    IP Address: KCMC.XYZ


    Server Features: (For Now)Survival:
    -Basic Survivals, Shops, etc
    -RPG items loaded! Buy RPG weapons
    -PVP arena enabled!
    -Mob Centre: kill mobs and PVP! (In construction)

    Mini-Games(For Now):
    -SkyWars: 1 Map
    -BedWars: 3 Maps

    KosherCraft Metro:
    A delicated metro system that connects all major server sites together!

    Major Server Sites: (For Now)
    -Teleportation Centre: spawn lobby
    -Survival Lobby: for survival random teleport
    -Tarbut Town: all the shops and survival stuff
    -Gamer Islands: mini game lobbies
    -Synagogue: simply a server site

    Spawn Lobby (Teleportation Centre)Mini-Games Teleport Lobby (Teleportation Centre)width=945Survival Teleport (Teleportation Centre)width=945Some Other Sites:width=945width=945

    1141server 114multiplayer 114release 114server 114x 115server 115servers Adult Communitydiscord Coreprotect Creative Discord Economy Essentials Essentialsx Fresh Freshmap Freshworld Friendly Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Griefprevention Homes New Newserver Other Plots Plotworld Server Shops Skyblock Staff Survival Vanilla

    [1.15][Whitelist] AstroCraft – Vanilla+ – Fresh map! – CoreProtect – GriefPrevention – Active and Mature 16+ community!

    Please apply to join the server via Discord

    Feel free to join us on Discord!

    Discord –

    Hopefully we’ll see you in-game!

    110server 111server 112server 113server 114server 115server 19server Bigdoors Fly Griedprevention Jobs Mcmmo Silkspawners Skyblock Survival

    Nocona Server

    1.9 – 1.15.2

    Survival world : Skyblock world

    Fly Enabled Server, RTP, Silk Spawners and more. Little Harder here than most servers. New server so lots of open land. Player shops, Public Mine. New players get a nice pick for mining with /kits enchanted. Claim your pick today Limited Time.

    114server Claims Economy Mcmmo Pve Survival


    Welcome to MC-Rebels

    We are a fun and friendly, community-driven survival server that provides a fun and relaxing experience
    with an active and dedicated staff team, we aim to constantly improve your experience on our server

    > Set up a shop in the market or trade with other players to make your fortune!

    > Create or join a guild and dominate the server with friends

    > Focus on your McMMO levels and become the Best on the server!

    > Claim your land to build marvelous structures without the fear of being griefed!